Teaching my younger sister and having fun #1

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By hero2024 This is the story how I seduce and fuck my little sister

Hey. I’m here to tell my true incest story with my younger sister. Lets just call me D and my sister S. This all began when she was 12 and I was 15. My family and I live in a small two bedroom apartment. My mom and dad sleep in their own bedroom, while me and my younger sister sleep in our own bedroom on the same bed. My parents both work and they both work very late, sometimes as late as 1-2AM at night. So it was my duty to wake her up, take care of her, get her ready for school, pick her up from school, help her with her homework, fix dinner, and get her to bed early.
Well, me being 15 at that time, I was constantly horny and I was always fantasizing about fucking girls from my school. I was fantasizing about anyone and any girl who had a sexy body and ass. I first started to get nasty thoughts about my sister in the early months of 10th grade. I would see her wearing her leggings during the cold winter months and I would watch her small sexy ass move in those leggings. I felt horrid at first and felt disgusted, but as time went on, I got more and more turned on seeing my sister’s ass in her leggings. I began to get erections at night when we went to bed and I began turning the opposite side of her to conceal my boner from her. Eventually, my perverted thoughts took over and I began to watch her ass all the time and couldn’t help but imagine all the things I could do to her. I began to masturbate to her and I would grab her leggings and underwear and sniff them. They smelled heavenly.
One night, I was extremely horny and decided enough is enough. I decided to be brave and take action. We both went to bed around 10:30PM and I decided to wait until my sister was asleep to make my move. She eventually fell asleep in about 10-15 minutes as I heard her soft, sexy breathing. I turned to her side and slowly lowered my hands under the blanket and put my hands on her leggings. The sensation was so hot and I loved the warmth of her ass through her leggings on my hands. I slowly began rubbing my hands all over her ass and my erection slowly started to grow. I smelled her hair and smelled the lavender shampoo she uses when she showers. At this point, I decided to be a bit more brave and I slowly pulled down my pants. My now fully erected cock stuck out and I slowly began rubbing it on her leggings. It felt so good, and I was now fully close to cumming. I rubbed my cock all over her leggings and slowly grinded against her until I eventually ended up cumming all over the bed. A bit of it even went on her leggings. I was careful not to make any noise and grabbed a tissue from the side of the bed and cleaned it all up and went to sleep.
Thankfully, my sister didn’t notice and she was still sleeping all peacefully. The next morning was all normal and I got my sister to school and took care of her. I decided to be brave and try it again that night. I waited until she fell asleep and I groped her ass through her leggings and rubbed my cock all over her sexy ass before I came and fell asleep. This worked flawlessly for a week before I decided to push my limits and try something a bit more dangerous. I waited until she fell asleep that friday night and began my usual ritual. I groped her sexy ass and rubbed my cock against it for about 10 minutes or so, before I decided to try something else. Very carefully, I turned her onto her side and bit by bit, slowly pulled down her leggings. It was very tedious and took almost 5 minutes, but it was worth it in the end as I had pulled her leggings all the way down to her knees. It was the first time I had touched my sister’s bare ass and it was the best feeling ever. It was so warm and soft, and I couldnt help but squeeze her asscheeks. I slowly rubbed my dick against her ass and I immediately came as the sensation was too much for me to handle. I came all over her right asscheek and all over the bed. I grabbed the tissue and carefully cleaned up and went to sleep. It was quite possibly one of the best nights ever.
I tried again the next night and it felt even better than the first time. This time, I spent a lot longer and I really explored her ass. I touched and groped every inch and even touched a little bit in her asscrack and asshole. It was so hot and tight and it really warmed me up during those cold winter nights. I would rub my cock and try sliding it a bit in her asscrack and I would end up cumming. This would go on seamlessly for about a week or two, before my sister began moving around and almost woke up a couple of times and I got scared and started to back off a little. I tried again a while later, and one night, she eventually woke up and caught me. I don’t remember the exact conversation, but it went somewhat like this.
I was spreading her asscheeks and was guiding my cock slowly between her asscracks that night when I felt my sister suddenly stir and my cock slipped out of her ass and slapped against her back. She quickly turned around and looked at me through the dark. I quickly tried to conceal my cock with my hand and my sister, S, looked at me weird.
“D, what are you doing? That was feeling weird.” she said.
