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It has been a while my lovely friends. Over a year ago I dropped the last chapter of this story. I never intended for the fourth chapter of this story to take so long to get out, but then again I never do.
I wanted this Chapter to come out at Valentine's, because it is about this time of the year. I wasn't going to get it finished in time, so I delayed it. In the meantime, everyone knows what we have all been through with regards to life during a Pandemic. Those circumstances, along with others, had me pushing against the deadline to get this out and make it relevant to Valentine's. I hope you enjoy it, because I did put more time into this than any of the stories I have written thus far.
In this chapter some of the nebulous bits and pieces are tied up from the Babydoll series (the Prequel), while breadcrumbs are dropped for possible future events.
In wrapping this introduction up, I would like to let you know that I appreciate any and all constructive feedback. I do delete unwarranted attacks upon my work, because they might dissuade others from reading a story they might otherwise enjoy. Please let me know what you think and please vote. I do listen to your input and some of your suggestions have been blended into my thoughts as I have continued this storyline. Those of you who have contributed those suggestions may recognize that. Thank You to those who have afforded me patience in this endeavor.
This has always been meant to be a dramatic series filled with Romance, Intrigue, Taboo, and most of all Sex. Hope you enjoy those scenes.
For those just finding this story for the first time, you are the lucky ones, because you haven't had to wait. I hope you enjoy it. My goal has always been to pull in all of your senses, while helping you imagine this journey.
Any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental. This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to some. The material is erotic to me, because it is forbidden in society. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy.

(Continuing from Chapter 3 of 'Sweet as Sugar')
It was Valentine's Day and the day had me reflecting upon what made it so special in my mind. I think it was being around Ashley growing up. My sister had always been into holidays and Valentines was no exception. I remembered a Valentine's Day long ago. I think that was the day I fell head over heels in love with her. We were in high school and still had some growing up to do. Ashley always had been very feminine. In her teens, she still had some Tomboy in her, but my mother always made sure that my two sisters knew that they were women and she liked them to act like ladies. They did all of the things that girls do. They took dance lessons, gymnastics, did girl scouts, and went to dances.
Janice was my older sister and she always did her own thing. She was close to Ashley in the sense that she was the older sister, but most times she was the boss trying to lord over us and she seemed to enjoy that too much a lot of times. Janice was a year and a half older than me and right at 3 years older than Ashley. Yeah, Mama popped'em out quick at a young age. My mother was 18 when Jan was born. 19 when I was born, and 21 when Ashley came along.
Janice thought she needed to tell us how to think and act when we were growing up. If we didn't go along with her authoritarian rule, then we had to deal with her tattle-tale and snitching ways. In a lot of ways, that made Ashley and me closer. We had to stick together against our dictatorial sister to stay out of the doghouse.
Ashley and I were close with a common focus. So, while our older sister went about her own path, because of her attitude, Ashley and I sought shelter in one another. We enjoyed one another's company. We were a team.
The problem with me was that as I got older I enjoyed the beauty of women too much and through our teenage years, my younger sister developed and grew more beautiful every day. When you couple that beauty with my mother's natural style, then you will understand how she was an artist and my sisters were a canvas for her to develop into her masterpieces.
My mother was very much a woman. She worked for years at a retail company as a purchasing agent in clothing. Her job allowed her to have access to the finest clothing and accessories and she spoiled my sisters. Jan followed in her footsteps and ended up in the same industry, but she loved big cities and the metropolitan lifestyle and so she ended up there. She had lived in Atlanta going on 15 years and she was now married to the same guy she had been with years ago. There was no way she was ever going to move back here and it was a rare occasion that I saw her — maybe once a year and sometimes twice if she came to visit the grandparents.
Anyway, getting back to Valentine's and thinking back that one long ago. It was on a Sunday, we were getting ready to go to church and Ashley came walking out of the main bathroom wearing this white bra and matching panties that had these tiny hearts all over them. The ensemble wasn't overtly sexual, but something about the look was very attractive and set me off. My blood boiled and the look had me gawking. Ash was surprised to see me at that moment, which caused her to skip to her bedroom and close the door.
