Tales of a Bisexual CIA Agent 03

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I called Director Miller, as requested, to discuss my next mission. He invited me to his and Liam's apartment. When I arrived there, we spent 15 minutes talking about the mission.
"This time the targets are a notorious Mexican family that traffics young men and women, disaffected Mexicans, taking their unfortunate life circumstances to push them into lives of prostitution in Harlem. It is run by twin brothers, Juan and Jose Martinez, who, by the way, are very hot, hung, uncut and bisexual. They're younger twin brothers, Jorge and Jesus, may also be involved. We do have intelligence that they are all lovers together, too."
"So, you can guess your mission. We know where they hang out to find sex partners. You and Jones will be the active agents, with Baker playing his intelligence role. We will procure an apartment for you and Jones here in the city, uptown closer to where they run their operations in Harlem. You two will present yourselves as a couple. I wouldn't think it would be that hard to catch their eye and either get them to take you to where they live and where they host clients."
"Leslie and I are still dating, I stay at her apartment twice a week, typically Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am hopelessly in love with her."
"I'm very happy for you. Really. After Liam, you and I are done playing, I'll provide you with your manila envelope. Follow me."
We went into their bedroom. Liam was sitting naked on their bed. I had forgotten how hot he was.
"Well, hello Liam Kelley! Nice to see you and your huge cock!"
Miller and I undressed each other so, so sexily. I ended up sitting on Liam's cock with his hands on my hips while Miller throat fucked me with one hand on the back of my head and the other under my chin. It felt amazing to have these two hot men using me again. They went very, very slow, slowly flexing their hips, sliding their cocks in and out of me. I flexed my throat and ass muscles, making them both groan. Liam said, "Fuck, I've missed this ass!"
They sped up, grunted and I felt their thick cocks throb up my ass and down my throat. I got off Liam's cock and on all fours on the bed. Liam lubricated my throat with his hot, Irish American semen. He throat fucked me slowly as Miller slowly fucked my ass. I could hear them French kissing. Miller reached under me, stroked my cock and caught my semen when I shot. I heard him say, "This is for you, my love," as he fed it to Liam.
After they both came, I drank Miller's semen. We smoked joints and fell asleep and took a two-hour nap. After, Miller gave me my envelope. I went home, opened it and read it.
Agent Roberts,
Thank you for your continuing service to the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
For this mission, the CIA will:
•Rent you and Agent Jones an apartment on the Upper West Side of New York City, where you will create the appearance that you are a couple
-A new identity, including all necessary documentation
-A new, secure cell phone, laptop and tablet
-A completely new wardrobe appropriate to your mission
-The entire file we have on the Martinez brothers and their family and what we know about their US and Mexican operations
•Deposit one million dollars USD into the secure account we informed you of under other cover. The account information will be sent to your new secure phone. Upon successful completion of the mission, as you know, we'll deposit the second one million.
Your mission begins on May 15th. Agent Baker will call you tomorrow to provide more information.
May God watch over you while you execute your mission on behalf of the United States of America,
In Peace,
Agent Miller
Director of the Welsh Spies
United States Central Intelligence Agency
p.s. Please destroy this letter. It will disintegrate when you douse it with water.
The briefing on the Martinez brothers was detailed. They were very, very hot. They moved to New York from Mexico City five years ago and immediately started smuggling in young, vulnerable Mexican men and women forcing them into enslavement as prostitutes, pimping them out of a hotel in Harlem. They had a headquarters nearby. The FBI suspects them of having had competitors killed and killing some of the prostitutes.
I went to the apartment. It was beautiful. I walked into the bedroom, which looked out over the city, to see Jones smiling with his cock hard and dripping. After "broke in the bed" we got dressed and waited for Baker. He arrived and he briefed us on where to go to meet up with them, a bar in Harlem. He placed bugs on us, same places, in our pubes and in our hair line. He activated our new secure devices and placed bugs and cameras in our apartment.
After the briefing, we all undressed each other, and spit roasted each other so each had each other's ass and throat. We took a nap. After we showered, Jones and I cleaned out our asses, and headed to the bar in Harlem with lube and condoms.
