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This is fiction. All characters portrayed are past the age of 18. The story came to be after I met a guy who totally enjoyed the sweater outfit I was wearing. I love a cozy sweater and I have a few sweater dresses I love to wear during cold weather. I now find this is a true fetish and I can understand why.
Themes here include incest (bro-sis), cross-dressing, maybe transsexualism, a sweater fetish and a loving approach to all of the above. I hope you enjoy!

"Stevie, what are you doing in my room?"
I was about to panic. I'd been busted fair and square and doing something my older sis might not like. Mom and Dad kicked me out of their house for smoking weed and my sister, Laura, took pity on me and let me move in with her. I always loved Laura best. She was five years older than me and she always seemed to stand up for me when I was into things I should have left alone. Like smoking marijuana. It's legal in our state, but nobody in our family uses it, except for me, of course. Laura made it clear that she didn't want it in her apartment. I've been really good about that, too. I only smoke in my car or at friends' places, never in my sister's apartment.
"Stephan, what are you doing? Is that my new sweater skirt suit? Why are you wearing that?"
I was so busted and I sure as hell didn't want to turn over. She'd see the big bulge in her skirt that I was wearing.
I stammered and blushed and she came over to her bed where I was lying on my tummy. I tried to hide the pair of panties I'd had in my hand under the pillow, but I think she saw it.
"Shit, sis, I'm so sorry. I thought you were going to be out for awhile and I was going to put everything back where it belongs."
I looked her in her eyes for a second, but I saw she'd seen everything and I was just so busted. She put her hand on my hip and rolled me toward her and she could see the shape of her clothes. I'd been so close to busting a nut in her suit and smelling her panties was making me so damn horny, it was going to be a good one.
She looked at me and looked really thoughtful for a moment. Her hand moved to the bulge I was sporting under her skirt and she gently touched it. That almost sent me over the edge and I moaned a little.
"Stevie, you little pervert, don't you dare cum in my things."
Her touch on my extra hard cock had just the effect she wanted to avoid, though. I tried to hold it back but I started shooting and it was a big load. Wearing girls' things always gets me extra horny and this time was no exception. Just the thought that my older sis got me off, even if she didn't really want to, seemed to be the trigger of an amazing orgasm.
Seeing it was a lost cause, she kept her hand on my cock as I spasmed, even rubbing it a little bit. I rode out the aftershocks and then I could relax a little bit.
"You asshole, that stuff can be hard to get out of any fabric. You're paying for a new suit for me."
I tried to hide my face behind my hands, but she wasn't letting me get away with any part of it. "What the hell were you thinking? How often do you wear my things?"
I tried to get a word in edgewise, but she was really more pissed about the mess I made in her clothes than the idea of me trying them on. I just stayed there, on my back, red as a beet and listening to my sister rant.
"You don't even have the common courtesy to ask me if you can wear my things, do you? Did you think I'd just let you make messes and have to clean them up myself?"
She stepped back and started pacing back and forth. "I was going to change into that suit for a meeting I have to go to. I'm sure as hell not going with a load of your cum in it, making my panties all yucky."
I kept trying to interrupt, but she was on a roll. I did the only thing I could think of to make things better. I pulled up her skirt to show her what was underneath.
"What the fuck?"
She looked closer and then really took a good look. She had an incredulous look on her face. "A condom? Why are you wearing a rubber?"
I still had something of a stiffie, so I just pulled it away from my body to show her what I hadn't left in her clothes. She was speechless. I had a pair of her panties on, pulled to the side to let my hard cock out and a pair of her thigh high stockings on.
She stared at me for a second and then she began to giggle. I began to hope she wasn't about to kill me. She laughed out loud and then pointed at me. "You! Get out of my things now! I have to change and you better not have warped my stuff out of shape. This meeting's important."
I got up and managed to get her skirt off and then the sweater top without spilling a drop of baby batter anywhere. She inspected each piece really carefully before she laid them down on her chair and began to strip off her jeans and shirt.
It really wasn't a big deal for us to see each other in our underwear. My sis sprayed some of her favorite perfume on before pulling the skirt and sweater top on and then she sat down to pull on a pair of stockings she took out of a drawer. She looked at me in her bra and panties and stockings and just shook her head.
