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By Creep1995 Parents leave their daughter home alone for a few hours, a creepy man uses this to his advantage.

“Samantha your Mom and I are going out for a few hours are you sure you’ll be fine home alone?”

“Dad for the last time, I’ll be fine.” Samantha responded. “You’ll be only gone for a few hours anyways.”

“We can call Sarah to babysit.” Samantha’s Mom suggested.

Smanatha’s Dad shook his head “It’s alright dear, she’s sixteen now she needs to learn to be responsible.”

Samantha’s Mom unzipped her handbag, rummaging around until she found a $20 bill.

“Very well dear if you say so.” She handed her daughter the $20 bill. “You can spend that on dinner.”

“Thanks Mom.” Samantha took the $20 bill from her Mother.

“Well we will be off.” Samatha’s Dad placed a kiss on his Daughters forehead. “Expect us to be back by 11.”

Samantha glanced at the clock, it currently displayed 6:00 pm. She had 5 hours all to herself. Both parents left the house, within a few minutes she saw the car reverse from the driveway and headed down the road through the window.

“Now that their gone I can slip into something a bit more comfortable.”

Samantha drew the blinds of the window closed, what she failed to notice was a man in his mid forties observing her with a smile on his face. Samantha went up to her room, she removed her blue jeans and pink T-shirt. She admired her developing breasts in the mirror before putting on a pink vest to match her pink panties.

Heading back down to the living room she placed an order for pizza through one of the food delivery apps, she selected the option to pay in cash. Putting her phone on the table , she grabbed the TV remote and began to flick through the channels to find something to watch.Meanwhile outside the house the man was hatching up a plan to get inside the house without causing a scene, his answer arrived shortly in a few minutes.

A pizza delivery guy arrived at the house, getting out of his car he walked up to the house completely unaware that there was someone sneaking up behind him. The man wrapped his arms around the pizza delivery guys neck dragging him towards a nearby bush, he choked the guy until he was unconscious. The man took the pizza and headed towards the house.

Samantha was watching a reality tv show until she heard the doorbell ring, getting up from the couch she walked towards the front door.

“Who is it?”

“Pizza delivery.” A gruff voice answered from the other side of the door.

Samantha opened the door coming face to face with the man. As soon as the door opened the man’s eyes widened, there in front of him was the sexy little girl that he had been keeping an eye on for the past week, he could already see the hardened nipples poking through the girls vest he leered at them. Samantha saw the mans eyes move towards her chest, from that alone she knew something was wrong.

“Sorry I think you got the wrong address.”

She attempted to close the door but the man put his foot in the way preventing the door from closing.

“Trust me love I got the right address.”

The man easily forced his way into the house, Samantha staggered backward as the man closed the door behind him. Samantha took deep breaths to calm her nerves, she got a good look at the man his grin displayed crooked teeth, he was completely bald, had a hooked nose and he wore a grey t-shirt, shorts and running shoes.

“I know who you are.” Samantha said

“Go ahead tell me.” The man leaned forward “Who am I?”

“You’re the neighborhood creep.”

“You’re corect missy.”The man puffed out his chest as if he was genuinely proud of the name. “How did you get to know of me?”

“My friends told me that you were creeping on them.”

“True.” The man nodded “All of them fine young sluts such as yourself.”

Samantha cringed at being called such a derogatory term even though her current choice of outfit was contradicting that.

“Love the outfit by the way.” The man complimented

“Thanks.” Samantha replied

The two of them stood there in silence for a minute until Samantha broke it.

“What do you want?”

“Isn’t it obvious.” The man answered “You’re a clever girl I’ll let you figure it out.”

‘He wants to fuck me.’ Samantha thought.

Her mind was starting to figure out ways out of this but she knew they were futile. A mentally resigned sigh, she placed her hands on her hips, a playful smirk graced her face.

“I know what you want.”


Samantha turned around with her back facing the man, her hands gripped the side of her pink vest, she pulled it over her head tossing it to the side. Covering her breasts with her hands she turned around to face him.

“You want this don’t you?” Samantha began rubbing her breasts.

“Trust me I want more than that.” The man smiled “You see I always knew you were a slut.”

“I’m your slut.” Samantha told the man.

“Repeat that again.” The man commanded

“I’m your slut.” Samantha repeated

The man was sceptical of the situation so he decided a test was in order.