There was something that made her escape to her room all the more alluring. I'd seen her in her bikini. She had this black bikini and I thought back to this past summer. Yeah, that thing looked wayyyy nice on her thinking back to it and she had grown in all the right places since this past July. You know how you play wrestle with a girl on your shoulders. They call it Chicken fighting. Well, we had this party and I put Ashley on my shoulders and we wrestled others. For some reason, Jan gave me hell about that. Jan said that Ash wasn't my girlfriend and we looked stupid doing that. I just thought that Jan was an idiot for thinking that way. It was just an innocent thing and we were having fun.
In that current moment, that Sunday morning, I was going crazy, because I was all stirred up to the point of a boner and we had to leave for church in 15 minutes, so I wasn't going to be able to relieve myself. Ashley was wearing this pretty pink Valentine's dress and she had her hair all teased up along with make-up. I had to sit next to her in the back seat of the car, while I was on edge the whole way to church and I was doing everything I could to conceal this hard-on as we got closer and closer to church during the fifteen-minute ride. I knew she had to have noticed my exaggerated breathing, which I was doing everything I could to suppress. Luckily, at least, the erection subsided to a woody as we exited the car and entered the chapel. The only problem was that Ashley continued sitting next to me during the service and it made me completely self-conscious.
After church, we went to the club and enjoyed lunch with the grandparents. This helped some in taking my mind off of Ashley and the sexual undertones that were messing with my teenaged brain. I'd never been with a woman, but I was into them, and here was my sister who was as pretty as any girl I'd ever seen. It was fucking me up mentally and I was going to have to get a handle on it.
Don't think I wasn't thinking about going all the way with Ashley, because the thought was crossing my mind a lot, but I knew it was wrong, such things were unfathomable — pure evil. I'd been taught better. Everything in my world told me that family sex was the ultimate no-no, but I couldn't get the way she looked that morning off my mind. Something had snapped in my mind on that day. Under that dress, my sister had those pretty little things on and I so wanted to see that again.
When we got home, I tried to be cool. I tried to be slick. Thank God that we were all expected to change out of our Sunday's best. As soon as I had my trousers off, I was rubbing one out. With the thoughts of my younger sister and my vivid imagination mixed with arousal, youth, and some baby oil, it didn't take long. I still recall that wondrous jolt, as my body seized and spasmed, my hard cock shooting ropes of pearly white goo into the towel splayed across my torso. I was hooked.
I clearly remember those feelings of the guilt of my thoughts. Quickly I put on my regular clothes and kicked back in bed. I receded back in the bed, like I do when I relax, and listened to some music. A few minutes later there was a knock on my bedroom door. The door opened and Ash came walking in. She had an envelope; "Here…" she pushed the red envelope to me.
I opened it and its card read, "Happy Valentines to the best brother a girl could ever have." I still have that card to this day. I couldn't look her in the eyes, because of what I had just done or the thoughts from earlier in the day.
"Jimmy, are you alright?" she asked.
I looked up to her and didn't exactly tell the truth, "Yeah. Why?"
"You're just acting weird," she stated matter of factly.
"I'm fine," I lied again. "Thanks for the card. I'm sorry I didn't get you one. I didn't even think about it."
(Ashley) — "It's okay, I just wanted to get you one to let you know how much you mean to me."
"Well, I might not have gotten you a card, but you mean the world to me too," I got up from my bed and hugged her, and kissed her cheek.
She smiled at me, before excusing herself and exiting the room. We both went about our business. No one was going anywhere. We all had our Valentine's celebration at lunch at the club. It was Sunday, so everyone was preparing for the first day of the week. We siblings were doing our schoolwork, while Joe watched basketball on television, and Mama was taking a nap in her bedroom as she did on most Sundays.
There was something about that day that had me in a tizzy. Something was pushing me over the edge towards obsession. Ash couldn't help being so hot. The plainest of outfits looked great on her. When she dressed up, she looked simply amazing. In close quarters, I was going to see her in a nightgown or t-shirt and panties on occasion. It just couldn't be helped.
