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Knowing his Mistress will be home soon, cumdog steps from the shower and hurriedly dries off his body and assumes his position on his knees beside her bed as she liked him to be, naked. He hadn't seen her in days and he was in such a state of arousal and need at the thought of what she will do to him that night that his cock was rock hard.
He hears her open the front door and drop her keys on the table. He sucks in his breath as he listens to her footsteps get closer to her bedroom. He ached to look up at her but knew he dared not to raise his eyes so all he could see was her graceful long legs encased in silk hose and black high heeled sandals.
She caresses the top of his head as she greets him "Hello my pet, I have missed you." His eyes transfixed on the sandals that he remembers paying for when they had last met.
"Please stand before me now and let me see that body I own." She Demands, as he rises slowly and stands before her, keeping his eyes on her sexy feet. She runs her deceptively delicate fingers over his chest and down to the hard cock between his legs, grasping it in her hand as she lifts his face up with her other hand. He looks into her beautiful eyes and sees the smile on her face as she leans into him and opens her mouth on his, kissing him hungrily and long.
He had always loved the way her hair fell about her lovely face smelling of magnolias, so he took the opportunity to inhale the scent of her hair as she squeezed and strokes his cock expertly and he moans into her mouth. At the point he felt he could cum right there, She takes her luscious mouth away and informs him she is expecting company.
She leaves him standing there aching for her and walks over to the vase of fresh yellow roses that are her favourite. smiling as she smells the fragrant flowers, She tells him how pleased she is with him and says their guest will be arriving any minute and that he needed to be once again on his knees. As he got onto his knees and bowed his head as his Mistress walks over to the drawer beside her bed and retrieved a little metal object and put the cage on cumdogs now placid dick.
The doorbell chimes and his Mistress leaves the room and goes to the front door. He hears a strong male voice he has never heard before and his Mistress happily greeting this other man. He hears footsteps coming towards the bedroom and he waits obediently on his knees. As they enter the room the stranger says "Ahhh so this is the cumdog that I have heard so much about." His voice firm and strong as he walks over to cumdog and runs his hand over the bare ass so vulnerable there on the floor and smacks the left cheek hard as he gasps but says nothing.
Suzy then introduces them saying "Doggy this is Mikey, my son and MASTER, tell him you are pleased to meet him." To which cumdog replies "Good evening Master Mikey, it is a pleasure to meet you Sir." Suzy smiles down at her pet and tells him to get on top of the bed and to get on his hands and knees. Cumdog once again gets to his feet and climbs up on the four poster bed as he looks up and sees Master Mikey removing his clothing.
As cumdog begins to shake in fear not knowing what will happen next he sees how well-endowed the Master is. Suzy tells her pet that the Master is here to play with us and you will address him as Master at all times. "Yes Mistress I will do anything you ask of me" he replies. " Look at me pet and watch me now" Suzy instructs him. As cumdog watches as his Mistress begins running her hands up her legs to her short leather skirt unzipping it and letting it slide to the floor, revealing her black thong panties. She then moves her hands to her blouse unbuttoning it slowly as he and Master Mikey observe her every seductive move. She opens the blouse showing her black bra and slowly removes it. Her hands go to the front clasp of her bra and unhooks it baring her beautiful breasts with rosy nipples drawing a gasp of pleasure from her admiring audience.
The Master flirtatiously tells her how delicious she is orders her to approach him. Suzy moves to stand in front of the Master and he grasps both her breasts viciously in his hands and kisses her hard. As cumdog watches quietly from the bed, his cock strains against the cage that had been enclosed around it.
Master Mikey takes his hands away from her luscious breasts and tears her panties from her in one move and shoves two fingers up inside her pussy making her scream. Driving them in and out of her as his mouth devours hers. They fall to the bed besides cumdog who gasps as he sees the Master thrust his big cock deeply inside his Mistress, fucking her, making the bed shake with their lust of each other while totally ignoring cumdog who moans with frustration so wanting to stroke his cock as he jealously watches them fuck.
Suzy yells as she cums as Master Mikey groans loudly while he pumps her full of hot cum. They collapse in each others arms breathing heavy and they both turn and look at cumdog and smile. "You want to cum so bad, dont you pet?" She reaches out and strokes his locked cock expertly manipulating him in a way that only she knew and then stops abruptly. "Well we will see what we can do about you now?"
