Taking One For The Team:

(M/F,Dare,alcohol,true story)

This story begins as most of you know when I was asked, then “Dared”

To fuck the brains out of one my sons and daughter inlaws friends Mom.

As you can tell by the picture above(i hope it works this way) she by no

means is a raving beauty in the least. Actually the opposite is true.

Now believe me she used to be a damn beautiful woman in her younger

years. But she got herself into drugs, and then hooked on those damn

prescription meds, and thusly why she looks so damn wrinkled and

messed up.

Anyway her daughter had been at a party my son and daughter inlaw

were having and telling that her mom was being an absolute bitch to

her and everyone around her.

So my being the big mouthed save all tall in the saddle cowboy said

she just needed a damn man to go over there and litterally fuck her

moms brains out, and put a smile on that face and change that


This certainly got a round of laughs from everyone and one of my

sons best friends said; “So are you willing to take one for the team”?

Being as I am or thought up to that point and time if it was in heat

I’d mount it! Well sometimes our elephant mouth overloads our kildie

asses ability to handle what mouth said. So my sons friend says;

“I dare you to go over there and fuck her moms brains out and

take one for the team”!

Well with my raisins’ as they were a “dare” meant you were either

a man or a damn mouse and a man if you took the dare and completed

it to the letter or a wuss if you didn’t! I guess it’s in part as well to do

with the “redneck” bible code as well. So I looked at the Moms daughter

and said o.k. here’s the damn deal! If I have balls enough to go over and

fuck your Moms brains out, and succeed in doing so and she walks

bowlegged for 2 days and smiles and gets off everyones ass then

“you” have to do something for me!

Of course the daughter damn sure wanted to know what she was

going to have to do if I succeeded in “taking one for the team” and

changing her moms attitude. I just winked at her and said; “We’ll

discuss that later”.

Every durn few minutes someone was coming by me and saying

you headed over there to “take one for the team”? Well I was by

far to damn drunk at that time to have even drove anywhere so

I said oh hell no, but tomorrow that woman gets her brains fucked


The daughter of course catches me alone and says; “What do I

have to do if you bang my moms brains out”? I said well here’s the

deal Darlinz; If I fuck her and I mean I will fuck her and good then

you have to let me eat your pussy! Well she just shuddered all over

and said; “I’ll have to think about that”! So I said so you possibly

will let me then? She just shook her head and said well I just mite

as she winked at me and then turned and went back into the crowd

that beautiful little bubble butt ass of hers jiggling like she was

damn sure teasing me with it.

Now the whole of the matter was if I fucked her mom I was going

to get me a taste of what had to the the damn finest pussy in all the

land. Her daughter unlike ugly fugly mom was a damn knockout raving

ass beauty! Queen of the Cheerleaders in high school. And when that

young woman was in the presence of men their tongues hung out like

in heat friggin wolves, and believe me she had a set of tits and nipples

that would make a man just stare at how the creator could have put

such a perfect thing as those on earth for men to enjoy! So this was

my plan, this was my pay in full for my “Taking One for The Team”!

So the next day I wander over to their house where there was Mom

in her bitchy state of mind raising hell with her daughter and a friend of

hers about going somewhere, and then looked right at me and said;

“And just what to hell do you want”!?

Damn the daughter was right she was a total complete bitch in

short wired brain mode!

Well having my plan cut out in mind I said well I stopped by to

see if you possibly wanted me to mow your yard today.

Oh boy I’d been better served to have asked the damn Kremlin of

Russia for military secrets! She just burst out then and there and said;

“Well somebody around here has to mow the damn thing,everyone

else is to damn busy whoring ass around and showing their ass off

to whatever damn hound wants it”! Then I guess she caught her

own mood and said; “Oh hell I’m sorry,I’m just pissed at that little

whoring around bitch” And just mad at the whole damn world right now.

I was like damn woman you need a damn chill pill, shit, and maybe

a good psyc as well. Oh boy was that the wrong thing to have said!

She just went fucking all crazy throwing shit, and acting like she’s lost

it totally. And saying there’s not a damn thing wrong with me that a

damn good man around here couldn’t cure! And she’s going to be just

like that sorry son of a bitch husband of mine that’s locked up in the pen

right now, because his sorry ass can’t keep a job and stay out of trouble!

I for damn sure was having doubts in the least with her being like this

that my plan to “Take one for the Team” and get me a taste of that fine

ass beautiful pussy of her daughters was ever going to happen.