"We're going to talk about his later. Put my things into the laundry, please."
I took her bra off easily enough. She noticed that and frowned as I dropped it into her laundry basket and then her panties. I was really careful with her stockings. I didn't want to piss her off any more by running her hosiery.
She was in a rush to get out the door, so I couldn't ask her any questions. I just went to the bathroom and took the condom and it's contents off, wrapping it in some TP to flush down the toilet and then I went back to my room to get dressed in my usual things.
I was so sure I'd totally screwed things up, I began to look on the website for another rental and I thought about moving my meager possessions. I'd have to get some boxes, but I could start that tomorrow. I wouldn't be able to see any places before then and I'd have to put out ads at the school and on the 'net for a new roomie to share rent with me.
I was just listening to some tunes on my computer when she got home. I didn't leave my room, but she came to get me after a while and told me supper was ready. I got up to join her in the kitchen and she totally surprised me with a hug. My sister is a great hugger and this was a good hug. She held me for a few moments and then led me to the kitchen where she had laid out some Chinese take-out from a restaurant we liked to go to.
I noticed she was wearing the skirt suit I'd been wearing earlier. I was dead sure she looked better in it than I ever would, but I didn't say anything other than thanking her for feeding me. I was pretty sure it was my Last Supper.
When we were done, I helped her clean up and put the leftovers in the fridge. She crooked her finger at me and pointed to the place on the couch next to her. She was smiling shyly at me and I guess I was afraid of the worst. I had butterflies in my tummy and I think my heart must have been going 120 mph.
She looked down at her hands in her lap and then up at me. "I'm sorry I was so hard on you earlier, Stevie. I was just surprised and I really wanted to wear this outfit for work today and I was in a stinking hurry. Besides, I think you look cute in a dress."
That last sentence was the shocker. "Huh?" Yeah, I'm a real brilliant conversationalist sometimes.
She had a little smirk on her face and looked me in the eyes again. "I've seen you in girls' things before. I didn't think you knew I'd seen you, but I know you've been borrowing my things and mom's, too, since you were at least twelve years old. Not just our clothes, but our makeup, too. I've seen you go out a few times dressed totally like a girl and you were pretty convincing, too. Do you date boys or something?"
I was gobsmacked. I read that word in an English novel somewhere and I adopted it. I was really shocked. I'd thought I was pretty good at hiding my activities.
"Are you gay? Or bi?"
I thought about this for a moment. "No, not really. I guess I just think girls' clothes are wonderful. I don't date guys if that's what you mean. You already kinda figured out that I feel really good in girls' stuff."
She giggled and looked at me. "Do you think about being a girl?"
I guess I got really red at that. "Ummm, yeah, I think it would be amazing to be a girl. I think about it a lot."
"When was the last time you had a date with a girl?"
I hung my head. "It was Senior Prom. With Julia."
"I remember her. She's really cute and I thought she was into you."
"Yeah, she's amazing. Prom just totally sucked though. It was a disaster from start to finish."
Laura gave me a sympathetic look and just took my hand. "Not quite the usual Prom, huh? No outrageous sex in a hotel room with the other couples getting it on next to you?"
I started to laugh with her and we were howling in a minute. She knew damn well what prom was like for me and Julia. "Oh, shit, no. She ended up drunk as a skunk, on her knees and sucking my ex best friend's cock. They left together and I got plastered and woke up in my own vomit. I had to pay extra to get my tux cleaned and word got around. I never got another date as long as I was in high school. Graduation was a relief."
Laura had heard it all before and she wasn't laughing now. She leaned over and kissed my cheek and gave me a hug. "I was so sorry, Stevie. I really wanted you to get laid that night. You're still a virgin, aren't you?"
I mumbled something. She hugged me and she didn't wait for an answer. She knew the score. After a minute she looked up at me.
