Surreptitious Love Ch. 61

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Chapter 61 — Nguyet meets Tina at her Model Home
Since Tina was going to be in town for another two weeks, she asked me if I didn't have another great idea for a sensual role-play. So, I conceived the idea that she could meet Nguyet, who I wanted to see again anyway. Both, Nguyet and Tina, liked to pee before or after having intercourse, and both of them had had a threesome with Tuyet. Separately. In other words, they were both open to non-traditional sensual adventures.
When I told Tina about Nguyet, I also described the whole situation at her model home, where Nguyet worked, which was wonderfully conducive to whatever we would plan: there were two large bedrooms and bathrooms to engage in any kind of debauchery during Nguyet's lunch-break. I also told Tina about some of the tantalizing adventures that Nguyet and I had had. Not surprisingly, Tina was immediately taken.
Now the question was if we should let Nguyet in and tell her who Tina was, or if we'd better pretend that Tina and myself just got acquainted at her office. Tina was a little too busy to discuss all the options over coffee, but we agreed that pretending that we didn't know each other would be more arousing. If we told Nguyet ahead of time, we could be sure that the two ladies liked each other, and everything would probably unfold smoothly—but it would also be a little dull. So, instead, we would start from scratch, so to speak, and use our imagination to turn everything into a delightful and gratifying adventure.
As Tina and I were set, I asked Nguyet innocently if we shouldn't roll around upstairs at her model home again. Our last clandestine rendezvous had been several weeks back. Nguyet reminded me that we still needed to do our fancy-escort role-play that we had been planning for months, but she relented quickly as she was pretty busy. She suggested meeting the following Tuesday, as that was the least busy day during the week. Tina agreed and said that she was going first, at around ten-thirty, pretending to be interested in a house in the new subdivision where Nguyet worked. As Tina was too young to be looking at houses to buy, her story was going to be that her parents were too busy to browse the market themselves.
I loved that story already and imagined various scenarios. Tina had told me, however, that she was ovulating over the weekend, so we couldn't do it without a condom. But, as practical as most Vietnamese women were, she instantly suggested that I 'could just come in my other friend.' Wondering who would eventually make the first move, I drove over to the new suburbs just before 11 on Tuesday morning.
As previously agreed, Tina was sitting across from Nguyet at her desk, and the two were discussing the perks of living in one of the new homes here. Nguyet smiled when she saw me and said in English that she was going to be 'done' soon. Ha! If she only knew. Tina hid the fact that her English was superb and just quickly turned and nodded at me inconspicuously.
I sat down on a chair behind Tina's back and watched the two. Nguyet offered me a glass of water, and I saw that Tina had one, too. Tina was wearing her glorious red blouse again, together with the pleated, beige shorts—the outfit she had sported when I had taped her stealing at the supermarket and blackmailed her to come to a hotel with me. Once, Nguyet got up to make some copies; she looked marvelous as she was waiting with one heel on the back of her other knee.
Next to me was another couple, who were browsing a brochure about the subdivision. Between us on the empty chair were two new, white-and-orange T-Shirts in translucent plastic bags; possibly a promotional gift from Nguyet's real estate company. Now, Nguyet gave Tina a brochure, too, and asked her to sit next to me and wait, so that Nguyet could deal with the couple first.
Everything seemed to be working out fine. I saw that Tina had received a T-shirt as well and asked her in my clumsy Vietnamese if I could take a look at it. Since Tina could, of course, see that I was a foreigner, who probably wasn't fluent in her language, she addressed me in English, and Nguyet's ears perked up. She leaned a little to her right so see what Tina and I were doing. As Nguyet was within earshot, Tina and I simply introduced each other and then started to chat about mundane things like work and her studies in Saigon.
The couple was leaving now, and Nguyet got up to see them off at the door. She was wearing her trademark navy-blue business suit, with a white blouse and a knee-length skirt, under which she was wearing a light pantyhose. She seemed to have shaved her legs, as I couldn't see any dark curls on her shins. Her hair was perfectly coiffed and pinned-up in the back with a nice red and blue clip. Now she went past us to go to the back of the house, and I asked Tina quietly if she liked her.
"Well, I had envisaged her different. But she's really nice, and she is a sharp dresser. She looks stunning in her dark-blue outfit. She really likes you, doesn't she? I could immediately see it in her face when you came in."