"Oh yes we will Suzy" Mikey replies. As he gets up from the bed and cumdog is amazed to see that Master's cock is hard again. He watches as Master goes over to the black leather box on the dresser and opening it he withdraws handcuffs, a small jar of oil and a dildo. Suddenly cumdig begins trembling in fear as Suzy demands him to lay on his back and when he does she moves on top of him squirming all over his cock with her dripping pussy, teasing him. Her breasts crushed against his chest. She then moves off him as Master returns to the bed and takes his wrists and snaps a cuff on them securing them above his head and moves around to grab his legs and roughly pulls his legs apart as he places a strap on each ankle and then to the posts on the bed. Leaving cumdog now totally exposed and vulnerable.
"Now we will see what a good doggy you are" the Master says close to his ear in a menacing voice, "Suzy has given me permission to do with you as I please and I take that very seriously!" Suzy laughs softly and caresses cumdog's caged cock as Mikey gives her the oil she pours some of the oil on cumdog's cock and he feels the oil dripping into the crack of his arse. She moves her hand up and down his cock again and again, making him writhe on the bed and then she slips her fingers to his ass and inside him gently, opening him. Master joins them on the bed with the large dildo in his hand. As cumdog feels Suzy's fingers slide out of his arse and the head of the dildo taking her fingers place. He moans as the dildo penetrates his tight ass. The Master inserts it slowly yet firmly till it can go no further. CumDog feels his cock wanting to explode as Suzy moves on top of him again and places her nipple in his mouth telling him to suck it and he does so in a frenzy as his arse is violated by the dildo. She straightens up and pushes her wet pussy on his mouth telling him to please her. She moans as she feels cumdog's tongue dancing on her clit. He had always been amazing with his tongue. It was one of the reasons why she had allowed him to be more then just a cash cow.
The Master continues to fucks his arse with the dildo for a few more minutes and then he says he wants to experience that mouth on his cock. Suzy moans as she possessively clutches his head to her cunt but knows her place and knows the Master is in charge as she gets off. The next thing cumdog sees is Master's cock in his face and he is grasping the hair on his head and he tells him he better suck his cock good and to open his mouth. CumDog had never sucked a cock before but he instinctively knew what to do as he sucked the Master deeply into his mouth. Making Master moan with his mouth as cumdog used his tongue to great effect.
As cumdog continues to service Masters cock and balls he feels another presence in the room and he hears the familiar sound of Mistress's best friend Justy who apologies for being late and very quickly strips off too.
Suzy and Justy then get comfortable on the sofa as they watch Mikey use his new toy. The two ladies teasing and stroking each other's body as they pour themselves a glass of wine.
Master Mikey continues to rough fuck his mouth and then he to pulls away leaving cumdog breathless and gagging. As the Master begins to unstraps his legs from the posts and tells him to lie on his stomach and to do it now as cumdog obeys and he feels his legs again being attached to the posts on the bed. The Master leans down and firmly says "I am not through with you yet slut!…You sucked my cock well but I want to see how you like having my cock in your tight arse!" As he feels the Master climb on the bed and move directly between his spread legs.
Justy then places her sweet pussy in front of cumdog's mouth and directs him to suck on her clit. CumDog does so willingly as he loves the taste of her. Master Mikey rubs his fingers all over cumdogs arse smearing the oil on his asshole and then takes the head of his huge cock and places it against his ass and drives it all the way as grips the comforter on the bed with both hands and viciously fucks him harder and harder, going so deeply inside of him making cumdog scream into Justy's pussy.
The Master increases his pace and he shoots his cum deeply inside cumdog's ravaged asshole just as Justy lets out a huge scream and cums all over his face. Mistress Suzy watching all of this lovingly leans down to kiss cumdog on the forehead and tell him how he has pleased her.
Whilst Mikey and cumdog regain their composure Suzy and Justy take the opportunity to indulge in a little girl on girl sex. Licking, chewing, sucking at each other's cunts until both girls climax. Mikey by now was aroused and ready again after cumdog had sucked his Master's cock to optimum size.
Suzy gave way to her son and Master who proceeded to mount the ever-eager Justy who was aching for Mikey's cock. As cumdog lovingly lapped at his Mistress's cunt, Mikey fucked Justy until she screamed long and loud.
After which cumdog was kicked out of the room and told to make sure breakfast is ready at 7am. Leaving the other 3 in a night of constant sexual satisfaction that cumdog was not privy too.

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