Teacher becomes a fuck doll for students to make them study Part 2

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By Thaddeus Rebecca Riley invites the students over to her house for self study and homework and promises a reward.

The students managed to keep their end of the deal, Caleb, Justin, and Ben ravaged Miss Riley, but they did then study intensely for the next two hours. However, Miss Riley worried it would not be enough. They had to get through the past five years of the school curriculum in one year, and so Miss Riley decided they would need to do a two hours of self-study each day as well as their class.

“This is such bullshit” Justin said.

“It is the way it is, we have too much to cover”

“Our classes are already three hours long” Caleb said.

“Yes but look how much we need to get through” She said,

“Well, we’re not doing it” Ben replied.

“You know, the deal with me included this?” she said as she put her index finger in her mouth and stared seductively at the students.

“Huh, included what?” Caleb questioned.

“well…you did say you can use me inside class or outside class, and I have all the materials at home” she said as she placed both hands on the table in front of the students and bent forward, giving the students a glimpse of her tits.

“Well, when you put it like that” Justin said.

“So you need to come over and study and then you can have fun” she said winking at the boys.

“We want fun before” Ben said.

“Hmm no. You need to do your homework for two hours, then you can do whatever you want to me, and I mean whatever. Do we have a deal?” she said.

“Oh absolutely” Caleb said, speaking for the other two.

“Perfect, here’s my address. Come over at around 5, and bring your textbooks.”

She waited until five and she heard a knock on the door. She immediately ran to open the door and let the students in.

“See, we came bang on five” Caleb said.

“I’m impressed” she replied.

“Make yourselves comfortable, and get your textbooks out. Open up chapter 1 and read pages 4-35 and answer the questions, it’s stuff we’ve already been over so it shouldn’t surprise any of you. Then go through the pack I gave you today and find the answers in chapter 2, you’ll need to read it carefully, some questions are trick ones” she said

“That sounds boring as fuck” Ben said.

“That’s the deal” Miss Riley said.

“I want to change the deal” Ben replied.

“You want to do what?” she replied.

“Well, just a slight modification. I want you to strip for us and sit there naked, spread your legs apart so we can see that tight pussy. Homework will be a lot easier if we know we have a treat waiting for us”

“Fine” she replied instantly.

Miss Riley slowly began unbuttoning her blouse and stared seductively at the students, she walked over to them and brushed the cock with her hand, and she removed her blouse and bent over and unzipped her skirt, revealing her pink panties. She removed them and spread her legs, gliding her fingers over her pussy and spreading it apart. She removed her tights and put her foot in the mouth of Caleb, letting him suck her white painted toes for a few seconds before yanking her foot back, making sure she denied him pleasure until after he did the task he was assigned. She pressed her boobs together and undid her bra. She slowly removed it, revealing her tits to the students. She pulled up a chair and sat down close to the students until her knees touched Justin’s. Miss Riley spread her pussy lips apart and sucked her fingers before gradually gliding it down her body and into her pussy. The students could see that her pussy was glistening and was incredibly wet.

“You aren’t going to keep me waiting for too long are you?” she said.

“No Miss Riley” they replied in Unison.

“Do the homework and then do me” she said.

The students worked tirelessly for the next two hours, reading and rereading each passage of Shakespeare, ensuring they understood each question before answering it and moving on to the next.

“I’ve finished” Caleb said as he handed her his homework

“Not so fast, I need to check you’ve done it all right” she replied.

Not long after, Justin and Ben also finished their homework. Miss Riley checked it, and after handing it back, they worked on revising their answers until they were satisfied.

“Okay, you’re all done. Caleb finished first so he’s going to finish in me first”

“Let’s take this to the bedroom first” Caleb said.

He picked Miss Riley up and carried her to the bed and threw her on it.

“Open your fucking mouth bitch” he shouted as he slapped her across the face

“Wider” he exclaimed as he furiously slapped her face.

He spat in her mouth before slapping her a few more times. He shoved his cock in her mouth causing her to gag and then proceeded to face fuck her. His balls slapped her face hard as he used her mouth and thrusted his cock as far down as he could go, causing her to slobber all over herself as he pushed his cock deep down her throat. He grabbed her by the throat and positioned her head over the bed, giving him full access to her throat, he shoved her cock down her throat, causing her to slobber and drool.

