Teaching the Professor Ch. 02

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My wife seemed more excited than usual as she planned her most recent trip. In her last year as mentor to a group of scholarship students at a large state university, she would see her class graduate in the spring after advising them for four years. Every year she and several other adult sponsors joined this group of students on a leadership training trip to a national park, and this trip would be her last. She seemed to have a great time on her last trip with them. What I did not discover until later, after this last trip, was that my wife had been engaged in, well, unprofessional behavior with some of them. At the time, though, I was in the dark, but a little curious about her enthusiasm for this new trip.
The first day of the trip was a long day of travel across the country, culminating in a late arrival close to curfew, and all the students and sponsors simply crashed. The next day featured a packed itinerary, and after hikes and meetings, my wife retired to her room. When she opened her day pack, an envelope fell on the floor next to the bed. She didn't notice it until after relaxing in a hot bath and getting ready for bed. After seeing it, she picked it up and opened it. It contained a folded note and a pair of those heavy, silk-lined blindfolds used for sleeping on airplanes. The note read "Wear these. Nothing else. There will be a knock on your door at midnight. Do whatever the person at the door tells you to do without questioning. There will be further knocks every thirty minutes until 2." She knew, or maybe just hoped, that the note was from her advisee Kate, who had corrupted her the previous year. Her imagination raced, her heart fluttered, and warmth bloomed between her legs. She held the blindfold in her hand and debated following the instructions. She ultimately did as she was told. The last time she saw the clock was 11:35; then the room went dark. She lay on the bed and waited silently.
A knock at the door raised her from sleep—she must have dozed off. Somewhat dazed, she went to the door, forgetting that she was nude. And blindfolded. She opened the door and her guest entered, closing the door behind her. A small hand pressed at the small of her back and pushed her into the room. She heard her guest sit down on the corner of the bed and faced her.
"Kneel." Her guest whispered. My wife tried to place the voice but couldn't. It was hoarse and breathy; the whisper masking the voice's timbre. "You are here to please me." She heard her guest stand, undo buttons and remove some clothing, then sit again.
The hand reached her shoulder and pushed her to the floor, to her knees. Her guest spoke again. "Put your hands on my breasts. Caress them. Lick them and suck my nipples. You may touch nothing else. Do not speak. I am going to masturbate in front of you."
Cynthia leaned forward and gently cupped her guest's breasts. They filled her hands—firm, full, round, and hot to the touch. The nipples were erect. She gently traced her fingers along the undersides, up to, and around the nipples. Her guest moaned in approval and she felt her weight shift as her guest spread her legs and slipped her hand between them.
Her guest praised my wife's efforts, sometimes directing her to pinch and bite her nipples. Mostly Cynthia responded to her guest's moans and gasps of pleasure. It had been some time since my wife had been with a woman, but she drew upon her experiences over the previous year and helped to push her guest to orgasm. The aroma of her guest's arousal was intoxicating, as well as her increasingly urgent rocking forward and backward. Cynthia concentrated on her task, biting and sucking her guest's nipples as she raced to climax.
"Very good, Dr. K. Very good. I'm going to come soon. Do you want to lick my pussy as I get off? Do you?" She whispered fiercely. My wife grunted her assent and began to bend down. Suddenly her guest jerked my wife's head back up to her breasts. "I didn't tell you to do it. I just wanted to know how far you would go. Keep sucking my tits. Squeeze them! Oh, yes! I'm coming! Do it!"
Her guest slid forward crushing my wife into her chest. She wrapped her legs around my wife and squeezed her against her hand and against her pussy. She gasped and her loins pulsed against her fingers. After a few minutes, her guest released my wife and pushed her away. She put her fingers against Cynthia's mouth and forced her to lick her fingers clean. She then dressed and left. Before the door closed my wife heard "Good girl. Don't misbehave."
My wife knelt on the floor in the dark room. She could still smell her guest and it added to her own arousal. She did not know how to feel about what had just happened. She thought her guest had been Susan, one of her advisees and orgy partner from the last trip, but she couldn't be sure. She hadn't felt Susan's breasts in nearly a year, and in the dark, she wasn't sure she could have identified her even if they had been intimate more recently. Still, who else could it have been? It definitely wasn't Kate. She knew Kate's body…her breasts… her hands… her pussy…and more.
