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By flying squad I told this story a while ago , this isn’t some made up over the top made up stuff ,I happened to tell a good friend only a day or two ago , and he said he wished he had been part of it and so I thought I would mention it again ,

As young lads after school games that finished early on Fridays we would finish the afternoon at our friends house ,usually watching porn together however previously as young boys we would use magazines stolen from dads stash , at that age it was kinda normal to Jack off in company some times it was just fun and hilarious,
However moving on a few years we would all be attending the same school and as mentioned we would end up at friends house as his stepmother was at work as was his farther ,

So we are now 14/15 year olds , porn films on video was a great step up from magazines as everyone knows , we would pass the videos around with other lads and watch them at the friends house,

This led to us jacking off just like when we was all a bit younger but given we was more mature and much bigger , we did try and be discreet more than previous years John my best friend had a whopping big dick and he was the opposite every given opportunity he would show odd with the thing , he never concealed his wanking while watching the videos, I sat in a chair slightly to the side so unless you looked specifically turning your head , then i wasn’t in anyone’s eye sight sometimes also using a cushion but no one was that bothered as we was to engrossed in the porn on screen , there was myself John and Jimmy , it was a regular Friday afternoon bit of heaven,

So it’s Friday and we are watching some woman getting gang banged , I am slowly edging as was others , then without warning the bloody living room door quickly opened in walks jimmy’s step mother , oh my god she cried wtf are you doing ? Followed by well I can bloody see what your doing , what on earth ? And she put her hand to her face as to avoid seeing us and stormed back out , and shouts from the kitchen have you put them away now ? Very angrily, I’m going to the shop I want you gone before I return!!

So we all look at each other ashamed but then John started sniggering out of hear shot obviously and I felt sorry for Jimmy as he’s obviously in the shit now and big question is will she tell his farther ? So Jimmy started to explain we had no other place to watch the videos only here , And that we was all so sorry she witnessed this and had no idea she would be back as we had been watching them for a few weeks discreetly with no problems,

So there’s silence for a minuet then Joan his step mother says look I have calmed down now , I get it ‘ really I do , your at the age that your hormones are running wild and sex is almost certainly in your brains you need to dispense with your desires and frustrations ok I do understand really I do ,

But to just invite your friends around using my home to do it I’m not sure about it feels disrespectful but if it is your only chance to take care of yourselves hmm , And then her voice lifted again saying hey I’m just thinking I hope there’s no fkn stains of any description anywhere ? And storms around the room looking at the carpet and furniture,
She then calms down again makes coffee for all of us , then says now listen I have thought about this and this is up to you , now you can watch the mucky videos and do whatever ever you must do ,
I don’t want to walk in too anything on my tv like that ? I don’t mind your friends being here, just no reminders of what you have been doing , is that ok with you lot ? So we all say thank you Mrs smith , and call me Joan rest of you yes ?
And so we all breath easy again , and look forward to Friday and our porn that now we have the permission to watch ,

So it Friday again we all pile in to the living room with the video in hand , get it on Jimmy I say and we’re all sat in our usual places , suddenly his mother barges in , I’m not at work today don’t be alarmed I knew you was all sat here , i listened out for the tv before being stupid enough to come in here she laughed then goes in the kitchen and comes back with these little bath towels one each and hands them out , me and Jimmy look at her puzzled , she then says use these please ,make sure non of it goes on my furniture ok ? so Joan is around 43 nice slim figure and wearing pretty trendy clothes ,short dresses tight tops showing her bullet like nipples that stick out , I had actually wanked off over her at home a few times she’s really not bad at all ,

She also not too stuck up either she talks on our level our wavelength. and so she says right I’m off getting the shopping in , have a nice time smiling and walked off ,

We begin it’s a good film I couldn’t concentrate at all as my mind kept thinking about Joan and how I would enjoy fucking her given half the chance , obviously we had already discussed all what happened , we also all agreed Joan was a pretty cool woman , but also one pretty fit woman we all agreed ,
So we finished and chatted Joan arrived back , even smiled and said all done now are we ? She was really good fun all said and done , she said we’re are the towels?
We had only forgot and left them on show on a chair ,
I had wiped my cock clean and so did the others I think she just picked them up like it was nothing no big deal at all , threw them in the washing machine and washed her hands , we stayed and chatted for a while as she then started cleaning up so we said our goodbye and went our separate ways home ,

Now it’s Friday again we made sure she wasn’t around and put the tape in the machine, all sat comfortably, the video was two young guys sharing a mature housewife, you could hear the usual moaning and groaning but also us being very crude chattering loudly ooh wish it was my cock and look at all that cum on her face blah blah , then John muttering I’m gonna shoot a big load any minuet , usual schoolboy crude banter ,
Then a voice says quietly oh really go on then , we all look around and Joan is standing in the door frame with her arms folded leaning to the side of the door frame grinning, yes you left the door open again she says , I couldn’t resist having a little peep and followed it with you don’t mind do you boys ?

Talk about shock but aroused ,I had my cock well and truly visible in my hand and John remember has a really big one , he’s got it on full view with his hand around the base and Jimmy just let his rest in his lap , she then says carry on what have you stopped for laughing , I was enjoying that keep going , we was totally surprised, go on I have seen cocks before now don’t you think , I muttered really Joan you don’t mind ? Look lots of women like to see a guy jerking off , it’s even better watching young virile boys and all I ask is please keep this too yourselves if word gets out I’ll just say I walked in on you all , and it will be you in big trouble with everyone

You want us to carry on ?

Yes please do hurry up we haven’t got much time left she came in and stood watching I didn’t bother with the video I just took hold old doing it for her , then John we his big one said look at mine ,she said that’s some cock you have there John tell me when it’s ready to come Jimmy said what about dad ? She said you’re not gonna tell him are you ? No he said , she then says all I have to do is tell him I caught you and who’s he gonna believe?

She then sat down pulled her skirt up high put her fingers down and rubbed her pussy for a short time she turned the tv off saying carry on , and are you coming any of you yet ? I said Joan I am about too , i erupted John then said watch Joan as he did as well , Jimmy came within a minuet or two , she got up grabbed the towels placing them near my cock then there’s she actually got hold of johns cock only slightly letting it slide through her hand saying this is gonna make a lot of women happy , meaning the size I think , we all put ourselves away and Joan said what just happened actually never happened boys if I hear the slightest whisper you will never get to watch them again here and you’ll all be banned from the house for good

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