Taking Rita Part 5 – They Meet, Prologue

This is a continuation of my latest series. It took me a while to finish this chapter, but feel free to refresh yourself on the previous ones. Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
Taking Rita Part 5 – They Meet, Prologue
I had been casually throwing out the idea of letting her boyfriend in on her secret, letting us all meet, letting him watch me fuck her. It was mostly pillow talk as we cuddled after having sex. Maybe it was related to the decreased inhibitions she had as she recovered from multiple orgasms. Maybe she really was warming up to the idea. Either way she finally agreed.
“Okay”, Rita said a little reluctantly after a long pause. “You would really be okay with that?” She asked me looking at me inquisitively.
I smiled and sat myself up from where I laid next to her in her bed. I straddled her and paused for a minute. I saw her eyes dart quickly away from mine and admire my breasts hanging down below me. I smile and leaned down to her ear.
“I think it would be hot to have you while he watched.” I whispered into her ear as I nibbled it. “It could be a competition to see who can fuck you the best.” I continued, kissing her again.
This time my kisses continued. I laid my chest down onto hers and traced it over her body as I began to kiss down it. I know she liked the feeling of my breasts moving across her body and the soft little moan she let out told me this time was no different.
I trailed down her neck then slowly and lightly kissed down her chest, purposely avoiding her breasts and going down the valley between them. Her chest began heaving as her breaths became deeper and my kisses trailed down to her stomach. Rita opened her legs for me, knowing and clearly excited with what was going to come next.
I continued, not missing a beat, until I reached her pussy which I licked right away. As I approached it I could smell her sex and as my tongue ran through her, it was coated with her tasty nectar. As my tongue made contact with the inner lips of her pussy, Rita moaned out and arched her back up, her hands immediately grabbing her breasts and giving them a good squeeze. I watched all this from my position between her legs.
“Mmmm, wow.” I said, “Two orgasms already tonight, but tastes to me like you could use another one…”
Rita looked down at me, her eyes fluttering as I licked her again.
“Oh…my…god.” She said between deep breaths, “I can’t help myself around you… you touch me and I feel my juices start to flow. I can’t NOT cum around you!” She exclaimed, “Believe me, I’ve tried!”
I smiled to myself as I dove right back into her again. She moaned out loudly as soon as her sentence was finished and her body dropped back down onto the bed, her hands still holding her breasts tightly in their grasp.
I proceeded to eat out Rita. Her sweet juices covered my tongue and I could feel her hips lightly grinding into my face. I reached my arms under her legs and reached up and grabbed her hands with mine and squeezed. She moaned out as I made her squeeze her breasts even harder. I then let loose my grasp a little and started to massage her breasts through her hands. It was hot for me to think that I was making her play with her own breasts.
My tongue was deep in the folds of her pussy. I licked, sucked and teased this pussy I was becoming so familiar with. Hearing Rita moan and feeling her squirm underneath me made it that much more fun for me.
I pulled one of my hands away from her and traced it down my own body, giving my sensitive breast a squeeze on the way past, sending a shiver of pleasure through me as it continued down to my own pussy which I discovered was quite wet itself. I fingered myself a little as I continued to fuck Rita with my tongue.
My own juices quickly coated my fingers and with no resistance I slid a finger inside of myself, causing me to let out an involuntary moan and a short pause in my work on Rita. Rita lifted her head up and looked down at me and saw one of my hands between my legs. She smiled at me.
“Bring that up here so I can have some fun too.” She said a twinkle in her eye.
I paused and looked at her and removed myself from between her legs. I sat up and looked at her. She continued to lay flat on her back, obviously waiting for me. I got on all fours and slowly crawled my way up her body, letting my erect nipples trace up her body. We kept eye contact and I moved at a slow but consistent pace as I brought my breasts up to her face. I traced my right breast across her lips. As my hard nipple made contact she opened her mouth slightly and took it in. I paused as I felt her tongue immediately start to flick and suck on me.
I let her have her fun for a few moments then I pulled it out and put the other one in her mouth and let her suck on that one too then pulled it out. I loved when she sucked on my breasts, she was so caring and gentle and it drove me wild, but as much as I wanted her lips on me, I wanted them on my pussy instead.