Well she certainly seemed to settle down and said; “Let’s go into

the living room, where real adults can talk”! The whole time I’m

following her through the kitchen and dinning room she’s still bitching

about her daughter just running around fucking off all the time and not

having a job enough to help her in the least.

We finally get seated and she looks at me and a look of she could

murder half the world in this moment be damn glad she took it all out

look on her face with a complete redened state of totally pissed off

look about her making her look even more evil and sinister and much

damn uglier to. Of course the daughter just whizzes by us and said

bye Mom, and got the fuck out of there fast.

At last she’s calming down a bit and then says; “I can’t pay a damn

thing to mow this damn place”! So I said no problem I’m not here to

ask for a dime to do it just a good hug and a thank you is all I want

or need for it. Well that certainly set her off as she was now preaching

how sorry ass a piece of shyt her damn husband was and how he had

never gave a shit for a hug or anything else for that matter but another

damn beer, and more money to go fucking off with his buddies.

The woman did have a point! Her old man was a piece of shit!

Worthless to the core, never kept a job, never did a damn thing

around the house even, and I guess she figured that her ugliness

had her stuck in being where she was, and for that reason.

So somehow the bells went off in my head and I was “like” ahhhhh

the “secret” to open the padlock, to them panties,was just a bite of

getting over that face and enjoy the true attributes of her body.

And true if one disregarded her face showing the hell in her life and

no doubt why she had turned this way, one would be in awe of how

really nice her small,petite body was.

So we talk a moment she calming down more and more now and

acting more human; Than a off the wall crazied woman, having gone

off the damn deep end. Well our conversation continued mainly about

this and that getting her mind totally away from the thoughts of her

daughter, husband, etc., and relaxed with just having a decent talk

with someone of her own age and such.

That all finally laid to rest and the atmosphere much more what

one would like to enter into, I said; “I’ll tell you what”! “I’ll mow

your yard, and all if you’ll invite me over tonite for a beer or two”!

I tore through that yard like nothing and had it all mowed and

even weed eated and edged the curb,sidewalk etc., of which she

was very happy with saying her yard had never been mowed and

looked that good. Wow points,and a smile almost came to her

face but it sure wasn’t full blown yet. So all that done I loaded

my mowing machinery up and we sat on the porch a moment

looking at how nice her yard at last looked,and she then said

damn why didn’t I meet up with you when we were younger

and had to marry the shit the we married!

When a woman starts talking like that I get scared as hell!

Because she’s putting me in that relationship, totally together

role of which I want absolutely no damn part of.

That got me to tell her well things happens on this earth for

reasons sometimes our unthoughtfull minds gets us into such

things not realizing that we are the very thing that caused it to


Anyway I got up and she did as well and gave me one big

hug and said thank you so much for caring about my yard and

coming by to talk to me like a decent human being. That right

there hit me like a damn rock, she had either knowingly or

unintentionally realized people had shunned, and cast her away

for her being ugly as she now was.

Well I told her i’d be back once I went home and cleaned up

etc, and would return around 7 or so with plenty of drinks and

asked her what type liqour,etc, she liked and would pick it up

at the liqour store on my way home. Damn a laugh at last came

from her when she said;

“Well tequilla makes my clothes fall off”!

So having left and stopped and gotten plenty of beer, and

liqour, and tequilla baby tequilla, as I roamed the store now

wondering just who to hell was seducing whom in this ordeal!

Then home and cleaned up and decided what to hell I was

going to dress like king cowboy style, and see how this affected

her when I showed in super atire,in a knowing mood of seduction.

And hell to really make it overboard I even stopped by the damn

florist shop, and grabbed up a few roses with all that pretty up stuff

all with it and showed up at her door like a kid ready for a first date.

When she answered the door she was herself totally dressed in

nice clothes and damn if she didn’t have makeup on even. Now she

surely hadn’t turned into some raving beauty by no means but it sure

took a shit load of that ugly off her! So I drag my cooler in and arm

load of liqour and gave her the roses of which she about shed a tear

over saying no man in her life had ever bought her anything like that

out of the blue at all. Damn I was headed to them panties already!

That raving little beauty daughter of hers was there, and was looking

at me all cowboyed up to hell and back, and winked and caught her mom

now putting the roses and tequilla in the fridge and vase etc., And said;

“Damn what have you done to her”? “She’s been running around here

since you left like she’s on cloud nine”! Hell she’s even asked me to go

out tonite! And now i’m about half damn jealous that my mom’s going to

get something I might want myself! Whoooaaaaa Mule did she just say

something she might want herself? Now this was something different

for me!

