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I 50 come from a well to do and rich family, so no money worries for me and I was married and had 2 children now grown. My wife died in 2020 due heart failure not the pandemic, that’s why we only had 2 children, having children was a strain on her heart and she got her tubes tied. I was at a lost for a while and couldn’t be bothered with my career or running my business and gave it to my children. I took over my uncle’s estate, he was a widower like me and due to ill health had to go into care facility. He made it a condition his estate couldn’t be sold ever. As his only child had predeceased him, I was the next in line. The estate was 44 acres and had 7 bedrooms 5 bathrooms and servant’s quarters, no servants living on the estate anymore at the time. I moved in and was quite content riding horses and doing nothing much else. The grounds were cared for by local landscape firm and 2 men looked after the horses Monday thru Friday coming at 7 leaving at 5. There was a housekeeper also came at 7 and left at 5 also, if I was to have guests on the weekend arrangement could be made. Anyway, I was not into entertaining, and family could look after themselves like I did. but the housekeeper was 67 and had a turn as she called it and decided to retire. I place an ad for a housekeeper and not no takers at all locally. So, I advertised in the city and got one response, the estate was off the beaten track and so most people didn’t want to come there. As a place to work Monday to Friday and you lived in the nearby town a great job. But there was a catch the applicant wasn’t a single person but sisters 46 and 48 and would also need to live on site. The older sister was in wheelchair and her sister was the one wanting the job. Her sister would help her doing the cooking for the single wage for both plus food and lodgings. I wasn’t keen but as I only had one response, I had no choice. But I decided to pay both of them, mainly because they would also be doing work on the weekends and paying twice what I paid the previous housekeeper would cover for the extra weekend work. Also, I could afford it. They turned up on a Saturday as they said they would, and I had ramps put in at the kitchen door and the servant’s quarters. They were fairly good-looking women for their ages and worn no makeup or dressed to impress. Pleasant to talk too, I was happy with my first impression of them, and the older sister turned out to be a great cook. Over following weeks, I rode horses and they had settled in quite well. Then the older sister asked me could I teach her to ride a horse, it was childhood dream of hers to learn to ride a horse. I was unsure how to answer, but she added as long as the horse was of a quiet nature, she could use a special saddle. I see no reason why not if we can get you a special saddle. Turns out an ordinary saddle with extra straps fitted and a back brace would do. But I had a saddler make a new saddle fitted out instead of adapting another saddle. The front verandah was raised at about the right height with a set of rails removed to allow her to mount the horse with help no winching required. I also had the perfect horse, and she soon got the hang of horse riding. In fact, I started to enjoy the company on my horse rides. Then the other sister decided to learn also encouraged by her sister riding and we were then all riding together. Being alone together most of the time, we got close and were soon lovers as well. I fucked the older sister first at her request and like the horse riding her younger sister soon joined in. Regular sex was now part of our lives together and I had a stair lift installed. They now sleep in my bed and the servant quarters are vacant again, if you were to visit and hadn’t been told they were servants you would think they were both family members. I still pay them for their work the sex is for mutual satisfaction and because we like fucking. I would marry either if they so wanted but they don’t, they want to be free to choose. My children visit and know I’m sleeping with them, and they are happy I’m happy and treat the sisters as if they are family not servants.

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