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My mom’s in her late forties, still very slim for her age.My dad left a few years ago leaving just me and mum to fend for ourselves.She struggled for a good six or seven months and did let herself go.Then something seem to click with her, she started to get fit and eat properly, but the one thing she couldn’t seem to quit was her drinking.She would sometimes go out on a date and embarrass herself by drinking too much.The number of times she come home collapsed on the sofa for me to find her the next morning in the right state.She always apologized but again it happens too many times.Then one morning I asked her why she always got drunk,“ I know I do and I’m sorry I put you through it every time but after a few drinks I just feel lonely and whoever I’m with seems to disown me”.“So why not just stop drinking or drink none alcoholic drinks.”“ ok I will try but please promise me if I ever come home like that again just get me upstairs and leave me please ““ I will I promise”“I will get over it I promise,” she said.Then one night Mom get a chance to out with someone who I knew would be good for her, so as she left for her date I said “Mom remember what I said about drinking”.She nodded and left.Left to my own devices I waited to see if she took my advice.About midnight I heard the door latch go in the walk or should I say staggered mom.Again drunk but not as bad as she usually has been.Dropping on the sofa she leant her head on my shoulder saying in a very inebriated voice,“ I’m sorry son I’ve done it again”.Not wanting to chastise her I said,” It’s okay let’s get you upstairs to bed”.“ O yes take me to bed” she said “ have your way with me” replying I said “Mom I’m your son”“ so you have a cock don’t you”Helping her to her room she collapsed onto her bed, mumbling words I couldn’t understand.As she didn’t have much on I didn’t want to leave her overnight fully dressed.Sitting her up wasn’t easy, she was too far gone to realise I was trying to undress her, undoing her blouse I managed to slip it over her arms then she fell backwards back onto her bed.Her pink see-through bra showed off her nice breasts with mom’s brown nipples showing through.Trying not to look at her breasts I had to somehow remove her skirt, undoing the belt around her waist I gripped the hem and slowly slipped It from around her backside and up over her legs.Now my mom was lying on her bed in just her skimpy underwear, her breasts showing through her bra and her tiny panties giving me a full view of her neatly shaven pussy.It was the first time I’d seen her nearly naked but somehow my cock had other ideas.The sight of my own mom’s body lying in front of me was too much for my young cock to handle, it was as hard as a rock and bulging in my shorts.Mom suddenly lifted her head saying “You going to fuck me the Brian”“Who the hell Brian was my name, Paul, even the bloke she went out with was called John”.Not knowing what to say she again reiterated she wanted to be fucked.Looking at her so exposed on her bed leaving very little to the imagination I hastily replied,“Who do you want to fuck you”“ Brian hurry up will I’m horny” she said.Still not knowing what to do I again asked,“Where are you”.“ in bed waiting now hurry up”Then I did something I didn’t think I would ever do.Looking down at Mom I thought my god would she know if I did fuck her, she was well gone and wouldn’t even know.So I did the unthinkable, I had to know if she was really too drunk to know.I leaned forward moving her legs apart so could get as close as I could and placed both hands on her breast, if she screamed I would run if not then I would know she was out for the count.I hesitated for a moment, as I hover my hands over her breasts.She looked still out of it and seemed to be heavy breathing so I took the plunge, l slowly cupped my mom’s warm breasts, she never moved just squirmed at me saying”O Brian I love you doing that”. She whispered.I wonder if she thinks I’m Brian, would she know if it was me who had sex with her?My cock about to explode in my shorts I had to take a chance, looking at Mom’s panties with her pussy just showing through, was there for the taking, lifting her bum a little I slipped her panties down to uncover her gorgeous pink mature pussy.It looked amazing, but then Mom said,“ Brian fuck my pussy “Moving mom’s legs apart her now open wet pussy was there for the taking.Her pink open slit looked amazing with her glistening pubes parting as she opened herself for me to gaze upon.My tiny hard cock just wanted so much to fill her waiting gorgeous hole.Desperate not to get caught I quickly dropped my shorts I leaned forward, my cock parted moms warm pussy lips.The sensation I felt as I slid up into moms wet pussy. She then under her breath said” Oh Brian I want you so much”Thinking she would wake up I started to slide in deeper then I began to fuck my mom’s hot wet hole. I was loving it, I couldn’t believe I was fucking my mom’s pussy.She then seem to open her legs further for as I slowly slid in and out of her, I so wanted to cum inside her but realised she would notice when she eventually woke up. I quickly grabbed the nearest towel to my hand and slid out quickly as I was about to cum and cum hard, Mom was still out of it I placed the towel over Mom’s pussy then taking hold of my cock I shot all that I could.Splattering the towel my cum seems to go everywhere.God if that lot ended up in Mom’s pussy I would be so dead.Looking down at her lying there with her pussy so pink and open I couldn’t believe I had fucked my mom.She then suddenly started to stir so I grabbed the towel and hastily made sure Mom was covered up I put the towel in the wash basket and left her to sleep it off.The next morning I woke to her mom in the shower, making my way downstairs I waited for her to appear, hoping last night for her was just a dream.“ Morning Paul” moms said as she came into the kitchen, “How did I get into bed last night”I got you to bed mom, you were out of it so I made sure you got to bed as I said I would”.“Did I behave myself as if I don’t remember anything”?“ yes you were ok Mom, you behaved”.“ did you undress me because I only had my bra on when I woke up”?“ I don’t know mom, I just looked at you on your bed covered you up and left you”. I said.“Strange I don’t remember undressing”.Thinking to myself my god shescnone the wiser I got away with fucking my mom.Feeling so relieved I continued to eat my breakfast, I turned to her to ask,“Mom shows Brian you seem fixated with wanting some bloke called Brian”.“ god knows, my date didn’t turn up so I met up with the girls from work”.Now I knew she didn’t remember a thing it looks like I got away with it.Then as I was about to get up she said,“ by the way Paul, you might want to make sure the towel you used last night is better hidden next and also you left without picking up you shorts you left by my bed.”

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