Teacher-Master-Owner – 6

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By sissyboiSam2000 Meeting a few new friends of Max, Lisa will enjoy it more than Sam

For Lilly Hawkins

Saturday afternoon

Bibi opens the Study door from inside and closes it behind her. She kneels down and locks some ankle cuffs on Lisa’s ankles, limiting her steps to about 6 inches. Bibi then stands, looking up at Lisa and say, ‘Master wants to be sure you can’t run away!’. Bibi then locks similar cuffs to Sams ankles. She turns and opens the door and announces ‘Master, your sluts are ready, do you wish me to send them in?’

From inside the room, we hear Master say ‘Thank you Bibi, bring the sissy slut in, the other slut can wait!’.

Sam turns to Lisa and kisses her quickly as Bibi pulls him through the door. ‘I love you, Lisa!’. Then the door closed, leaving Lisa to wonder what was going on inside. And as her mind flew to all the possibilities, she felt her pussy getting wet.

Sam hobbles into the room and Bibi leads him to the front of Master’s desk. Seated around the room were a couple of very beautiful, large breasted women, and a guy built like a linebacker. On the other side were 5 well dressed men in suits. Garrett was laying on a dog bed in the corner.

‘Sam, excuse me, Samantha, I’ve noticed a bit of reluctance on your part. Are you not happy to see your beautiful Lisa being so well loved? Do you not enjoy seeing Lisa acting like the slut she so wants to be?’

Sam hesitates, and clears his throat, ‘Yes Sir, Lisa is very happy, and I am glad to see her so happy.’

‘Samantha, tonight you will be serving my friends here’, and Max waves his hand to the women and the massive hulk of a man. ‘

Sam looks over at them, and the big man stands and pulls out the biggest cock Sam has ever seen. Sam gulps and looks back at Max. ‘Do you not want to make Lisa happy, Samantha?’. Max knows that using this psychology on Sam is probably the best. If he asks Sam directly, Max is pretty sure that Sam will say no and choose to leave. ‘Lisa has enjoyed watching you submit, and she thoroughly enjoyed watching Garrett fuck your pussy Samantha.’

Sam feels like his whole body is blushing like his face is. He starts to tear up hearing that Lisa watched him get fucked by a dog, but he also felt his clitty start to tingle at the thought of Garrett fucking him. ‘Yes Master, I want to make Lisa happy so I will do as I am told. Thank you Master.’. Sam then hobbles over where the women are sitting and kneels. The brute then steps in front of him and starts slapping Sam’s face with his massive cock.

One of the women speaks with a surprisingly deep voice and says, ‘Samantha, sweety, you had better start slobbering on that cock soon, or our man Vinnie here is going to split you apart.’. Sam is baffled by the woman’s voice, so feminine but deep. Vinnie grins and puts his cock head on Sams lips. As Sam opens his mouth to tell them no, Vinnie roughly shoves his cock in. Vinnie, pissed that Sams teeth scraped his cock, slaps Sam hard knocking him to the floor. Vinnie straddles Sams prone body, and pulls him up by his long hair.

‘Suck bitch, and I had better not feel any teeth this time.’, Vinnie smiles as Sam opens his mouth, and slides hi cock clear to the back of Sams throat and hold his head there. Sam starts to panic because he can’t breathe. Both women lift their dresses and pull their cocks out of their panties and start masturbating. Sam starts slapping Vinnie’s arms in a vain attempt to break free. Tears are flowing down Sams face and his vision starts to fade.

‘Damn Vinnie! Don’t kill him yet, we still want to fuck him too!’. Vinnie pulls back just enough to let Sam breathe and he sucks in as much air as he can. He gets a few quick breaths, and as he finishes exhaling, Vinnie fills his throat again, knowing that Sam doesn’t have much air in his lungs right now. Sam blacks out and Vinnie lets him fall to the floor.

Max says ‘Vinnie, you and the ladies take Samantha into the playroom. You have twenty-four hours to play with your new toy, and then you leave. Bibi will have food and drink whenever you are ready. Thank you, now leave us.’

Vinnie grabs Sams arm and flips him up over his shoulder like it was nothing and then he extends a hand and helps each of the women to their feet. Bibi leads them through a hidden door in a bookcase and takes them to the playroom.

Meanwhile, Lisa is trying desperately to hear what is being said, but the sounds are muffled and indistinguishable. Lisa’s left hand caresses her right tit and her right hand is pinching and rubbing her clit.

Sam is tied to a sawhorse type of device, legs spread, hands cuffed together hanging below the sawhorse. The ladies help each other out of their beautiful dresses and laugh and caress each other’s massive bimbo titties. Vinnie pulls the ruffled panties to the side and ties a bit of cord around Sams testicles, then to the chain on the cuffs, knowing that when Sams wakes up and tries to reach up, he will pull on his own balls. Vinnie then squirts a good bit of lube into and on Sams asshole, then roughly shoves his cock in, clear to his balls.

The pain in his ass causes Sam to wake up, and instinctively he pulls his arms up, tugging violently on his balls. Confused, but feeling he needs to fight off the intruder in his asshole, he raises his shoulders, trying to turn around, and tugs hard. All he succeeds in doing is pulling the knot tighter around his testicles. Vinnie continues his assault on Sams asshole and says, ‘Oh I love it when a bitch fights back!’. Sam tries once more to get free and turn around and feels a pop and horrific pain in his scrotum. Sams starts to scream but passes out again.

One of the ladies says, ‘I think he pulled a bit too hard Vinnie, the way his balls are starting to swell, I think he might have ruptured a testicle.’, Vinnie laughs, fucks deep one more time and unloads a large amount to cum into Sams asshole.

Bibi opens the door and brings Lisa in, stopping her in front of the men. Then way the men look at her makes her feel like she’s a lamb being lead to slaughter and it makes her shiver, goosebumps popping up all over her body. Her nipples get hard, and her clit tingles. Master then says, ‘Lisa, are you happy here?’

‘Oh yes, Master. Very happy Sir, thank you!’.

‘Good girl! Now gentlemen, you have 24 hours to play. And remember, no blood. Then you leave. Bibi will have food and drink whenever you are ready. Please enjoy!’, and with that, Max walks to Lisa, kisses her deeply, then takes Bibi’s hand and walks out. Lisa asks, ‘Sir, are you not staying?’

Bibi replies, ‘No slut, Master is going to fuck this slut tonight.’, and the two of them walk out the door.

Lisa hears what sounds like a scream as the door closes.

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By sissyboiSam2000 #BDSM #Cuckold #Rape