It was not crowded. Soon, Juan and Jose walked in. They were truly hot, 5' 8", muscular in tight jeans and t-shirts wearing hoodies and black leather jackets. One sat down on either side of us, ordered beers and started drinking them.
"Hi, we haven't seen you here before. Have you just moved to the neighborhood?"
I answered, "No, a friend told us this was a good place to meet hot Mexican men."
"Oh, really? This is my brother. We live 2 blocks away. Interested?"
"Yes, lead the way." Jones and I followed them for 2 blocks. They buzzed into their building and we walked up to their third floor apartment. We went in and they led us to a bedroom. They turned around, took their clothes off revealing their amazing, muscular bodies and huge uncut cocks. They smiled at us. We undressed each other as they stroked their cocks hard, sat down on the bed and spread their legs.
We walked up to them, got on our knees and lifted up their hard, thick 10-inch uncut cocks. We both sucked their balls while we stroked their cocks, making them groan and put their hands back on the bed, leaning back. We licked up the underside of their cocks then wrapped our lips around their cock heads and licked around it under their foreskins. They then put their hands on the tops of our heads.
They pushed our faces all the way down on their cocks, rubbing our noses in their musty pubes and our chins on the huge, hot balls. I flexed my throat muscles, guessing Jones did, too. A minute later they both grunted, their cocks throbbed, and we swallowed their hot semen.
They pulled our faces off their cocks and looked into our eyes. Juan asked, "So are we hot enough for you?"
"So, so hot! Get on your backs and we'll do the same thing with our tight, hot asses!" They smiled, laid back and moved to the center of the bed. Jones and I got condoms out, opened them, rolled then down on their cocks. We straddled them, rubbing their nipples and sat all the way down on their thick cocks. It felt amazing.
They looked at each other smiled, then looked back up at us and started flexing their hips up and down as we flexed our ass muscles. I leaned over and kissed Juan while Jones kissed Jose while rubbed their stiff nipples. The hot, Mexican studs both grunted, their cocks throbbed, and we felt their hot semen shoot up our asses into their condoms.
Jones and I pulled off them, got on our knees on the floor, bent back our heads, opened our mouth, stuck out our tongues and wagged them. "Fuck, Jose, look at those hot boys waiting for our hot semen and cocks down their throats again. I had no idea we'd have our cocks serviced this well when we walked into the bar!"
They stood up, dripped their semen on our tongues which we swallowed. We then put out heads down and opened our mouths wide. They stood up, grabbed out heads and throat fucked us, shooting down our throat.
Then, they turned around with their hands on the bed, spread their legs and stuck out their hot, tight asses. Jones and I smiled at each other, stuck out and wagged our tongues at each other. We got on our knees, spread their hard ass cheeks and started licking their assholes. They groaned and pushed their asses back on our tongues. We stood up, put on condoms, lubed and fingered their tight assholes and slid our cocks up them, holding their hips.
We slowly fucked their tight asses as they put their heads down and groaned. They both pushed their asses up and down our cocks as we flexed them in and out of their asses. Jones and I looked at each other, pushed all the way in their truly hot, tight asses, grunted and shot. We pulled and Juan and Jose got on their knees, looking up at us with their big, brown eyes.
We pulled off our condoms and held them up. They bent back their heads, opened their pretty mouths and stuck out their tongues. Jones and I slowly dripped our semen onto their tongues, then grabbed their heads, one hand on the back, the under their chins, and throat fucked them slowly.
As we started to cum, we pulled our cocks out so our cock heads were in their mouths and filled them with our semen. They swallowed. Jose said, "Fuck, you two are hot. Are you boyfriends?"
I looked into his eyes and said, "Yes, we are." Jones and I French kissed.
"You two are so, so fucking hot. We know men who would love to do with you what we just did and what you just did to us. Interested? You can make good money."
Jones answered, "Yes, where would that happen?"
Juan answered, "At a hotel here in Harlem. I'll call you when we have a few men lined up, so you can service them as a group. They will pay us, and we'll pay you in cash. 200 dollars and hour per man."
I answered, "Fuck, that sounds hot. Everyone must wear condoms, though."
Jose said, "No problem. As you can see, we are twins. We have twin brothers two years younger than us, Jorge and Jesus. We'd love to look at them as we fuck your hot, tight holes from both ends. Phone numbers?"
