Surreptitious Love Ch. 67

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Chapter 67 — Birthday-Creampies
Nguyet called last week, excited that Trinh and her husband had taken a look at the model home where she worked (and where we occasionally had sex). Trinh was a colleague of mine—and a former coworker of Nguyet—who was fine-months pregnant now. Three years ago, Nguyet, Trinh, I had played strip-poker with another colleague, Quynh, which had climaxed in an unforgettable foursome. Trinh and I were still working together, but since she was in the other building, we hardly saw each other.
Looking at the model home in the newly emerging suburbs wouldn't have been remarkable if Trinh hadn't mentioned that she wanted to meet Nguyet and me together. She hadn't mentioned sex, but Nguyet reported that Trinh had sounded like she wanted to use the opportunity to have one more debaucherous adventure before her continuing pregnancy and then her baby would slam the doors to such depravity.
I also had met someone again: Vu, my former student, who was now doing a practicum west of our town. Together with Tuyet, Vu and I had deflowered Phuong, a girl he knew from school, just before all of them had embarked on their universities all over the country two summers ago. Jesus, that seemed like forever! Vu was incredibly good-looking: slim yet muscular, he sported sharp features and nice, longish hair. And of course, when we had coffee together, he shared quite a few rousing stories with girls from his college in Pleiku, where he was studying forestry.
Well, Phuong wasn't in town, as she studied in Saigon, but perhaps I could take Vu with me when I met Nguyet and Trinh?! Two guys and two ladies would be a first for me, as I had never had sex with another man in the room. I liked the idea immediately and asked Nguyet, but she was hesitant. Perhaps it would just be too much to engage in this kind of decadence at her model home? Anyway, when I asked Vu, he just nodded approvingly and said:
„Sure. Pussy is like noodle soup: even if it isn't great for once, it's still good."
As it seemed too late to call it off, I talked to Nguyet again to develop the project. She admitted that, yes, she didn't want to do it at work but, at least, she was looking forward to meeting my young friend. And when pressed, Nguyet reported, Trinh had admitted that, yes, she wanted 'to have a little sex.' Nguyet and I laughed about the endearingly innocent and trepidatious choice of words, as we both remembered what a ribald rumpus our last foursome had been. Anything less than that would have been a disappointment.
Nguyet and I talked about inviting Quynh as well, but she was working about 35 miles away in the mountains and was unlikely to drive down to the coast for 2 hours of sex, as she had a steady boyfriend. But then Trinh offered to ask her nonetheless so Quynh wouldn't feel left out.
Anyway, sometimes, a two coincidences come together: Nguyet had congratulated Nga, our former assistant on her birthday, and Nga also insisted that she and Nguyet should meet up again. Nga was super shy, but she had grown tired of waiting for Mr. Right—similar to Nguyet—and eventually given in and had sex with me last summer. Nga worked at a clothing store and modelled a little in her free-time. One picture of her in a reddish summer suit with shorts had turned me on so much that I had conceived a plan to seduce her. I didn't know if she had a boyfriend now—shy, as she was, probably not—but when I asked Nguyet if we shouldn't try to involve Nga she seemed leery.
When Nga asked Nguyet to come to her house, however, Nguyet had mentioned Trinh and me, and Nga had readily agreed that we all should gather at her place. Nguyet hadn't mentioned the group-sex project, but I thought it would only be fair to bring it up to her in advance, before we went to her, as it was her apartment. I didn't think it was proper to expect her to take part in such a rumpus spontaneously, even though we had had sex before. Nguyet relented and promised to bring her into the loop.
Vu had been a student at our private English Center three years ago and knew Nguyet, Nga, and Trinh from passing them in the hall or in the reception area. But, just like me, he had never had sex with more than two women or another man in the room. The good thing was that he worked on weekends, just like me, and so had a few hours to spare during lunchtime on a weekday. We all agreed to take birthday cake to Nga's apartment, even though her birthday was already two weeks past.
"Now, what did Nga say when you told her that we're planning to have sex together here?" I asked Nguyet outside the apartment, as we were waiting for Trinh and Vu to arrive.
Nguyet blushed: "Nothing. I haven't told her yet," she admitted. "I'm sorry," she added.
"Jesus! You didn't tell her?!" I was flustered and slightly cross.
