Surreptitious Love Ch. 62

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Chapter 62 —Nguyet and Tina as Hooker Sisters
After our unforgettable threesome at Nguyet's model home, where she worked, we had talked about doing another role-play before Tina would have to go back to Saigon. Right now, Tina was in Hue for a few days but as far as I was able to tell, the two of them had already conceived detailed plans for one more rousing afternoon. Nguyet invited me to join them at the old cafe where our affair had started more than three years back. Just like last December, I was to pretend that I didn't know her.
Back then, our role-play had been that she had been upset that one of her customers didn't want to see her as she was on her period. She felt useless as a human being and bemoaned the loss of income. We had ended up doing it at her house, where the additional lubrication had proved to add, rather than detract from the pleasure. I had always found that particular role-play tantalizing and clever, as it had not only coaxed me into menstruation sex in the most charming manner but also opened new avenues of pleasure.
This time, Tina was going to be the one menstruating, but it seemed really important to her that we were going to see each other once more before she had to go back after her summer break. Perhaps she wanted to test my loyalty, or she wanted to experience unlimited, unconditional desire. Since Tina and I both had had period sex before—after our swimming lesson last summer—I wasn't worried at all that we weren't going to enjoy it. The only thing that we really needed to think about ahead of time was where to do it, as the blood and tissue would leave their mark.
Even though Nguyet had proposed meeting at 'our' coffee house, I thought that a different venue would be better and suggested the small park south of the river. The café where everything had started was old and not particular beautiful, and I didn't want our current role-play to resemble the last one too much. What Nguyet, as 'Bijou', had thought up back last year had been so endearing that it was impossible to top, anyway. At the park, there weren't too many people over lunch, and the two ladies could unfold their ruse unimpededly. Where we would finally end up—a hotel, Nguyet's or Tina's house, or even Nguyet's model home again—I left to their imagination.
So I went to the park around noon last Wednesday. I hadn't been there forever, and so I walked around a bit at first. I tried to spot the two, but they were nowhere in sight, although they were probably watching me. Here in this park, the city put on splendid displays of the yearly animal from the Lunar Calendar every January or February for the Tet festival, the New Year's celebration here in Vietnam. Every family came here to walk around and take pictures.
Eventually, I sat down on one of the many benches and lit a cigarette. I looked for Nguyet and Tina again, but they were still hiding, so I reminisced about the afternoons with Tina and Nguyet again, when they, separately, had pretended to dabble in prostitution: I had met both on the median of a very wide avenue in town, where there were benches and trees. Once, Nguyet had sported a jean jacket, under which she divulged her bare breasts at a café and then took me to her house, while Tina had dressed up in a cream-colored blouse and a red, tiered skirt and had shown me the town, a temple, and a café, after which she had taken me to a hotel. I had asked her to take her panties off at the café, and from there we had embarked on one of the most arousing and sensual journeys of our lives.
Now, I saw them walking towards me. Tina had dressed up in the same outfit as just described. She was even wearing her pearl necklace again, which mismatched her somewhat coarse stockings, though. But the pantyhose, together with her black high-heels, amplified the superb shape of her legs. Although it wasn't a very bright day, both ladies were sporting sunglasses, so that I couldn't judge if they were looking at me.
The two of them were discussing something passionately, and now they stopped about seven or eight yards away from me. Their argument got more and more heated now, but I couldn't figure out what they were debating, as my Vietnamese wasn't good enough. Suddenly, Tina stomped one foot and was off in the opposite direction, away from us. Nguyet seemed a little upset and sauntered forlornly towards me, and now she was about to sit down on the bench across the path.
Nguyet had done me the favor of wearing her grey stretch-minidress again, which she had been wearing the day she had coaxed me into having period sex with her, as already described. Her dress stretched over and stressed the mesmerizing contours of her nimble body, and her legs looked awesome too, as she was sporting red high-heels, which, in turn, matched her red tracksuit jacket. As I was the only person within sight, Nguyet looked at me and recognized me from our last role-play. She came over and plopped down on my bench.
"Well, now that's as surprise!" she exclaimed. "Mister Ben from the refinery …"
I had pretended to work as an engineer at the nearby oil-refinery, while Nguyet was probably a single mom again, who's trying to replenish her purse from time to time by renting out her body.