Well the daughter just winked and walked away giving that damn nice

little ass an extra damn twitch or two looking back at me knowing damn

good and well I was watching it and smiled! Shit I was already getting

hornier than a damn 3 peckered billy goat! And now I knew damn good

and well no matter what, This nite I was going to have to perform my best

ever sexual fullfillment of her mom, and let daughter see damn good and

well; Just how well “fucked” a woman can get. Something I sometimes

gave a thought about if them “boys” was really doing that any good or not.

So her daughter hurriedly leaves the house giving me a subtle wink out

the door with a bit of a snicker added, knowing my plans were to fuck

her own moms brains out!

We both sit on the couch and chat a bit about the usuall things pretty

much catching up on where we left off, as she began ever more, and more

to slide closer and closer to me in what I damn knew was her move to get

right up next to me and get her some man! It wasn’t long before she was

all snuggled up to me and acting like a the savior of her life had just rode in

on his silver white horse like a John Wayne movie or something. The drinks

began to flow my being the host to all that since she said she knew nothing

at all about mixing such things, So I made her up some of my famous

frozen Mountain Dew margarittas, giving an extra tug of that tequilla in it

and after about 4 of them drinks she was lightened up like a damn fairy


I had drank several beer figuring I damn sure was gonna’ need my trusty

“Beer Goggles” tonite! And damn if they weren’t in she’s a queen mode soon

as she’d gotten up several times to go restroom thing and damn that ass I

swear was tailor made like her daughters! That in itself had me now turning

to big “woody” in pants style. So when she returned I decided I’d give this

gal a twirl about or two, and get that thang in her panties warmed up for it’s

being wore out, and tore up, from the floor up, fashion later on. So we got

the shelf stereo going with some country music and I said ma’m I’d just luv

to have this here dance with U!

She got up like a date at her first prom, and when I took that little lady

in my arms and gave her a swing about I swear I could all but hear her

starting to breathe heavier and heavier, no doubt she was getting warmed

up alright. She just melted into my arms and hugged all up to me and when

I began to rub that ass she shook all over like a earth quake hit her body.

After a couple good songs had played and now the usual damn commercial

was on she said I better sit down, I’m to hot to continue this! Whewwwww

Dogggies she was fired up like a cannon to hot to handle now.

When we sat down she just absolutely leaned right over and kissed me and

I don’t mean that innocent little girl peck on the cheek kiss this was going for

the gold style! And it wasn’t long that after some serious mouth hugging she

was breathing harder than a mad bull. I just got up and held her hand to get

up as well and took that woman right up into my arms and said where’s your

bedroom! Well she held to me like glue and pantingly said; “bbbaacck thheere”

half pointing towards the back of the kitchen and I carried that tiny little woman

in my arms, like a tribal breeder with a virgin sacrifice!

Once in her bedroom I sat her on the bed and just leaned right down and began

to kiss her softly all over her neck making her shudder, and moan out as she held

to me tightly and lay her onto the bed following her down still kissing all over her

neck then once there I began to kiss her like a harlequen romance novel way

making this poor little woman squirm like she had ants in her pants.

Then I reached up under her blouse and began to gently rub the still firm breast

of hers that were nothing more than just a good handfull but delighted in feeling

that she had some damn nice hard nipples! And she broke our kiss and then and there

without another word pulled that blouse off and bra to leaving at last my seeing true

and for sure her still firm womanly small breast. The nipples hardened like rocks yet

all but quivering with desire from her breathing and shaking body.

I just shed my shirt like it was on fire and right back at her I went this time kissing

her deeply, as I molded her tits in my hands tweeking those nipples to what had to

be a pleasure she’d never had because she moaned out then and there and I had

not one damn doubt this little woman had just creamed her panties!

Not knowing if it were my “Beer Goggle” affect, or the moment, or my thoughts of

this being that damn hot ass daughter of hers in my arms getting this treatment, but

whatever it was it worked.

And when my hand roamed down that small womanly belly of hers she quivered

and shuddered all over knowing damn good and well I was headed to that honey hole

to get me some honey! As my hand slide through her pants and panty top I felt her

tuft of pubic hair, Already wet as it could be as she moaned out; “OOOhhhhh

I’vvvveeee nnneeevveerrr ffffeeelt liiikeeeee thiiisss”!

