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  • The Taboo Encounters: Aunt

She went into the washroom to wash off the cum from her face.

I continued to lie down on the kitchen floor. I was flabbergasted. The act of fucking my aunt was a sexually charged fantasy of mine since childhood, and now that I had realized my fantasy, I was feeling damn satisfied.

Or so I thought.

The sound of the washroom door being opened caught my attention and seeing my aunt naked turned me on again. Her huge saggy boobs, dark as chocolate and with erect black nipples, her flabby tummy, and her inflated ass made my dick hungry once more.

I stood up. She looked at me with a blank expression. Water drops were falling off from her face and onto her tits.

As I made my way towards her, she began to back away. I increased my pace, and she fled into the bedroom.

She didn’t close the door.

I followed her. She was standing beside the bed, and she stared at me albeit with a different expression. It was one of anticipation. She was in suspense.

I pushed her onto the bed. I climbed on top her. Grabbing her knees, I parted her legs and looked down upon the hairy pussy. Her hands slid onto my cock and began jerking it off.

She wanted more.

I spit into my palm and lubed up my cock . I then pulled her closer to me, and rested my cock among her pubes. She guided the penis into her pussy and gave a deep moan.

My dick slid into her wet pussy and I used my hips to push it all the way in. She moaned again. Resting a hand on each of her tits, I initiated the fucking with maximum force. The smacking was loud, and so was her moaning. I wasn’t going fast, but I was going in strong. The penetrating action, the smack, and the moans all happened together for the most part. In between she would begin gasping for air.

Soon I realized that I wanted to take the sex to a whole new level. I wanted this episode to be dirty in its entirety. So I took out my cock from her pussy and moved myself towards her face. With my ass crouched above her tits, I started gently slapping her face with my pecker. She opened her mouth and tried to engulf my cock with it but I kept teasing her. My other hand had its fingers tickling her clit. Eventually, I guided my cock inside her mouth, and she initiated the vigorous sucking. I put one hand behind her head and pushed it towards myself in a bid to make as much of my cock disappear into her mouth. It wasn’t easy for her. Tears slid down her cheeks. Her nose was wet. Saliva was dripping down through her chin. But I could feel her cooperating to deepthroat my dick.

I took my cock out of her mouth and let go of her head. I told her to lie down and keep her mouth wide open. Breathing heavily, she did what I asked. I wiggled my hips and slowly inserted my cock into her gaping mouth. But then I realized that we weren’t doing it correctly. I reversed my position. I was still hovering above her body, but now we were in a sixtynine-ish move. I told her to open her mouth, and again inserted my cock into her mouth. This time, I pushed it inside until she started gagging and immediately pulled it out. I told her to keep trying, and repeated the action. Whenever she started gagging, I pulled my cock out, but the plan was working. Every successive act saw my cock go deeper into her throat, and the intensity of her gagging was substantially reducing. She was adjusting extremely well.

Soon I was throat-fucking her. I was no longer hovering above her. I was practically lying down on her face and thrusting into her throat. My face was buried into her crotch. I was licking her clit and pulling at her pubes. The throat felt exactly like the pussy, and at times I would say it even felt better than the pussy. Her hands were playing with my buttocks, and occasionally her fingers would tickle my asshole.

That’s when I decided to take the sex to a more dirty experience.

I ended the throat fucking and turned to face her. She was a sexy mess. Thick saliva and tears covered much of her face. She was drooling. I grabbed the blanket and wiped her face. Then I kissed her with ultimate passion. I licked her lips and sucked her tongue. While doing so, I slowly moved to lie beside her on the bed, and turned her body until we reached the spooning position. Still kissing her passionately, I groped her boobs passionately. I then moved one hand onto my cock and guided it into her crack. Her butt cheeks were doing wonders as they enveloped my cock. I kept sliding my dick to and fro within her crack.

When I stopped the to and fro motion, my penis head was on her asshole. I had lubed up her ass thanks to the saliva from her deepthroat and also due to the precum.

I slowly began pushing it in.

She pulled out of the kissing and looked at me with wide eyes. She was afraid of my intentions. She tried to move her ass away from me.

Making a shush sound, I told her to trust me, and tightened my grip over her body. Using one hand to steady my throbbing cock, I resumed the slow insertion.

She wasn’t blinking. Her frightened and never-ending stare was broken when I felt my tip enter forcefully into her ass. Her eyes shut tight and her face crumbled with pain. But she didn’t move her ass away this time.

I kept up with the slow push. Half of my penis head was now inside, and her breathing became fast and heavy. Her one hand was digging into my back flesh, and the other was clenching the bed sheet.

She gave a yelp. The penis head was completely inside her ass now, and I tried to push in the rest of the shaft. The resistance was very high. Her tight asshole needed loosening.

I started rocking my dick to and fro. I was hoping that this would loosen up her rectum. She was still feeling pain, but she was moaning too. I used one hand to rub her clit.

Her warm rectum felt excellent. And it was loosening up too. My cock was gaining ground, so to speak. More of it was creeping inside, and the resistance was dying.

Suddenly, I gave one strong push and my cock completely penetrated into her asshole. She gasped, and fell silent. Her mouth remained open, as did her eyes. She was staring at me with astonishment. I started grinding. She started gasping inward again and again. Her wide eyed stare continued.

I began the thrusting.

She let out a scream. Then she began groaning loud like never before. This encouraged me to fuck her ass with more vigor. The sounds turned into louder exclamations of delight. I asked her if she was enjoying it.

“Don’t stop!”

I hugged her tight and began fucking her like a wild animal. I was grunting with ferocity. My thrusts were smacking her flabby ass with back-breaking intensity. My cock was deep in her ass. She was bouncing her ass to show how much she wanted this anal sex. Her moans and screams were of painful pleasure. Her hands were clenching my skin and flesh destructively as if to reciprocate the idea of painful pleasure.

This was the devil’s sex which we were having. And it was making us sweat like pigs.

Without taking my cock out of her rectum, I forced us to change positions. I wanted to fuck her like a dog.

I realized that the ‘doggy style’ was the most appropriate for anal sex. I could perform extraordinary thrusting while simultaneously spanking her flabby ass. I grabbed both her hands by the elbow and pulled them towards me. Her neck also arched backwards. I increased my tempo of thrusting but kept the same amount of vigor. I was fucking her for the bitch that she is in enjoying anal sex. The stench was beginning to occasionally betray foulness, but this only turned me on further. I could also look down to see my cock go in and out through her asshole. It was a dirty but and sexy sight.

I could feel my climax approaching. I released her elbows, causing her to collapse onto the bed. Pushing down with both hands on her fat ass, I plowed into her asshole like a beast. She wasn’t making any sounds as her face was buried into the pillow, but I could see that her fists were clenched. And pulling in the bed sheet.

With a loud groan I felt the cum shoot out from my cock deep into her ass. Cock still buried in her asshole, I began jerking as more and more cum gushed out in discrete bursts. Her body was trembling and covered in goosebumps.

I could have kept my cock in her ass forever.

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