Tara has never dated a black guy and made me test the water for her

I gazed at the ocean and couldn’t believe the spectacular view. The cool ocean air gently swept through my light brown hair like a soft wave. Marcus chose the right place. My heart warmed as I thought of my husband on the first day of our honeymoon. A year ago, I would have never thought I would be married today. I was dedicated to my career and enjoyed dating. A serious relationship was the last thing on my mind when my best friend Tara told me she knew a guy I should meet. I went with no expectations other than to hope he was decent guy.
I talked to Marcus twice over the phone before meeting him in person. When he described himself to me, I was surprised to discover he was black. I had dated a few black men in the past, but race has never been an issue. Tara had not known this fact. I felt she introduced us simply because she has a thing for black men with big dicks. Tara has never dated a black guy and made me test the water for her. I was disappointed in her actions, but since my phone conversations went so well with Marcus, I decided to meet him anyway.
Right away, Marcus and I clicked. I felt that warm tingly feeling inside every time we saw each other. For some reason, I decided to wait a while before having sex with Marcus and was never so happy with a decision. Marcus is by far the most talented man in bed I have ever experienced. If I hadn’t gotten to know him beforehand, I would worry sex is the reason I love him so much. Our first night of sex was mind-blowing and it got better as we grew closer. I have never loved and lusted so much for a man as I do for Marcus. Our relationship is like a tropical paradise. Yes, we have powerful storms now and again, but when the skies clear, we are still in paradise. Not once have I ever denied Marcus his passion for sex, even during those storms. That’s why it’s been so hard for me to hold back a few little things for him until our honeymoon.
As I returned to our honeymoon suite, I could hear Marcus in the shower. I licked my lips as I thought of my husband’s sexy body wet and covered with soap. I moved towards the mirror in the bedroom and opened the thick white cotton terry hotel robe. I inspected my body from head to toe and smiled with pride; I am in the best shape of my life. Soon after I met Marcus, I started exercising again and I finally began seeing results. The lingerie I wore accented my body perfectly. A white sheer lace flyaway babydoll hugged the curves of my breasts and a tiny matching thong framed my cleanly waxed pussy. This was the tamest piece of lingerie I had brought on the trip and I couldn’t wait to show it and the others to Marcus. The sound of water stopped and I quickly covered myself. I sat on the plush bed and crossed my legs showing a little thigh. My heart fluttered with excitement as I heard Marcus moving in the bathroom. “What are you doing, Honey?” I asked eagerly.
“I’ll be out in a second, Princess,” Marcus responded.
I love it when he calls me Princess; it always put a smile on my face. Since the first day, Marcus has taken extra care to make me feel special and I am so happy to be his wife. “Mrs. Ashley Hunter,” I whispered to myself as I held my hand to admire my magnificent wedding ring. Marcus walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His dark chocolate body glistened from the remaining water droplets he had missed. I wanted to jump him right there and show him the skills I’d been saving for this day. Somehow, I remained levelheaded, but noticed he kept his right hand behind his back. “What do you have behind your back, Sweetie?” I questioned as I approached him near the bed.
“It’s nothing Ashley, just a little wedding gift. I want to thank you for becoming my bride. I want you to know how much I love you and how happy you’ve made me. I’m the luckiest guy on earth.”
I looked into my husband’s sexy eyes. “Oh Marcus, you didn’t have to give me anything. I love you and the ring itself is way to much.”
“I know but I want you to have this,” he said as he gave me a small box elegantly wrapped in white and silver paper. I opened the beautiful box and couldn’t believe my eyes. A diamond and platinum bracelet glittered. It was the same bracelet Marcus and I had seen in the jewelry store when we bought my engagement ring. I joked with Marcus about the bracelet and how I wanted it for our tenth wedding anniversary when we could afford it.
“Oh my god, Marcus,” I finally spoke. “We can’t afford this. What will we do about money for a house? How will we pay for this honeymoon? I can’t accept it. I know you want me to have it but we have other things we need to take care of,” I pushed the box into his hands.
“Princess, I would never do anything to hurt our future together. I have a confession. I hope you won’t be mad. Your ring and this bracelet are paid and I have a little more in the bank than I told you. I’m sorry. It’s not like I didn’t trust you to know how much money I have but it’s something I don’t talk about. I didn’t tell you, because I know you’ve worked hard all of your life. I wanted to surprise you with this gift. I don’t want to keep any secrets, Ashley. I love you,” Marcus looked into my eyes as he handed me the bracelet.