"Ah, Miss Bijou!" I played along. "How are you? Looking for customers again?" I teased her.
"Well, not really. As you can see, there's no one here …"
I probably looked puzzled—what was she doing here then?!—and so she instantly explained that she sometimes 'pinched clients' from the eighteen-year-old bunnies at the massage salon across the street, at the big hotel.
"I know a lot of men want something better," she added slightly cryptically. "So we exchange numbers and then some of the men call me a few days later. That's my niche," she laughed.
"What do they do at the hotel?" I asked innocently.
"Massage with 'happy ending'," Nguyet giggled. "But nothing else, as far as I know."
"Well, but 18 is a magic number …" I contended.
"Sure, but many men want more than a handjob: They want some foreplay and a proper fuck. Why have you never called me?" she asked, switching topics.
"Well, I don't know," I fidgeted. "Anyway, we're seeing each other now," I tried to wiggle myself out of the predicament and looked down on her.
Her dress was pretty tight and emphasized her forms more than it was hiding them. I put my hand on her thigh, which she seemed to enjoy, and so I moved it upward a bit further, under the fabric. Earlier, when she had been standing forlornly between me and the other bench, I had seen her panty line, and now I admired her hair, which she was wearing open today.
"Well, looking at you, I'm already getting in the mood again," I admitted.
"We could go somewhere," she offered. "I'm off today," she lied.
"Me, too," I also lied.
"Oh, that's why you're in town," she continued our yarn.
"Yes, basically."
As we had settled that, I asked about the other young woman, who she had come with but who had stomped off, appearing upset.
"That's my sister."
"And why was she so cross?"
Nguyet thought about how she could explain that to me.
"Well, we were in town together, and then she thought she also could get some of the customers from across the street."
"Oh! She too?" I inquired sheepishly.
"Well, yes, Mister Ben, this is a little embarrassing but, over the years, she has seen me bring a lot of men home. You know … to have sex. Which fascinates her. As far as I know, she's tried it herself in Saigon. But, then, yeah, it's a way for her to earn some additional money as a student …"
"And, earlier, she was cross since you were angry that she joined you?" I wanted to know.
"Yeah. But she wasn't gonna budge. The thing is: she's having here period … I honestly don't know what she was thinking … I've never tried it, but I don't think any of the men here would be interested in that. Apart from you, perhaps …" she laughed.
"Too bad you didn't see me earlier, huh? Sure, I would have banged your little sister on her period," I laughed heartily. "But, seriously, I think there's a small market for that …" I added.
"Well, perhaps, but not here in the park," she corrected me. "Believe me. I know my clients."
"I feel a little sorry for your sister, though" I admitted. "I mean, she dressed up for the occasion and could probably need some extra cash. But then you sent her away …"
"Oh, please, don't get sentimental, Mister Ben! You don't even know her," Bijou reminded me.
"Yeah, but she sure looked lovely …"
"Do you want me to call her?" Bijou snorted exasperatedly.
Initially, I wanted to yell 'yes', but I didn't. In real life, no woman in her thirties would like to hear that a man preferred her younger sister. So, I stroked her arm, caressed her skin a little and then pushed up her dress to indulge in what Nguyet had to offer. I marveled at her legs and then kneaded them like dough, which comforted Bijou, and we drove forth our choreography.
"Once thing before we go, though …" Bijou cautioned me, "I have the opposite problem of my sister today. I'm ovulating, and so we need to use condoms. To be completely honest: I don't even want you to come inside my pussy, as they break sometimes, you know?"
I nodded and, of course, immediately thought of her sister as a complement. As she could sense that I was hatching a plan, she tried to convince me of her charms: she looked around quickly, but then lifted up her dress to expose her bright-red lacy panties. I immediately saw some long, black pubic hair sticking out on the left and right, and a hot wave of desire washed all over me. The contrast between her light legs, her red underwear, and her black curls was titillating, to say the least. Her panties weren't too tight, but I could sense her pubic mound and her whole dense triangle underneath. I couldn't turn my eyes.
"Well, Bijou, you know how much I like you. Sure, let's go somewhere for an hour," I nodded. "How much?" I asked as my role required.
Pulling her dress up a little more—thereby exposing her belly and more pubic hair that was sticking out at the top—she calculated the details:
"Since we can't properly fuck today, let's say 600,000? You can do whatever you want … I'll blow you and swallow, if you want … no problem."
