Teacher becomes a fuck doll for students to make them study Part 1

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By Thaddeus Rebecca Riley becomes a fuck doll for her students to incentivise them to study and get good grades.

Rebecca Riley was new to the College, the move from the city was a big step for her, but it was one she needed to take. After applying for countless jobs as a community college teacher, she was lucky she landed this one. It was certainly a tough job, much tougher than teaching children. Still, it was a job and she needed the money. Teaching adults, especially ones who are criminals was going to be a challenge she thought, but the money was good, and the bonus was even better, and so any doubts she had about the arduous nature of the job was quashed by the financial incentive. The scheme was brought in to give 18 to 25 year olds a chance at redemption and to give them a second chance at education, though, this did not appeal to the students but the fact that it was this or prison certainly did. The scheme was in its infancy stage, and had not progressed onto being rolled out for all students, but instead, a small number of teachers and students were selected for the programme and the aim was that if they remain at college for a year, they would receive no prison sentence. For the teachers, there was the base salary and a bonus for every student who passed. This was one of the main reasons why Miss Riley decided to take part, she calculated if there was a class of 30, she could be getting an extra $15,000 each year and if she was teaching night classes too, that would be $30,000 if they all passed. She knew this would be tough and maybe even dangerous, but if she could get all her students C or higher, she would be making serious money. It would be tough, but it beats teaching children Rebecca thought.

Rebecca woke up and prepared for her first day at College, she wore a black skirt that went to her thighs and black tights that ended where the skirt did. She wore a white blouse and black shoes, and black framed glasses. She opted for a professional look for the first day in case the Dean had anything to say about dressing casually, but she thought if the other teachers are dressed less formally, she’d follow suit. She left her apartment, and drove for a few miles to college. She waited patiently at the door named “E-6” which was on the top floor, and stood on the furthest end of the corridor hidden around the corner. It stood alone and was the only occupied room on the floor. She took a few deep breaths before opening the door and entering. She glanced around the room and at the students before walking to the front and picking up the chalk.

Rebecca took the white chalk and wrote on the board “Rebecca Riley” and then introduced herself to the three students sat on the front row.

“Hello, my name is Rebecca Riley, you don’t have to call me ma’am, madam, or Miss Riley unless you want to of course, and Rebecca will do just fine. Can you introduce yourselves?” she said as she looked at the student sat on the right.

“My name is Ben” he said and the looked towards his right

“I’m Justin”

“and I’m Caleb”

“Excellent, I’m sure we’re going to really enjoy this class and have a lot of fun” she said

The students snickered and looked at each other and smirked upon hearing this.

“Yes I’m sure you’ll like this class, I’ve been teaching English for two years but I haven’t taught adults so it will be a good learning experience for us both. I am really passionate about teaching and making a difference in people’s lives”

“Oh bullshit” Ben exclaimed

“Erm excuse me?” she retorted

“We know why you’re doing this job, you get a $500 bonus for every student who passes and you get $1000 for every student who gets an A, that’s why you’re doing this, you couldn’t give two fucks about making a difference”

“Well…” she stuttered

“See, she’s just a greedy bitch, that sweet doe eyed look ain’t gonna fool us, you just in it for the money” Ben said while looking to Justin and Caleb.

“It is important that you pass this class, you need to think about your future” she said changing the subject

“man fuck my future, I just gotta attend this class and make sure I meet the requirements so I don’t go to jail, I don’t care about no C or A grade, and I sure as shit ain’t gonna do anything to make you get your bonus. If I fail, I still complete the requirement and I’m not gonna do no revision or exams and shit, you can kiss your bonus goodbye”

“I’m not doing that shit either” Caleb replied

“Same here” Justin said

“Please, you don’t understand. I need that bonus” she said pleading with the students
Ben stood up and walked towards Miss Riley, he was 5’10 but towered over Miss Riley who stood at 4’11 and weighed only 90 lbs. she took a step back until her back pressed against the chalkboard. Ben continued walked past her and locked the door. He pulled the blind down on the door, making sure no one could see inside. He then walked over to Miss Riley and stared at her with a gaze filled with rage and hatred. He gathered his saliva and spat on her face. She gasped in shock and her eyes widened. He dragged her by the back of her hair and threw her against the desk

“No! stop it! What are you doing to me?” she cried

“shut up bitch” he replied

He slapped her face her on the deck of paper and held her face down, she resisted with all her might against his hand, but it was no use, he had full control of her and wasn’t even using a quarter of his strength.

