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This happened when I was in college and I had a teacher Salma Madam, She was a sex bomb and I could not concentrate on her classes, as I used to be busy fantasize about her, she too noticed this and one day she called me, when the classes got over and we were alone.

She asked me: Rahul, what is the problem, nowadays I find that you are not attentive in class and your marks are going down. Do you have any problems?

I didn’t know what to say, I told her nothing Madam, I am fine after much coaxing I told her that I find her very attractive and hence am unable to concentrate on her lectures.
She was kind of shocked and I was scared that I will be booted out. She asked me then, in a soft voice, so what do we do now?
“I don’t know Madam.” I said, thinking in my mind what I would like to do to her.

Ok, I think I know,” she said, “I have an idea, but you will not tell anyone Rahul, is that clear?”

“Yes Madam,” I said.
“Close the door, Rahul” she said.

I closed and locked the door and came back. “Now, you find me attractive don’t you Rahul? She said as she took off her pallu of her sari and dropped it on her lap, I could see the lace of her bra and the outline of her big, beautiful breasts though her semi-transparent cream blouse.
“Yes Madam” I murmured softly.

“So tell me, what do you like most?” she asked.
“My breasts?” she asked her fingers running over her blouse, caressing the lace of her bra beneath. I kept quiet, with my head down. “Don’t be shy Rahul, what you like the most. Maybe it’s my backside” she said turning round, bending, her beautiful rounded backside sticking out toward me.

“Everything madam, I find everything fantastic” I muttered, hiding my excitement.

“I see, I am happy you like them Rahul, would you like to see more?” she asked.

“Ah, Yes Madam “I said.”Oh, Madam, I want you”
“Well Rahul, maybe you can” she said, “Come to me Rahul” she said, I stood up and stepped to her, as she removed her blouse and let it fall on the desk behind her. We stood looking into each other’s eyes, she then took my face in her hands, getting it closer to hers, and she kissed me. My hands instantly went to her ass and I held her tight.
“Rahul, I want you to have me right here,” she commanded. We kissed again my hands moving over her smooth back, I began pulling her toward me. I then pulled down the strap of her bra she took out her beautiful full breasts and offered them to me. “Suck me Rahul” she said, taking her breast in my hand and massaging it gently, her nipple got erect, and she moaned as my lips closed around her nipple and I took it into my mouth, kissing it. I fondled the other one, I then moved to her other breast with my mouth and tongue and she moaned as I flicked her nipple.

“Oh, Yes Rahul that’s so nice” she said.
I then took my hands down and grasped her waist before moving to her legs where I rubbed the front of her thighs over her sari. “Rahul, eat me please, go down, lick my pussy “she begged. It was what I had been waiting and dreaming of, How could I refuse. I knelt down on the floor before her and put my hands upwards from her ankles, feeling them move over her soft, creamy legs. I stroked the inside of her lower thighs before moving up to feel her upper thigh. I then slowly undraped her sari and removed her in skirt, to reveal her panties. My hands climbed, circling around her bare, sensitive flesh. She caught her breath as I moved my fingers until I could feel her crotch. “Yes Rahul, touch me there” she whispered, I gently began to stroke her, over her panties.

She opened her legs wider, I stroked her through the wet panties, I then pulled her panties to one side and her beautiful, trimmed, triangle came into view.
“Oh, Rahul, touch me, put your tongue inside Please” she urged.

Happy to oblige, I opened her lips apart. She put her hand behind my head and pushed me towards her wet pussy. “Please, Lick me Rahul” she moaned. I gently began probing her outer lips and I began to taste her, “Oh Yes” she gasped. I could taste her sweet juices, that spilled onto my tongue and I began to drink them down as I kissed and licked her pussy. “You taste good” I said, I put my tongue between her lips with slow strokes of my tongue as she began to moan louder and louder. “Yes Rahul, lick my clit” she kept repeating in between her moans. She began to move her hips against my face as she held my head deep in between her legs. She pulled her lips upwards and apart with her fingers to expose her clit even more to my tongue as I began to lick it harder and harder to her delight. “Oh, Rahul I love the way you are licking my clit,” she whispered, I need you to make me cum.”