I absolutely felt like I was about to deflower some tiny womanly virgin! And it

seemed to capture my mind to drive me to make damn sure every touch I made

to her body would drive her to new heights of pleasure. And when I felt her upper

vagina and that wet and hard as hell clit and rubbed that she absolutely jerked

all over and cried out; “OOOhhhhhhh I’mmm I’mmmm I’mmmmm cccummming”!

My finger roamed through those small little soaked outer lips and I swear it

felt like it was entering a total virgins pussy and felt her walls give way to even

allow my finger entrance into her as she clung to me and was jerking and moaning

and shuddering all over as I felt her juices pour from that tight as hell pussy of hers.

My mind was absolutely begining to wonder if once I got this little darlin’ ready

and was about to feed her my joystick of pleasure if she was going to even be

damn able to take me! But all that rushing through my mind my hands sought

out to unbutton her jeans and slide the zipper down and now backed from

her as I moved down her body and pulled her pants and panties now soaked

like they’d been tossed in the washer, and she raised that tight womanly ass

up to help me as I slide it all down and now glanced at what I truly had felt

was the smallest damn pussy I’d ever encountered!

And damn what a sight! For before my eyes now was this wet as hell

puffy set of lips so small in length but nicely thickened with a very thin

line of wrinkled skin atop them and a clit that stood out like a huge rock

from a mountains drop off. And she helped me then get her shoes off

and pants and panties tossed to the side and layed right back on the

bed her tiny womanly legs spread wide now and awaiting her glorious

pleasure she knew damn good and well she was going to get tonite!

I got up leaving her on that bed still quivering like a young virgin as

I stood up and unbuttoned my own jeans and and sat down taking my

boots off her eyes glued like it was her first ever view of a mans body

quivering and shuddering with her thoughts of just what she was about

to get and this wonderment in her eyes if she was going to be able to

handle it at all! As I stood up and peeled my jeans down and tossed

them off her eyes shot open like she’d been instantly scared to death

as she gasped for air, making me know she was indeed and damn sure

confronting her first ever big cock! Now I’m no hung like a damn horse

studd or anything of that nature but I’ve been told my girth is a bit much

for most women to just take real easy and of course my length isn’t like

I drag the ground with my cock head but I am I guess some longer than

typical male cocks. She just then and there shakily said;

“I I I dddonn’t kknoww iiii ifff I I I cccannn ttttaaake ttthatttt”?

Well damn if that didn’t make me grow harder if that could happen

at this moment but my mind sure seemed to tell body this little woman

had never had a good cock in her before!

Hell yeah parts of my mind wanted me to just grab this once little

bitch up and impale her ass on my cock and watch her scream from

being torn apart to take it! But my other side of me wanted this to be

as she’d never had it before, slow and passionate as hell and drive her

body to heights I had no damn doubt she’d ever had in her life!

So once I was naked she laying there quivering and shuddering like

a soon to be deflowered virgin, I just lay down on the bed and then

grabbed those tiny thin womanly legs and opened them even wider

out and began to kiss up her inner thighs, from her knees to now

right at her tiny semi blonde haired tufted vagina, as she was now

churning in the bed writhing back and forth and crying out;

“OOOhhhh GGGDDD nnnnooo mmmmanssss eeevvvver kkkkisssed

mmmeeeee liiikkeeeee thisss”!

I just then and there honed right up to that visible as hell swollen and wet

clit of hers and when my lips latched onto that she bucked like a wild ass

bronco in a rodeo! Screaming out; “OOHHHH GGGDDDD IIIIttt’s tttto

tttoooo muuuuchhhh OOOhhhhh I’mmmmmm ggggoinnnggg tottttooo cummmm”!

And by damn cum that little woman did to! And I just then and there licked right

to those puffy tiny tight as hell vagina lips and sucked them right up making her

come plum up off the damn bed with her ass as she screamed out she’d never

had any man do this to her before!! The whole time moaning and twisting and

shaking like hell as I drank up every last drop of that tasty as hell juice she’d

had pent up for hell only knows how long! And I swear the moment I tried to

get my tonque into that tight as hell pussy it just would not relent to it and I had

to litterally force my tongue into her which made her go even more crazy and

scream out; “OOOhhhhhh IIII’mmmmm ttttoooo ttttighttt yyyouuurrr tonnngueesss

tttooooo bigggg totottoo bigggg”!

The whole time she was gushing like a blowed out oilwell in my mouth! And barely

even as yet had I gotten even half my damn tongue up this tight ass pussy of hers!

