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My job at Manali

May 25, 2015 beepstories 0

An ex-colleague. He was desperately trying for an international posting. Having worked and traveled extensively, He obviously approached me for help. I was reluctant to [Read More]

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Xtasy – 2

April 21, 2015 beepstories 0

I took a deep breath and collected myself a bit, and then I said, “OK … Thanks,” and smiled. She returned the smile, and said, [Read More]

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Horny granny

April 20, 2015 beepstories 0

My neighbors at Delhi were from Kushalnagar in Coorg. The family consisted of uncle (defense services), Aunty (govt service), son (working in US) and daughter [Read More]

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Sexy Urmila

April 12, 2015 beepstories 0

I am Kamran again from Pakistan. First of all I must thank to this site, which provided me the chances to share; my sex experiences [Read More]

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Sexy girl

March 31, 2015 beepstories 0

Hi all! This is my first story in iss, about an incident that happened when I was in my college days. First about myself. I’m [Read More]

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Plane Fact

March 20, 2015 beepstories 0

Amit found his window seat in First Class and sat down anxious to get to Los Angeles and his connecting flight to Chicago. This flight [Read More]