A couple of weeks later she had her birthday and a few weeks after that was that fateful Spring Break, but that Valentine's Day always lingers in the back of my mind. Cupid shot me that day. That was the day I truly fell head over heels for my sister.
I thought about that the first time. Oh, how lovely she was, so fresh and innocent. We were off from school that day. No one was around. It was just Ashley and me. I had gone downstairs after I had awoken and Ash was watching television. I didn't recognize it at first, but she was only wearing a worn-out oversized t-shirt and panties. She was lying on the floor and the t-shirt had ridden up and was exposing her backside.
I wish I could remember exactly what took me to the brink. It seemed like she was teasing me and I think she knew it. I didn't know why. Maybe she was more like me than I thought. Maybe she was turned on by me too. Maybe it was the excitement of it all. She definitely was teasing me, because she didn't run away like she did on Valentine's Day. No, she said she was bored. 'Well,' I thought, 'If she's bored then we can make things interesting. We can play a game.'
I pretended like I wanted the remote for the TV, but I really wanted to wrestle her so I could feel her body. We used to wrestle like that sometimes when we were younger. It was innocent then. I ended up giving up and sitting back up in the recliner, but then she gave me the remote and left the room. I sat there for a few minutes very much aroused. I didn't care about watching the freakin' television. Something made me chase after something and I didn't understand what that something was.
I went upstairs and found her in her room. I asked her to let me brush her hair and she did. Next thing you know, we somehow ended up in the bathroom with her topless and me washing her hair. She wouldn't take her panties off though.
After bathing her and washing her hair, we made our way back to her room. I stole a glance of her naked beauty as she changed into a fresh set of panties and a t-shirt. I sweet-talked her until we ended up in her bed. Eventually, we were both naked. That was the first time I ever had been that close to pussy and hers was divine. I made out with her pussy — kissing it, licking it, flicking it, and sucking on it. Sometimes I still harken back to that aroma when I'm having sex. That time and those moments made me a pussy addict.
I still remember how hard I was. I remember her inflamed pussy slickened with juices as I teased it with my angry cock. I remember the cockhead nudging her lovely petals apart as I penetrated her and slithered into her molten heat. As I slid in her lava melted all over me. She protested, but her pussy said something very different. Her pussy said it was mine forever.

Of course, I felt guilty in the aftermath. I had taken something that I wasn't expressly granted permission to take. I worked hard to get back in her good graces and a few months later, on my birthday, my sister willingly gave herself to me under a few conditions. She tested me and I passed her test. Then there was Christmas when she told me that she was done with the tease. She wanted to be a woman and I wanted to be a man and we copulated with wild abandon on New Year's Eve.
The problem was that in our wild abandonment, we had been a little too carefree. Unbeknownst to us at the time, we had been found out. It didn't take long until we found out that our mother had figured it all out and had been spying on us the whole time. I headed back to college, after that New Year's Eve, feeling that I had conquered the world. Babydoll (Ashley) would be mine forever. I was going to bring her to school with me and we would get to be partners and we would love in the day and fuck the nights away. Sometimes, in my wildest dreams, my cock would never leave that pussy.
The problem was that my mother had other ideas. Even though I was the middle child, I was my mother's favorite. I was raised to live in the spirit of my deceased father. My mother looked at me in many ways as his replacement. When she set about to make sure that Ashley and I ended our sexual relations, she acted as though it was to protect my sister. I truly believe that is how she justified it, but it sure seems to look back on it that she was doing it more to control me. She went so far as to seduce me and then set up a scheme to get caught so that Ashley would think that I was just out to fuck everybody.