"Can I come on your face?"
"I don't see why not …" came her sassy reply.
"Where can we go?"
"Well, as you know, I work in real estate, and there's this cute older home that we're selling, about 2 miles away."
I looked at her lap again, which was the single most desirable sight. Seeing her red panties with all the garnish again, made me lose myself: I reached between her legs and massaged her plump, swollen lips; at first, through the fabric but then I reached inside.
"But you're not gonna keep your panties on the whole time?" I asked her worriedly. "I love your pussy, Bijou!" I added with pathos. "I wanna smell and lick it …"
"Don't you worry," she assured me, "if you really want, we can even fuck a little. I have condoms in my bag. But you gotta promise one thing: you need to pull out five minutes before you're coming!"
"Deal!" I nodded and massaged her labia after I had pulled the waistband of her panties towards me with the other finger.
My horniness had completely hijacked my mind now, and I felt how wet her pussy already was. Her panties had already two dark spots on them.
"Let's go!" she demanded, "before someone sees us."
We went to our motorcycles separately, after we agreed on a meeting point near the bridge. I drove behind her towards the village we were going to. I briefly thought of Tina, but Nguyet here right in front of me had the most captivating snatch of them all. When we arrived, the house reminded me of the one in Tuyet's family, where she and I had spent three or four tantalizing afternoons.
Out of our minds, we worked the padlock open, went in, and locked the door again.
"If anyone shows up," Bijou said, panting, "you're here to take a look at the house," before she reached under her dress to rip her panties off her legs.
Then she ran into the bedroom, spread herself on the bed and said:
"Ben, here's the pussy you love so much!"
Wow! I completely undressed and kneeled on the floor, on the tiles. I immediately sensed her sourish- savory pussy aroma and I kissed, sucked, and licked her snatch like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes, she wanted to get up to get the condoms from her bag, but I just got up and pushed her back onto the bed, where she was now sitting in front of me. Trembling, I told her that we could do without.
"Take your dress off!" I demanded, and when she was naked, I almost bit her face when I was kissing her and massaging her breasts.
Then I shoved my dick in her mouth and instantly began to thrust, while she was sitting on the bed. I reached down to fondle her breasts, before I put my hands on the back of her head and pumped as hard as never before between her beautiful lips and teeth. After a few more minutes, I asked her to lie down on the bed, so that I could mount her 'the wrong way'. She flickered over my throbbing glans with her tongue, before I pushed back into her mouth and fucked her, while I was having my head between her legs.
She still found the time to gently massage my balls, while her mouth almost felt like a pussy. In some ways this was the best of both worlds: While my dick was in a moist, warm biotope, I got to see, taste, and smell my favorite snatch. Ok, I wasn't going to enjoy her muscular, wet, velvety sheath around my member, but I was sure they would meet again soon.
After a while, I pulled out and she sat ask down on the edge of the bed. I placed myself close to her face and the massaged my dick with both hands. After another 30 seconds in her mouth, I signaled that it was about time, and I pulled out. Panting, she propped her upper body on her stretched arms behind her and closed her eyes, readying herself for the finale. I pulled out when my glans had begun to itch, listened to the juices coming up, and splashed a decent load onto her incredibly beautiful face.
Maybe I was wrong, but it was so quiet in the room that I actually heard the cum hit her skin. She twitched a little her and there but took everything with dignity. Two large splashes had landed on her hair and forehead, and as those had been the first, they now began to run down her face, amalgamating with the rest on her eye-lashes and her nose. I saw that she had some cum on one ear, too, and now everything was coagulating. While she was licking her lips, some drops made it to the floor, and I put my dick on her lower lip to invite her to suck it dry. She snapped after it like she still hadn't had enough.
But now her phone rang. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand before she got up to get it. It was probably Tina who wanted to know if she had found someone to fuck. I admired her sticky face as she was talking but then she abruptly ended the call, seeming upset again. We went to the bathroom to clean ourselves.
There was even a towel here, but I wouldn't put it past Nguyet that she had deposited it here the day before. Anyway, I admired her slim, slightly muscular body again, and we kissed profusely. When we were done, we went back to the bedroom and lied down together.
"Was that your sister?" I asked.
"Of course. She wanted to know what I was doing."
