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Chapter 72 — Massaging Linh
In the end, Tina didn't have enough time to meet again after our glorious sex-doll role-play last week. I believed anyway that one didn't need to milk a great idea to death, at least not immediately. As much as I loved Tina's idea to pretend to be a sex doll, we could always do another role-play along similar lines a few months hence, when she was back in town. But the thought of meeting Tina in a kimono with no underwear was enthralling, to say the least.
Similarly, Nguyet, Vu, and I had been planning a threesome for two months now, but we couldn't agree to when or where. But just as with Tina, that threesome wasn't something that couldn't be postponed for a few weeks or months. Knowing that the two of them were really into each other, I just told them to explore their relationship in the meantime. Perhaps one day, Nguyet would even lose her interest in getting fucked into oblivion. Or obliteration. If Vu banging her three times turned out not to be enough, we could still meet the following month.
As the Vietnamese government had encouraged universities to offer online courses or even assign term papers in January to stretch the pre-Tet travel over six weeks instead of days, some of my former students were already back in town, among them Linh, the brilliant, yet slightly handicapped young woman, who I had bumped into in Da Nang once a-year-and-a-half ago. I had taken her to my bed-and-breakfast guesthouse, even though women weren't allowed there, but her mobility problem — which was the result of a stroke she had suffered when she was six — had mollified the proprietor. As soon as the lady was gone, however, Linh had undressed and slipped under my bedcovers, at 11 in the morning.
Linh was super sharp and was studying Medicine in Hanoi. She was in her third year now and thriving. This time, she asked me to visit her at her house, as she couldn't walk far nor ride a motorcycle. They had a nice garden, she told me, and her mother wanted to meet me anyway. Purportedly, Linh's mother loved baking, so I was in for a treat.
I knew roughly where the family lived: easy to get to in a small, quiet street in the town center. When I arrived, I was surprised though how tall the house was. But, yes, next to the house was a small garden with a picnic table and a bunch of chairs. Linh was sitting under a parasol, and as I was walking towards her, her beautiful mother came out of the house, carrying a tray with tea and something that looked like tarts or scones. We nodded and smiled at each other, before she disappeared inside the house again.
Linh was wearing a pink T-shirt with a cat printed on the front. I was still surprised how often Vietnamese adults wore children's clothes, but then, on the other hand, it was also cute and charming. As it wasn't very warm, Linh was wearing a pair of black jeans, which accentuated her womanly figure nicely. She poured me some tea and asked me to sit down and try the scones; her mother had to finish something inside.
The little pies had fruit in them and smelled delicious. So we ate and talked about her experiences at university, before Linh's mother came back to join us. She smiled at me and then looked lovingly back at her daughter, who was sitting across from me. Linh hadn't changed much since we had seen each other the last time. She was still wearing her rectangular glasses which framed her sparkling eyes beautifully. She was also still sporting her page-boy haircut, probably because it was rather carefree.
"My mother speaks some English, too," Linh encouraged me to talk to her mom, who worked for the city's registry office.
With her help, we had settled a dispute about one of my Filipino colleague's son's Western name. But that topic wasn't interesting enough to bring back up again. But I couldn't talk to Linh about our brief adventure in Da Nang, as her mother was sitting next to us, and so I kept talking to Linh about her college studies. I did wonder in my mind, though, if our afternoon today wasn't going to turn sensual at some point. Would Linh and I later be able to go to her room for an hour?
As this question wasn't one we could settle openly, at least not immediately, I promised myself to be patient and asked about the house:
"Three floors! Very few families have such a tall house …" I said admiringly.
"Well, that's because if my disability," Pamela enlightened me. "We had to add a bigger bathroom but, as you can see, there's no room here, so we had to build up."
As I probably looked a little puzzled, as Linh couldn't walk steps easily, she kept explaining: "I need a bath and a massage every day to keep my blood circulating. So we converted the bathroom on the first flor into a massage room, while my parents' bedroom moved one floor up."