I gave him mine and we dressed and left.
"Fuck, Jones, they were so hot, right?"
"Yes, I can't wait to feel how big and thick their brothers' cocks are."
"Fuck, me, too. Let's go back to our apartment and call Baker to debrief."
Baker was at our apartment when we arrived. He said, "I have full recording and some video of your encounter with them. I have to admit, I had to resist jerking off, so I have lots of semen for you two hot Agents. We know a lot about them already but are running their faces through international databases. I also followed you to the bar and took their beer glasses and lifted prints. Their prints aren't in any of the databases, so that is a big win."
"When they call you and arranged a time for you to go to the hotel, take these." He handed us the small surveillance devices we'd used before. "I am guessing it's the same hotel they pimp young men and women out of. Keep your eyes and ears open. Now, the fun."
We got undressed and had our normal hot sex session, wearing each other out. While we were laying in bed smoking joints, Jones said, "Baker, Mike has a girlfriend."
"Yeah, is she hot, Mike?"
"Yes, she's the one I fucked at Walter's party with Jones here fucking another hot woman next to us. We had a drink later that night and went back to my room." I answered with a big smile.
"Hmmmm. That's great. I have to admit, I've hooked up with Spencer several times."
"I could tell you two had that vibe. Leslie and I went to the Caribbean together, staying at a private villa for a wonderful week. We fucked on every surface in that villa"
Baker pulled out some joints. We lit them up, smoked them, had a hot threesome, and took a nap together, naked and smelly.
That evening, after Jones and I had hot sex, we smoked joints sitting naked in bed. "Did you notice there was only one bed and one bedroom in that apartment. Jose said they both lived there. Miller told me they actually are lovers together and they also have sex with their younger twin brothers."
The next day, Jose called to ask if we were available that evening to get together with him, Juan and their twin brothers at the hotel. "Yes, what time?" He gave us the time and address. I called Baker to let him know. Baker said he'd be over in 10 minutes.
"I've got some higher fidelity mini-cameras that I need you to place to video the reception area, the stairwells and the room they take you to. We need to confirm they are pimping minors, and we need to determine the identities of the monsters they pimp those poor kids to."
Jones and I took a cab and got out around the corner from the hotel. I took a photo of the front, noting its street number and texted it to Baker. Jose was waiting for us in the lobby. We went up the stairs to a room on the third floor and into the room (noting the room number). There was a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a desk with chair and an armchair. Juan and their twin brothers were sitting on the bed naked, smiling and stroking their huge, dripping cocks. They were so hot our cocks were rock hard when we undressed each other.
The twins got on their backs. Jones and I rolled condoms down on their cocks, sat down on them and opened our mouths for Jose and Juan. They flexed their hips fucking our asses holding our hips and throats holding our heads by the sides. We flexed our throat and ass muscles making them groan. They sped up, pushed their cocks all the up and down us as they throbbed and filled us up with their hot semen.
Juan and Jose pulled out. Juan and Jose sat on the edge of the bed and stroked their cocks hard again. Jones and I got on our knees and rolled condoms down on them. We stood up, sat on their cocks while Jesus and Jorge lubricated our throats with their condom semen, slid their cocks down our throats and fucked them in rhythm with their brothers' assault on our asses.
All four grunted and we felt all 40 inches of their thick cocks throb and shoot more of their semen into us. Jesus and Jorge pulled their cocks out of our throats. We felt all 10 inches sliding out past our tonsils and Juan's and Jose' 10 inches sliding out past our sphincters.
Jones asked Jorge and Jesus, "Do you two hot studs get fucked, too?"
"Great. That means we are going to get together again!" Jones looked at me and said, "Please shoot your hot semen on our faces and tongues."
They stood around us. We bent back our heads, opened our mouths and stuck out our tongues. Jose and Juan dripped their semen down our throats. We looked up as all four stroked their foreskins up and down their cocks until they were ready to shoot. They each stepped up and coated our faces with their hot semen. Jones leaned over and we licked their semen off each other's faces and swallowed it.
I said, "Thank you, men. I hope it was as hot for you as it was for us."
