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Hi friends, I am Shiv from Bangalore. I work for a MNC. I am 35 years old, married, about 176 cms, medium built, and most girls seem to like my eyes. I have received some good comments about my eyes. I work our regularly and take good care of my health and looks. This is a true story and my first writing experience to ISS.

Her name is Nisha and I met her in a conference related to the IT industry about 1 year back. She is aged 26, about 5’3”, sizes of 34-26-36. She is slim and fair; with a lovely smile; her best features are her silky soft body, her lovely butts neither large nor small, perfect for her. She works in a marketing firm in Mumbai. After the conference I wrote to her and we stayed in e-mail touch for almost 3-4 months, progressively getting closer. After about 1 month we exchanged our mobile numbers and we started messaging each other. Being in the same industry we would exchange pointers about business and would send each other information. I helped her a bit at work, providing some timely information and providing some ideas on dealing with her conflicts at work.

I have had a few women in my life; however I have never been close to anyone after marriage. I didn’t mean to, but destiny meant it otherwise. Nisha had one ex boy friend however I think they have barely gone beyond holding hands.

I had a chance to go to Mumbai for work, and I asked Nisha to meet me. She accepted with pleasure. We met after work and I picked her up from her work place. It was a great feeling waiting for her; she was wearing a sleeveless pink kurta, looking fabulous. She was smelling great with a liberal dose of Davidoff. I took her to a 5 star hotel near her office and we had some light snacks with fruit juice. After helping her to her chair, I was getting ready to sit across her as a gentleman would, but she pointed me to sit close in a chair next to her. It was great, she was looking gorgeous. The conversation flowed getting closer and I got to know that she likes the water and the ocean; I asked her if she would like to go to the Beach. We went to Bandra ocean front, sitting close to each other. Nothing happened that day, but I ended up dropping her in her home in the suburbs. We met for a couple of days after that pretty much doing the same thing getting closer; on the 3rd day on the drive back to her home, I slid my hand in and she held it. We started holding hands, rubbing our hands. It was gentle and natural and was a great feeling. She snuggled a bit closer to me in the car, looking at me in a close way.

After returning to Bangalore our interaction started to increase, our SMS’s more intimate. I used to always check on her dress for the day, checking details on her inner clothes. I kissed her on the phone, although she never returned my kisses; however she used to say that she loved my kisses.

Another month passed like this and we got closer; I had a chance to go to Mumbai again. This time I planned my stay in a nice 5 star hotel near her office. We were both excited about meeting again; I went there an evening ahead reaching there on a Sunday evening. I asked her to wear a sari, or something sexy. She met me at the airport and she wore a red sleeveless salwar, smelling great. Immediately after getting into the car she slid close to me, and we held hands. She asked me how she looked… I said that the truth was that she was like an angel… A sexy angel. Her lovely face turned pink, I teased her a bit saying how pretty she was… We reached the hotel and after checking in I took her to my room.

The room was lovely with a wooden floor and a great view, her presence and perfume filled the room in no time. We held hands watching the view from the window; I put my hands on her shoulder… She came close to me rubbing me on my side. She was soft and silky and her perfume was driving me nuts. I ordered some juice for us and while ordering she came close to me… I held her while on the phone with the room service. The room had a large chair a bit like a easy chair, I sat on it and she sat on it close to me. I slowly massaged her, my hands helping it to her shoulders and her armpits. She was silky and very soft. Slowly our breathings increased as we came closer… I brought my nose closer to hers and rubbed my nose with her… Her eyes were closed as my hands were feeling her top over her clothes feeling out her bra… We had several close connects to our lips, but I wanted the momentum to build.

Slowly her hands started feeling my shirt, my shoulders and my face. I gently eased my lips on hers, it was very sweet. Our 1st kiss was very gently both our lips completely touching each other and gently nibbling on each other. We continued that for almost 15 minutes, gentling nibbling. I kissed her lips, nibbling slowly… My hands feeling her body, he neck. She started moaning very gently. By now, I had consumed a good part of her lip stick and it tasked sweet and salty all at once; salty because of a bit of sweat. I gently kissed her bring more and more of our tongues; ultimately we began a series of French kisses starting gentle but getting passionate, exchanging our juices.

After a while we broke the kiss, just looking at each other gently. I asked if I could take her to the bed, she affirmed with a smile. I smiled back and lifted her gently. I lifted her holding her soft butt on one hand and her shoulders on the others; she was light probably no more than 55 kgs. Our Lips engaged while I carried her from the chair to the bed, smooching and gently caressing each other.