I nodded. The massage-thing was news to me, but it made sense. As far as I understood, Linh's circulation was hampered by the fact that she wasn't able to walk far or ride a bike. Sure, warm baths and massages could aid here. To keep her left hand in good shape, Linh was always squeezing a small rubber ball, which she took wherever she went and which looked like the corona virus. I will never forget how she asked me in an email, before the first day of class with me, if squeezing that ball would 'disturb' me. Back then, I didn't imagine that one day she would squeeze my balls.
Anyway, as 'massage' was a semi-sensual topic, I decided to milk it a bit:
"Who gives you the massages?"
Linh pointed at her mother with her chin, who blushed and then looked at me.
"Do you have some sort of training?" I was curious.
I felt the need to finally speak to her; I didn't doubt her skills, though.
She shook her head: "No, but you learn from experience. It's mainly to keep the blood in Linh's body flowing. You can't do much wrong, can you?" she asked rhetorically.
I just shrugged my shoulders: "I don't know. But I guess you're right. And you've been doing it for so many years now …" I added, implying that she was probably pretty good at it by now.
Massages given to men in Southeast Asia often included the penis and ended with the proverbial 'happy-ending'. Of course, I asked myself quietly if Linh's mother included her daughter's pussy in her art. On the other hand, there were also massage parlors in our town that excluded men completely and others that excluded penis and butt. There, however, massages tended to be more thorough, since they trained their girls properly. But, for me, a massage needed to include all body parts, especially since one's center was very sensitive. But, alas, I didn't feel like I could ask Linh or her mother how they handled that.
Linh's mother was exceptionally pleasant and beautiful. Had she proposed to give me a massage I wouldn't have hesitated a bit. As that seemed impossible, however, we all grabbed another fruit scone and Pamela kept talking about the vicissitudes of life in the country's capitol, while her mother was watching her and me, like she was at a tennis match. The highlight of Linh's stories was that she had achieved the status of an official translator, as her English was excellent, which surely would open more doors to her in the future.
Of course, while I was listening to her I reminisced about our lovely little adventure in Da Nang two summers ago. First, I had bumped into the whole family in a café; they wanted to attend a matinee, but only had three tickets for four people, so Linh had volunteered to spend an hour-and-a-half with me, instead. At 11 in the morning, we had found each other naked under the bed covers, where we chatted innocently for a while, before she had pulled me on top of her. Linh was of course, self-conscious of her disability—she limped with her left leg—and so hadn't expected me to hit on her, so she took matters in her own hands by just undressing. After a brief break that day—during which the landlady had popped her head in—we had done it a second time.
The longer I was looking at the two ladies here, the more my longing for a massage and my lust for more grew. I didn't actually know if Linh would be up for a sensual hour in her chambers, and I couldn't imagine that her mother would take part, particularly since the younger daughter of the family was my student as well. Maybe she was fantasizing about it, but she definitely wasn't going to suggest it.
"Where's your sister?" I asked Linh now.
"At our grandparents'. She'll sleep there, actually," Linh added, perhaps with a thought in mind.
So, perhaps the coast would be clear this afternoon. I surmised that Linh was thinking in that direction as well, especially now that she also mentioned that her dad was working afternoon shift and wasn't going to be back till 10pm. Why did she bring that up?! To let me know that we were going to have sex again, or was my visit today really only about fruit tarts and meeting her mother? Perhaps her mother was in the mood for some sensual love-play as well? The way she was looking at me from time to time almost suggested it. Not wanton or lustful, but interested. Very much so. But, of course, I couldn't be certain. Well, even if she was thinking about it, suggesting it was a completely different story.
I kept thinking how to exploit the massage topic some more, without being too nosey or divulging too much of my desire. Was Linh naked when her mother gave her massages? Probably. Had her mother touched or massaged her snatch already? Maybe a few times 'by chance'. Or did she even do it on a regular basis? Seemed unlikely. Was the mother naked as well when she gave her daughter massages? What did the two of them talk about during the massages? Linh's sex-life? As far as I knew, she was quite experienced for her age. Did her mother know what happened in Da Nang between her and me? And did her dad massage her, too, when the mother was busy? Was she then naked, too? And what about him?! Well, perhaps not.