And I worked and worked and worked the whole time she was bucking and screaming

my tongue was to big and that she’d never had anything this big in her before as I

absolutely channeled that tight pussy out with my tongue until she at last was bucking

and moaning from hell and back screaming out; “IIII’vvvveeeee nnnneevverrr hhhadddd

tttthiiiiissss bbbbeffffforeeeee ooohhhh pllleasseeeee sstttop IIIII cccan’t ttakkke it


With that all coming from her twisting, writhing, bucking body as her ass was swinging

up into the air and back to the bed and going crazy her legs shaking about as I had to

now steady them to keep her from kicking the shit out of me she was going so damn crazy

with pleasured lust! And she was gushing and gushing and gushing some more until

I began to wonder if I was going to be able to swallow all this woman offering!

Finally as if she’d lost all care to the world she just slumped down onto the bed her

body quivering, and shuddering like hell and back, her loud moans and groans filling the

room as I at last had my tongue burried as far as I could get it in this glove ass tight

pussy of hers feeling her vagina walls sucking and quivering on my tongue like they

were trying to milk my damn tongue or something!

There was no damn doubt in my mind she’d had such a damn powerful orgasm

she’d passed smooth ass out from it’s intensity. All the while I could hear this half

murmering voice of hers shakingly and broken language as can be trying to say

“Ohhhhh nnnnoo mmmannnsss evvvv evvverrrr ddddone thhhat to mmeeee”!

No damned doubt in my mind that she’d never had a man in her entire lifetime

eat that fine tight as hell pussy of hers. And damn it sure made me sad no man

had and damn glad no man hadn’t! I just stopped eating her out, and crawled

from her now limp quivering to hell and back body and lay beside her basking

in the fact that i’d drove this woman so damn bezerk with my tongue, that she’d

lost all care and consciousness and was in that world of beyond orgasm thing.

As slowly she began to gain compuser back her voice returning now to

understandable words as she was gasping and moaning still to hell and back

in the after throws of her powerful orgasm saying;

“Yyyouuurrr tttheee fffirrrst mmmannn evvveeerrr tttooo ddd ddo that to meee”!

I just cuddled right up to her took that ugly but damn beautiful in the throes of

after orgasm glow face and head in my arms and as she lay there in them she

was still shaking all over and I said; “You mean no mans ever ate your pussy”?

She just seemed to melt like butter further into my arms and said;

“No I Hhhhhave nnnneeevveerr bbbeeen dddone thhhat ttto before”!

“Myyyy Huuusbbandddd neeveer dddid aannything buuut just jump on me

fffucck me and right back off me”! I’vveee neeeeveeer even cameee before!

Then she just turned her face to me and gave me a hell of a deep kiss again

and said; “Yoouuu dddonnn’ttt hhhaveee tottooo ffucck mmmeeee”!

and then carried on with; “I knnoww I’mmm ttttooo Uggly fforr aaaa maannn

tooo wantttt to fffucck me”!

Damn that hit me like a damn mortar kill right in the damn bunker right there!

Here I was holding the woman with what had to be the best damn tightest

pussy in the world, and now my cares of her being ugly were not doodly shit

anymore! Damn she had some fine ass pussy!!

I seemed to sense she was actually about to cry and snuggled her right up

to me more and said; “Look your not ugly”! “Now whatever your piece of shit

man has told you, and brainwashed you with woman ain’t what the truth is”!

Now hell yeah I was laying it on heavy with syrup over them burnt pancakes!

But this woman didn’t need reality what she needed was damn man to do just

what to hell I was about to do! As I said beauty is not shit! Oh sure it’s all

eye damn candy apealing oh hell yeah. But you know the reality of things are

that beauty is a damn beast that will turn on you and eat your ass up like a

serpent from the bible girl!

And I then and there said damn girl; “That is some of the damn tightest and

best damn pussy i’ve ever had in my damn life”! “Now ain’t none of them damn

raving ass beauties out there got anything but a damn wore out hole”!

She just snuggled up to me and laying in my arms like her saviour or some

shit and just closed her eyes and said; “No man’s ever talked to me like this”!

All I have ever heard since my body has changed is how ugly I am and how

no damn man would want me ever!

I must admit that I’d damn sure heard her husband say shit like that to her

and in company of everyone. I wanted to just grab his jerk ass up and beat

him to a fucking pulp but held back not wanting to get into their affairs.

I had felt sorry for this womans treatment and damn here I was after a damn

dare to come fuck her like this. And in my own way feeding into the frenzy of

her ugliness and not having gave a thought to her true inner self! Well that and

the damn finest tightest ass pussy I’d ever had! Fuck Beauty! I want ugly!!!

