Teacher-Master-Owner – 5

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By sissyboiSam2000 Sam has his doubts, but he is sure Lisa is all in

For Alyssa

Lisa was awakened by someone massaging her breasts, and she opened her eyes to see Sam rubbing lotion on her bruised and abraded tits. Every time his fingers crossed over her swollen nipples; a jolt of electricity shot right to her pussy making her wet again.

As her head cleared, she noticed that Sam was wearing what looks like a child’s diaper. Sam noticed she was awake now, and stopped massaging her breasts and kissed her, deeply and passionately.

Lisa started to speak, ‘Umm, uh’, she clears her throat, ‘why the diaper?’

Sam says, ‘Bibi insisted, she didn’t want Garretts cum dripping out onto her polished floors.’ Sam lays beside her and hugs her close, ‘I love you Lisa, but, uh, are you sure this is what you want?’

‘Oh Baby, yes, I’ve never felt so alive, so . . . so humiliated. I know that Master will never do anything that will cause me extreme pain, but his touch makes fireworks go off in my head. I’ve never cum so much and so hard in my entire life! I need this!’. In the back of her mind Lisa knows that if Sam stays, Master will transform him into a sissy slut.

Sam holds Lisa tighter and starts to gently sob, his tears falling gently onto Lisa’s face. Sam knows that if they stay, he will never get to make love to Lisa again as Master has already told him that the chastity cage stays on. Sam also realizes that he will be subjected to more degrading and humiliating things.

Bibi steps into the room and says, ‘That’s enough fucking around. Get cleaned up, shower, and get dressed. I will lay out your clothes in your rooms.’. Bibi grabs Lisa’s right nipple, pulling her off the bed, but she doesn’t let go of her nipple. Sam sits on the edge of the bed then quickly jumps up, the huge plug in his ass reminding him of the torture his asshole endured.

‘Slave, move it, and be sure to clean yourself out well’, and Bibi kicks Sams ass, urging him out of the room. Once Sam is moving down the hall toward the bathroom, Bibi closes the door. ‘Bitch, on your knees, I have an ass full of Master’s cum and you’re going to eat all of it!’. Bibi then leans over, resting one hand on the bed, and reaches between her legs, hooks her fingers into the collar around Lisa’s neck and pulls Lisa’s face into her ass. Bibi bears down and cum starts slowly oozing out of her asshole.

Lisa’s nose is smashed between Bibi’s ass cheeks, so she starts to breathe through her mouth when she feels the flow of cum filling her mouth causing her to choke. Bibi pulls harder on the leash and Lisa quickly begins swallowing and sneaks a breathe in when she gets a chance. As the flow diminishes Lisa starts licking slowly from Bibi’s pussy up over her asshole.

Bibi doesn’t allow herself to become aroused by Lisa’s tonguing her pussy, so she stands, pulls Lisa up by her hair, opens the door and drags Lisa to the bathroom. Sam is there, giving himself a second enema and gets embarrassed being seen by his beautiful Lisa. Bibi waits for Sam to empty himself and wipes, then she unlocks the chastity cage. Lisa, you have 5 minutes to wash his clitty and then the cage goes back on. ‘Oh, and make sure he does NOT get hard or ejaculates, or you will both be punished!’

Lisa quickly lathers up a washcloth then pulls the cage off. She starts washing Sam’s cock and notices that his cock is not even attempting to get hard. Lisa makes sure that Bibi isn’t looking, and she starts jacking Sam off, but still nothing, no erection at all. Bibi has been watching the reflection in the mirror as Lisa rinses Sams cock and still tries to get him hard.

‘Yes, sluts, he cannot get hard. Between the subliminal messaging training his brain, and the drug cocktail I gave him this morning, his little clitty won’t be getting hard by your hand. But I’ll bet he will get hard if I mention the Master is going to fuck his ass!’

Lisa, and Sam, are amazed as Sam starts to get an erection. ‘Lisa, ask him if he wants to get fucked.’
Lisa grabs his cock, and asks, Do you want Masters cock in your ass baby?’ Lisa feels his cock getting harder, and hotter in her hand. ‘Baby, do you want Max to fuck you?’