“I’ll tell you what, I think I speak for all of the guys here, we hate people like you who like to act as if you care about us when you’re in it for the money, and we hate bitches like you who come here with a fake smile and fake words, if I could kick the fuck out of you I would, but I’ll make you a deal and I’m sure the other two will be happy with this, and so will you. All of us will revise, we’ll study hard, and we will pay full attention in class, and we gonna get that A grade, but you’re going to have to make a deal with us”

“Err…okay fine. What is it?”

“You’re going to be our fuck doll, our fuckmeat. We’re going to do whatever we want to you, in class and out of class. When I say whatever, I mean whatever and if you say no, then I ain’t gonna do shit in class”

“I can’t…I’m here to teach”

“Well, deal is off then, looks like I ain’t gonna learn shit” he snickered

“No wait…okay fine, I’ll do it” she said reluctantly

“Perfect, that’s a good girl. We’ll get started right away” he said as he yanked her skirt down and pulled her panties up.
Ben pulled them up so hard, they dug into her pussy and asshole before being ripped off. He raised his hand above his head and brought it down with all his might on her ass.


She cried out in pain as he furiously spanked her ass, and he did not show any signs off stopping. He continued spanking her ass with full force until her ass was bright red. He spread her cheeks apart and dug three fingers into her asshole and jammed them up as far as they could go.

“Aghhh….please no” she cried

He removed his fingers and forced them in her mouth, causing her to gag. He forced his fingers down further and further into her throat until she gagged and slobbered all over his fingers. Ben jousted four fingers in her asshole, trying to get as deep as he could in there. He removed his fingers and pulled down his pants, his cock was wet with precum, and he wasn’t going to let any of it go to waste. He wiped his cock on her tight anus, and thrusted his cock deep in her ass. Even though he practically had his entire hand in there, her asshole was still incredibly tight, and it almost made him ejaculate the moment he entered. He reached under her blouse and pulled her bra to the side, despite being a small woman, he could feel her breasts were a decent size. He pinched her nipples hard and yanked on them, causing her to yelp in pain.

“aghh..fuck…fuck fuck fuck” she screamed before Ben shoved her panties in her mouth, causing her screams to be muffled.

Ben continued fucking her ass for what felt like ages to her. He picked up the pace and roughly pounded her with all his energy before releasing his hot cum deep inside her asshole, he continued fucking her and left his cock in her asshole, making sure all of his cum was emptied in her rectum. After coating her rectum with his cum, and pulled his cock out and gave her a final spank as he did so. As Miss Riley reached for her skirt, Ben yanked her by her hair and forced her down on her knees.

“Did I say we’re done?” he said as he forced his cock down her throat. He pulled the back of her head and pushed his cock as deep as it would go and held it in place until her face reddened and tears streamed down her face. He then released it and continued doing this repeatedly.

“ahhh yeah, that’s right bitch, taste your ass on my cock” he said as he slapped the side of her face while forcing his cock down her throat. He face fucked her for the next fifteen minutes and released his cum in her throat.

“Now, shit that cum out of your ass on the floor” he said as he kicked her.

She hesitated for a moment before squatting down and pushing his cum out of her ass. She squeezed every last drop out onto the floor and turned back to look at Ben, awaiting further instructions.

“Now, lick that up and swallow it” he ordered.

She immediately dove down and put her lips over his cum and vacuumed it up. After slurping up his cum, she licked the floor clean, ensuring not a single drop remained.

“Well done, now Jason and Caleb need to have their turn and then we’ll study”

Miss Riley stood up and removed her blouse and bra and was ready for her new orders.

End of Part 1

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By Thaddeus #Abuse #Rape