Swetha My Online Girlfriend

Hi, friends and my name is Hrishi I am an n8story fan for long and I enjoy reading the experiences. Today I thought let me try to share my experience with you all. Let me tell you about myself I am 26 years old, medium built and decent looking man. I am working in a MNC bank as a manager back in Kolkata. The story is my real experience which happened 6 months ego.
I chat a lot in yahoo and got some good friends from there one of them was Swetha and our chatting started casually no sex of that sort of thing was involved there. I get to know that she was 24 years old and doing job in a MNC and she is based out of Delhi. Somehow after chatting for 1 month or so I felt like she is a bit sad and disturbed. She told me in the beginning and nothing but later confessed that she has broken up with her boyfriend and that’s why not in good mood. 
Also I learn it was misunderstanding among them caused the problem. I tried to cheer her and later I succeed too. I also got to know that it was 3 years of relation the guy was her brother’s friend. She also told me that for last 2-3 months they are in to physical relations also. Days passed and we become great friends. Later she told me that relation gone, which hurts but she also not able to concentrate on anything because of sex.
She needed it but she also told me that she is not a girl who just flirt with any guys and will sleep with anyone. You can say she was a decent girl with integrity and all. But you know chatting in night can do wonders and one night she was sexually aroused and we ended up doing cyber sex and for which she felt guilty at first later she also started doing it regularly. She liked the way I used to tell her all the things. We even started voice chat and phone sex and but I never saw her or she saw me and we decided not to see each other.
Well I guess our destiny has something else in store and one night she informed me that she is coming down to Kolkata for one week for some official work and I obviously asked her to meet. First she was not so sure later she agreed. It was Sunday she came to Kolkata in the morning and after she get fresh we decided to meet at forum Mall in South Central Kolkata as I was waiting eagerly for her and I did not know how she will be. 
As girls are coming my heart beat became fast and faster on anticipation of her. I was just praying she should be decent looking if not hot. Well my prayer will be answer like that I never expected. I saw a sweet looking girl with very hot sexy body searching for someone and suddenly trying to make a call, the next moment I heard my mobile ringing. I could not believe my luck she was gorgeous. Must have body of 36 28 36 and she was in a pink sleeveless T-shirt and tight jeans and her curves were all visible. 
Moreover I could see her cleavage also. I shake my hands with her and I gave a hug. It was most wonderful feeling ever I have and her body was hot which I felt during that hug and it made my dick hard then and there. We went to a coffee shop then decided to go for a movie in Inox. I selected English movie and made sure there wasn’t many people watching it. During the film I was not feeling comfortable as my dick was hard but our seat was not in a perfect place. 
I told Swetha why not seat in a place where no one is there. She was not sure but I told her it’s a boring film so better we talk at a place so that no one get disturbed which she agreed. I felt very happy that my intensions are getting into reality there we started talking while I try to hold her from behind. She hesitatingly did not say anything to this and then while talking I just couldn’t stop myself kissing her. She was stunted I guess but didn’t really object. 
Taking full opportunity I started kissing her wildly. Her saliva was sweet like honey. And she started moaning a little while doing so my hand reached her right boobs which were erected by then and I pressed them. Ohhh my God those were golden moments. Swetha gave a laud moan and even while writing it my dick getting a erection thing those moments. I entered my hand bellow her t-shirt and grab her boobs by entering my hand in her bra. 
Friends she had awesome size of boobs and I just wildly kissing her and messaging her boobs and felt her hand on my dick trying to touch it. I told her to open my zip and feel it naked. She did it and when she made my dick out of my undies it was already about 6.5 inches and some pre cum was visible. She gave a naughty smile and tried to give me a hand job. I was out of this world. Just told her why not go to her hotel room which is anyway empty. 
We somehow manage our self and get out of the multiplex (even I can’t recall the name of the movie; I have not seen a single scene) we took a cab and reached her hotel which was Hotel Golden Park after reaching her room I just grab her and started hugging her wildly and kissing her whole body which in 3-4 minutes we were in our under garments and I laid her on the bed which was double bedded and jumped on her and Swetha was looking like an angel. 
She was glowing with her body colour which was creamy white. I stared kissing her and licked her. She was smelling wooao. I stared from her head till toe kissed every portion of her body. She was just moaning and telling me that she loves me and then I grab her boobs which were jumping with her each breath and pressed them over bra. I knew for Swetha her boobs were most sensual part and she likes heavy massaging. I try to start our sex game as we did during cyber sex which she liked very much. 
Then with a hard push I simply tore her bra and made her boobs first time nakedly available for me. I couldn’t stop but jumped on them and grab one nipple and tried to eat it up sucked it wildly and sometime gave bites. First the left one then the right I keep sucking her nipples wildly, while she entered her hand inside my undies and made my dick free and again stared giving me hand job. Suddenly she become wild and sat on me. 
She was on top of me and started kissing me wild from head to my chest, stomach then grab my hard dick which was by then about 7 inch long and thick about 2 inch and gave kiss on the head of it. It was first time someone is giving kiss on my dick. And then made my foreskin down and started licking the head. Swetha was doing it and looking at me during that time and then she suddenly took the whole dick inside her mouth. It was so warm and wet I can’t describe. 
I was going mad. I don’t know how she took it but my dick was almost full inside her mouth. I felt its head touching her throat muscles as they are refusing to take it further. The sensation of that was amazing. She was giggled also most cocked but to let it full in. She knew I like deep throat during our chat but this was she will gave me and I never imagined. Anyway she started then sucking my dick wildly and gave it for 10 minutes till I told her to stop.
I might cum and she was wildly hungry after she finished her job she was bit tired but not me. I again made myself top of her and made her panty down. It was already full wet. The aroma was just mind blowing and I made her legs a bit wide and started entering my middle finger inside of her love hole. She gave a very loud moan and started breathing very heavily then I entered another finger inside and she became wilder.
I started kicking her pussy lips and entered my tongue inside her pussy. She just gave the loudest moan of all. I thought someone may heard it and think I am rapping her. Anyway I licked her pussy for 7-8 minutes and she has a wonderful orgasm and but she was not happy. She told me to fuck her and I did not take another option I just pointed my dick towards her pussy and with a wild puss made it fully into her.
She again gave a loud moan but I stopped her by kissing her lips and giving her deep smooched after a pause by which her pussy got accustomed with my dick and I started giving her fucks. I started slowly and tried to increase the pace as and when required. I like long fuck and for which constant hard fuck will not do and I knew Swetha like that and we both started enjoying fully each other while I am fucking her.
I am always giving her kisses and smooches while my hands were busy giving her boobs massage in fact I felt she has a orgasm after 15 minutes and told me to keep fucking and after 30 minutes of fuck and I unloaded my sperms inside her pussy and she also had her second orgasm. It was hell of a fuck with the hottest girl I saw till then and after that I just keep like that was while my dick is inside her for 10-15 more minutes.
Later during that day we fucked 3 more times and had a bath together. Swetha was with me for that one week and it just wonderful time with her and baring 3 days all those days I went to her hotel room and fucked in fact the last night we stay together for whole night and we fucked whenever possible this story I will publish later and after that we did not get any opportunity to meet.
I am sure whenever we meet we will have wonderful time together. We still do phone sex. Friends it was my very first story so if it was not in well structured then please tell me. I will try to rectify myself in future