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Jenny had just turned 18, hazel eyes, long auburn hair, with an impish face, slender figure, and 38 C ample chest. She rarely wore bras and adored going on walks with her brother and his friends. They lived in the small market town of Settle nestling in the Yorkshire Dales.
Her brother Jake, his girlfriend Julie and his friend Giles had decided to go for a picnic on top of a local fell. Jenny could not miss the opportunity to be with Giles. Jenny had swooned over Giles 4 years older than Jenny, with his brown eyes, black hair, smooth tanned face, and lithe and muscular body, since he had rescued her when she had fallen in the river Ribble years before.
The day was a sweltering hot July one. Meeting up outside the Coop on Market place, Settle. They headed out on Constitution Hill then on to Highway on route to Warrendale Knotts a limestone crag overlooking Settle. Their rucksacks filled with sandwiches and snacks. Tramping across the fields towards the towering limestone crag where they intended to picnic and admire the fine views over the countryside. Tracing their way along the dry-stone walls covered with lichen they passed a barn then onwards and upwards through the sheep pastures. The Sheep casually watched them pass as Red Admiral butterflies danced between the daisies.
Jake leading the way, six-foot-tall lean with blue eyes angular face and curly ginger hair with Julie by his side, 5'4" petite frame with 40 D boobs and freckled face with blonde shoulder-length hair, holding hands kissing occasionally as they all sauntered along. Jenny watching wondering what that feels like, well to be in love. She glances across at Giles who smiled back. She blushed feeling her heart skipping a beat thinking,
'Oh, Giles I'd love you to be mine.'
On top of the Knotts, they all sit down relieved for the break after the steady climb.
Jake and Julie cuddling together sharing their food as Jenny sat opposite Giles as he pointed out the views.
"See there is Settle," Giles points.
"What is that hill over there?" Jenny asked.
"That is Rye Loaf Hill," Giles responded
"So glad you came along Jenny," Giles comments.
"Giles that is so sweet of you," Jenny cooed.
Giles looked at Jenny holding her gaze then down at her ample loose bosom. She feels her heart flutter and her cheeks redden,
"You are making me blush," Jenny whispers.
Giles reaches out and squeezes Jenny's hand softly.
"You are grown up so pretty," Giles softly says.
Giles still stares at Jenny's boobs licking his lips.
"Hey, you two, look at this," Jake shouts.
They look across to see him pointing at the dark clouds approaching across the valley the fine haze of rain obvious.
"We had better get a move on otherwise we will all get a good soaking," Jake orders.
"Do you think we can make it back in time?" Giles asks.
"If we get our skates on, yes," Jake responds.
They all quickly pack away the remains of the picnic and head down the hill. Jake and Julie sprinting ahead as the wind increases signalling the arrival of the storm. Jenny stumbles sprawling across the grass,
"Ohh ouch," she gasps.
Jenny reaches down feeling her ankle.
"You ok Jenny?" Giles asks concerned.
"Think so."
Giles pulls her up by the hand. Jake and Julie are already at the bottom of the hill sprinting as the raindrops begin to fall. The patter of rain quickly becomes a torrent.
"Urg we going to get soaked," Giles shouts.
"There is a barn over there we can take shelter in," Jenny exclaims.
"Where are Jake and Julie?" Giles asks.
"They buggered off, lets see if we can get in that barn?" Jenny responds.
The barn built of weathered stone and a slate roof full of fresh barley straw with a large open gateway the decaying wooden door ajar. They squeeze in through the gap as a flash of lightning erupts followed by a rumble of thunder.
"Just in time," Jenny pants.
"Looks like we will need to wait until the storm passes over," Giles smiles.
They both standing looking at each other clothes sodden clinging to their skin. Recovering their breath from the run down the hill. Jenny thinking,
'God look at his muscles.'
She glances down at his crotch seeing the outline of his length making her pussy cream. She quickly looks up seeing Giles's eyes fixed upon her ample chest. She feels a warm tingle rising through her body thinking,
"He is staring at my tits.'
Feeling her nipples harden pressing through her damp dress. Giles looks up blushing red.
"We, we better make ourselves comfortable this looks like a long shower," Giles stammers slightly.
Another flash of lightning brightens the barn making Jenny jump against Giles. He instinctively catches her holding her trembling body in her arms. A throaty roll of thunder follows.
"Oh, Giles that made me jump," Jenny trembles.
"You are safe Jenny," Giles whispers.
Jenny snuggles into Giles's body looking up into his eyes. Her nipples are hard against his chest. Giles bends forward his lips brushing against Jenny's.
Jenny gasps thinking
'This is what it feels like, I want more.'
Parting her lips pushing her tongue out feeling Giles moist tongue gliding over hers. Her body gripped by a warm wave of pleasure. Her pussy aching and a creamy mess. Their tongues roll together hands caressing each other as the lightning flash and thunder rumbles.
"Giles please be gentle," Jenny whimpers.
"Jenny, I have wanted you so much," Giles softly says.
Panting hard Giles fumbles, unbuttoning Jenny's dress. Easing it off her shoulder's it slides to the floor. Giles steps back eyes wide.