Well all that seemed to come to it’s end as she lay in my arms totally in what

had to be her first ever time even feeling so damn comfortable and so damn

half ass wanted even, That it made me feel like a damn king conquering his

first ever land! And damn I wanted to feel that damn pussy of hers do to my

dick what it had done to my tongue! I mean her pussy litterally was milking

my damn tongue! Now I’d been told about what we down south call snapping

pussies, and just assumed all this was some damn guy talk myth ass shit!

That damn myth was laid to rest for here in my arms was the queen of that

shit right there!! Damn I still shiver even now thinking how that pussy did that!

Anyway as we lay there like this and her coming more into her senses and

being, still snuggled up to me like a child a parent, and I guess in all her life

she’d probably never gotten such even as a child! And like I’d mentioned

very early on in this story she was a damn beautiful young woman.

We were all friends throughout highschool and hung together as group

and though our innocence at that time had nothing really to do with any

sexual urges or desires so much. Since most all of us were raised in

a strict christian home and our parents were all friends as well.

So no doubt her having met that piece of shit old man of hers whom

turned her into this now beguiled woman she was, made me want now

to kick his ass from Georgia to Tennesee!

But enough on all that I’m here now to tell the story of

“Taking One For The Team”, and how I fucked this Woman.

As we lay there snuggled all up like two damn pandas she then

reached her small womanly hand down my body and grabbed my

still rock ass hard cock and looking me in the eyes said;

“I wwaanttt yyyoouuu tttoooo ffuckkk meeee”!

“BBBuuttt Pppppleeeaseee bbbeee eeeeassy yyyouurr rreally bbbiggg”!

Now damn that made me feel like I was the man of the damn porn show hour

right then! Like the Black Man who came onto the set of the movie behind the

green door to fuck the woman with his huge black cock! And her eyes and looks

as she felt him take her was exactly what seemed to go through my mind as she

looked at me that same sort of way and was pleading to be fucked yet fearfull

that I was just to damn big for her!

I just lowered my head over to hers and kissed her fully and solidly again as

my hands reached down and grasp her frail, yet womanly hips and pulled her

now right atop me as she was now again shuddering and shaking like a leaf

in the wind knowing she was about to get that pussy torn assunder for it’s

first ever time!

As I felt her moaning gasp as she straddled my body with her small tiny

womanly one and grasp my cock up to her waiting pussy and when the

head of my cock touched her small lips she really shuddered like hell and

broke our kiss and then pushed back and pushed back some more as

the head of my cock finally at last broke through her stretched to hell and back

cunt lips as I felt like it was being consumed by some damn tight as hell vise!

She just flung her head back and cried out; “Ohhhh itttt”ss ttttoo bbigg ttooo

bbbiggg”! And damn no doubt that was right as I swear I felt every damn

bit of my cock head being squeesed like hell and back nearly a damn painfull

one and knew she had to damn well be hurting! And she was shuddering and

shaking all over making my cock move but what was in her couldn’t budge a

damn inch!

Her whole body weight was pushing back making my cock head in her pussy

the center of all attention between us! And it barely I mean barely went one

damn bit more as she was thrashing her head about crying out it was to damn

big, and it hurt to damn much but she didn’t stop!

Hell I finally reached up and grasp both her nice firm small titties and squeezed them

as she now pleaded; “Ohhhhh Yyyyessss ohhhh sssquuueeezzeee theeeemmm”!

“Ohhhh mmmmyy puusssiessss bbbeinngg ttttorn aaapartt ititt’ss ttto bbbiggg”!

As finally she just lay over onto my body and chest her pussy impaled to hell

and back on my cock and now i’m starting to feel that damn thing trying to like eat

at my damn cock. She was thrashing her head over my chest her hair flailed out

everywhere her screaming cries of it was to big and it hurt so much yet she never

once tried to get it out!

She wanted fucked! And she wanted fucked good! And ever so damn slowly I

felt tiny bit after tiny bit slip barely into her the whole my cock head now swallowed

by the tightest damn pussy I’d ever had! And damn feeling what was in her being

absolutely squeezed and milked and as if her pussy was quivering on my cock

and the whole time her atop me writhing and crying out it was to damn big and

feeling her tits mashed into my chest her heavy breathing flowing through them

into my chest as she impaled herself on my cock.