I leaned up and continued to scoot myself farther up. I lifted myself up and paused, my pussy right above her face. Her eyes stared at me. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and then looked up at me, waiting. I smiled at her and lowered myself down onto her face. Her wet tongue spread my wet pussy lips effortlessly.
This time it was my turn to moan out and grab my breasts and squeeze them as the pleasure from her tongue moved through my body. “Ohhhhh yeaaaaa” escaped my lips and I heard Rita giggle a little from underneath me.
Let Rita continue for a little while, then I lifted myself up and turned myself around 180 and lowered myself back down . As Rita began eating me again, I took a few minutes to compose myself then I lowered myself down until my face was back in between her legs.
I felt Rita wrap her arms up and over me and lock her arms over my lower back and pull me down a little harder onto her face, pushing her tongue deeper into me. I had a feeling she was trying to exert control over this situation. Feeling like we were now in a competition to get the other off first, I dove my face right back into her.
The room steamed up pretty quickly and was filled with passionate grunts and moans as we each were pleasured and gave pleasure. Each one of us was desperately trying to get the other off first and not be overcome by our own pleasure.
I felt one of Rita’s hands lift off me, which made me think that maybe I was winning this one, but after a brief pause I felt her fingers slide into me, actually it felt like two fingers based on how much it filled me up. Not expecting this, I let out a loud moan as Rita began to finger fuck me.
I pretty much conceded at this point as the pleasure was too much for me. I lifted my head out from between Rita’s legs and tried my best not to moan as I closed my eyes and concentrated on her fingers sliding deep in me. It wasn’t completely one sided now with the pleasure, I was still rubbing Rita’s pussy and causing her to moan.
It didn’t take long for my orgasm to start to build. Not wanting the pleasure to stop, I tried to hold it back as long as I could and started bucking my hips onto and off of her fingers. Rita wouldn’t have much of it and held me down tight with her other arm still wrapped around my waist.
I screamed as my pussy exploded, no doubt showering her in my cum. My body continued to convulse and spasm as I rode that orgasm to its end. Rita had stopped finger fucking me and let me finish my orgasm without any outside interference.
Both breathing heavily, I realized I had not gotten her off, so without warning I leaned back down and dove right into her. Rita let out a yelp in surprise as my tongue dove deep into the folds of her pussy. I held my tongue out hard and rocked my head back and forth, fucking her. This caught her by surprise too. I felt her hands wrap hard around me and grab my ass and squeeze. Laying on top of her I had her pinned down and she couldn’t thrash or go anywhere, even though I felt her trying to under me.
My tongue and neck muscles got tired and I pulled my tongue out of her and started to flick her clit. I think this is what she needed as she moaned and I felt her body start to tremble underneath me. I laid on top of Rita, feeling her body shack and listening to her moan, as she experienced her orgasm for the morning.
As it subsided, I rolled off of her and spun myself back around so I was laying next to her. She was breathing heavily and looked over at me. Obviously at a loss of words, she just gave me a giant smile.
We laid there catching our breath then I got up and started to find my clothes around the room. Rita stayed in bed, but made no effort to cover herself so she just laid there, a perfect specimen of a female body. She was casually watching me and looking around the room, but at one point caught me staring at her.
“What?” She asked a little bashful.
“Damn you’re hot…” I said, my voice trailing off.
Rita’s face turned red and she smiled, obviously a little embarrassed but welcoming of the compliment.
I got myself put back together, at least enough to make it back to my place. I walked over to the bed to kiss her goodbye. She was looking down, obviously in thought.
“Thanks for a great night, and morning.” I said leaning down to kiss her. She turned her head and looked at me.
“What?!” I asked concerned.
Rita paused for a second. “My boyfriend is supposed to come over tomorrow…. Do you want to go out with us?”
A smile came across my face, relieved it wasn’t something bad.
“That sounds great.” I said. What time?
“Come over around 8…”
“I’ll see you then.” Then I leaned down and we kissed goodbye.
I left Rita’s apartment and as I was closing the door, her neighbor was also leaving. He looked at me, and then at Rita’s door. As I walked down the hall, I smiled at him, just in a nice “hello” way.
“Sounded like you two had a fun night, and morning.” he said as I approached.
My smile faded into a quirky look.
“You have no idea.” I said winking at him as I walked by.
After I passed him I smiled again. ”That’s going to give him something to think about” I thought to myself. I didn’t bother looking back, but I could imagine the look on his face.

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