"I wanted to tell her, but somehow I couldn't. I can't just say: 'Oh, by the way, can we all fuck together for an hour while we are at your place, can I?' And I find it much more erotic and exciting if we don't talk about it in advance. And, I'm sure, you do too, don't you?!"
"True, yes, but I don't think it's fair to intrude her home with such an outlandish proposition. What if she doesn't want to have sex with four more people? We can't ask her to leave … Jesus!"
I didn't know what else to say.
"Nonsense. No one wants to send her away. And she doesn't have to partake much if she doesn't want to. I'm sure we can get her to agree. Seduce her! Coax her! Persuade her! Think of something!" she insisted, laughing. "You are usually good at those things!" she added.
I only nodded, as both, Trinh and Vu had arrived pretty much at the same time. We waited until they had taken their helmets off, and I introduced everyone. Nguyet handed me the birthday cake, and we knocked on Nga's door. When she opened, we filed in and looked around.
Of course, not much had changed since the last time I had been here. Nga had put two chairs opposite the sofa at the small coffee table and pulled the flokati towards the door. I believed I could see the remnants of the little bit of blood that Nga had lost when I had deflowered her on said flokati. She had turned it, though.
Nga pointed at the sofa and the chairs, asking us to sit down. I plopped down between Nguyet on my left and Vu to my right. As the sofa was too small, however, Nguyet got up again and sat on the large armrest, leaning nonchalantly on my left shoulder. When Nga looked puzzled, Trinh leaned over and explained to our host that Nguyet and I had been having an affair for more than three years, and she nodded, as was her habit.
It was difficult to tell if Nga would just have sex with us, as Nguyet had predicted. What spoke in favor of it was that Nga and I had already had sex here in this room and that she knew Trinh and Nguyet pretty well. Would she undress in front of everyone, though? Technically, she didn't even need to do that; her panties would suffice. Well, I gauged our chances at more than 50 per cent, at least.
Nga went to the back of the room to make some tea water. As she was waiting, she brought spoons and little plates to the table. The cake had a couple sitting on a park bench on the top, which was cute. All birthday cakes in Vietnam tasted the same, and they often had some outrageously kitschy decorations. Of course, Nguyet switched the two number candles that had come with the cake to 72 before she lit them. After we had sung 'Happy Birthday', Nga clumsily blew out the candles, and we clapped. Nga then got up and fetched the tea and five cups.
So we ate. The ladies talked about pregnancies and children, but I asked Vu which of the Three Graces he liked best.
"The one next to you," he whispered, pointing at Nguyet with his chin. "Apart from her hairy legs, maybe …"
Yeah, Nguyet was s a little hairy but, for some reason, I didn't mind. Nguyet was wearing a black-and-white striped, knee-length skirt and a tight, red T-shirt, under which we could sense her little bra. Across the table, Trinh was sporting a blue-and-white checked cotton dress, pregnant as she was. Her dress also ended just above her knees. Nga was just wearing a simple, informal house-dress with spaghetti straps. She had dyed her hair afresh, but this time it looked much better than during all those years she had been working at our school.
"Have you ever had sex with a pregnant woman?" I asked Vu to see how we could divide up our loads this afternoon.
"No, I haven't. And, frankly, I'm not too keen on it," he added. "Perhaps I'm too young for that."
"And what about the birthday child?!"
"Yeah, I like her legs," he admitted with an impish grin.
Well, he was right. Like I said, I had fallen for Nga's legs myself when I had seen a picture of her on Facebook, wearing a little reddish summer outfit. But, yes, Nguyet was certainly the hottest of the three. There was no doubt about that, but I had the hotties for my pregnant colleague Trinh, as this special state of affairs was transitory and wouldn't return any time soon. I definitely wanted to do her. Trinh looked still very graceful, as she was tall and slim and not remotely bloated, and her belly had only the size of half a volleyball.
Somehow surprising, Nga now put her hand on Trinh's belly to feel it. Perhaps she had never touched a pregnant woman before. Trinh liked it, though, and invited Nguyet to come across to do the same. When Nguyet was standing in front of Trinh, bending forward, her little ass protruded backwards, and Vu and I looked at each other approvingly with pursed lips. If Vu and Nguyet had known each other better, he probably would have gotten up to reach for her ass or lifted up her skirt to caress Nguyet's small cheeks. But she was more than ten years older than Vu, and the sensual party of the party hadn't started yet.