“Yes, sure Madam” I told her. her breathing becoming hard, with one hand she played with her breast, her breathing was getting heavier and grinding became more fat and I knew she was close to Cumming as she held my head tightly between her thighs. “Oh my god, oh yes” she screamed, “I’m going to cum.” Her thighs pressed. “Ohh yes, I’m going to cum. Oh, oh, then her hips began to shake and her juices spilled into my mouth as I felt her feet dig into my back, her climax shook her entire body, then her breathing got normal and she loosened the grip of her thighs around my head. “Rahul, that was wonderful, I have never climaxed so much” she said, Pulling me to my feet she stood before me began to pull my t-shirt up over my body.

“Very nice” she said, she ran her hand down further still and got her first feel of my hard cock through the fabric. “Oh Rahul, something is very hard” she said, rubbing her hands up and down my hardness. “We have to do something about that” she said. She then slowly got on her knees, She unbuckled me slowly, she down my pants. My erection bulged through my jockeys as she ran her fingers over it. “Now, let’s see what you have there for me” She pulled down my jockeys, and my dick popped out, Ms. Salma was surprised “Oh my Rahul” she gasped, “what a lovely, beautiful, big dick you have.” Curling her fingers around it, she looked up and saw the delight on my face.”Does that feel Nice Rahul?” she asked, “Yes Madam” I whispered. She began to pull on my dick as she looked up toward me, “Would you like me to suck your hard, dick Rahul?” she asked me teasingly. I nodded; she smiled at me and moved her head toward me. Her lips opened and she took the tip of my straining dick in her mouth. “Ahhh” I moaned in delight as she began to suck on my cock. The feeling of her lips as she sucked me and her hand softly pulling me at the same time was awesome. She held me in her hand and licked her tongue up and down the length of my dick and around the head as I moaned to her touch, She held my hips and I slowly fucked her mouth she clasped my ass, she then one hand moved to my balls and caressed them as she sucked me. “Oh Madam it feels so good” she then took me deep in her mouth and I let out a moan. Her hand rubbed my balls she then moved her finger behind and began to tickle my asshole, causing sensations that were beyond me, as she sucked hungrily she said her finger inside me. I never had this done before, but the sensation of her finger inside me as she sucked on my dick was sensational.

“So, Rahul Do you like it?” she asked “Oh Yes Madam I replied. She then got up and bent over, pushing her body to mine as my erect dick touched her ass, I moved my hands down her back caressing her, I then pulled her tightly against me, her butt cheeks firmly in my hands. “I want you to fuck me Rahul” she said. She lay on her back her big beautiful breasts spread out across her chest and she pulled her knees up toward her, she opened her legs wide for me. She then grasped for my dick. “Give me your dick Rahul,” “I want to feel it inside me.” She said. I began to slide the tip of my cock between her wet pussy lips. I rubbed it up and down to tease her a little before getting it inside her.

“Oh, yes, Yes Rahul” she moaned as I pushed it slowly all the way inside her. “Oh Rahul that feels so good, your dick is filling me completely” she moaned. “Now fuck me.” She went on; I began to slide in and out of my beautiful, sexy madam.

She then pushed me off she changed positions, straddling my lap my dick, pointing it up towards her pussy she slowly lowered herself down on me. I held her by her ass, helping her bounce on my cock. “Oh Rahul, I love the feel of you cock” she cried and she began to bounce, I clicked on her jiggling breasts and nipples. I stroked her thighs as she fucked me I then grabbed her ass tightly, I tickled her asshole with my finger and she almost went into raptures when I did so. “Take me from behind” she said, climbing off me and bending over, I stood up with my dick in hand I slowly put it into her once more and began to pump in and out.

“Yes fuck me, Fuck me harder Rahul, give me your beautiful dick,” I began fucking her hard, in hard strokes. “Oh Rahul” she gasped “I’m going to come again.” I knew she was about to cum again, her breath became hard and her body shuddered as her orgasm tore through her body. She shuddered violently and came, I slowed down as her climax subsided, “She turned and looked at me briefly almost in surprise at what was happening to her and then closed her eyes as I fucked her I felt my own climax slowly beginning to build at the back of my balls. I am going to cum, told her I began to fuck her in hard long thrusts. Salma Madam came again; she had multiple orgasms that tore through her body, as grew closer and closer to exploding. “Madam, I’m going to come” I told her. “Oh yes, baby, come for me, fill me up. Go on Rahul, come inside me, and give it to Madam.” Her final words, just triggered my release I felt myself shoot, Spurt after spurt of my hot cum filled her willing pussy. Exhausted we kissed again, got dressed to leave, when she surprised me, I’ll see you at eight tomorrow night” she said smiling. I left smiling to myself as I went home looking forward for the next episode.

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