Swede’s Cabin

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I had met Ilsa during the Summer, quickly moved on her and got to the first date before I'd known her a week, got the first sex on the 2nd date and became regular lovers before the Fall. As snow moved in to blanket the Northland and temperatures dropped below freezing she introduced me to the sport of skijoring. On weekends we would strap on the skis, harness up the dogs and hit the high mountain trails.
Being self employed my time was open, and when Ilsa got a Covid related layoff from her job she asked if I wanted to go visit her family out in the Bush. I thought it would be fun and she made arrangements for us to spend two weeks with her brother and his girlfriend out at their remote cabin. They ran a remote fishing Lodge but with the pandemic their summer had brought only a single visitor and the winter had zero bookings. We would have the place to ourselves.
I paid a friend to fly us and the two dogs out in his Supercub and Sven and Melissa met us at the lake. We loaded our bags on their snowmachine's trailer and hooked up the dogs and followed them back to the lodge that sat just above the lake.
After getting acquainted over hot drinks and lunch we were shown to our room and after settling in we went down to get the dogs situated in the kennels. Sven ran a trapline and kept a dozen dogs himself so ours were no imposition.
As dinner came around the Sun had set and there was a fire in the huge stone fireplace. Wine and conversation flowed easily and somewhere between the Moose Stew and the Blueberry Pie the invitation was made to join them in the 'badstu', Ilsa saw my quizzical expression and told me it was a Sauna.
Back in our room I followed Ilsa's lead and took only the leather soled slippers and terrycloth robe, being an affair that just barely reached below my dangly bits. Any pretense of modesty was abandoned when we arrived at the Sauna and there were already two robes and 2 pairs of slippers outside. we disrobed and hurried through the door.
I should mention at this point that Sven was a strapping man of 6 feet and then some and Melissa was a petite redheaded firebrand of the sort that fills the pages of Men's Magazines and fills the dreams of horny young boys. I tried to not stare too long at the tall blonde with the abundant endowment and the small redhead with the gravity defying breasts but my own endowment was already rising to the occasion by the time I'd taken my seat beside Ilsa. My attraction did not go unnoticed by Ilsa being Ilsa she of course made a point of pointing out my erection by grabbing it and giving it a couple strokes while asking me what I was so excited about.
I said something to the effect that it was VERY hot in here and tried not to molest melissa with my eyes while failing to find a way to sit that would conceal my ever growing attraction. After what seemed like an eternity but was only about about 20 minutes in reality Sven stood up and announced it was lake time.
Sven's cock, and it was indeed a COCK, not a mere penis, was well on it's way to being an erection as he stepped past me and led us on a dask down the 20 feet to the lake where a large hole had been cut and I followed Sven, Melissa and Ilsa into the water until it was up to our necks. The hole was just large enough that we were huddled hip to hip and in the darkness I felt hands rubbing me from shoulders to stem, Melissa's small hand taking a special interest in my stem. Then it was a run back to the sauna and everyone sat close rubbing the cold from each others bodies until we were huddled together quite naked and quite aroused, not a soft cock or nipple to be seen, and our hands continued to explore under the guise of massaging one another. Sven watched me intently as Melissa slid her hand up and down my shaft and when his own large hand slid down over hers and my response was a deep breath and long moan he followed it with pulling my head toward his own erection and leaning back as I dropped to my knees and took his engorged cock in my mouth. My right hand found Ilsa's pussy and my left found Melissa's, both of which were wet and willing and while Sven's cock worked it's way down my throat my fingers worked they way into the hot cunts. Sven was laying back and Melissa and Ilsa were kissing and fondling each others tits as they watched intently while I sucked the now fully engorged cock until I felt it throb and spray it's load down my throat.
I pulled my face from his lap and Melissa gave it a few swift sucks then locked her lips on mine and her tongue explored my mouth as if she were searching for any remaining cum I might not have swallowed. As we kissed she stood up, pulling me with her and then dropped to her knees and let Ilsa guide my cock into her mouth. Ilsa fondled my balls and worked two fingers into my ass as Melissa performed one of the most expert blow jobs I have ever seen while Sven watched intently. I exploded down her throat as Ilsa pressed my prostate and as soon as I'd finished Sven stood up and said "LAKE!" and the rush was on again. The cold water seemed to actually revitalize me and by the time we ran back to the sauna I was already getting hard again.
