Teaching my younger sister and having fun #2

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By hero2024 Now at that time we both started loving eachother, we were about to do sex

When I told her about my penis, she immediately asked “why only boys have this thing” while asking she was kinda looking weirdly to me.
I explained that “nature have given this only to boys and the thing which you have between your legs to girls.”
She again asked “is it not wrong that we both are half naked”, I said “whom you love you can show them your naked body, and you love me naaa, cuz I love you so much S”.

She said, ” Yeah! I also love you D”. After that I told her touch my peins, she touched it but she was kinda looking in fear. When she touches it she says, “It’s kinda hot”. I replied “that’s why we are doing this, so that I can make you feel warm”.

After that I told her stroke it up and down, which she did without asking any question. At that time, I was in the 7th sky. Can you imagine her little and soft hands were stroking and massaging my penis.
Then I stopped her and told that we must became fully naked, and she started taking out her shirt.
And within a minute we both are fully naked. This was the first time I saw little egg shaped boobs.
She was little bit of acting shy at that time, as she immediately started covering her body with her hands.
She said not to cover yourself, you are my sister, I can see you naked.
Now I told her that “I am going to massage your shoulder, stomach and chest.
Which she replied “Yeah really!” in excited.
I then told her to sleep on the bed in straight position, and I started doing massage her shoulder. She was happy.
Then I pressed her left boobs.
She screems a little and said’ “It hurts”.
I said “It’s parts of the massage, It will hurt a little but will make you feel warm, you have trust on me or not”
She replied, “I trust you brother”.
After that I started pressing her boobs gently. Her face expression tells that she was feeling good. After some time, I started pressing it little harder, and she started moaning a little.
Now I tell her to turn back so that I can massage her back, she turned herself back.
I started massaging her back, them slowly moved my hand to her ass, she giggled a little.
Then I start massaging her ass. When I finished, I asked her what was your experience, she replied’ “It was preety good, you made me feel relaxed”.
Then I told her we will do next step. She was ready and excited too.
I told her, that now I will touch her vagina.
She said, “But isn’t it wrong as I pee from there”in weird and embaressd way.
I told her that “Yeah! you pee from there but there is nothing in doing this, I promise I’ll make you feel warm. She agreed but she was little embaressd.
Then I touched her vagina, and at the same time I smelled it to, it smells really best. I I was touching her pussy, she started moaning a little. I then started putting my middle finger on it, she screems a little louder. I immediately remove my finger and cover her mouth.
She said, “It hurts…” I replied, “Yeah it will hurt but after sometime you’ll enjoy it, but you need to lower you voice or Mom Dad would wake up and split us forever as they don’t want us to make love, do you want it to happen.”
She said, “No I don’t want this to happen, But it hurts a little.
She was little scared.
I told her that it will hurt a little but will make our love strong.
Do you wand to make our love strong.
She replied Yes.
Then I started touching her pussy and put one of my fingers in her, at this time she was ready for it and cover her mouth. Now I started doing in and out she started moaning and told me that it feels really good. Then I stopped there. After that I kissed her pussy, she giggled and says “aren’t it weird for you”in funny and weird way. I replied, “this my sister pussy I can touch it and kiss it there is nothing weird in it. After that I started licking it, she was enjoying it, within a minute she kept her hand on my head and started pressing it, her both legs were rubbing on my face. Out of sudden she says “I want to pee .,I am going to pee, leave me….” She was kept moaning.
I told her “this is not pee this came when you get so much love and warmth, you and release it on me it’s our sign of love. And I started inserting my tongue in pussy. She was in her full mood. As she peed all her cum on my face and mouth, I swallowed maximum. She was shocked and giggles a little and asked me why you drink it. i said, “its my love for you sister”.
After that we both laughed a little.
Now I asked her does she feel warm, she replied “Yes” in tired way.
I told her “See I had made you feel warm and It’s you turn to make me feel warm.
She said ” Yeah sure” in really excited way.
Then I told her to lick and suck my penis.
She was shocked and replied’ “But you oee from there…”
I said, “You also pee from there na, but I do this to make you feel warm, can’t you do this for you brother.
Whic she agreed to do then she touched my penis, it was fully erected at that time and my precum was also out.
She first touched it tip with lips. When she tasted my precum, she said “its salty, but I like it” Then I told her to suck it.I told her to not use your teeth. After that she took maximum penis in her mouth then she started sucking it. She was not good at this but her small mouth and soft lips making my penis more erect. She was doing this without any hesitation, as she love a alot.
Within a minute I came she immediately remove my penis and was going to vomit my cum, but I stopped her and told her to swallow all it if she love me as I done this to her. She swallowed it all and then said, “It’s taste salty and quite cold.” Then I asked her does she liked it what we have done, she replied, “Yeah!…”she was embaressd and giggling at the same time.
Then I looked at the time and it was around 12 o’clock, so decided we should stop there and sleep so that there will not any issues on waking up early tomorrow.
I told her “S we must sleep now it’s too late, we have to wake up early to go to school, and yaa don’t tell anyone about our secret love, otherwise..”. She immediately said, “Otherwise they’ll split us”.
We both wore our clothes, after that I kissed on her head and said, “I love you so much S, you’re the best sister”.
She hugged me and said, “I love you too D, you’re best…”.
After that we both slept.

