Tamil Sex Stories In English – Cithiyudan Orunall – Part I

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This is true story happened in my life. I am Salman (name changed) from Chennai (TN) and this incident took place around a 3 years ago with my Chithi Sameema(name changed) (22 years) well woman with 35 size boobs and she was more beautiful and slim sexy women. I am well built with 7 inches tool. 

I am studing BA in Chennai when I was in 12th std my sex experience started with my Jammu (Shameema) she is staying in Madurai.My chithappa was a business man. Running a ready made show room in Kerela and he stay there and come weekly once in Tuesday.One day  I went to my grandma home to Madurai, Jammu’s home is next near to there. It was happiest day spent with my grand parents on that night Jammu came to home to see my mom and she said that my Chithappa went to 
Surat to buy some dresses and his MIL went for marriage in Ramanadhapuram. So he called to sleep with her in his home my mom also said ok and sent me to there on 8 pm. I went and had my dinner it was around 8.30pm. on there is a channel it was telecast from Russia Peh (Ren tv) aft 10 pm we can see XXX movies and newses in that Channel I know about it I was waiting to see that now I am watching film in Ktv and the time was 9 pm.
My Jammu went to the main door and locked it and come back to me and asked enga paduka pora? I said halla paduthukaren chithi. See said ok and went to her room and locked it.time is 9.30 I changed my dresses and arranging sofa towards the TV. Now time is 10pm I turned on to Ren TV. The show started it is show about a sex relation to a boss and maid. I got so hot and started to jerk my tool. The clock move to 12 am and I am in peak so I decided to masturbate. 
I take my Jammu’s dresses and inners from her washing room what a feel it is I am started to masturbate in TV there is scene that boss pissing in maid mouth. I am also feeling that I am going to burst. It was over. I am cleaning myself suddenly my Jammu entered into hall and caught me red handed. Rentv and her clothes, my tool all are shooted by her eyes she get shocked and get into her room. I feel ashamed and sat in the sofa, again she came
And get her clothes and get into her room by mistake she took my pant and briefs. I called her from back side of her door she didn’t answerd me. I see through the ventilator I am shocked she smelling my panty and then I come back to sofa and put kaili and laid on sofa (sorry friends I am doing BA economics in tamil medium so I know only little bit English, so I am going to continue my story in tamil and also write in little english) Marubadiyum jammu velya vandhu en jattiya kuduthutu poita na adha eduthu potukuten.aparam thungiten.
The next day:
Chithi: Salman
Me: Good morning chithi
Chithi: coffee kuduchutu v2ku po.
Me:illa chithi na anga poi brush pannitu coffee kuduchukaren
Chithi: seri, that day went smoothly, Edhum nadandha mari kamuchukama ava velaiya patha Aftnoon Lunch Chithi vetuladhan.That night she called me the game starts on that night.
Chithi: Inaiku engada padukura
Me: Hall
Chithi: Halla paduthu nee ketadhu podhu ulla vandhu padu
Me! Then I entered to that room
Chithi: dei kadhavu adachurukanu pathutu vaa
Me: adachuruku chithi Nadhan Adachen
Chithi: Seri padu
Andha roomla oru chinna room iruku adhukulla poi dress change pannuna thirumba vandhapo enaku mood agiruchu.enu theriyuma? Ava Bra panty podama oru see through nighty potu vandha
Enna kuptu mela paduka sonna (thappa nenaikadhinga bedla) na katirundha kaili vesti (Nambikadhrogi) en thambi muluchurukaradha kati kuduthuruchu. En jammu adha pathu sirucha.na padutahdhum oru 2 nimisam kaluchu enta nethu enada panitu irundhanu keta na bayandhu en heart beat kudiruchu.

Chithi: Ethana padam pathuruka
Chithi: ok vidu ipadilam inmel pannadha un udambu kettu poirum
Me: ok chithi
Chithi: ethana ponungaloda paniruka.
Me: yarkudayum pannala
Chithi: nee kai adikarapo enna pannuva (I am shocked)
Me: atite irupen
Chithi: illada yarayachu nenaipaya
Me: ama
Chithi: yara?
Me: yarayachu
Chithi: ok enanu neanipa?
Me: enkuda panuramari
Chithi: seri, ennathana nethu nenacha?
Me: ama
Chithi: enkuda oanra mariaya?
Me: illa
Chithi: aparam
Me: neenga dress illama irukuramari
Chithi: apadi enna pakanuma?
Me: sandhosathin ucha katathil) ama
Chithi: yartayum sollakudahu
Me: ok
Chithi: oruka matudhan kamipen
Me: seri but light podu pakaren
She smiled and say ok and Na endhuruchu light on panune ava endhuruchu nighty kalatuna. Na kanda katchi unmadhananu enaku orunimisam irundhuchu alagu dhevadhai en munnala nina mari irundhuchu.
Chithi: epadi iruka un Chithi
Me: super
Chithi: unna chithiku kamika matiya?
Me: adhan nethu pathingala?
Chithi: Seriaya pakalada Kami but oru agreement
Me: enna agremnt
Chithi: na solradha nee pannanum..
Me: ok! I undress and show to her
Chithi: unna katika porava kuduthuvachava un chithapaku idhavida sinnadhu
Me: ok enna seiyanum sollunga
Chithi: en saman kulla un nakka vituda
Chithi: nalla vidanum illana unga ammata soliruven
Me: smiled and do that
Chithi: nalla vidudaaaa nallaaa nallllaaa (inbathil midhaka arambithal)
Un chithapana marakura alavuku nakkuda nakkuda nakkku nakkuuuuu she screamed
She cum thrice in 45 minutes then and she take my tool and put it in her mouth. I came in her mouth in 5 minutes
Chithi: podhu padukalama?
Me: seri
Chithi: chi naye neeyalam paiyana un chithi pundaiya kilikanumnu thonalaya