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By draindbody This story contains gory horror scenes. all characters are 18 and over

Hi Im Sarah and I am an eighteen-year-old sex cannibal, currently in school where I secretly invite boys to my house and kill them during sex to eat them.

I have been doing this for a while but now I want to take things a little further by sharing my sick experiences with others now. At school, there are six female teachers to who I want to reveal this, as I think this is a perfect idea since I can use them to give me top grades and be popular amongst all the other classmates.

I’m not the sexiest girl in my class but I do have mind-control abilities to get anyone to do what I want without being noticed.

My teacher Miss Hartland, who is short petite, and slim with long black hair, teaches art.

Miss Savage who is blond medium breasted and has a nice curvy body, and bright green eyes, teaches literature.

Miss Doran who is tall ginger and has a slim body and all boys find sexy to look at teaches maths.

Miss Stonehill who is older and fairly tall with brunette curly hair slim body and small breasts teaches various subjects.

Miss Ward who is also a brunette shorter curvy and has the biggest tits out of all the teachers has unmissable blue eyes and a nice round butt. She teaches history.

Miss Williams has a shorter neck length brunette hair light brown eyes medium breasted average height and she is the sexiest looking and makes all the boys melt. She teaches media.

Being able to mind-control many people at once will make my agenda perfect for what I’m about to do. I am going to open a secret after class in school where the teachers are going to be my students.
But first I need a boy to have as one of my victims and that will be the cute little Asian boy who sits opposite me in art class Shawn.

Shawn is the perfect bit of flesh as my next victim, during art class, Miss Hartland went to fetch something from the store cupboard and quickly went up to Shawn and whispered into his ear, “I am inviting you to a secret after class, and you will do exactly as I want when I want and you don’t tell anyone about this ok.” He nodded yes.
All the other students looked at us wondering what I just said. I sat back down on my chair my friend asked me what I told him and I looked her in the eye and said, “nothing you need to know.”

My mind control ability was that effective I could have anyone under my thumb.
Close to finishing school I went up to all my teachers who I wanted and had them under my hypnosis I told all of them to turn up at ten o clock at night where I will host the class in Miss Savage’s literature room.
Keeping Shawn with me, we both rearranged the tables in the room the teacher’s desk facing horizontally and another table sitting vertically so it is shaped like a T, with chairs surrounding in a circle. Placing Shawn flat on the long narrow table. Tieing his arms to the table legs and draped a cloth over his smooth skinny body, just before I covered his head I placed both my hands around his face and kissed his cute little forehead, whispering “this is going to be the best experience for you ever!”

Slowly covering his head with the cloth. Minutes before the teachers came, I stripped my clothes down to my thong and bra. Opening the door to the room where all six teachers were eager and ready for my teachings. “Thanks for joining us you are all in for the best treat,” as I kissed each of them on their lips.

“Each of you take a seat, you are all going feast on this fine young piece of flesh tonight!” As all the teachers sat down I removed the cloth revealing Shawn’s body in front of them.

Unclipping my bra and sliding off my thong making myself fully naked and kneeling on the teacher’s desk in front.

“As you can see Shawn is fully tied down and cannot move at all, and what I’m going to do is demonstrate how you all are going to have sex with him in the way I want you to do it.”

I climbed on top of his naked body and slid his throbbing cock into me, holding his neck with both hands and my legs spread with my toes touching the floor. I violently straddled and pounded his cock, with my hands tightening around his neck as I continued to pound him until he started to choke and gag. Easing off gently I lay flat on top of him turning his face to the side swirling my tongue in his ear and chewing viciously on his neck. I pressed my thick naked body further down as I can feel his cock fully inside of me rubbing my g spot he then cummed instantly.

“So everyone how was that?” As I lifted myself off him as he gasped for breath.

The teachers clapped and cheered all at the same time. “That was tasty.”

“So ladies would you like to stand up remove your clothes, and each one of you takes its turns while I kneel back on the desk with Shawns head close to my lap.”

I watched as all the teachers got naked throwing their clothes behind them licking their lips as eyes eagerly looked at the cute piece of meat on the table.

Miss Savage went first. Her thick curvy body made it look as if she swallowed Shawn up under her skin. Miss Savage was very aggressive gripping Shawn’s face with her fingernails, Shawn was in so much pain he couldn’t take it but she kept pounding away even after Shawn cummed the second time. Large scratches appeared on his little cute face as the literature teacher began to chew on his ear and sink her teeth in. She cummed in a few seconds as Shawn gagged in pain.

All the other teachers cheered her as Miss Savage released her cum and climaxed.

