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By Gay boy I was a long hair smooth teen. I was was slim and kept my body completely shaven smooth and hairless. Well you could say bit sissy.
I hated were we lived in a small town and really nothing to do. Only thing to do in the summer was tan and hang out at the river. I turned 15 and there was a man in his 50 I always heard stories about but I just ignored them being a small town. Well one morning my mom asked me if I wanted to make some money an she told me that he had stopped by and asked her if I could. I said sure. So I went to his house and knocked. Well he invited me in. We talked about it and I decided to help.
Fast forward after a few days of work for him in tight daisy duke shorts and half shirts. He an I were talking about stuff and he rubbed my smooth tan leg. Then he squeezed my ass. I was perfectly fine with it. After a bit of working and small talk he asked me if I liked guys and I said yes I did. He asked me if I heard roamers about him. I said yes but I don’t pay attention to that stuff. He said that what if they were true. I just said that I would mind. He said that was great. I just asked him if he liked me and wanted to have fun with me. He said that he has been thinking about it. I said do you want to get naked here and now for you. He said that I wouldn’t get completely nude outside right now. So I stripped completely nude right there shoes and everything.
He grabbed me and kissing me passionately cupping my ass. He said that he couldn’t believe that I was so hairless completely smooth except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair. Then he asked me if I liked being completely hairless and smooth and naked for him. I said that I did an asked him if he liked me being naked for him. He didn’t hesitate a split second and said that he did. He asked me if I was going to put my clothes back on and I said no that I was going to stay nude for him. He asked me if every time I was there if I was going to be also. I said yes. He said ok but wanted to get his camera and take pictures of me.
After he took a bunch of pictures of me outside naked in different positions and places. Couple of times he even gave my boy pussy a couple of licks saying that it smells good and tastes sweet. I told him that I always douched. I asked him since he said that the roamers about him were true could I ask him. He said yes I can anything I want to. I asked him if he wanted me to be his boy toy completely. He said that he would love that but that involves kissing and sexually also. Then he asked me if I wanted to be. I said yes I did. Then he said that we should go in the house and did.
He asked me if I was horny and I wanted him naked to . I said yes and he had me get on the bed. He got completely undressed and got on the bed with me. We started kissing passionately and making out. I rubbed his hairy chest and then feeling his cock and balls as he sucked on my neck hard. I after he finished I kissed him and then I went down to his cock and started to kiss and lick it and his balls he was talking pictures as I did. I finally opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his hard cock and went completely down on it to his balls and back up. I slowly sucked him tip to balls for about 20 minutes loving his cock. He tensed up shooting his hot load in my mouth and throat and I swallowed every single drop of it. After I made sure I got every drop of it and got back up. He got over top of me kissing me passionately. Then after a few minutes of this we laid there cuddling. He said that I gave him best bj ever. I said that I was going to give him many more an I finally admitted that I was hoping everything I heard was true because I wanted to be with him. He said that he wished he knew that I did.
We laid there for a while kissing and making out and cuddling. When he asked me if my mom knew that I was gay and I said yes. Even telling him that I told her that I wanted to suck an be one getting fucked. He said that was great then he kissed me passionately and had me get in 69 position so he could rim me and eat my boy cunt he had me moaning. After a few minutes of this and me sucking him he stopped and had me get on back. He put lube on his cock and my hole. Since I was very flexible I put my legs up behind my head. I didn’t tell him but it was the first time I was going to get a real cock and not a big dildo.
He started to kiss me as he slowly easied his hard cock in my hole . It felt so amazing and wonderful as his cock went deeper into me soon I he was balls deep inside of me and slowly fucking me. I was moaning loudly and in total pleasure. He was kissing me passionately and telling me how wonderful I was and I was telling him how much I loved it. After about 45 minutes he shot his huge load deep inside of me making my tiny cock cum also and moan very loudly in pleasure. I moved my legs wrapping them around him. We kissed passionately till he slipped out.
We laid there for a few when he kissed me and said that eventually people were going to say something you coming over here. I said so what I don’t care. Then he said that he was going to take very very good care of me. Well before I left he took more pictures of me and stuff.

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