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In bed our passion for each other started increasing, I kissed her neck, nibbling and licking it. My hands freely roamed over her, gently feeling her boobs, I gave some small squeezes to her nipples. My hands went inside her salwar feeling her lacy bra, I pulled the bra straps over the slides of the salwar to check its color, it was black; she giggled saying, “checking out something honey, which you always ask for”. I stretched her hand and kissed her armpits gently licking them, she giggled. She progressed further in discovering the pleasures of me, enjoying my touches and she cooperated perfectly. She moaned gently as a Man was giving her intimate pleasure like never before to her… The evening went by, but for some reason neither of us wanted to progress further that day. We enjoyed unlimited kisses, exchanging the sweet juices of our juices, feeling each other. She left for home around 9, with a sweet good night kiss.

We agreed to meet the next day and I asked her to come straight to my room after work. By now both of us knew that tonight would be our evening of sweet lovemaking, I asked her to wear a sari. She giggled asking if it was our suhag raat, I said suhag evening…

Nisha was spot on time that evening wearing a blue saree, with a matching sleeveless blouse, she was gorgeous. I could see the folds in her abdomen, they were perfect. I hugged her holding her by her waist. I planted a kiss in her lips, she responded well by opening her lips and allowing me to enter her. I told her honey, I want to see you without your blouse. Without removing her saree, I just removed her blouse, so has to see her silky shoulders. I teased her a bit today entering my tongue in her mouth and moving away, before she could respond. She responded by holding my tongue with her teeth, she was getting hotter by the minute and so was I. She started massaging my hair, pulling me closer to her; she was letting out progressively increasing decibel moans. She was happy with our kisses and said, “Honey, you are sweet.” I said so was she?

I lifted her by her waist, while kissing her and took her to the bed. I went on top of her; I started kissing her cheeks, her neck and her tits. It was a delightful site, with her cleavage exposed. I squeezed her boobs, kneaded them. I moved to her navel, tickling her navel with my tongue. I removed her sari with my teeth, she laughed at my skill. I think removing your partner is a skill and needs to have the right tempo. I removed her sari completely, kissing every part of her body that got progressively exposed. She was now in a skin color bra with a matching sensuous panty, and wow what a scene it was. She is perfect, the perfect curves at the perfect places. Then she helps me remove her bra, and it was great. She had nice, firm, shaped boobs, round making me really horny. She was smiling while I squeeze her.

She was scratching at my T- shirt and jeans, and I gently asked her in between kisses, if she would like to undress me. She gave a smile and helped removed a few buttons of my t- shirt. She enjoyed rubbing my shoulders and hid her face in my chest, gently playing with my chest hair. She asked me what cologne I had on and I told her that it was something she liked – Eternity. She smiled happy at my choice and gave a sweet look to my eyes. She kissed me on my shoulders and chest saying, “Honey, you are strong”. Slowly together with her help, I got undressed. Her attention turned to the last part of my cloth, my underwear. With a smooch she asked, “What’s inside honey, will the snake scare me?” Returning the smooch with several all over her body, her neck, arms, lips, ears, I said No honey, it will give a lot of pleasure.

Looking at my cock, she gave a bemused smile and hid her face in my shoulders. I slowly inserted my finger in her; she let a groan wriggling her body, calling my name with oohsss and ahh’s. I placed my tongue over her bringing it to her clit, increasing the speed. I believe in pleasure of my partner more than mine, I found her clit and nibbled it… She was in heaven; she came 2-3 times in quick succession.

She said don’t I need to return it to you. I said off course honey; She started at the tip of my cock, slowly slid down. She was really good and her smell with a mixture of her perfume and sweat was a great turn on. It was great…

As the preamble had been done, it was time to enter her. As I pushed my cock inside she started feeling a bit of pain, I did very gently slowly moving in little by little. She was really tight and to me her pleasure is very important. After multiple orgasms, she was well lubricated. I thrust myself in slowly; she started moaning and screaming a bit. I looked into her eyes, it was a beautiful sight, and she gave a gentle sensuous smile. Slowly after some time I started pumping her hard. I fucked her for about 20 mins, starting slow and increasing the tempo. She cummed twice in between these. I cummed after 20 mins, as I managed to hold it that long. We came together the second time and fell into each others arms. Sweat in our bodies tricked together and we lay in each others arms for what seemed like an eternity.

We cuddled together for an hour after that, kissing each other feeling each others bodies. We ordered some tea and took it together in bed. We kissed and sucked lips, breasts, neck. After a while we were both aroused and I took her once more that evening. The second time was smoother, and I went much deeper.

I stayed in Mumbai for one more day the next day and we made sweet love twice that evening as the day before as well. After coming back, we stayed together for a while, however distances do affect relationships and sometimes an out of site, may move to being an out of mind.

Readers, hope you enjoyed reading about my experience. You are welcome to send in your comments and I would love to hear them. Girls and ladies desirous of making romantic friendships, affection, I would love to hear from you… Privacy is 100{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} assured.

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