I looked into Marcus’s big beautiful brown eyes as my green ones began to tear. My heart fluttered with emotions and my knees weakened. I jumped into my husband’s strong arms and hugged him tight. I kissed his lips and sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. I tasted my salty teardrops. “I love you. I love you. I love you, Baby,” I moaned in his ear. “I’m going to make you so happy, Marcus.”
“You already have,” he replied lovingly. I kissed him deeply.
Marcus helped me hook the sparkling bracelet around my wrist. He looked so sexy with that big smile on his face. I felt my body crave him, wanting to please him like never before. “I have a little gift for you too. It’s kind of a gift for my handsome groom. It’s killed me to withhold it from you for so long.” My hands traced his strong back to the edge of the bath towel around his waist.
“Ashley, what in the world is it?” Marcus questioned.
“I really need to show you, Honey,” I said as I snatched the towel off of his waist and dropped it to the floor. “Sit in the chair. I’ve got something for you.” I dropped my robe to the floor and knelt before my ebony altar of passion. I lightly stroked Marcus’ heavy sack with my nails. I watched his mahogany cock uncoil and conceitedly stand at attention between his thighs. My hand closed around his dark brown shaft, stroking it lightly. My mouth watered as a beautiful drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his mushroom. I wanted that wonderful familiar flavor of my husband. I guided his cock towards my lustful lips.
Marcus stroked my silky brown hair as my lips eclipsed the cap of his cock. His essence swirled over my tongue and energized my passions. I took him deeper, sucking hungrily and drooling down his thick member. “That feels so good,” Marcus moaned. Hearing him enflamed my desire to please him. I took a deep breath and funneled every inch of him to back of my throat. I relaxed and held him there with my lips buried in his tight black curls. “Oh, I can’t believe you took it all,” Marcus, groaned with pleasure.
I badly wanted to taste him. I lifted my head and his cock snaked from my mouth. “Cum in my mouth, Baby. I want the taste of your cum in my mouth,” I begged. I focused on his shiny black cockhead. I licked it slowly like a chocolate ice cream cone before taking it deep into my mouth again. His cock felt so hot in my hungry mouth as I sucked it fiercely. My left hand cupped his heavy balls and my right stroked his shaft in rhythm with my mouth. With each stroke, I took him deeper into my mouth. His hips rose and his body stiffened. Knowing I was about to receive my deepest desire, I drove him deep into my throat. His thick, salty cum pumped hard and coated the back of my throat. I swallowed greedily matching my pace with each burst of cream firing into my mouth.
“Oh fuck yes,” Marcus whispered as his body shook like a leaf. I looked at my sexy husband still gripping the armrests of the plush chair. I wiped the last drop of cum from the corner of my mouth and licked it from the back of my hand. “Have you always known how to do that?” He asked, his eyes barely open.
I smiled. “Before I met you, I learned a few things; things I can’t wait to experience with you,” I said and crawled up his body. I straddled his lap and began to grind my pussy onto his semi-hard cock. My thong was juicy wet with my honeydew and clung tightly to my sex. I unhooked the front clasps of my babydoll unfettering my breasts, while continuing to grind Marcus’s cock. Moisture seeped through my thong.
“What kind of things?” he asked as he cupped my breasts.
“I know what you like and I like all of those things just as much as you do or more,” I said looking deeply into his big brown eyes. Marcus took my breast to his mouth and sucked my pinkish brown nipple while softly squeezing the other. They grew hard with excitement as he sucked them with fervor.
“Show me, Ashley,” he said with my tit in his mouth. I quickly climbed the chair. I positioned my feet on the armrests and my knees on the back of the chair. My thighs wide and straddling his face, I moved aside my thong and exposed my cleanly waxed pussy. “You waxed it all off,” he said as he stared at my honey-glazed folds. I opened my engorged pink petals and offered myself to him. Marcus quickly responded with his tongue and caught a drop of dew before it dripped from my petals. He captured my dew with his tongue and slowly moved it to my pulsating pink pearl. My head snapped back and I braced myself against the wall behind the chair. A wave of bliss washed over me as Marcus began to eat my juicy peach.