I woke up at morning but she was still sleeping, usually she used to woke up early, but because of yesterday night she was tired a lot, so she was still sleeping.
Then I woke her up, she woke up and smiled looking at me, I also smiled. Then she hugged me and said, “Thanks! for loving me and making me feel warm yesterday night.”
After that we both took bath and went to school.

Now it’s again 10PM when we both reached our bed to sleep. After two to three minutes I asked her, “Shall we start loving each other again?”
She answered, “Yes!!!” this time she was very much excited and kinda blushing.
First we both become naked, I then started massaging her tiny egg shaped boobs, but this time I was doing little harder.
She was moaning a little. Then I started licking and sucking her tits, she said “my chest are tickling D” in giggled and funny way. I was continuously licking and massaging her tits. At that time my penis became hard. Then I move forward to her face then touched my lips to her lips.
I started kissing her, she was giving no reaction.
So I stopped and she said, “I saw a girl and boys doing this lips thing in movie* I said they love each other so they did that, we also love each other, we should also do this. Then she nodded yes.
Then again I started kissing her, this time she was also trying to fo the same I was doing with her lips. We both kissed for almost 1 and half minutes. When finished, she said “I was the best feeling D” I replied, “For me too”.
Then I started touching her pussy, this time she was ready, she took one of her hand and cover her mouth. I insert one finger in it and started fucking my finger in her pussy, she was moaning like hell, her eyes were rolling, she was in full joy. I then inserted two fingers and kept fucking her. She was about to say something when I put two fingers, but then stopped and started enjoying.
I can see level of pain and as much as excited with lust in her eyes. I immediately stopped, this time I wanted to do something different, so told her shit on my face, she was just 12 so she is not as much as heavier for. As she was in fully lust, so she did what I said.
I fix her pussy in my mouth and started fucking her pussy with my tongue. At this time she was about to ejaculate so she, kept her tiny hand on my hair and started pressing it harder, ut was hurting a bit but I was not caring about it at that time.
And she ejaculated, this time I swallowed her all cum. She told me to relax for a minute, cuz she became tired.
After sometime she herself touched my penis and started jerking of. I was enjoying like hell, and then she took it to her mouth and start sucking it, this time it was preety decent, I am liking it a lot.
And after some minutes I came and without hesitation she swallowed my cum.
Then she started wearing her clothes, so I stopped her. She stopped then asked, “we will do this again” she was excited.
I was shocked seeing her excitement.
I told her we will show more love and after this our love will become so much stronger. She said, “Ok! But what next we are about to do?
I said, “This time I’ll insert my penis into your vagina like my finger and it will make our love more strong.”
She hesitated and said, ” But.. But it’s too big for it and it eill hurt me a lot.”
I said, ” I know its big but it can gon into it, first it will hurt then after sometime you’ll enjoy alot, like yesterday.”
She took time and think a while, after that she said, “OK! But slowly”. I said, “OK, S Love you so much” She replied, “Love you to D.”