Sam nods yes and Bibi pushes Lisa away and knees Sam in the balls, doubling him over and he falls to the floor. ‘Slut, you do not get to cum unless you have a cock in your ‘pussy’, do you understand?’
Sam just lies there, moaning. Bibi grabs Lisa by the hair, pulling her face to her pussy again. ‘I told you not to let him get hard, but you didn’t listen. So now you will be punished. Open up and drink, don’t spill a drop!’, and Bibi starts pissing into Lisa’s mouth.

Lisa is ashamed, humiliated, and aroused. She scoots closer to Bibi’s pussy, drinking all of her golden flow, and slides two fingers into her own pussy. Lisa licks that last few drops from Bibis slit and has an orgasm on her own fingers.

Bibi hands Lisa the chastity cage and lock, ‘Make sure you lock her back up and you both have ten minutes to shower, then go to your rooms and get dressed in the outfits laying on your beds.”

Lisa nods, but notices the Bibi said ‘her’ when referring to Sam.

Bibi then leaves the bathroom; Lisa drops to her knees and starts sucking Sams cock. He starts moaning, from the pain in his balls, and the mental conditioning. Seeing that he wont get hard, she gently pulls his testicles through the loop and slides the cage over his limp cock. She then helps Sam to his feet and into the shower.

‘Lisa, do you want to stay here, with Max?’

Lisa pulls him close and kisses him passionately, ‘Yes baby, I do. I have never cum this hard or this often in my life! This is what I need!’

Sam steps under the shower spray so Lisa can’t see his tears. They wash in silence, then dry each other off. Sam heads to his room to dress and Lisa applies just a little bit of makeup.

When Sam enters his room, he is shocked. The bed has pink sheets, pink pillows, and a pink comforter. There is a pink vanity table, with some makeup. Bibi steps up behind him and scares him.

‘You’ll learn to apply your own makeup soon, but for tonight you can skip it. Put on the outfit laying on the bed then meet me in the hall outside of Master’s Study.’

On the floor beside the bed is a pair of pink heels, about 3 inches tall, with bells on the heels, and a locking strap that goes around the ankle. On the bed, everything is pink, ankle socks, stockings, garter belt, ruffled bloomer panties and training bra. There is a pink choker with the word SISSY in fake diamonds with two little bells hanging from it. The dress has huge ruffles and Sam thinks it looks more like a shirt than a dress, it’s too short. Feeling defeated and sad, Sam starts with the panties. He feels strange, the sensation of the panties causes a tingling in his sore balls.

Then he pulls the stocking up his legs, and moans as his cock is straining against the chastity cage as it is fighting to become erect. He struggles, but finally finishes getting the clothing on and notices that the front of the panties are soaked, he is leaking precum like crazy.

Lisa’s outfit is much simpler, bright red platform stiletto heels with locking straps, black stockings, bright red and black lace up corset with garters, and a tube of bright red lipstick. Lisa quickly dons the clothing and admires herself in the mirror, and she sees Bibi in the doorway. Bibi doesn’t say a word, she just comes in and starts tightening the laces on Lisa’s corset. Bibi pulls them tighter and tigher, ‘Exhale, slut!’.

Lisa exhales slowly, and Bibi finishes tightening the laces and ties them off. Lisa tries to take a deep breath, but can’t. ‘Breathe slowly and shallow, you’ll eventually get used to it, or pass out!’

Lisa, still struggling to breathe, follows Bibi down the hall to Master’s Study. When she see Sam all dressed in his pretty pink outfit, she laughs. Sam gets embarrassed and turns to walk away, but Lisa grabs his hand and pulls him close. With the heels, Lisa is now a bit taller than Sam. She realizes that she is looking down at him, and for some reason this excites her.

‘Wait here, Master will call for you when he is ready.’

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By sissyboiSam2000 #BDSM #Cuckold #Group