“If you are truly my slut I will need the truth and absolute truth understand.”

Samantha nodded ‘The faster I can get this guy to cum the faster he can get out of the house.’ She thought.

“Is this a trick?”

Samantha shook her head.

“For how much longer will your parents be out?”

Samantha looked at the clock it was currently 7:00 pm “They will be out for another 4 hours.”

“Did your nipples get hard as soon as you saw me?”

“Yes when my friends told me about you.”

Samantha pressed her breasts together.

“I sometimes think of what your going to do to me if we are ever alone.”

“Are you a virgin?”

Smantha shook her head.

“Who was your first?”

“My ex-boyfriend.”

“Is your pussy wet?”

Samantha felt her groin moisten. “A little.”

The man satisfied with all the answers let out a laugh “Don’t worry love I’m planning on making that pussy even wetter.”

Placing the pizza box down, he held out his arms “Allow me to carry you to the couch love.”

Samantha lowered her hands exposing her perky breasts to the man, she slowly walked towards him once she was within arms reach, the man scooped her up and carried her to the couch bridal style.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 16.”

“With breasts like those.” The man leered at them “I bet you make your friends jealous.”

Samantha chuckled “They do get jelous when boys give me more attention than them.”

The man sat on the couch with Samantha on his lap. Samantha could feel the man’s dick get hard.

The man leaned forward.”You feel that don’t you?” He whispered into her ear.

Samantha nodded “Nice and hard.”

“Your mouth will get that later but first give me some sugar love.”

Samantha understood what he meant she leaned forward with her mouth open pressing her lips against his.

‘Not so bad.’ Thought Samantha ‘His breath smells a bit but not as bad as I imagined.’

The man extended his tongue towards Samantha’s the two of their tongues started to overlap each other, the make out session continued for 15 minutes once the man broke the kiss a string of saliva could be seen, Samantha wasted no time slurping up the saliva, swallowing it.

An idea came to the man “Why don’t you get that pizza box.”

Samantha got off the man, she walked towards the pizza box picking it up, she brought it back placing it on the table.

“Good now open it.” The man said

Samantha opened the box revealing the pizza.

“Stand in front of me.”

Samantha stood in front of the man, he stroked her pussy through her panties with his middle finger.

“You weren’t lying when you said your pussy was wet.”

The man grabbed the left side of Samantha’s panties, tugging it he roughly ripped it open discarding the torn panties to the side. This action caused Samantha’s legs to shiver.

“Get your ass back on this couch with your legs spread facing the pizza.” The creep ordered.

Samantha did just that, the creep began to kiss her vagina, he inserted his tongue into it leading to Samantha letting out a moan. This carried on for 20 minutes until Samantha felt herself about to orgasm.

“I’m going to cum!” Samantha yelled.

The man removed his tongue and inserted two of his fingers, he began to roughly finger Samantha’s pussy. Samantha let out a cry as she orgasmed, her cum wetting the man’s two fingers some of it even going onto the pizza.

The man grabbed a slice that was covered in Samantha’s cum he took a bite out of it savoring the taste, he handed the balance to Samantha.

“Eat up you’ll need the energy for the next round.”

Not wanting to make the creep angry Samantha closed her eyes and ate the balance pizza that was covered in her cum.She finished eating the slice opening her eyes she was greeted by the creeps thick erect cock.

“Open wide.” The man said

Samantha opened her mouth giving entry to the thich dick, she felt it stretch her jaw line and she wondered how it would feel inside her pussy.

The blowjob lasted 30 minutes, to her shock the creep didn’t cum, instead he told to get on the couch. Samatha found herself in the same position she was in when the creep fingered her.

“Brace yourself love.”

Samantha held onto the couch as she felt him enter her pussy, she felts her walls expand and contract as the creep thrusted his cock in and out of her pussy.

The man let out a satisfied grunt. “I’m so glad your not a virgin.”

Samantha could feel her mind breaking, the six teen year olds pleasure senses were on overide, it increased even more once the creep started to fondle and kiss her breasts,after 20 minutes out of nowhere the creep kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around the creeps neck pulling him into a deep passionate kiss in order to keep her mind focused on something other than the big cock ramming her pussy.

1 hour went by and the two of them were still at it.