The wall felt cool and wonderful against my head and shoulders. I took my hands from the wall and slid my hands to my pussy. I held open my engorged lips with both hands giving him full access to my treasure. Marcus took complete advantage and inserted two long fingers inside while his unrelenting lips and tongue pleasured me. “You’re making me cum,” I screamed as my eyes closed tightly and tears escaped. My body shuddered; my peach contracted and exploded in a sticky mess. I melted onto his lap, face to face. Like a woman dying of thirst, I drank my juices from his mouth.
“You are so fucking addictive.” I held his face with both hands and licked my lips. Tasting my own juices has always put me in a bit of frenzy; feeling Marcus’s hard meat pressing against my pussy at the same time set my passions afire. “Get on the bed,” I commanded my husband. Marcus’ black cock stood tall and proud between my thighs as I sat on his strong legs facing him on the bed. The lube retrieved from my suitcase I poured into my palm.
“You’re dripping wet already Ashley.”
“Yes, but not where I want to put this,” I whispered as I lubed his cock. I couldn’t quell the surge of anticipation in my stomach. It had been a while since I had a man in my ass. I wondered if my anal muscles would relax as they once did. I took a deep breath and guided Marcus’s slick swollen tip to my puckered hole.
“Ashley, you don’t have to do this.”
“I want this for me, not just you, Baby,” I assured him and I pushed against my resisting muscles. His thick meat erupted, making me gasp as my anus twitched in response. With his head entirely within my ass, my hole soon started to relax. I smiled and licked my top lip knowing my body would respond to my deep lust. Pushing, I took more of my husband’s meaty pole. I paused with each inch allowing me to adapt to his size. I took his last few inches pain-free and felt completely full. I squeezed my pucker around Marcus’ cock and watched his head snap back with pleasure.
“You like that, Baby? You like having your big dick in your wife’s ass,” I began rubbing my clit as I spoke. “You feel so fucking good in my ass, Baby.” I started to grind my hips in a circular motion wanting him inside of me as deep as possible. I felt every thick vein of his meat slide in my ass as I stroked his cock with my ass. Fucking his meaty pole, I quickly came in order to feed my growing lust.
“Fuck my big dick with your ass, Baby,” Marcus shouted.
“Oh baby, fuck me. Please, fuck me. It’s yours. Fuck my ass.” I wanted him to pound his cock into my ass, so I knelt and presented my dripping ass to my husband. I spread my cheeks, my nails digging into my ivory cheeks. The cool air licked my gaping hot hole as it eagerly kissed the air, puckering and waiting to be fed. My breathing quickened as he slid into me again; his dark meat feeding my ass what it so desperately wanted. Marcus thrust hard and deep driving me into the bed. I looked into the mirror across from the bed and saw pleasure on my husband’s face.
“Fuck my ass hard. It’s yours, Marcus. Cum in my ass.” I bucked hard, matching each stroke. His heavy balls slapped my swollen clit. Suddenly, like a pulsating stream of warm water, I felt Marcus pump his thick cream deep into my ass. I tightened around his throbbing shaft. I bit my bottom lip as my body shook with a shattering orgasm and collapsed. After a moment of recovery, I went to the bathroom sated but weak-kneed. I returned with a soapy warm washcloth and cleaned Marcus’s flaccid cock. He smiled a warm sexy smile as I took care of him.
“You are too good to me, Ashley. I love you so much.”
“I told you I was going to make you very happy,” I blew him a kiss. “It’s just going to get better from here on out. I promise.” I rose and walked to the bathroom to return the washcloth. I could feel Marcus watching my ass as I moved. I didn’t need to turn and see I just swayed my hips a little more for him. I placed the cloth in the sink and the gleam of my new bracelet reflected from the mirror into my eyes. I looked at the stunning piece of jewelry and though about how blessed I was to have a man like Marcus. I turned to find my sexy husband with a grin on his face and his eyes focused on me. “You like what you see honey,” I asked as I walked to the bed.
“You know I like it. I can’t get enough of it. One of the many reasons why I love you so much.”