When the two ladies were done touching Trinh's belly, I asked her if I couldn't have a go. Trinh knew what that meant and sat up before she waved me over. Quick-witted as she was, she pulled up her dress, too, to expose her thighs. I got up and stood behind her chair, looking down her front. Her cleavage was hot, as the hormones in her body had caused her breasts to swell. Passing those delicious hemispheres for now, however, I reached down on her to caress her volleyball. The ladies smiled and nodded approvingly, before Trinh leaned against my arm with her head and said:
"This feels so nice."
"Your husband doesn't do that once in a while?" I asked.
"Oh, no, yes, he does," she assured us.
Oh, how marvelous her breasts were! But I didn't want to plough ahead too rashly and just enjoyed the view. Her hair smelled good, too. On the other side of the table, Nguyet had sat down next to Vu on the sofa, and the two of them were ogling each other sheepishly. They seemed to have clicked, though, and probably couldn't wait either.
"Could I see and caress your naked belly, Trinh?" I asked her.
She instantly nodded but then looked at our host a trifle concerned.
"Nga, can I take off my dress? Mister Ben wants to see my naked belly …"
Nga just nodded, as was her habit. Trinh got up and looked back over her shoulder, asking me to unbutton her dress here on the back. Her bra-fastener was also within reach, but I decided to wait with that for another ten minutes. Looking past Trinh's ear, I could see that Vu had his hand on Nguyet's thigh. Still standing behind Trinh, I pulled her dress down and she stepped out of it.
Both, her bra and her panties, were white, and I realized again how tall she was. She towered over our host by four inches, who, in turn, was another two or three inches taller than Nguyet. And, like I said, Trinh, at 29, still had a model figure: tall and slim, she still had the body of a teenager, with perfect proportions and smooth skin. I held her upper arms in my hands and kissed her neck tenderly, before I finally stepped around her and admired her firm, round belly. Trinh sat back down, while I took a cushion off the sofa, nodding at Vu and Nguyet, and then kneeled down on the floor between Trinh's legs.
I could make out the contours of her pubic triangle under the thin fabric of her panties, and since her underwear was kinda tight, one also saw the vertical slit in the middle. Of course, I wanted to amuse myself right in the center of things immediately, but Nga, sitting next to us, still didn't have a clue how far the other four in the room were willing to go. She probably still assumed this was about Trinh's pregnant belly, which was a perfect hemisphere with a little tip at the belly-button.
"It's gonna be a boy, huh?" I looked up at Trinh.
She nodded and smiled while I was now caressing her cool, warm skin. I felt an oncoming erection and looked at Nga to invite her to caress Trinh's belly together. When I kissed Trinh's bellybutton, Nga put her hand over her mouth and giggled. I turned to see what Nguyet and Vu were doing and to invite them to fondle Trinh's naked belly, too, but Vu only had eyes for the new lady in his life. He had his arm around her hips, and the way they were looking at each other, I knew that they would melt together as soon as the sensed that it was proper to do so.
I reached for Nga's hand, and placed it on Trinh's belly, so we wouldn't waste this splendid, unique opportunity. The way I was kneeling I could actually see under Nga's skirt, but since her panties were kinda loose, I didn't see much, apart from her gorgeous thighs. Well, our tender exchanges couldn't have left Nga cold, I thought, as the whole room was filled with sensuality. I was sure our host must have realized, so I reached for Nga's thighs and reminded her how much I liked and how beautiful I found her.
Nga moved closer with her chair and pulled up her dress to expose her thighs completely. Her panties were green with white stripes. But it seemed we had already won: Without any negotiation, we had gotten Nga to the point of no return. I motioned her to kneel down next to me, so we could caress Trinh together, as I knew that the latter was ready to present all her treasures in front of us any second now.
I asked Nga if she didn't want to kiss Trinh's belly, but she only giggled embarrassedly. Behind us, though, I could hear Nguyet and Vu kissing, and—if I wasn't completely mistaken, some quiet aroused moaning. I wanted to turn around to see what exactly the two of them were doing, but looking at Trinh's panties together with Nga was more important now. I received a whiff of Trinh's pussy smell and asked her to take off her bra. Of course, Trinh instantly reached on her back and removed the striking garment.
Nga's eyes widened. She probably felt a little queasy, as she realized that her bra would be next to come off. But she still had some time, and so she just watched me squeeze and fondle Trinh's amazing breasts. After a while, I relinquished one of her fruits to Nga, who took me up on the invitation and now carefully caressed Trinh's other boob like a precious and rare topical fruit. Trinh and I looked at each other, and I could sense that this was Nga's first time. But probably not her last.