"I see you are more of a marathon man than a sprinter!" sven said as he took my cock in his hand and gave it a nice squeeze. We again huddled together in a mutual massage then stepped out into the subzero air and headed back to the lodge, only Melissa bothering to drape her robe around her shoulders.
Sven led us to the fireplace and as we sat on the floor in front of the fire he brought a bottle of wine and 4 glasses. We sat in a semi circle, totally naked, now free to look at and touch to our hearts content the seductive charms before us.
Melissa lay on the warm rug and pulled Ilsa down over her, face to cunt and soon they were writhing like two snakes mating as their tongues explored each others pussies. Sven started stroking my cock and gently pushed me down so he could straddle me and we were soon slowly and sensually sucking each other while Melissa and Ilsa built to a frenzied crescendo that left them both spent and panting as they watched us follow their lead.
At some point I awoke and extracted myself from the pile of sleeping bodies and stepped outside to have a smoke and take a piss. The cold air felt refreshing on my bare skin and my cock was already getting hard again when Ilsa came out and wrapped my in her warm body.
"Come back inside, I want to watch you and Sven fuck Mel while she eats me."
I walked back in to find Mel on her knees sucking Sven and Ilsa told her to get on top of him and guided her brother's cock into her pussy. Then she guided my own cock into Melissa's very tight ass and took turns sucking our balls and rimming my ass while we felt each others cocks throbbing inside Mel. Ilsa then went and stood over Sven's face as Mel did her best to lick her pussy between gasps and grunts from the double fucking she was getting.
Sven and I came within seconds of each other, flooding Mel with hot jizz front and back and then we were once again a sleeping pile of sweat and cum streaked bodies.
The smell of coffee and croissants woke me and I rolled over and kissed Ilsa awake. "Wake up, there are dogs to be fed and adventures to be had and after the greatest night of my life I'm really looking forward to what this day will bring."
After coffee and croissants and a shower we all dressed and headed to the dog yard. Food and water and brushing and snuggles done we had 4 dogs in harness and set out across the lake. The Sun just topped the trees as we raced down the lake, the dogs intent on running and me intent on trying to keep my focus on my skis and not the spandex asses in front of me.
As we neared the far end of the lake I could hear other dogs barking, announcing our arrival and soon there were two human figures visible at the shoreline. When we got the dogs tethered and skis stowed brief introductions were made and the invitation made to join Jessie and Jamie in their cabin.
Cabin is a quaint term for the two story log and stone castle shared by Jess and James, Jess being a great bear of a man and Jamie being a robust middle aged woman with a face that shone with the light of a life well lived.
Jess took Sven and I into his den and while we passed around some of the finest ganja he related some of the lore behind the many military displays decorating this decidedly manly man cave.
"I was with Force Recon, USMC back in the 'Nam, then I did a decade with the Army." he related as I walked around looking at pictures of him in Jungles and Deserts and meeting with Generals and Senators…"I decided after 22 years that I deserved a little R&R so I packed it in and packed my ass out here."
Sven invited them to join us that evening for dinner, sauna and a smoke out and Jess said he would bring some of the hashish he had saved for a special occasion. We made our way to Jamie's
2nd floor 'studio" and I was duly impressed with the assortment of paintings, photography and sculpture. Many of them featured Jess, most of them with him in various states of undress. When the invitation to join us in the sauna had been made I looked forward to seeing what this bear of a man would be packing, from the sculpture of him standing naked and heroically posed it was well evident he would be bringing the big gun to the party.
The dogs were eager for the trail and the return trip was fairly much auto pilot, allowing ample time to savor the natural beauty and the delights of spandex on skin. Back at the cabin Mel and Ilsa took to the cabin while Sven and I took to the trail to check his trapline. A couple hours later we returned with two Ermine and Sven demonstrated skinning and then we added the meat to the pot for feeding the dogs.