I slipped under the covers and snuggled close to my man. His strong body felt so comforting against me; he felt like home. I grasped Marcus’s cock still warm to the touch. “I just want to hold you. You drained me,” I kissed his succulent lips and lay my head on his shoulder.
“Rest Ashley, rest,” Marcus said softly as my stroked my hair. I soon fell asleep as my loving husband held me in his arms. I woke a few hours later still holding Marcus’s cock in my pale hand. He was sound asleep and his dick was semi-hard. I love holding his beefy cock in my hands knowing that with just a few strokes, I could awaken it to its full power. I was addicted to his big black pulsating sexual pleasure stick and would deny any cure from it.
I slowly wrapped my leg over Marcus’s hip trying not to wake him. Then, ever so lightly, I began to caress his meat. Feeling his cock growing slowly in my hand fueled my addiction and my pussy salivated. Slowly, I parted my wet folds with the mushroom-like head of his member. The soft, wet sound of his cock moving through my wet folds teased my cravings. I felt my nipples hardening and my clit ached for more with each stroke. “What are you doing, Honey?” Marcus moaned as he awoke with the tip of his cock in my pussy.
“I’m using you. I need to have you inside of me,” I said with a pleading lust.
Quickly waking, Marcus said, “Use me, Ashley. Use me as much as you want.”
I had him sit with his knees bent. I climbed on top of him and took his magnificent pole into my hand. Gradually, I impaled my cunt with his cock; pleasurable, like sinking into a hot bubble bath. My pussy was finally receiving what it so desperately craved. “Don’t move, Marcus. You feel so good in my pussy. It’s your pussy now, Baby. It needs you so bad,” I moaned softly as I kissed my sexy chocolate husband.
“Whose pussy is it? Say it louder, Ashley!” My husband commanded.
“It’s your pussy, Marcus. Feel how wet it is for you, how hungry it is for you.” I said in a strong tone. My pussy tightened around his thick tool and I milked him. Grabbing and stroking him with my tight snatch only elevated my craving. Marcus gripped my ass hard, just the way I like, and I rocked up and down on his meaty pole. My peach drooled and coated our pulsing sexes with my pearly white cream. I could feel my heartbeat in my clit as Marcus’s cock pumped deep inside of me. “I can’t get enough of you, Marcus,” I moaned and dug my nails into his hot dark flesh. With one swift movement, Marcus flipped us. My back pressing into the bed, he spread my legs wide and pushed my knees towards my chest. I watched him bury his shiny black cock deep into my juicy pink pussy. Hard and strong, he plunged into my hungry pussy, his property to take as he pleased. Each stroke worked my pussy into a greater frenzy of sizzling passion. My floodgates burst and wave after wave of continuous pleasure flowed through my body. “Oh yes!” I screamed as white stars flashed before my eyes.
Even with my pussy throbbing and shuddering out of control, I felt Marcus’ cum blast deep inside me. Bang! The second shot was as hard as the first, flooding my snatch with his thick cum. He withdrew and my pussy felt painfully vacant without his strong manhood deep inside of me. I quickly grasped his ebony meat and milked it. Mesmerized, I watched his cum spurt from his amazing dick. The thick streams appeared to be in slow motion. His cum hit my skin and splattered my stomach and breasts making a sticky stream to my pussy.
“That’s it, milk my cock,” Marcus demanded. I joyfully and quickly milked more cum from his black cock onto my body. I love the sight of my small white hand around his thick dark cock pumping him for more cum. The smell of his sex permeated the air, my head dazed with passion. The feel of my man’s dick twitching with pleasure in my hand pleased me beyond description. I treasured his last drop of cum and watched it slowly ooze from his thick black meat onto the fold of skin between my thumb and forefinger. Carefully, I released his semi-hard cock so my prize would not drip away. Bit by bit, the drop rolled across the back of my hand; the tiny hairs gave way to the weight of my pearly-white reward. I guided my hand to my parted lips and my tongue darted to capture his last drop. His succulent flavor exploded in my mouth. I laid back and closed my eyes as my body twitched with delight. My hands smeared his thick cream all over my body. I rubbed it into my silky pussy, belly, breasts and hard nipples and finally, to my neck and twitching lips.
Marcus scooped me into his arms, kissed me and said, “You’re so sexy. I love you so much, Baby.”
“I love you too,” I replied lovingly and drifted in his arms.

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