Taste of mommy | incest story from Rimzim

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With a little cry, Mom spread her legs and allowed my face to burrow deep into her crotch. She opened her legs wider, offering me easy access to her awaiting lips. My mouth attacked her wanting pussy. She arched her back high and cried out as I started kissing and licking between her legs. I could feel juice immediately gushing from within her. I began licking the swollen, moist lips, She tasted like heaven. I could not believe that I was actually eating my own mother’s pussy. I feasted on Mom’s pussy; licking and sucking and nibbling on her clit; thrusting my tongue inside her as deep as I could. I began playing with the nipple, squeezing.

Seductively with her fingertips she grasped her lips and opened them, letting the tip of my tongue tease her inner labia. Mom began moaning and humping her cunt against my face. Then she grabbed my head and pulled me in so tight that I could hardly breathe. Her hips began bucking harder, my tongue sinking deeper into her pussy as I licked furiously.I knew from now on I will have no use of her panties. Mom was mine and her pussy available when I wanted.