The sexy Miss Doran was next with her legs so long she had to spread wider to plant her feet on the carpet, her pounding was so incredibly fast and her moans so loud, the ropes holding Shawn’s arms began to loosen.
Media teacher Miss Williams spotted it quickly and tightened it back before he slipped free. Miss Doran climaxed and cummed quickly as it ran down her leg, soon getting up her pussy squirted all over Shawn’s throbbing cock.

Next was Miss Ward, getting on top of her tasty treat her pounding was a little slower and her tits bounced up and down easily her moans not so loud, and now and again she licked her lips gripping the neck of the young boy and choking him at the same time. Miss Wards pounding began to slow down a bit more but her thrusts became more violent as she eased her hand into his mouth and forced his lower jaw open causing it to strain. Within a few minutes both Shawn cummed and Miss Ward climaxed and squirted.

Miss Williams was next in and it is rumored that Shawn secretly fancied her. The media teacher slid the young boy’s cock into her and lay flat on top of Shawn but instead of planting her feet on the ground she wrapped her flexible legs under the table and locked her feet together literally crushing Shawn’s skinny body and sinking her teeth into his neck.
The other teachers looked in amazement as one said, “Wow I never thought of that one!”
With Miss Williams gorging on his neck her thrusting was a constant pressing downforce, just as Shawn cried in pain and tears began to form in his eyes. Just as Miss Williams cummed she loosened her grip and whispered into the young boy’s ear “You knew that one day you were going to fuck me!” she said as the other teachers laughed. Licking the blood off his neck and then licking her lips she got off to let the next teacher have her share.

Miss Hartland was next her petite soft body mounted on top of Shawn leaning almost flat on top of him similar to Miss Williams but her head was raised high up, clutching the young eighteen-year-old student’s face with both her thumbs forced into his mouth causing his lips to stretch and bleed. Her thrusts were similar speed to Miss Wards but not as violent. Keeping her eyes shut and mouth open her moans were of a heavy breathing sound, whispering “Ohh fuck yes, fuck yeah, more, more, mmm, more.”

I am now cumming at the same time, my nipples erect and gently stroking Miss Hartland’s hair as I watched her drool sneakily slipped my finger into her mouth and stroked her soft tender tongue. Her eyes opened and they were rolled back. Just as she climaxed lifting her feet off the ground with her legs as straight off the table her toes spread apart, I firmly pushed her head down towards Shawn’s face saying “Come on take a bite out him before you finish.”
She slid her tongue into his ear and then bit on to it firmly just as she finished with Shawn blowing his load in her.

Miss Stonehill was the last one in, getting on top and firmly pressing her body onto him, his throbbing cock slipped into her wet pussy. Using the original position that I first demonstrated Miss Stonehill gripped his neck tight she kept her eyes locked onto Shawn’s face with an evil smile her pounding thrusts went from fairly slow to fast and faster. Shawn was gagging horribly and Miss Stonehill’s aggressiveness even matched Miss Savages, the other teachers had to hold the table still as it momentarily slid back. Miss Stonehill lifted his head towards her as she shoved her fist in his mouth causing him to choke as more tears rolled down his face, her moans sounded so evil like a growling noise, just as the boy gagged and bled inside his mouth in a few seconds she cummed climaxing and laughing spitefully as her fingernails cut into the back of his mouth with Shawn suffering in so much pain. Finally letting go and dismount herself off his ravaged body.

Now the young flesh was ready to become the dish for tonight, I hastily got on top of his face and pushed down to prevent him from breathing. Using a knife from the desk I sliced his torso open with his blood spraying all around the room drenching the teachers all over.

“Come on ladies dinner is served!”

They all gathered around like hungry animals sinking their teeth into his gutted torso and chewing on various organs, muscle tissue, and skin.

Hearing the sound of squelching meat as they chewed and bathed in his blood. “Come Sarah help yourself as well!” said one of the teachers as she smeared her body in his warm blood.

I picked up the knife again and severed Shawn’s head after everyone had their fair share of him. As the blood poured from his severed head drenched my entire body completely covering me, then pushing his corpse off the table I lay flat as each teacher licked and drank the blood from my covered body. One teacher sucked on my nipples, two others sucked on my toes another licked it off my pussy, and the other two licked it off my fingers.
The feel of their hair and tongues gliding all over me caused me to orgasm and moan, “lick it all off clean me up!” I whispered to all of them.
They began licking and sucking faster as I used their hair to wipe away excess smears until every bit of blood was licked dry.

Standing up on the table as all teachers looked up to me like a goddess, I now confirmed that all six of them are mine ending the session with each one of them kissing my feet.

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By draindbody #Abuse #Group