First I tell her to suck my penis a little, she did, After that I kissed her first , then make her sleep on her back and spread her, I lay down on her comfortably. Then I fixed my penis tip to her pussy’s hole. She was kinda scared, she covered her mouth, and I applied a little pressure, almost head of my penis went inside her. She was about to screem but she covered her mouth, I can see tears were coming from one of her eyes, but she was not resisting me, because she love me.
I stopped a little the I applied more pressure and half of my penis went inside her. She started screem in low voice but she not remove her hand from mouth. She kept saying me its hurting me.
I stopped for sometime and again I applied more pressure, this time my penis went full inside her, she was about to screem louder, I immediately remove her hand and put my one hand inside her mouth she then also covered her mouth. She was literally biting my fingers with her teeth….
Then I immediately take out my penis from her. She took sometime and then told me, that “It was hurting me D, I can’t do this.”
I said, “I know it was hurting you, see you had bites my fingers too, but after first time it will not hurt you. Lets do it again l, this time I promise it will not hurt you.”
She was full of sweat, but she agreed to do thia again.
Again I inserted my penis into her pussy and applied a little pressure, this time almost penis was inside her, it was painful for her bit she was not screem, she covered her mouth with high force and closed her eyes in fear, then I started doing ups and downs. Tears were coming out of her eyes, but she was controlling because of my love. After some seconds she also started enjoying it and first she gave a long moan “Ahhhh”, this time I Was penitrating slowly so that it won’t hurt much. After I saw she was enjoying I increase my speed, my sister was shaking, her eyes were rolling, and kept moaning and saying, “Yeahhhh, D , Ohh D , Yeah!!!!, Ahhhh — Ughhhh D”. We were both enjoying this moment a lot, I think this was one of our best moment of life , as we both were experiencing sex for the first time.
I was fucking her in speed. She didn’t realise that her sealed was broken now and lots of blood was on her thighs vagina and on my penis, the blood doesn’t went on bedsheet, this was good naa.
Within a minute a cam in her pussy with full loaded, I know she will not gets impregnat at this age cuz she was just 12.
When I Stopped, I saw her, she was full in her joy and was enjoying that moment.
Then she feels something is coming out of her pussy, so she looked down, she saw blood, and my cum. She looked at me and started crying, I settled down her, and told her you remember when I inserted my penis inside you feel dome pain, that was it S, its the sign that we had make our bond special, it will only came out today, after that It’s sign that we can do it any time.
She was shocked but she believed me and what I say, cuz I love her. After that we both went to bathroom and I make her clean.
We came to our bed and wore our clothes, we both hug each other and then kissed each other for almost 2 minutes.
And she said, “I love you so much D, I can do anything for you” she was smiling.
I also said, “I love you too S, I can also do anything for you, and also don’t let any other boys to do it with you, its our method of making love.”
And she nodded yes.
Then we both slept. When I woke up early, my sister was sitting beside me, when I woke up she suddenly kissed me. And said, “Thanks for loving me,”
I said, “It’s my duty”.
Then we both laughed…
(Now this has become a routine for us, we don’t fuck daily, as she was just a child and mee too!!, we can’t handle too much of energy loss, but we usually warm us IKYK, and sometimes enjoy fuck us also.)

I also had a great moment of us which I will tell you in next part…..
Also comment me for part 3, Then I’ll start writing it.

Hope you all like this….

(End of part 2)

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