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The day was sweltering hot when I entered the kitchen.  Mary Beth was standing at the sink with her back to me as she drank water and looked out into the corn field.  Her naked back glistened with sweat and her panties and legs had a beautiful sheen as well.  My cock was swelling as I quietly undressed and stepped behind her.

I took her in my arms, one hand grabbing her big, firm tits and squeezing them while my other grabbed her wet panties and ass.  Sliding my hand up her back, I pushed her shoulders down to the countertop as my hard cock pressed into her panties.

Mary Beth moaned and gasped. I grabbed her panties, pushed them down, and her body shook. She moaned again as I slid my big cock against her very hot, wet pussy.  Her pussy was soon leaking sweet nectar and coating my cock as she moaned and squirmed on the counter top.  She began wiggling her ass against my cock.

“Take me—please fuck me, baby,” she moaned over and over.  Once my fat cock head was against her opening, she froze, and I slowly pushed into her.

Her pussy stretched around my cock, and she cried out.  She was so tight, hot, and wet.  No matter how may times I fuck her pussy, it’s always tight like the first time.

“Yes, yes, take me, fill me.”

Slow and steady, I pushed my cock all the way into her.  We both moaned and gasped.  Her pussy was filled and stretchedpletely and my cock was being squeezed tightly.

I pulled out entirely and slid all the way back in, over and over, building speed with each thrust.  Her moans and the erotic sounds of wet flesh slapping together with each lunge urged me on.

Mary Beth pushed back on my cock with each thrust as her body and pussy pulsed and her legs wobbled.  “Oh baby,” she cried out.

“Yes, do it, cum for me, cum all over my cock.”

She cried out even more.  I grabbed her hips and held her up as her body shook and her hot nectar squirted around my thrusting cock.  My cock let loose, and hot cum shot out again and again.

My body was shaking as I continued fucking her, filling her pussy.  She lay limp on the counter while I pulled out, and huge amounts of our cum flowed out of her and to the floor.  She tried to stand and I spun her around to face me and kissed her deeply.

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“Wee home, baby. What now? We still have an hour before the kids get home.”

I grinned and put her hand around my semi-hard, cummy cock and moaned as she squeezed me and began stroking it.  Taking her face in my hand, I ran my thumb over her sexy little mouth. She eagerly open her mouth, sucked my thumb in, and moaned in delight.  She sucked until my cock was rock hard, then fell to her knees.

“Do you want me to suck your big cock, baby.”

“Yes, suck it! Suck it, my sexy wife.”

She smiled, opened wide, and slowly guided my cock into her mouth.  I gasped and moaned as she did something different.  She grabbed my ass, pulled me deep into her mouth until she was gaging slightly, and soon she had a little over half my length in her mouth.  She moaned and slid off.

“Mmmm, you have a big fucking cock, baby.”

“You want it all, don’t you?”

” Yes, oh yes, more than anything, but it’s sooo big.”

I reached down, lifted her, and took her in my arms. We kissed as I carried her to our bed and laid her on her back with her head hanging off the bed.  I stood over her head as she grabbed my cock and pulled me into her mouth again without hesitation.  Holding her head, I slowly pushed my cock into her mouth. She was doing her best to take deep breaths as I pushed deeper.  Damn she was amazing.

She jumped and choked a little as I touched her throat for the first time. I saw her throat bulging when she swallowed again and again while I pushed. Only when my balls were against her face did I stop my advances.  She was shaking and clutching the bed sheets. I slowly pulled out of her throat, she took in a deep breath, and I entered her throat again.

Mary Beth was moaning and actually swallowing my cock. Her throat squeezed and milked it, and I couldn’t take it any more. I erupted, my hot cum shooting down her throat.

Eventually my body shook, my cock softened, and I slowly pulled out.  My cock dripped saliva and cum all over her beautiful face.

As I helped her to sit up on the bed, she giggled like a schoolgirl and hugged and kissed me deeply and passionately.  She was so pleased that, after all our years of marriage, she finally took all my cock in her mouth and down her throat.