Well, my mother's scheme worked. I was in over my head. I did enjoy the sex. It was fantastic. It was mature. She really knew how to fuck. I was young and impetuous. What 20-year old is not going to accept pussy when it's offered to him? Some people act all pious like they would turn it down. My mother was fucking hot. You know that Playboy picture of Raquel Welch in the Blue Doeskin Bikini. That would be along the lines of what my mother looked like, but with bigger tits. You are honestly going to tell me that you would fucking turn that down if it was offered to you at 20 years old and you had a buzz on. You are fucking nuts if you tell me you wouldn't do that.
My mother had called Ash and told her to come home. Ash came home and walked right in on us doing the deed. I know… 'that's Incest.' It was incest with Ashley. It was incest with my Mama. It was inappropriate. It was totally unacceptable. It was going to be completely between the three of us. Who were we going to tell?
I ran away to school and didn't look back. I wouldn't be going home again. I was on my own. I felt abandoned like an orphan. Yeah, it was my fault, but that didn't change the end result and the conundrum I found myself in.
I had already met Jill before all of this and somehow she had become my best friend. She was the one who wanted to be friends. She truly liked me and I really didn't understand why. The thing is that I was comfortable with her. I liked her and enjoyed her company. She was intelligent and pretty in a 'Girl Next Door' kind of way. She was so real, not like the dramatic women of my own family. She had a lot of the same temperament I saw in my maternal grandmother Gramms.
Jill pulled me out of the funk I experienced after my family episode. I loved her for it and I owed her. She gave herself to me and we began a normal male-female relationship. It was too normal in many ways. I knew that she loved me more than I loved her, but I didn't want to lose her. I needed her. She was my rock, but I was so in love with my sister that it caused me fits.
Months went by before I finally went home at Thanksgiving, Big demanded it. My mother had been troubled by what had happened and she couldn't stand our estrangement. It turned out that she had separated from my stepfather Joe and was trying to work out things with Ashley. It appeared that Ashley had gone wild, but it turned out that she was just trying to get back at us all. She was dating this wannabe biker guy and she put on some exhibitions to get back at me. My mother played her games and she paid the price for her little games. Let's just say that after what happened she stopped playing games.
I felt like Ashley had taken my heart. I wanted her there, but she was gone. I wanted her back, but all seemed lost. She would be my sister, but we would be distant. I came home at Christmas and I brought Jill with me. My family loved Jill. As I said, she was real. She was comfortable. She was easy. We all had a great holiday, but something was missing.
Jill left after Christmas and my mother headed to Atlanta where Jan had moved not long before. Ashley was heading out of town with one of her girlfriends. I was going to have the house to myself and I planned on working for Big and getting rest before heading back to college. Well, Ashley ended up having her plans canceled — or was that all a setup?
I had gotten back home from taking Jill and Mama to the airport for their flights the morning after Christmas and out of nowhere Ash appeared. Her plans were canceled and she wanted to hang out. We ended up spending time at the mall in the after Christmas crowd. It was crazy and took up the whole day. Well, one thing led to another and we were back at it that night.
That whole week was like a whirlwind… I worked. We had a historically bad stretch of bad weather. We ended up losing electricity at the house and had to go stay with Big and Gramms… and we fucked the nights away. From total despair, we had found total love in the flick of a switch.
We ended up sneaking away to the mountains for a romantic New Year's. We couldn't keep our hands off of one another. We were so in love that it hurt because there was a problem. There was Jill. We didn't want to hurt her, but I needed my Babydoll so bad. I wanted to be with her. I so wanted to turn back the clock to when it was just us. But that was impossible and Ash sent me back to Jill.
I came back home for Valentine's and the Heart Ball. I was going to profess my love to Ashley and I did. And I felt like Ashley was going to profess her love for me. I thought we would have time to ourselves and we'd rekindle that flame. We were going to be partners for life. Even if she was my sister, I wanted her to be my wife.
It didn't work out that way. Jill showed up out of nowhere. I swear to this day that Big had something to do with her showing up. He built this crazy bond with her. I also think that my mother had been dropping hints to Big about some things.
We were all scheduled to head to the Heart Ball. That was Big's big thing. He insisted and when he insisted, then we obeyed. He controlled us because he took care of us and with that came expectations.

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