Shit, shower, shave and a nap rounded out the afternoon and Ilsa woke me to a setting sun with the news that the neighbors were on their way. I could hear the dogs coming along the lake about a 1/2 mile away.
J & J arrived bearing gifts, and once the pants and parkas had been shed wearing little, both in spandex and tshirts leaving next to nothing to the imagination. We sat around the fire drinking wine and smoking some quite excellent hashish (it seems Jess had picked up the art of hashish making from some elders in the Hindu Kush during one of his deployments.) The decision had been made to forgo dinner and snack trays were set up in the dining room.
Sven came in brushing the snow off as he removed his jacket. "The sauna is ready ladies and gentlemen." he announced as he continued removing clothes until he was starke naked save for the sandals on his feet. We all took his lead and shortly there was a procession of naked bodies making their way to the sauna.
Jamie's sculpture had been a faithful reproduction of Jess' form, and it was impressive watching his pendulous member slap side to side as we trudged through the light snow. Sitting in the sauna I could not help but remark on the number of scars evident, and Jess took several minutes relating the tales of daring that had led to each, "This was a sniper in the Mekong, RPG down by Saigon made this one. Kalashnikov in Syria…but I was never there, mind you, left me with this beauty…"
"This one is what brought us together…" said Jamie as she ran her fingers down a 6" scar across his left thigh. Roadside bomb in Afghanistan. I was the Dr that stitched him back together and convinced him it was time to give up being a bullet magnet."
As her fingers trailed off the end of the scar they found his cock and she pulled it up, holding it like a trophy, "I decided there were better things to do with a body like this than get holes poked in it."
"Yea, and now she keeps me busy poking it in her holes!" he said with a laugh.
Jamie looked at my very engorged cock and then at Sven's…" I want to get them all poked at once tonight!" and then Sven yelled "Lake" and 10 minutes later there were 6 wet, shivering bodies groping each other for warmth in the sauna. Jamie took her time going from cock to cock stroking and sucking on the tip of each in turn making sure we were all at full attention and eager to perform.
Jess had a serious 10 inches that was thick and veiny and made my 7 inches and Sven's 8 inches look like schoolboys.
"I'm going to have to give that a ride!" Ilsa said as she slid her hand down Jess' shaft. "I've wondered what it would feel like to get fucked by a horse!"
"Well, what say we get this orgy started?" Jess said as he picked up Ilsa like a child would pick up a favorite toy and headed out the door. Jess sat on the couch and Jamie and Mel got on each side of him and Ilsa backed up to him positioning her eager cunt over his pole. Jess worked two, three then 4 fingers inside her while Ilsa and Jamie worked on his cock. Once she was well spread and he was well lubricated she lowered herself and we all watched with fascination as inch by inch her eager cunt devoured his monster cock. By the time she had the entire shaft buried inside her she was already cumming hard and it only took a few deep thrusts until she fell on the floor trembling as the orgasms seemed to engulf her entire body. Jess' tower of power was slick with her juices as Jamie pulled him to the floor and mounted him, taking his tool in her cunt as she turned to me and said "Would you be so kind as to fuck my ass, Sir?"
"I would be delighted, my dear!" I said as I spread spit on my cock and started pushing it up her ass. Sven took his position and started feeding her his cock and soon Jamie was bathed in sweat and making noises like someone had put LSD in the Zoo's water supply. I felt the gush of cum from Jess' cock inside her cunt and pulled out just as I started shooting my own load which mixed with his as it leaked out around his cock and flowed down his balls. She let his cock slide out of her and a small river of cum flowed out. I didn't know humans were capable of producing that much cum!
Sven sprayed his own load across her eager face as Melissa lapped at the cum soaked cock, balls and cunt. Ilsa moaned and rolled over, spreading her legs and rubbing her crotch…"God Damn, I think you broke my fucking cunt! Do NOT get that thing near my asshole!"
"How about you, sport, think you could take it up the ass in round two?" Jess said as he slid his hand under my balls and probed my sphincter. My cock throbbed and a last dribble of cum ran down his arm.

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