A knock at the door. The door opened before Cynthia could rise. A man's voice. "Good. You're already on your knees. You can start right away." The door closed. She heard a zipper. She felt a man's heat in front of her; his hands on the back of her head as his rising cock brushed her lips. "Suck me. Take all of it. Lick my cock and balls. Your mouth is for my pleasure. You will suck me until I come in your mouth."
His meat pressed into her mouth, and she gagged as it filled her, entering her throat. He pulled it out and rubbed it across her face, smearing her saliva around her lips, then drove it back into her mouth. Again and again he pumped himself in and out of her mouth. She struggled to keep her lips tightly around it and her teeth back. His cock was large, both long and thick. She brought her hands up to try to exert some measure of control of it as her guest fucked her mouth relentlessly. She was able to pull it out and slide it up her face over her eye, dragging his balls across her chin. She took them into her mouth, one at a time, then together, licking them and sucking them. She ran her tongue up and down the massive shaft, swirling it around the head. She jerked her hands up and down the length of his cock, then took it back into her mouth. His hands took hold of her head and he began driving himself in and out of her mouth, gagging her. "Take it." He urged. "Suck it all." He gave no other indicator of pleasure. She took control, grasping him at the root tightly with her fist and taking the head into her mouth, sucking firmly as she jerked his cock.
"Yes!" He hissed through gritted teeth. "Suck it! I'm going to come down your throat! Swallow it all!" He groaned and tensed his hips as he exploded into her mouth. She sucked him tightly. He grasped the hand she had on his shaft and took control of her jerking motions, using her hand to jack himself into her mouth. He could feel her sucking, milking him, trying to take everything. He felt her throat contract as she tried vainly to swallow all of his load.
When he could take no more of her sucking, he pulled out. He could see, in the dim light, his semen leaking out of her mouth, running down her chin. He leaned over and tweaked her nipple. "Get up." He ordered. "Climb on the bed on all fours and show me your cunt." She did so, and he leaned forward and pressed his face into her vagina, licking her quickly and roughly. She gasped and he pulled away. She heard his zipper again and turned her head to look, forgetting about the blindfold.
"Stay like that. Your next guest will find it useful." The door closed.
Her legs were beginning to cramp after 10 minutes and she considered getting up. Just as she had resolved to stand up, there was a knock at the door. It opened. The orange streetlight played across the bed and her body for her third guest of the night. He made no sound at all aside from opening and closing the door. She could hear his footsteps as he approached her from behind. There was a pause and a nearly silent rustling of cloth. Then a voice: "You take directions well. I see you're ready for me."
Two rough hands gripped her buttocks, His fingers dug into the top of her ass and his thumbs pushed together near her vulva, spreading her ass open. She suddenly felt the pressure of the firm, spongy head of his cock against her pussy lips. The hands jerked her ass back toward him and her stabbed his cock deep into her. She was so wet that he easily buried himself to his balls in her. She groaned.
"You want this, don't you?" he whispered. She nodded. "Then tell me how much." He paused in mid-stroke, waiting for her.
"I want your cock in me." She whispered. He finished his plunge inside her, then slowly pulled himself out, nearly out, then suddenly out.
"Unfortunately, I'm not here for you." She felt empty and that emptiness burned. She pushed back trying to find his cock, but his hand gripped her too tightly. At least one hand. The other hand was busy with a small bottle. Soon she felt the cold shock of a liquid dripping down between her buttocks, onto her pussy. His thumb rubbed against her anus and gently pressed inside. First his thumb, up to his palm. He withdrew it and replaced it with his index finger, then a second. He stretched her gently and slowly. Then both his hands left her.
"I'm here to satisfy myself." He whispered as his cock pressed against her anus. Slowly he entered her, pausing so she could accommodate him. She was not new to anal play but was inexperienced. She thought of her first time, with Todd, the junior mechanical engineering major, on last year's trip. She was sure that Todd was in her again tonight. He slowly pushed himself deeper and deeper inside her, filling her up with his tool. When his balls rested on her ass he leaned forward, taking her in his arms. He licked her earlobe and whispered "I'm in you again. I was honored to be your first. Has there been anyone else?"
She moaned weakly. "Uh-huh."
"Has your husband?"
"Good. Has there been anyone else?"
"No." He began long, slow strokes in and out of her ass. With his right hand, he tugged at her nipple. "Are you sure?"
"She's your lover?"
"Yes." He squeezed her right breast and slid his hand to her cunt.
"Does your husband know?" He slapped her labia and roughly rubbed her clit.