Slowly and ever so slowly she crept down onto my dick the tight as hell resistance

between our joining, as finally her weight forced her pussy to give way and like a

person slipping down a rope her pussy slipped down onto my dick and I swear I

could feel every damn bit of it being squeezed to death by her pussy and her

pussy pulling, squeezing, milking my cock with her walls made me about go damn


She was thrashing wildly atop me now flinging her head about still screaming

it was tearing her apart yet her desire to be fucked by a good sized mans cock

had her pussy glued right over the top of my dick as ever so slightly it slipped

and then slipped, and then slipped some more up into her!

The tightness getting ever greater and greater and her pussies quivering walls

were about to drive me fucking crazy!

As she was now crying out; “Ohhhh dddeeepppperrrrrr OOhhh ittt’s gggoiinngg

deeeepppperrrrrr iiinnnnnnnn mmeeeeeee”!

And then crying out; “I I I cccan’tttt tttakkkee nnnnnoooo mmmm mmmmorree”!

“Ohhhh III ccann’t tttakkkee nnnooo moooorrreee tttttoooo deeep ttttooo deeep”!

I guess everything going on at once had her mind in a place it had never been before

because she literally then and there just grunted like hell and back and fell right onto

my chest, Near “Limpless” except her whole bodies shuddering, and shivering, as bit by

tiny bit I slipped even deeper now half way home in the tightest most wonderful

feeling pussy of my life!

And then at the same time I know she felt it like I damn sure as bam bottom!

It was that moment that I felt her whole damn pussy go absolutely friggin crazy

milking at my cock like hell and back now as she was damn sure cuming and I

mean cuming!

Yet all I could hear her do was give out this grunting moan of hell and back

as her body shuddered all over and shivered from head to foot, her legs all but

coming out from under her that had held her up in place to take my cock in her

pussy yet it was so damn tight it was like I was having to bit by damn bit drill

my way up into her pussies depth. And now I was at the very of her ability to

take a many another inch further as I swear I felt like something way to up

in this little woman was clutching at the very tip of my cock!

Whatever this woman lacked in beauty I swear that pussy got!!

It felt like every damn inch of my cock in her pussy was being absolutely friggin

massaged by her pussy walls! I mean squeezing, clutching, pulling, all up and

down it from her deepest depths to what was just barely inside her cunt opening!

And her cuming all over my dick now made all this even worse! Damn I was about

to shoot my damn load in this woman and I was just now fully inside her pussy!

I reached and tried to pull her up but her pussy had such a damn death grip on my

cock she just wouldn’t move! I couldn’t move my damn cock in or out of this tight as

hell squeezing and milking, and massaging pussy for no means!

I don’t know how long this went on like that time was lost all that mattered at this

moment, in time was that pussy giving my damn dick a massage with her walls I’d

never in my whole life felt! And her atop me taking the first big cock of her life and

all but knocked the fuck out from that as the two of us were in a hell of a shape!

But what mattered was what my dick was doing inside that pussy and what that

pussy was doing for my dick! The poor woman was gone! Out of it! Off wherever

women go when they have had to much dick! But damn she kept right on with that

damn squeezing and tugging, and massaging and juicing like a damn electric juicer

on my dick! And whatever to fuck that was that was all but trying to nibble the damn

tip of my dick was driving me damn even crazier myself!

And finally her pussy was giving way as barely she began to pull up on my cock

my struggling at her hips to pull her up taking every ounce of muscle and energy

I had to even get it to do that. As more and more it slid upwards the juices of her

pussy drenching my dick like crazy as she was shuderring and grunting and moaning

to hell and back but still just in this damn limp off in wonder world way.

Finally I had her pulled to nearly all the way out my cock head just barely inside her

clutching like hell pussy, as I could see between us and saw how her pussy was

stretched like a damn clutching glove to my dick as it seemed even her inner walls

were pulling with it!

I finally lost all strength to keep her whole body up and just let go of her limp

body and ever so slowly bit by tiny bit her pussy slipped right back down my dick

as she was now grunting even louder and moaning like hell and back.

Then she just gasped out like hell as I felt the head of my dick hit bottom again

and that damn whatever to hell it was again nibbling at my damn cock tip!

She was now still limply laying on my chest and body shuddering and her gruntal

moaning cries between us as slowly she was starting to come to a bit as I felt her

hands now clutching at my shoulders trying to pull herself up and back into reality

as my cock was deeply imbedded in her pussy to the hilt!

Her head shaking about now as if trying to shake the cobwebs out and still she

was grunting, and moaning, the whole time trying to say something, yet

nothing more than the gasping grunts and moans were vividly understandable.