"Mom and I've known all about you playing dress-up for years. I always knew you were messing around in my things and it didn't take long for mom to figure out you were the one borrowing hers, too. We talked about it with Dr. Bronson. She was really nice and she reassured us you weren't some kind of criminal or something. It's just something boys do sometimes, to try on girls' things. It's usually a temporary thing, but sometimes it sticks and the guys who start it just like it so much they keep on doing it. She said it's usually a sexual fetish thing and as soon as a guy starts having sex with a girl it kind of fades away. That's why I was so hoping Julia would let you fuck her. I thought it might help you be less interested in wearing my things."
She pulled me in for a second to tighten our hug and then she kissed my cheek again. She gave me a kind half smile. "I guess it didn't quite work out that way. You really look girly when you want to. I think it's way cute, by the way. I've thought it would have been nice to have a little sister to do stuff with, like shopping, and mani/pedis and that kind of thing."
We sat together quietly for awhile. I love my sister more than anybody. "I'm so sorry I made you mad. I wouldn't hurt you for anything."
She gave me another kiss and that little half smile. "It's okay, really. I got to my meeting and it went well and I might get a nice promotion out of it. I've been thinking. You really really like being girly, right?"
I tried to mumble and evade the question, but she was insistent. "Come on, if you can't trust me, who can you trust ever with this? It's big and important to you, right? You do it a lot, too. I always know when you've been in my lingerie drawer or wearing my things."
I started to panic again. "How can you know? I try to be really careful."
She smiled at me again. "It's small things like how I fold my panties and how I put them away. How I roll up my socks, how I put things in my drawers, in the closet. I always know when you've been in my room. Hey, how many brothers do you think do their sisters' laundry? You do a good job, by the way. You seem to like my dirty panties a lot, hon."
Now I was blushing very warmly. She was holding the pair of panties I'd tried to hide under her pillow when she busted me. "You do like the way a girl smells, don't you?"
She dropped her underwear onto my lap and then hugged and kissed me again. I was a gibbering idiot and I couldn't say anything.
She held me closer and kissed my cheek again. "I'll tell you a secret. I like girls, too. I haven't dated a guy in years and that doesn't much interest me right now. I haven't brought any girlfriends home for a night since you moved in with me. I guess I was hiding things, too, but I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not sure I'm completely lesbian, but I'm at least bi and I find I like girls better. I just miss a hard cock now and then.
"One night at a club, I met a really cute girl and danced with her for awhile and then we went to her place for some more fun. I was really horny for her and I was looking forward to a good night.
"We got to making out and it was amazing. I loved how she smelled and tasted and I couldn't wait to get into her panties. It's just that when I got her jeans off, there was this big bulge and I'm sure you know what I mean. Her tits felt totally natural and I loved playing with them, sucking her nips and everything. By the time I went downtown, I found a nice package, not a pretty cunt. By then, I was so horny I would have fucked anything, so I decided to just go with the flow and I sucked on her 'big clit' for a while and then I climbed on top, fucking her cowgirl and having a really good time."
By this point in her story, I was getting hot and horny as well. After she busted me, I didn't feel like finishing what I'd started, but now my 'big clit' was stirring in my shorts.
"I guess you can figure out the rest. I spent the night in her apartment and it was really nice. She's a pretty girl and she's totally girly in every way. Anybody walking into her place would know a woman lived there. She wore a cute babydoll nightie and panties through the night and I just had the lovely feeling of being with a girlfriend who just had something extra between her legs. She worked in an office and was, in every way, a typical office girl, except she was different in one way. She told me she used the ladies' rooms at work and when going out and that was just more comfortable for her. She was very careful not to do anything stupid and I think I started to fall in love with her. I realized she was the kind of girl I wanted to be with."
I thought about this for a moment as we cuddled. "Do you still see her?"
She smiled at my using the female pronoun. "Yes, sometimes, but she has a busy social life and doesn't want to get married or anything. She still dates guys, too, and I think she dates other trans girls. She might like to meet you, Stephan. Is Stephanie your girl name?"
That one rocked me for a second. "Yeah, that's how I think of myself when I'm in 'girl mode'."
She kissed me again. "May I call you Stephanie or just Steph when we're alone? Would that be okay with you?"
I was pretty bemused by this time. "Uh, sure. I'd like that, really."
She gave me another wonderful hug and we held each other for a bit. She pulled away for a second. "Stay here. I have something for you."