I regretted not being able to ask such questions at the moment, but I could ask some — or all of them — later, when I would be alone with Linh. But could Linh tell her mother this afternoon that she wanted to be alone with me? Or would her mother even leave the house, perhaps under some pretext?
"Would you like another cupcake?" the mother was asking now, just as I had been looking at her daughter for at least two minutes.
I declined, as I didn't want to be too full. I still didn't know how the afternoon was going to develop, but now I saw — while Linh was combing her hair with her spread fingers — that she had coaster-sized sweat stains under her armpits. Taken slightly aback by that little reality-check, I distracted myself by praising the tartlets. Her mother blushed and thanked me for my kind words, bevor she poured me some more tea.
As Linh's sweat stains had brought me back down to earth with jolt, I decided to ogle her mother now, who had longer and wavier hair than her daughter. Her features—cheekbones, breasts hips—were also more finely chiseled. She was wearing a green-and-orange tailored blouse, together with tailored black pants, which amplified the balanced, slim yet also curvy topography of her body. Unlike most Vietnamese women, she hadn't buttoned her blouse all the way up; the skin below her collarbones looked wonderfully soft and smooth, like that of a much younger woman. Her face was flawless, while her mouth was perhaps the most beautiful I had ever seen. She had slim lips, of which the upper one swung cheekily up towards her nose, which gave her face a decidedly youthful appearance.
"What's your name, actually?" I asked her finally.
She blushed for some reason and bashfully breathed: "Yen," which was pronounced 'Y-yen'.
After a brief break, during which she must have noticed how carefully I was admiring her, Yen got up and began to clear the table. Her daughter sat up and assisted. I lit a cigarette, as we were sitting outside; and Linh's father smoked, too, as I remembered. Linh procured an ashtray from under the table right away, before she got up and went inside, perhaps to go to the restroom. Her mother waited until she had disappeared and then whispered, crimsoning:
"Mister Ben, do you want to massage Linh this afternoon? I gotta go now, and I won't be back till 6."
Yen had underscored her plan with massage movements in front of her body and was now waiting for an answer. I asked myself again briefly if she actually knew that her daughter and I had already rolled around in bed together.
By saying "I don't know if Linh would want that …" I tried to buy time.
Now, Linh was stepping out of the house again and Yen asked her right away. Linh seemed genuinely surprised but nodded keenly, and so I couldn't decline anymore, even if I had wanted to. Reiterating her consent, Linh nodded at both of us, and I asked, perhaps a little too eager:
"Well, right now?"
"You finish your cigarette first!" Linh reminded me and added: "I need to take a shower first. My mom will help me. Just come up to the bathroom when you're done."
Hiding my excitement, I only nodded nonchalantly. The two of them disappeared inside the house and went upstairs from the sound of their voices. When I was done smoking, I didn't know what to do and just lit another one. I imagined appearing in the door upstairs before they were done, which made me cringe. I loved the possibilities, however, that had suddenly appeared but regretted that Yen was leaving. Should I ask her to stay? Well, perhaps she had to work or something else she couldn't postpone. My suggestion could also ruin the whole arrangement, I realized, or she might be embarrassed. No, I wouldn't gain anything from trying to get her to stay. She was a respected woman in our community who was allowing her daughter to have sex with her former English teacher, but that would be it.
As I was puffing away, I thought about the monumental proposal that Linh's mother had just made, but couldn't find anything obscene or illogical in it. I wasn't sure if I could massage Linh well, but it seemed like that wouldn't matter much, as it was only the prelude to other sensual tasks, which I could perform, I was certain. I remembered how lasciviously Linh had lolled in her armchair ten minutes ago and decided that she must be sufficiently horny.
Her mother stepped out of the house, already wearing her motorcycle helmet. She was putting on long gloves, as it was fashionable among women of her generation. Those long gloves reminded me of 'stockings for the arms' that some women wore a hundred years ago. I thought they were hot. Yen nodded at me after I had just put out my second cigarette and pointed upstairs, which I took as the signal to move my ass. When I reached the first floor, I saw that the door was ajar and heard how Yen started her motorcycle in the courtyard.
