Tailor measures the depth of my Asshole – Part 2

Hello my dear fellas this is your foxy anal slut Pranali here. This is the continuation of my story from Tailor measures depth of my asshole part 1.

Hunky Tailor uncle was sniffing and licking my tight brown asshole down there. His huge and rough tounge was tickling and stimulating each and every nerve of my butthole. He suddenly gnarled like a dog and took a small bite near my hole. I squeaked like a rabbit and he started laughing. I was blushing like a tomato. He came up and started kissing me again. His mouth was smelling dirty like my ass but I enjoyed it like the filthy whore that I am. He started smacking his huge erect cock on my butthole from behind while sniffing my neck and ears from behind. I actually got very scared.

” Uncle please piche mat daalo”… I whimpered literally begging. Uncle pulled my hair from behind and whispered in my ears. “Your smelly tight asshole has made me go crazy, Aaj to tu Bach nahi payegi bhadwi kutiya”. He slowly spit on his cock and his tip stretched my asshole walls. He grabbed my skinny slutty waist and in one stroke his half cock was inside my butthole. I screamed like a goat and tears rolled down my eyes. But that man started kissing me from behind and that calmed me down.

As he saw my hole has stretched a bit he slowly started moving his hips and fucking me with his half cock length. He laughed and bit my ear and thrusted his whole cock up my ass. Oooowwwwwwwwwwww ohh my godddddd shittttttttt… I was literally screaming and crying like a fucking sheep. That hunk kept fucking me, and slowly I started enjoying pain went down. I also started moving my hips along with his thrusts. After 7-8 minutes of anal in standing position like that. Uncle turned me around and threw me on his table. I was feeling like a disgusting filthy pig as I was smiling. He started fucking my ass in missionary while licking my sweaty armpits. ” Saali kya meethi khushbu hai teri bhadwi, raand.” I couldn’t reply. My mind was going blank, from his powerful thrusts, his musky sweaty smell, and pleasure from my shithole.

He continued to fuck me for 15 minutes more and then he gnarled. I am hearing. ” Do it inside daddy, give my ass your manly cum deep inside” I said. He moaned like a wolf as he emptied his balls deep inside my ass. I had a shivering orgasm as I squirted all over myself from my pussy. I was drenched in sweat and cum.

He slowly took it out and a whole river of his thick white cum was flowing out through my ass as I farted our a huge fart uncontrollably. That made him laugh but I was so lifeless I couldn’t even feel any shame.

He helped me get up, I barely walked up to his bathroom and when I got inside to shower there was dried blood and some shit leaking out of asshole along with his dried cum. I somehow managed to shower and he gave me a change of clothes and I went home.
Tailor uncle made me a filthy anal whore and it has been 5 years since then and I still regularly get fucked in the ass with my hookups and boyfriends.

Hope you enjoyed my story. A slutty kiss and a goodbye wink from my small butthole ;⁠) .

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