As the two of them were engaged in sensual play for now, I got up to take my clothes off. Of course, I took the opportunity to see what Nguyet and Vu were doing on the other side of the coffee table. Nguyet had her hand in his unbuttoned pants, kneading his dick, while she had already unfastened her bra, so that he could play with her titties.
Nga looked at me past my half-erect dick. She seemed to be asking if she shouldn't undress as well. So, I nodded at her and she got up to relieve herself of her clothes. Trinh had sensed the situation and seized the moment to take off her panties, before she sat down again. I sniffed her panties briefly before I was going to kneel back down to dedicate a few minutes to her snatch.
Before I would completely lose myself between Trinh's legs, however, I turned around once more to check what Nguyet was doing. And, sure enough, she was unbuttoning her skirt on the side, which she then nonchalantly took off. I saw that she was ripping her panties off her legs as well and somehow regretted that I wasn't going to be able to watch the two of them fuck.
The way Trinh was sitting, I could see her pussy already pretty well. He lips were still stuck together but I had a hunch that they were going to open by themselves any moment now. As much as I wanted to witness that moment, however, I asked her to turn the chair by 90 degrees so that I could keep an eye on the young couple on the sofa, just like one watches TV while ironing. When Trinh finally sat down again, Nga and I leaned forward into her lap, and Trinh opened her legs as wide as she could.
I hadn't been mistaken about the aroma, of which another waft was coming towards us. Trinh pulled her pussy open with two fingers of each hand, and I motioned Nga to please help herself. Hesitatingly, she looked into her ex-colleague. I licked the tip of my middle finger and traced the edges of Trinh's fine inner labia and then the groove between both sets of lips. I waited before Nga started to partake, as I wanted to catch another glimpse of what was going on the sofa.
Vu was naked now, and, in the bright afternoon light, we could also see Nguyet's naked pale ass with the few curls between the cheeks. She was kneeling perpendicular to him on the sofa, blowing him. Her pussy was glistening. In another few minutes, the two of them would be united; if I had to guess I would have said he was going to take her from behind.
Anyway, right in front of me and Nga was one of the most endearing pussies I knew: elegant and symmetric, with sharply-drawn inner lips that were mauve in color. It was moving to watch Nga explore another woman's pussy for the first time, and she was breathing heavily. As her fingernails were too long to go inside, however, I took that part and opened Trinh's snatch up for the two of us, before I pushed my tongue in. I sucked and licked her for a little bit, before I went up two inches to twiddle her clit with my tongue. Then I encouraged Nga to continue and heard one of the three women moan profusely. But that must have been Nguyet over there, beyond the coffee table on the couch.
I raised my head from between Trinh's legs and looked. Nguyet was on her back, and Vu was pounding her hard. His ass was much lighter than the rest of his body, and the two of them were fucking pretty harmoniously; seeing them fuck was aesthetically rather pleasing, but I had to admit that, yes, I was a little jealous.
While I had been distracted, Nga had continued licking and sucking Trinh's pussy who was now moaning profusely. I watched Nga exploring her former colleague's treasure, but then decided to fuck Trinh in her mouth a little, as nonchalant as she was spread here on the chair. I stepped over Nga and put my glans on Trinh's lower lip. She slid down a few inches on her chair but then didn't know what to do with my dick. I remembered that the last time, she was the only one who hadn't taken my cock in her mouth, but now she finally snapped after it. I, in turn, reached down past my ass and fondled her titties some more in the meantime.
Trinh was probably super inexperienced when it came to blowing someone, but now she pressed her lips onto my rod and I began to thrust inside her mouth. Once in a while, she looked up at me and then sucked a little harder. I could now feel Nga's hair on my ass, but I heard her sucking and slurping as well, while to our right, across the table, Vu was heaving and still pumping into my favorite girlfriend.
Trinh was applying some pressure now and had begun to circle my glans with her rough tongue. I switched to longer strokes and realized that about four inches of my dick were inside her mouth. I thought of switching to Nga, as she probably hadn't sucked anyone's dick either, but since we kind of owed it to Trinh that we were happily united here today, I kept stimulating her. Her time was also running out; if Nga wanted to have sex again at some point, she could simply say so. Perhaps this afternoon would give her some ideas.

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