She got up and started away and then looked at me. With a broad smile, she beckoned toward me. "I have a better idea. Come with me."
I followed her to her bedroom and stood as she pulled some things out of her dresser. Handing them to me, she told me to undress and get into the bra and panties she handed me. She grinned as she watched my discomfort. I just took off my shorts and tee and my boxers and I pulled on her panties and then clipped her bra on, turning it forwards and sliding my arms through the straps.
She clearly saw my semi-hard cock and just smiled as she handed me a pair of her stockings and told me to put them on. They were the thigh high kind, so no garter belt was needed.
I absolutely love the feeling of stockings on my legs.
"How often do you shave?"
She noticed that, for sure. "Maybe once a week."
She smiled again. "Good, keep it up. You have really sexy legs."
She had me sit at her vanity and took a good look at my face. She clipped my hair back and began to put on some makeup, starting with foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and lip gloss.
"How do you like to wear your hair, Stephanie?"
"I usually just pull it back into a pony tail."
She cocked her head judiciously. "That will do for now, but we're going to have some fun with your hair, darling Sister. Would you go for some blonde highlights? Maybe try being a blonde?"
"I…I don't know. I never thought…."
She brushed that away with the wave of her hand. "I know, Steph. You can now, dear. We can do some really cute things with it and it'll be totally cool and very femme and you'll love it and so will I."
I was so confused. "But what will they think at work?"
She scoffed. "Who the hell cares? You deliver pizzas. If the pie is delivered by a cute girl the tips might be better than for a boy. It could really work in your favor, Steph."
I thought about a girl who worked for the same place. She said her tips were pretty good, especially when she wore a short skirt. This had some possibilities. I let my sister finish up my makeover and then I looked at her as she began to take off the skirt set that started all of this in motion.
She handed me the top and then the skirt, leaving her in just her bra and panties and stockings. "Put these on again. I want to see how you look."
I stood up and put her things back on.
"You need shoes. Try these on."
She handed me a pair of nice flats. Her feet are about a size smaller than mine, so I couldn't wear most of hers, but these were shoes she bought on sale and found they were too big. They seemed to fit me pretty well. At her gesture, I walked back and forth a couple of times.
"We have to work on how you walk, Steph. Shorter steps and keep your feet in line, so your hips move more."
I tried that and she nodded judiciously. "We'll work on it. We have lots of time, love."
I love wearing that skirt to this day. The only thing that bothered me was the fabric wasn't lined. It kept tugging my stockings. "May I put on a slip?"
She smiled again. "Good idea. If I hadn't been in such a rush, I'd have worn one, too."
She pulled out a nice little white half slip with a pretty lace hem from her drawer and handed it to me. I'd worn it more than a few times before. I turned it so the label was on my left side and carefully pulled it up adjusting my skirt and walking again. That felt a lot better.
"That looks much better, Steph. Wait a second while I get dressed, too."
She pulled on a lovely pink half slip and smiled as I admired it. I'm sure she knows I've worn it many times. She pulled a cute sweater dress from her closet and pulled it on. It's a dark maroon in color, fitted like a sheath dress and trimmed with black edging. It fell to just above her knees and she pulled a pair of black low-heeled pumps from her closet to try on.
She did a little pirouette and smiled. "You like?"
"I love you, Laurie, more than anything in the world."
She smiled and came into my arms and we hugged. I have to say I just love the feeling of a girl in a sweater and the feeling of my older sister in her sweater dress while I was in a similarly soft outfit was magical.
I tried to kiss her, but she avoided my lips. "Not yet, lover girl. We're going out. Get what you need and put it into a purse. We're going out for a coffee and to see who's out and about."
With some trepidation, I followed her out to her little Toyota and got into the passenger seat, fastened my safety belt and smoothed my skirt down as much as I could. She smiled and drove to a little cafe I'd never visited before.
Opening the door caused some bells to tinkle and she led me to a small table off to the side. There were a few other couples there, all women, I noticed. The waitress brought menus and asked what we wanted to drink. "I'd love Jasmine tea and the same for my cousin, Stephanie. She's new in town and I'm showing her the best places first."

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