“Ghhgghh” she garbled as he shoved his cock in and out of her mouth. He continued doing this until she gagged repeatedly at which point, he picked up the pace and kept hitting the same spot, causing her to vomit all over her face and his cock.

“You’re a nasty bitch” he laughed as he kept face fucking her.

He dragged her by the ankles until she was laid flat on the bed, he positioned his asshole over her mouth and sat on her face.

“Eat my ass you filthy slut” he said as he grinded his ass on her face.

She tongued his anus deeply, forcing her tongue down his ass as far as it could go. She licked his anus energetically and pressed his tongue into his ass, making sure it was deep inside. She kept this up and didn’t slow down until Caleb decided it was time to take her pussy. He placed his cock onto her pussy and forced himself into her, she was incredibly wet and was practically dripping at this point. He entered her tight pussy and fucked her furiously. He pounded Riley’s tight pussy as fast and hard as he could, causing her to cry out in pleasure. He would occasionally stop to slap and spit in her face as he kept fucking her. After pounded her mercilessly, he shot his load deep inside her pussy.

As soon as Caleb exited, Justin pounced on Miss Riley. He flipped her over and spanked her ass before entering into her tight asshole. He was girthy and her tight anus could barely accommodate him.

“aghhhh” she cried out in pain as he forced his cock into her ass.

He started slowly, ensuring her asshole was widen enough before picking up the pace and pounded her anus. He fucked her deep and hard, causing her to scream in pain and pleasure. He relentlessly fucked her ass and did not show any sign off stopping. Ben had enough of watching and decided he would also join in, he went in from of her and shoved his cock in her mouth as roughly face fucked her. Justin and Ben spit roasted Riley for a long time before switching positions, Ben took her ass and Justin started fucking her face. He made her lick his shaft and balls before fucking her face once again, he would stop occasionally to stop himself from cumming and would break the rhythm by slapping her as hard as he could before going back to getting a blowjob. Ben switched between her pussy and ass and did not slow down when fucking either, he could not decide which was tighter or which one he wanted to cum inside, so he thought he’d have to choose both. Justin kept face fucking her until it was time to cum and he ejaculated in her mouth, making her gargle and swallow his cum. Not long after, Ben also came inside her ass. Justin and Ben took a break to recover while Ben took his turn at Miss Riley.

Miss Riley could see Caleb had a huge foot fetish after catching his staring at her feet, and so it was no surprise when he began sucking her toes. He caressed her arches with his tongue and slowly started to suck each one. He used her other foot on his cock as he continued to suck her toes. Eventually, he decided to fuck her pussy. He laid her flat on her back and entered her deeply with her legs over his shoulder. He placed her foot in his mouth as he pounded her pussy before releasing his seed in her. After he sucked on her toes for a while longer, Ben and Justin started to fuck Miss Riley, this time Ben fucked her pussy, making sure he finished inside. Justin made sure to fuck her asshole and to coat her rectum with his cum. They continued like this until all three students had finished in all three of her holes. They took a glass from her bedside and made her squirt the cum from her pussy into the glass and once it was full, they made her shit the cum out of her ass until the glass was full of cum. They made her gargle the cum before swallowing it.

They were still not satisfied with their session. They decided she needed something more to drink, they students dragged her to the bathroom, fingering her pussy and ass on the way and made her kneel in the bathtub. They plugged the bath and made her open her mouth.

“We’re going to piss in your mouth, understood” they said.

She nodded yes, part of her wanted to say no, but she was up for anything if it meant they studied. The men started pissing in her mouth one by one, ensuring her mouth was filled up and she swallowed every drop before continuing, they emptied their bladder on her, and made her slurp all the urine that dropped from the bath tub. Once the bath tub was empty, they let her out.

“Actually, I got one last idea boys” Caleb said.

He slapped her and forced her head into the toilet and spanked her.

“That’s right, you’re a toilet slut” Caleb said.

They all followed suit and spanked her ass before Caleb decided it was time to fuck her ass. He pounded her ass relentlessly and came inside her rectum. The other two did the same and after giving her a final spanking. They were done.

“Thanks Miss Riley” Ben laughed.

“Anytime” she said smiling.

End of Part 2

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By Thaddeus #Abuse #Group #Threesome