"Yes, we're still madly in love, even after all those years. But do you like her as a woman?! I mean, can you imagine to undress in front of her, touch her … do you wanna see her naked and have sex with her?" I asked her bluntly now.
Tina thought about it for a moment and said: "I've never looked at a woman ten years my senior with the question in my head if I want to see her naked or if I want to undress in front of her."
Tina's conscientiousness and thoughtful were awesome and set her apart from virtually all young people around the world, but now she was driving me up the wall: "Well, do it now! Imagine it! It wasn't a problem with Tuyet, when both of you came to my hotel room …" I reminded her a little impatiently, as Nguyet was going to be back any moment.
"Tuyet's as old as I am," Tina reminded me, in turn. "And we went to school together. Before and after PE, we had seen each other in underwear for years. I told you about that in Saigon last year. Don't you remember?!"
"Yes, of course, I remember that. In fact, I'll never forget that. But you never told me if or how much that turned you on. Did you ever think of having sex with Tuyet back in school?"
"Maybe not, but in Saigon, at the hotel, as Tuyet was undressing in front of me, I thought: 'I can't believe it. Now I'm going to see her naked for the first time.' Yes, that made me horny. I guess I can tell you now … I couldn't wait to see her little butt and her bush … and her pussy, of course. Well, Nguyet is pretty young still, too. So, yes, I can imagine seeing her naked. I want to, actually …"
Wow! Finally. Nguyet had gotten back during Tina's detailed description of her feelings towards our mutual young friend Tuyet, but I didn't think she had overheard anything of what Tina had said. I was instantly turned on, though, by the thought of Tuyet and the countless salacious hours we had spent together. There was the nude portrait that pregnant Nguyet had drawn once of Tuyet, after which we had the finest threesome imaginable. To hide my arousal, I crossed my legs and tried to look somewhat neutral.
"So, Miss Khanh," Nguyet was addressing Tina now, "we aren't quite finished, I know. You probably still have some questions, huh?"
Tina—whose actual name was Khanh—nodded, but Nguyet suggested that they or the three of us go and have lunch together. There was a small restaurant around the corner, and we would be guests of the real estate agency.
"Mister Ben here is a friend of mine," she explained to Tina. "He's probably going to join us, won't you?" she asked, now looking at me.
"By all means!" I nodded and got up.
"Can I leave my stuff here for now?" Tina asked quickly before we would go.
"Certainly," Nguyet nodded with the aura of a professional real estate lady and turned off the computer.
She got the keys, and we left the house to the sound of a Windows-computer shutting down. I immediately thought of the last time here at the house, when Nguyet had seen my stiff cock in my pants, only to relieve me ten minutes later since she didn't want me to 'walk past the construction workers with that.' I would never forget that line, but, the thing was, there weren't any workers here outside her model home. Anyway, it had been awesome.
We took Tina between us at first, but then I lit a cigarette and walked behind them, as the sidewalk wasn't really wide enough for the three of us anyway. I compared both figures, but couldn't decide which was hotter: Tina was younger and taller, but I loved petite women. Nguyet was a tad sharper, but Tina had firmer, shapelier tits, while her bush wasn't as massive as Nguyet's—and not nearly as savory. All in all, the two of them offered so much grace and charms, however, that pretty much any man would have been smitten by at least one of them.
During lunch, we chatted about houses and the real estate market in general here in our town. Nguyet noticed that I was looking at Tina once in a while but didn't appear jealous. Actually, Nguyet kept checking her out as well. I didn't think she was entertaining the idea of having sex with Tina, but one never knew with Nguyet. Most likely, Nguyet was anticipating the pleasures that the two of us were going to indulge in another 30 minutes hence.
I lit another cigarette after I had finished my plate. Nguyet was asking Tina about her family to, purportedly, advise her best as a real estate agent. As far as I could tell, Tina answered all the questions truthfully. Now, they moved on to Tina's college studies, and I caught myself thinking that Nguyet now might be able to put two and two together. I had told Nguyet once that I had spent a night with the college student 'Tina' in Saigon. What Nguyet didn't know was that Khanh here was that Tina.
If Nguyet sensed anything, though, she was hiding it well. Now, she asked Tina more directly:
"Do you want to move in the new house as well, or is it only for your parents and your little brother? What actually are your plans?"
"Well, to be honest, I'm hoping to get into a Master's program after my first degree. And, perhaps, I'll find a husband and stay in Saigon," she laughed. "So, yes, the smaller version of the house would be fine, as it's only for my parents and my brother."