Juan, "Fuck, yes. You two are very, very hot! This is the room where you'll service the men we'll be setting up for you. We'll arrange for six, so each can have your asses, throats and cocks. I'll call you when I've set that up. Cock boys, get dressed and go."
Jones and I were able to place cameras in the room, in the hallway across from the door to that room, in the stairwells and reception area. We called Baker, who agreed to meet us back at the apartment. Baker said, "That was really hot. I think they really trust you now. I did a little research. There is an empty, available apartment across the street we'll rent and set up higher fidelity cameras to see who comes and goes. I'll set that up tomorrow."
"We need to have clear photos and video of the victims' faces so we can work with the Mexican government to identify them, as well as identifying who we see go in the hotel, then later on the cameras in the room. They are committing statutory rape. We need you to get closer to Juan and Jose and learn all you can about the extent of their business. Seems from them offering to get men for you to service that they are also pimping adults."
"I've work on many missions. This one is different. We have to put get them into custody. We have an extradition agreement with Mexico where they will face the charges and the same punishment they would face here in the United States."
Jose called two days later to tell us he'd lined up the six men and to come to the hotel in the room we met in.
Jones and I showered, cleaned our asses, put on tight jeans and polo shirt and took a cab, getting out around the corner. We went up to the room. The door was ajar. We went in to see six truly, truly hot men – 2 Latinos, 1 black, 2 Italian Americans and 1 Polish American – all with thick, 10 inch uncut cocks, lean muscular bodies, handsome and smiling at us.
Jose said, "Men, these men are here to service your every sex need. They will do anything you want, but you must wear condoms. No hitting, except maybe a little ass and face cheek slapping. Enjoy! I'll come back in an hour."
Jones and I got on all fours on the bed. The black man and Polish man took our asses while the two Italian Americans took our throats and the two Latinos got on their backs and took our cocks in their mouths. As the others fucked our asses and throats, we fucked the Latino's throats. It was so very hot.
The ass and throat fuckers groaned and groaned as they held our hips and the sides of our heads. I heard one say, "Fuck, such a tight ass. I can't wait to have his ass and both their throats!" I felt my ass getting slapped, so I knew the Polish man was using my ass. I was in heaven.
They grunted and shoved their cocks all the way up into us, and as their cocks throbbed, I felt every spurt going up my ass and down my throat. I assumed Jones felt it, too. We both shot at the same time down the Latino's throats. They were amazing cocksuckers.
The Latinos got out from under us, then the others pulled out of our throats and asses.
I said, "You two Latinos are amazing cocksuckers! I've never had my cock sucked so well. Jones?"
"Fuck, yes. I'll dream about that tonight!"
The hottest Latino said, "You two, stay down on all fours. We just sucked their cocks, now they are going to suck ours. You Italian boys should take their asses." The Black and Polish men got under us and as the others slid their cocks up our asses and down our throats, the wrapped their mouths around our cocks, immediately sucking them.
As we were being pounded hard from both ends, Jones and I both shot and the Polish man and black man swallowed and got out from under us, straddled us. I heard the Polish man command, "You hot Latinos open wide, we're going to fuck your throats!" It was amazing to hear all their groins and balls slapping against our asses and ours and the Latino's faces. They all grunted. I felt the two cocks in me throb and ever spurt of their semen up my ass and down my throat.
They all pulled out. Jones and I got on our knees, heads back, mouths open, tongues out. We wagged our tongues. The black man said, "Fuck, men. What little cock hungry doggies. Italian studs, feed them your semen, then we'll cover their pretty faces with all our semen."
After the Italian American men poured their semen down our throats, we swallowed all of it and bent our heads down, looked up at all the hot men who would be coating our faces with their semen, opened our mouths and stuck out our tongues.
They all stroked their foreskins up and down their 10 inchers and when they started grunting, stepped up and shot still huge load on our faces. After they were done, the hot Polish man asked me, "Who do you want to wipe in into your mouths and throat fuck you hot men again?"
I pointed to him and the black man. The black man wiped all the semen into my mouth and the Polish man into Jones'. Then, they switched. The black man aggressively throat fucked me and fed me another huge load while the Polish guy throat fucked and fed Jones.
Just then, Jose and Juan came in. Jose asked, "Men, which one was best?"

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