“Ever tried anal love?”

Samantha gave a peck on the creeps lips. “No but I wouldn’t mind trying.”

“Atta girl.”

The man stod up removing his dick from Samantha’s pussy.

He leaned forward “Wrap your arms around my neck again.”

Samantha did as instructed, the creep moved his hands towards her ass lifting her up.

“Will it hurt?” Samantha asked

“It will.” The man answered. “But do you know what will soothen it?”



Both of their lips met once again, the man inserted his dick into Samantha’s ass. She let out a muffled squeel as she felt it enter her back side.

The anal session went on for another hour, Samantha’s mind was broken after she let this creep take her anal virginity. 15 minutes passed, the man let out another satisfied grunt.

“I’m going to cum.”

The man let go of Samantha, she fell back onto the couch. The creep started to stroke his dick over the remaining pizza slices, a jet of cum went over each of them. He turned his attention towards Samantha.

“Clean it.”

Samantha sucked off the left over cum from the creeps dick swallowing it. Once she was done the creep sat back down on the couch.

“Was I a good girl?”

“No you were a naughty little vixen.”

Samantha’s face fell, the man continued ” But you’re my naughty little vixen, as such I shall allow you to choose how to be disciplined.”

Samantha thought for a moment before grinning “How about a good spanking?”

The creep nodded “That would do it, five spanks on both cheeks should be enough.”

Samantha crawled over the man’s lap, her ass in his field of view.

The man raised his left hand.


Spank! He spanked the left butt cheek once, the process repeated four more times.

“Now onto the right hand side.”

5 spanks later on the right butt cheek both of them were bright red, he heard the girl sniffle.

“Now now nothing a couple of kisses can’t solve.”

The creep kissed Samantha’s ass a few times, once she had stopped crying, the man had placed her back onto his lap after he put his clothes back on.

The two of them continued to watch T.V. for a littled while until the man asked.

“So how was this experience for you?”

“I was a little nervous at first.”

“And now?”

“Right now my pussy feels loose and my butt feels sore.”

The creep let out a laugh “Give it a few days and you’ll go back to normal.” He checked the time it was 10:30 pm “Alas I have to go.”

Samantha also looked at the clock pouting “Will you stop by to visit again?”

“That depends on the next time your parents leave you alone.”

Samantha got off the creeps lap, she ran around the house until she found a pen and 2 sticky notes.
She handed one sticky note with her personal number to thre creep.

“That’s my number.” Samantha handed him the blank sticky note and pen “Now write yours.”

The man wrote down his handing it to Samantha.

“Don’t forget to finish off your meal.”

He gestured to the cum covered pizza. Samantha smiled.

“I’ll do that after you leave.”

“Care to escort me out?”

“Sure but through the back.”

Once both of them headed towards the back door the man turned towards Samantha

“Can I get goodbye kisses?”

“Kisses?” Samantha asked confused

“One for your lips on top and one for your bottom lips.”

Samantha giggled “Alright.”

The man kissed Samantha on the lips, Samantha turned around wigglying her butt a liitle before bending down displaying her wet cunt. The creep bent down inhaling Samantha’s pussy juice sent.

“Until we meet again.” He told Samantha’s pussy giving it a peck as an extra bonus he slapped Samantha’s right butt cheek once more with that he left the house.

Samantha closed the door, returning to the living room she cleaned up the mess, she took her clothes back and got dressed into what she was wearing before her parents left. She even finished the cum covered pizza enjoying the tast of the creeps cum mixed with hers. She heard the doorbell ring getting up she answered the front door, her parents were standing there confused.

“Dear why is the Pizza delivery guys car still here?”
Her Mom asked.

A groan could be heard from the bushes, Samantha’s Dad rushed over to see the delivery guy getting up.

“What happened to you good sir?”

“Must’ve tripped after delivering the pizza.” He headed towards his car.”Sorry for the trouble.”

Once the pizza guy left, Samantha’s parents entered the house. The two of them were proud to see the place in one piece.

“I thought you would throw a party without our permission.” Samantha’s Mom stated

“Or have a boy over without our knowledge.” Samantha’s Dad added on. “But you proved us wrong and we’re proud of you.”

Once Samantha’s parents went to their bedroom she smiled as they weren’t aware of what happened toniggt.

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