I slowly started to pull up my pants and tried to come up with an excuse.
“Nothing, S. I was just warming you up. It’s completely fine if your older brother warms you up at night and keeps you safe, S. I’m just showing how much I love you. An older brother only does this to his sister if they really love them a lot. And I really love you, S.” I said, trying to sound as convincing as I could.
My sister and I were very close as we spent literally all of our time together since our parents weren’t home. I always made sure to be a good older brother to her, before all of the nasty thoughts about her even started. She was in 4th grade at that time, and we would talk a lot about our school days and homework. I knew that she was going through a hard time socially at school, since she told me that she didn’t have many friends in 4th grade and some of the kids would call her ugly, skinny and stick because of her thin size at that time. She was also really gullible and innocent. She was into princesses, drawing, and She would usually cry after coming home from one of those bad days, and it was up to me to take care of her. Using this, I knew I could get away with that excuse if I just showed how much I “love her”.
It worked, and she gasped and smiled. “Thank you, D. I love you too so much. But why are my pants down? Why were you touching my butt?” she asked, curious.
I replied slyly “Because I felt your butt was quite cold. You were shivering while you were sleeping, so I decided to warm you up. I was just rubbing your butt and making sure that you were warm.”
She smiled again and gave me a big hug. I smelled her beautiful hair again and my boner slowly started to return again. “Aww. You are the best brother in the whole world.” she told me.
“I love you too.” I told her. “But, you can’t tell Mom and Dad or anyone at else about what we are doing, alright? This is only our secret thing. I’m only doing this because I love you so much. We can only do this when it’s just us two. If Mom and Dad or anyone else find out about our secret, they will be mad at us and they won’t let me love you any more and I’ll also be mad. I don’t want to be mad at you, S. I love you a lot. Do you want me to be mad at you?” I asked.
“No, of course not, D. I pinky promise that I won’t tell Mom and Dad. I never want you to get mad at me. You are my best friend in the whole world.” she said.
Thinking of a bonus incentive, I said “Plus, if you listen to what I say and do what I tell you, I’ll buy you something that you really want. It can be a toy, art supplies, whatever you want. All you have to do is be a good little sister and listen to what I say, ok? And remember, don’t ever tell Mom and Dad. Otherwise, I’ll be really mad and never be your best friend again or buy you anything, ok?”
I knew that was the complete package for her because she quickly screamed and started yelling and hugging me. She kept on saying “Thank you, thank you!” and I calmed her down and told her that she must do her part.
“Now, come on. Let me warm you up some more. Turn over on your side.” I said, as she gladly turned over on her side and that gave me full access yet again to her sexy tight little ass. This time, without worry, I started groping her ass through her leggings and squeezed her warm asscheeks.
S laughed and told me it tickled a little bit. I smelled her beautiful hair and began smelling her entire body. She smelled so sexy. I decided that I wanted to take off her pants so I could touch her naked ass again.
“I’m going to pull down your leggings, alright S? I need to really warm up your butt. It’s so cold!” I said, acting the best I can.
My sister was kind of weirded by my request at first and nervous. She asked me “But you are going to see my underwear. That’s so weird and feels wrong, D”
I reassured her. “It’s ok. Most brothers and sisters don’t do it because they dont love each other too much and they are mean. But if you really love your sister and want to show her how much you love her, it’s ok to show each other to yourself. There’s nothing weird or to be worried about, S. We are just brothers and sisters. We love each other. It’s ok to show yourself naked to the people you really love. Do you really love me, S? I really love you.”
This seemed to erase all her doubts in her mind and she said “Aww. Of course, D. I really love you a lot. You are the best.” With that, I took off her leggings and smelled them for a while. It smelled so fresh and sexy. My sister was still weirded a little bit and blushed and giggled a little when I began to grope her ass and legs. My erection was really big at this point, so I decided to let the bad boy out. I also took off my pants.
“What are you doing?” S asked, looking and seeing that I was taking off my pants.
“Well, it’s only fair now that you have your pants off, I should take my pants off. Lets both get naked and warm each other up.” I told her.
“Ok” she said, and I was nude then too. I then turned around and slowly led her hands down to my cock.
She immediately repulsed, looked at my cock and said “Ewww.. it feels weird. Why does it look like that? What is that?”.
I said, “it’s my penis, there nothing weird in this, every boys have this.” making her feel relaxed.

(End of Part 1)

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By hero2024 #Incest #PreTeen #Virgin