Surprisingly, Nguyet shared now that she had a little son who was the result of a short affair, like she really trusted Tina.
"Oh, you aren't married?" Tina remarked kinda incredulously.
Now, the two of them had found their topic and shifted gears. The way they were chatting away was way too fast for me with my rudimentary Vietnamese. But I could imagine what they were saying, anyway. Remembering that we'd better go back to the model home, Nguyet in time asked for the bill and paid up. We got up and went outside.
"Well, we'll go back and I'll show you the upstairs quickly, huh?" Nguyet asked Tina. "We'll have dessert there," she added cryptically.
I instantly asked myself what Nguyet had meant. Lukewarm pee? Cum? Pussy Juice? Was she already anticipating a ribald rumpus with Tina? Tina nodded, as she had her stuff still in Nguyet's office, and we went inside the house, which Nguyet locked immediately after we had gotten back in.
"We'll go upstairs, Miss Khanh," Nguyet explained, pointing towards the stairs with her chin.
Tina asked if she could take her stuff upstairs, though, and so Nguyet went quickly to the back of the house and then passed her new T-shirt and purse to Tina, before we went up the stairs. My dick, which had gotten smaller, was pumping itself up again, as I was admiring Nguyet's butt wobbling under her skirt.
Upstairs, we sat down on the bed, and Nguyet got us three popsicles from the freezer in the kitchen, which were wrapped the same orange-and-white style the T-shirt was, with the company logo on it. We unwrapped the ice-cream and Nguyet collected the paper to throw it in the bin. Watching the two licking their ice-creams, I couldn't help thinking of the various blowjobs that they had given me on several occasions. I was pretty sure that the two of them were also thinking about sex already. Nguyet just didn't know that Tina was, too.
While we were enjoying our treat, Nguyet explained a few more advantages of the houses she was selling here. As I had heard the talk before, I wasn't paying attention but admired Nguyet's stocking-clad legs instead, which she had already opened a bit. Now, she took off her jacket and put it behind her on the bed, just like the last time I had been here. I also remembered the sex stories now that she had told me: how she had spread her legs for clients in Singapore and the whole shebang. Nguyet had quite an arsenal of such yarn; I also recalled what she had told me during our Japanese lunch with her mother: that her male colleagues used to dunk their lunch in their female colleagues' pussies every Friday. Of all the fibs Nguyet had told me, I liked this one best, and one day, we had to do a role-play centering around it.
I woke up from my reveries when Tina asked if she could try on her new T-shirt. She explained that she always wanted to see immediately if an item of clothing she received would fit. I loved it! What a salacious ruse! Nguyet was baffled, of course, but pointed to the bathroom. Tina got her shirt out of the plastic wrapping and then went to change.
While she was gone, Nguyet disposed of the trash and said: "Well, that's a little strange. But, why not?!" and shrugged her shoulders.
"Well …" I only replied after half-a-minute of silence, and then Tina already reappeared.
Right when she went through the door frame, I saw that she wasn't wearing a bra. Ha! Awesome! Holy Innocence! But, no, sure, fair enough. That was one way to speed up things here. One of us had to propel the choreography forward. Nguyet had certainly noticed right away, too, but didn't say anything. Now, I saw that Tina had half-heartedly wrapped her bra in her red blouse, which she was holding in one hand, but I could see one strap dangling. Now, she was stuffing both, her blouse and her bra, in her purse. They barely fit.
The T-shirt fit her, though, and also looked good on her, even though it didn't really match her beige shorts. Anyway, I couldn't avert Tina's nipples' gaze, which Nguyet sure also had noticed. Now, Tina looked in the mirror on the wardrobe and got startled:
"Oh. You can actually see them," she pretended to be worried.
Following the adage that sometimes offense is the best defense, she added apologetically:
"In the bathroom, I didn't like that you could see my bra under the T-Shirt. Oh, well … do you mind?" she asked innocently.
"Oh, I don't think so; we're among ourselves," Nguyet replied and cleared her throat: "Actually, I think Mr. Ben here quite likes it."
Tina mock-sheepishly sat back down between us, and Nguyet let her skirt snap upward quite a bit. From the hem of her skirt to her pussy, it was perhaps only four inches now. Maybe only two. Tina began to admire Nguyet's legs immediately, which Nguyet seemed to enjoy. I leaned backwards a bit and propped my upper body on my stretched arms next to and behind me. So that the ladies could see my twitching, erect dick, I draped my shirttails to the left and right of my crotch.