Once she’d finally come even half way around I heard her give a loud cry out

of half understandable; “Alll tttheee wwwaayyy ooohhh ittt’s alll theee wwwayy

innnnn meeeeee”! And with that sort of understandable of which to me that’s what

she was saying, but one things for certain the moment her mind returned and her body

finally awakened she went crazy!

Her whole body rocked, shuddered, quivered, twisted, jerked, and who knows what else

all at once and her head halfheartedly flung up as her face was absolutely contorted into

a full near totally painfull squinch, yet her face was lite up with a deep redened tone of

what was no doubt her being fucked to death!

You may think oh hell he’s over doing all this and actually I’m not doing it justice enough

it defies what words or sentences I can put in writing to tell you all just what she looked

like how it felt, and so on and so forth. It was just to overpowering for the two of us and

no words can truly describe it!

But that pussy said it best! She was having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm

one falling into a more powerful other, as I began to work that tight ass pussy up

and down my cock in slow movement since she as yet was still to damn tight to do

a thing otherwise!

The one thing obvious about it all was that damn constant quivering, massaging,

squeezing, pussy of hers on my cock that had me about to loose it all myself.

And damn each time I’d at last hit the end of her pussy that damn whatever it was

in her would like reach the fuck out and nibble on my damn cock tip!

Sure I’ve gotten to bottom in many women in my time but by dammit I swear no

womans pussy had ever done that to my dick!

Slowly but surely,we both seemed to get our grips about us, As she was now up

and at last using her hands and arms to hold her up on me as she was still crying

how it was hurting like hell and she said something about her belly feeling like it

was stuffed beyond her ability to handle. All but yelling out in painfull anquish;

“Mmmyyyyy bbbeelllyyy Ohhh IIII fffeeel yyyouurrrr cccock mooving innn

mmmyyy bellllyyyy”!

As that seemed to stir her into yet further throes of orgasm as I felt her yet

again cuming and that pussy going crazy with all stuff it was doing.

While her hands now clutched and clawed at my chest digging her nails into me

like a eagle grabbing up its prey. As she was raised straight up now trying her best

to herself work herself up and down my cock but she was so driven by all the passion

and feelings of it inside her, as I could see even her belly now writhing and moving

as my cock was planted as far as it could go inside her.

And time seemed to slowly go by with all this going on until at last she was finally

driving herself up and down my cock her head thrown back in passionate fashion

crying out how her pussy was getting fucked as she once again lay atop my chest

crying out;”FFFuuuck mmmmeee oooohhhh fffuccck mmmeeeeeee”!

As I grasp her tiny waist and began to drive her up and down making her

pussy orgasm over and over,as I pounded that pussy like everything.

Each time I hit bottom now hard as hell she’d give out a gruntal scream.

While faster and faster we fucked as she was starting to loose it all again

this time because the passion and pleasure of being fucked by a real man

that had the equiptment and care to see her pleasured as never before until

she could take no more and screamed out; “Ohhhhh iii’mmmmmm cummmingg

sssoo muuuccchhhhhhh nnnnevvver ccccommme ssso muccch”!

All the while it seemed something inside this woman was giving way to my

cock for it seemed it was trying to go into something that had been and still was

nibbling at my damn cock tip! She in fact now herself crying out; “SSSommeeethingg

oooh sommmeeethingggg iiinnn meeee issss gggggivvving uppp oh itttt’s ttrrying to

go fffurtherrrrrrr innnn meeeee”!

Everything seemed to culminate at once as she slammed down and I pushed up

making us both go crazy as I began to cum and she was jerking, squirming, and

crying out; “Ohhhhhhhh cccummm innnn meee ohhh I fffeeeel ittt I feeel itttt oh I’mm

ggggoinggg tttttooooo cccummmmm tttto”!

And we came together and I swear as we were mashed together as far as she

could take me I felt like half my damn cock head now was being nibbled at like that

and her pussy massaging,and milking at my cock even harder now as I felt her juices

pouring from inside mingling with my cum now seeping out over my dick. As we both

were grunting and screaming to the world how good it was.

Then laying in the aftermath of the fuck of each of our lives I look over to see none

other than her damn daughter standing in the doorway watching all this intently and

looking at me and pointing at herself and said I’m next, and I want some of that!

Well yes I have returned to give the “Mom” a going over a few other times and

still to this day that is the tightest,massagingest, clutchingest, nibblingest pussy

I’ve ever had in my life.

And guess what as the old saying is the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

well her daughters pussy is damn near just like her Moms!!