"You're going to tell him. You're going to tell him all about this. All your dirty secrets about gangbangs with your students."
"No!" She tried to pull away but he held her tighter. He still controlled his pace, though her heat and tightness threatened his composure.
"Yes. Be honest. He can handle knowing that his wife is a secret slut." He sped up a little but kept control.
"No." she whimpered, but she wasn't trying to pull away anymore. She was pushing back against him as he buried his cock in her ass.
"Your ass is so sexy. I'm greatly enjoying fucking it. I'm going to come soon, and I'm going to come inside you. I'm going to drive my dick deep in your ass and fill it with my come. Are you ready?"
"Unh. Yes. Come." My wife grunted as her young stud pounded her rectum. He stalled, grasped her buttocks, and crushed his balls against her as he emptied himself into her. He pulled out as cruelly as her previous partner had when he withdrew from her mouth, leaving her empty, aroused, hot, and unsatisfied. She rolled onto the bed into a fetal position and felt his semen leaking onto her ass.
"I've been told to tell you to go soak in a hot bath for no more than 30 minutes. After that, wait naked on the bed. There will be one more knock." And there was.
No more blindfold—the bedside lamp was on. Her final guest was no mystery: it was Kate, her 21-year old advisee, lover, and obviously now, mistress. She wore an overcoat and carried her backpack. Cynthia looked up at her from the bed.
"You've been busy" she said. Kate put her finger to her lips. "No one said you could talk. This isn't over." And with that, Kate dropped her coat to the floor, revealing her nudity except for a black silk bra and a black leather harness adorned with an 8-inch flesh-colored dildo.
"It will be your turn to talk soon enough, Dr. K." She knelt in front of my wife and took her face in her hands. They then shared a soft, honest, deep kiss. My wife's head swam. As Kate stood again the dildo floated past her face. Kate put it to my wife's lips and she drew it in. Kate stroked her hair as she sucked the rubber cock, purring "You're so beautiful with a cock in your mouth. Someday I want to watch you make love to your husband." Cynthia sucked it more deeply and fervently as Kate gave her approval.
Kate sat on the bed next to her mentor and ran her hands along the contours of her legs and ass, toward her lower back and on to her breasts. "Soon it will be my turn to have you the way I want, the same as everyone else has had their way with you. But for now, since you've been such a good sport, it's your turn to be rewarded. I'll do for you whatever you want—just say it. I'll stroke you, lick you, suck you—anything. But you only have 30 seconds to decide. At the end of 30 seconds if you haven't made your request plain, I'll ignore you and take you myself." She idly stroked my wife's back as she talked. "Your 30 seconds starts now."
The room was deathly silent for 25 seconds. Kate warned my wife of the deadline. Then, just as time would have expired, she weakly breathed "Spank me."
"Spank you." Kate echoed. Certainly." With that, Kate bent my wife over her knee. The dildo pressed against Cynthia's breasts as Kate stroked her ass. First a gentle slap. Cynthia squirmed and grunted her approval. Then another.
"Harder." Kate heard after the second slap. She obliged. The size and intensity of the red marks on her buttocks grew. The woman I knew, this saintly mother of my child, the only woman with whom I had shared a bed, writhed in the lap of a young college student, rubbing herself against her knee as her lover slapped her red ass. Kate's fingers soon confirmed that Cynthia wanted badly to come. But it was now her turn. Kate pushed Cynthia down on to the mattress face first, with her ass in the air. She impaled my wife on her phallus and proceeded to fuck her in every way that she needed. Within minutes my wife was screaming for release and took every inch of the dildo to find it. Kate's own buttocks rippled with the force of the fucking she gave my wife. When Cynthia finally cried out and collapsed on the bed, Kate quickly withdrew and gathered my wife in her arms, kissing her softly on the cheek and forehead, holding her as her orgasm subsided.
They fell asleep in each other's arms. A few hours later they shared a slow and tender 69 as the sun rose. Kate kissed my wife deeply, letting her taste herself, and then snuck back to her room.
The next day, during the preparations for and execution of the long trip back to the east coast, my wife never saw any of the people she thought she had shared last night. Though it wasn't really sharing. At some point over Kansas, as my wife was returning to her seat from the bathroom, she felt a hand on her ass. She turned to find Kate, who quickly kissed her deeply and passionately. She didn't say a word but immediately returned to her seat. My wife turned around quickly to see if anyone had seen them, but she couldn't tell.
It was some time before I was told this story. But well worth the wait.

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