"Did you tell her the truth?"
"No, not quite. I told her I was showing a house to a client. Ben, I don't want her to prostitute herself …"
"Well, Bijou, your sister is young but not that naïve. She knows what that meant."
"Well, I do work in real estate …"
"Yeah, but not in a stretch-minidress with red high-heels."
"Why are you making this your business?!" she snapped at me, only to relent a second later.
Gently, she took my dick again, and he responded.
"Do you wanna do it again? Let's say 800,000 altogether?" she added.
I nodded but also told her how frustrating it was for me to be in bed with a beautiful young woman, with a juicy cunt but not being able to enter it.
"I told you we can do it with a condom," she reminded me.
"I know, but that's not the same. I don't like coming in a small plastic bag after all the stress," I told her.
She didn't know what to say.
"You can come on me or my face again. Or in my mouth. I'd swallow …" she offered. "Or come on my breasts. Most men like that …"
"Yeah, on your face was hot, but we just did that. Looking at you, I can even smell your pussy. I love your dense bush, your black curls between your light legs, and I just wanna fuck. Properly, heartily, honestly. Call your sister and ask her if I can fuck her!" I demanded.
"She's in bed with the cramps, she just told me."
"Nonsense. I understand enough Vietnamese. Stop lying to me," I almost barked at her. "Two hours ago, your sister had dolled herself up and wanted to make some dough. She's probably horny, too."
"Ben, Khanh's menstruating," she reminded me again, like that would deter me.
When I reminded her how wonderful the period sex had been with her, Bijou relented and scrolled through her phone. She did roll her eyes a bit, but then she got Tina on the other end. The two of them negotiated, and at some point Nguyet asked me if Khanh/Tina was supposed to dress up again. Apparently, she had just taken a shower. I heard Nirvana's Come as you are and told her, singing, that she should just come as she were.
I reminded Nguyet to tell Khanh to bring an old towel, if she was truly menstruating, and she nodded. After she had put the phone down, we cuddled and waited for her younger sister to make her entry. I remembered what she had looked like in the park and concluded that, yes, the coarse stockings and her pearl necklace had been a, admittedly endearing, mismatch, nonetheless. But whatever.
When we heard a knock on the door, Nguyet quickly put her dress on and went to answer the door. When the two entered the room, Nguyet went over to her bag, got a comb out, and went over to the mirror. Tina, who really had a folded bath towel in her hand, was standing near the bed now, looking around sheepishly. I waved her closer, and her older sister asked what was up. When Tina still hesitated, Nguyet notched up her language:
"Well, now what? Who wanted to fuck earlier?" she barked at her younger sister.
"Well, yes," Tina replied somewhat sluggishly, "but I still need a moment."
I was fine with that. However, Tina was really wearing grey tracksuit pants and a sweater of about the same color, which wasn't all that sexy. I asked her for her name to thaw the ice, while Nguyet took the bath towel from her and spread it on the bed next to me.
"You can call me 'Belle'," Tina said.
"Ok, I'm Ben."
I had put one leg over the other so that Tina couldn't see my dick immediately. Nguyet sat down next to my chest, and I was pretty sure that I could smell her warm, aromatic, blissful lap fragrance again. How her little legs showed from under her dress was endearing, too. Now, Tina took off her jogging pants, and Nguyet and I were looking at her white panties, in which we could clearly see a kotex pad.
"Well? What are you waiting for?" Nguyet pressed ahead again.
"Can I just lie down and Mister Ben comes on top of me? I don't wanna undress in front of him …"
"Khanh!" barked Bijou again. "You gotta make up your mind: You either do what people expect from you, or you can't earn 'easy money' as you keep saying. You're almost 19, and you lost your virginity a while back. Come on! What's wrong with you? I'm tired of paying your phone rates every month …"
Oh, my God, was that depraved. If this hadn't been a role-play that the two of them had thought up, I would have gotten up already and left. Once, in Singapore, I had picked up a young hooker in a parking lot, but when I looked at her in my hotel room, she turned out plump and I saw that she had dyed her hair red, which I found ugly. Anyway, she was inexperienced and tried to get my dick up with her thumb and index finger, moving them like a sewing needle. It just hurt, and so I just gave her the 50 Singapore dollars, which we had agreed on, for nothing and complimented her out of the door.

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