"Jenny you are gorgeous," he simpers.
Jenny stands only in her pink cotton knickers feeling exposed and now uncertain as her arousal plain to see. Giles advances kissing Jenny his tongue plunging into her throat hands clawing at her back. Panting hard he kisses then licks over her neck and shoulders.
"You taste delicious," he moans.
"Ohhhh Giles ..mmmmm ..," Jenny pants.
Kneeling Giles licking around her areola then gripping each nipple between his lips.
"Fuck yes suck them," Jenny groans.
Jenny gripping Giles's head in her hands.
Giles panting hard sucks each nipple then stretching the swollen buds with his lips.
"Oh shit, SHIT," Jenny gasps.
Jenny's body shudders the sensation causing her cunt to contract as her goo floods out dribbling down her thighs. The scent of her must strong in the air.
Giles kisses over her smooth flat tummy licking around her belly button.
"I want you, Jenny," he rasps.
Jenny's hands caressing his head her hips rocking as the fever grips her young body.
"Giles do what you want with me," Jenny hoarsely whispers.
"I intend to Jenny."
Giles hooks his fingers into Jenny's waistband pulling down her sodden knickers revealing her light fuss covering her mons. Giles brushing his lips over the soft pubes. Jenny's fingers gripping Giles's head tight grinding his hips against his face.
"Ohhh Giles the feelings they are…,"
Giles's tongue reaches between her lips teasing her sensitive bud.
Her body arches as she shudders. The lightning flashes and a bellowing thunder as Jenny is gripped by her orgasm. Her pussy exploding as her juice gushes out.
Giles tongue lapping furiously on Jenny's honey.
"Oh god oh god," Jenny pants.
Giles tongue spreading open her labia then licking around her pulsing opening.
"Fuck you want more," Jenny groans.
"I want to feast on you," Giles simpers.
Curling his tongue into Jenny's slit. Jenny grunts arching her back feeling her body gripped by pleasure. The thunderclaps as the storm outside matched by the passion in the barn.
Giles tongue working back and forth reaching for her sweet spot. Jenny humping his face out of control. Giles's tongue reaches Jenny's spot.
Her body spasms, gripping Giles's face to her cunt as her second orgasm flows. Jenny trembling and breathing so hard. Giles's tongue gripping her g-spot as she is overcome by her climax.
The storm sounding so distant against the maelstrom inside the barn.
Giles gently lapping and kissing Jenny's sopping cunt. Her hands caressing his head as she slowly recovers.
"Will you take me completely?" Jenny mutters.
Giles looks up his eyes ablaze with passion.
"Yes," Giles simpers.
Giles stands easing off his t-shirt then unbuckling his belt pushing down his faded jeans. The huge bulge in his boxer shorts showing his state of arousal. Jenny catches her breath, eyes wide seeing the bulge. Jenny pushes down his boxers Giles swollen length springing out the tip drooling precum. Jenny stares at the beast before her.
"Giles that is so big, be gentle," Jenny whimpers.
Giles lays out his clothes. Jenny lays down on them on her back. Letting her legs fall open exposing her creamy folds her opening pursed invitingly for Giles. She looks into his eyes so fierce with passion and lust. The storm rages outside lightning flashing more and more nature's orchestra building to a crescendo.
Giles kneels tracing his fingers over Jenny's gooey labia.
"Don't tease me, FUCK ME," Jenny begs.
Jenny lifts her legs wrapping them around Giles's waist pulling him towards her.
"Fuck me take me over the edge again," She whimpers.
Giles pulsing helmet nestles in Jenny's entrance. His precum mingling with her hot nectar.
"Jenny," Giles whispers.
Sliding his aching manhood deep into Jenny's cunt.
"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yesssssssssssssssss," Jenny bellows.
Wrapping her arms around Giles her fingers digging into his skin as his hips push back to drive him deeper.
"Jesus holy fuck," Giles screams.
Giles kissing over Jenny's taut nipples, feeling her tight pussy gripping his pulsing length his hips pumping.
"Fill me fill me," Jenny pleads.
"Yes Yes," Giles's moans.
Giles pounding harder Jenny's body shuddering under his assault. His tip battering her cervix as he thrusts harder and deeper. Biting her swollen nipples.
Thrusting deep his cock erupts shooting a hot ribbon of cum deep into Jenny's womb.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fill me," Jenny gasps.
Jenny nails digging into Giles skin as she arches, her cunt contracts as her climax engulfs her. Giles twitching rolling his hips as his cum floods Jenny. Both breathless holding tight bodies quivering together. Giles looks into Jenny's eyes gently kissing her lips. Giles tracing his fingers tips slowly over Jenny's soft skin. Both feeling each other's hearts beating so fast from the ecstasy. Slowly recovering, the warm after glowing washing over them as they are still combined as one.
"That was amazing," Giles pants.
"You have fulfilled my dreams," Jenny whispers.
Kissing softly and gently caressing as a shaft of sunny pierces the gloom indicating the storm has passed but their passion has only just begun…
Dedicated to Treena

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