I stepped inside the bathroom, and Linh turned off the water. Then she asked me to assist her in drying herself, especially 'down below' since she had trouble balancing herself: she couldn't bend over or stand on just one leg (which reminded me of Tina's sex-doll ruse again). As hard as it was, I tried not to turn this into a sexual play right away, and so I didn't praise her well-developed body yet but remained neutral.
While she was limping over to the frosted-glass window, I finally had a moment to look around the room: to the left was a triangular bathtub, partially embedded in the floor, which had one step in front, while to the right was the shower cabin. In the middle of the room was a professional massage table, with a grey gym mat next to it on the floor.
"We need to adjust the table first. You're so much taller than my mom," Pamela insisted.
So I kneeled down and loosened the screws on the legs.
"We'll do it together," Linh said and came closer, holding a dry, fresh towel in front of her.
Then she bent down naked next to me. She had an impish grin on her face, as if to say: 'No, it's about the massage. And not what you think.'
After we had adjusted the table, I went to pee, while she was lying down on the massage table. She adjusted the fresh towel on her lower back and butt and then pointed at a large grey plastic bottle on the window sill, which probably contained the massage oil.
"Don't you want to take off your clothes?" she asked. "Otherwise, you might get oil on it …"
She was right, of course, but I didn't know if I should remove my underpants as well. Well, getting naked or sex hadn't been mentioned yet, and so I kept them on.
Yes, Linh was the most womanly among all my playmates here in our town. On her side, I could see one of her breast squeezed out, which didn't seem to bother her. Absentmindedly, I kept looking at her light skin, her harmonious features, and round butt, while I poured oil in my hands to warm it up a bit.
"Where do you want me to start? Your shoulders?" I asked.
Linh only nodded and turned her head away from me, like she wanted to take a nap. As she didn't seem to want to talk, I just I spread some oil on her skin, before I pushed and pulled gently, then squeezed and pressed. From her shoulders, I went up to her neck and then down her arms. I didn't know what she liked best but, knowing her, I was sure she would tell me if there was something wrong. I listened carefully to her breathing and decided that everything was fine.
"Am I doing it right?" I still asked after another two minutes.
She murmured contentedly, and I took some more oil to massage her forearms which she had put on the massage bed, next to her body. As one first special treat, I massaged her hands like I was infatuated with them. Linh seemed to love every minute of it and was heaving already, which was pretty much the only noise we could hear in the silence of the afternoon. When I was back up from her hands and forearms, I began to take care of her back, above the towel.
"Do you want to close the door and turn the key?" she asked suddenly.
I looked at the door briefly, which was about six or eight inches open, if at all, but from where we were it looked more like three or four.
"I don't think so. There's no one in the house …" I only said, probably because I was secretly hoping her mother would return and join us.
In Asia and Oceania, where I had lived before, I had often experienced women getting up again during love-play to check if the door was really locked. Unlike all the others, however, Linh didn't seemed to be fazed by the open door. Thus encouraged, I was tempted to lose my underpants right away but then decided to still keep them on for a little longer. Instead, I pushed her towel down towards her legs and massaged her lower back. I stroked and kneaded her superb flesh, pressing my thumbs into her muscles. I didn't spare her womanly hips either.
"I like what you're doing," she remarked.
I was relieved, of course, even though I hadn't gotten any negative feedback from her during the last 20 minutes.
"Well, I'm working on a very beautiful body," I replied jovially, in a somewhat avuncular fashion.
As she didn't say anything, I continued:
"Was that spontaneous, or did the two of you plan the whole thing out this morning?"
"Oh, no. Completely out of the blue. My mother asked you without talking to me first. I only learned that you are the one massaging me today when I stepped back out of the house. I suspect that she only left the house under a pretext, so that we can be alone. Oh, by the way, she knows what happened in Da Nang," Linh laughed now.
Oops. Jesus!
"How come?" I got curious. "Did you tell her?"
Now, the afternoon was taking an interesting turn and gaining momentum.
"Yes, and no. She smelled it, so to speak. There's was also a button open on the back of my dress. And then she saw the cum shining in my hair," Linh giggled.
"She smelled that you had had sex?" I asked somewhat naively.

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