Nguyet, still the real estate lady that she was, asked Tina if she still had questions. As we could see another staircase leading further up, she asked if we could go up and take a look of the top floor, which was clever, as Nguyet didn't want us to soil this bed here in the master bedroom anyway. So, we got up and went up the stairs again, towards the location of depravity and voluptuousness.
Not that walking with my stiff dick was impossible, but it did seem to impair me enough that Nguyet took notice. She didn't say anything, though, as relief was nearing. But, first, we sat down just like we had on the first floor, with Tina in the middle again.
When Tina realized that Nguyet was staring at her chest, she apologized once more:
"You can see them quite well, can't you?" she inquired with an air of innocence.
I nodded vehemently, but Nguyet only grinned smugly and licked her lips.
"Well, don't worry, we're among ourselves," she reiterated. "Do you do that once in a while?" she wanted to know, though.
"Yes, but only when I'm at home," Tina admitted. "My mother always says that my boobs are still so small that I don't even need a bra."
"Oh, come on!" I interjected a little too loudly and too quickly. "They aren't that small."
"See, Khanh, Mister Ben likes them already, like I told you!" Nguyet said, looking at Tina.
There was a brief moment of silence now, during which I asked myself if I hadn't given away that Tina and I knew each other pretty well. But Nguyet's phone had rung, and now she was chatting away in Vietnamese. I looked at Tina to figure out what the call was about, but then I understood 'buu dien', which was the post office. OK. Nguyet got up and went downstairs. As soon as she was gone, I massaged Tina breasts through her new T-shirt, and we kissed profusely. I thought that her nipples were already quite long and stiff.
The great thing about this whole situation was that neither Tina nor Nguyet tried to move the story forward and plan the next step while we were alone. And there was no reason to. Nguyet had taken the bait and would perhaps try to seduce Tina herself. She was coming back now, and I saw that she had put her jacket back on. Perhaps she had to do that when she answered the door. She sat back down next to Tina, like before, on here other side.
Nguyet crossed her legs while she was checking out Tina's breasts again. Nguyet's stockings were made of exquisite material and had probably been expensive. They looked extremely soft and didn't rustle. They were ultra-thin and smooth. On the side of Nguyet's thigh, I saw that dividing line between the large muscle on the top and the smaller one below, which was one of my favorite features of any woman's legs.
"Well, Khanh, since you are so … so open: Do you mind showing us your boobs?" Nguyet requested, flipping the front of her blazer open at the same time.
Obviously, she had taken off her bra while she had been downstairs, and now we could clearly see her dark nipples under her white blouse. Awesome, how she had done it again. Tina didn't know what to say but eventually lifted up her T-Shirt. She glanced quickly left and right, as if she was looking for approval. The hem of the shirt pressed her lovely titties a little, so that her nipples were pointing upward by about 45 degrees. What a heavenly sight: Tina's squeezed, marvelous young titties, and then Nguyet's more mature ones with darker nipples under her semi-translucent white blouse!
I couldn't help it: I immediately took one of Tina's breasts in my hand. Nguyet was watching, at first, but then she took the other. Absent-mindedly, we massaged Tina's breasts for a little while, bevor Nguyet took off her jacket again and began to unbutton her blouse. Then she leaned forward and took Tina's nipple between her lips. Listening to the sucking noise and inhaling the two women's subtle lovely odor, I realized that I had never enjoyed a more endearing and erotic sight. Overcome by desire, I took the other nipple.
After a few rounds on Tina's areolas, Nguyet and I glanced at each other and smiled, while we were still sucking. Tina began to moan shortly thereafter, and Nguyet let Tina's nipple snap out of her mouth. She took off her blouse and stood in front of Tina, so that she could now take one of Nguyet's small breasts in her mouth, which she did. In turn, I began to caress Tina's thighs, until Nguyet presented me her tits, and I lost control over myself.
I hadn't sucked Nguyet's nipples for a long time, which I now regretted, as it was providing a rare pleasure. The noises, the beauty of the two young women near me, and the aroma they exuded made my blood boil. I took off my shirt and also unbuttoned my pants. Nguyet pulled Tina's T-shirt off her, and so all three of us were half-naked now.

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