Ten Days into 10 minutes

Ten days to 10 minutes.

This stag & vixen couple discover that sometimes size doesn’t matter, but STAMINA most certainly does!


It happens more often than some people think. A young white couple’s fantasy of a well endowed black man joining them in bed. Most leave it as fantasy, but some pursue it to reality. That’s what we did.

Mandy and I had been together for two years. Our sex life was on fire. Incredible sex, often twice a day. Neither of us could get enough of the other.

Since we’d become a couple, the constant phone calls, texting, sharing thoughts, feelings, wants and desires for each other was often distracting from our jobs! I loved it!

We love each other and trust each other completely. In that love, trust, and honesty with each other, neither of us were afraid to express our feelings, desires, passions and yes, fantasies to each other.

In the two years we had spent together, we both explored some of our deepest fantasies. We learned each other’s limits and shared the excitement all of that brought to our relationship and sex life.

I won’t speak for Mandy, but I’ll tell you why I was interested in a Stag and Vixen relationship. I love the idea of sharing her with another man. She’s just so damn hot. When I brought this idea to her attention, she was willing to at least explore the idea, albeit with some reservations.

I love Mandy completely. There’s no question or doubt about that. I trust her completely. I believe without trust, complete trust, there can be no love. Plus, Mandy is so damn gorgeous and insatiable, I think she deserves whatever her little heart and petite body desires. I always want her to be happy and satisfied.

I want to share the amazing, unbelievable sex she is capable of with other men for a couple reasons. The first is, she’s insatiable. Mandy is capable of multiple orgasms. I don’t mean four. I mean I have actually counted over thirty, in 90 minutes. Sometimes she can cum within 30 seconds of the last. It’s truly unbelievable, but it really happens with her!

Even after having dozens of orgasms, she could have cum more, we were just too damn tired to go any longer! We were completely exhausted.

I know some may not believe that, and that’s another reason I enjoy sharing her with another man. I love having witnesses! Now I have a few. Each of them were absolutely amazed by Mandy’s “abilities.”

I also believe that a majority of women require more sexual stimulus than one man can provide to be completely satisfied. I love seeing Mandy cum. It’s the most amazing, captivating sight I’ve ever seen. It’s simply indescribably sensuous, erotic and beautiful… to me.

It’s safe to say I have strong voyeuristic tendencies. I LOVE to watch. I’m all about the visual. But I don’t want to JUST watch. I want to be involved and included where Mandy is concerned.

Another aspect of my desire to share her is, it virtually eliminates any need for her to ever want to cheat. If she ever meets a man she’s sexually attracted to, all she has to do is tell me. She doesn’t have to sneak around. She’s knows I’m ok with her getting what makes her happy as long as we talk about it and I know she’s safe.

Mandy also enjoys porn almost as much as I do. So early in our relationship we bought several DVDs online and watched them together. Almost all of them about threesomes. Not two girls and a man. Most involved one woman and two men. Inevitably one of these DVDs had an interracial scene. That’s what brought up the subject.

I’ve had fantasies of interracial sex most of my adult life. I’ve never been in a situation to act on that however. Plus, it’s just not a subject one just blurts out to a lover.

Here in the south, it’s still somewhat of a “taboo” with a lot of people. But it’s that taboo that adds an element of excitement for me.

Of course any time I’ve seen interracial sex in porn, the men are usually massive. The petite women paired with these well endowed men add to the visual effects of size differences.

Mandy being only 5’2” tall and 98 lbs, was quite comparable to some of the petite porn actresses I’ve seen with with very large black men.

Watching these women brought to multiple orgasms in these videos is quite the turn on for me.

This of course ties into Mandy’s insatiable and unlimited multiple orgasm capabilities. I wanted to see if Mandy had a limit, or not!

I needed help with that and I thought a well endowed black man with stamina may be just the kind of tag team partner that could help me find out.

One night, as we lay in our bed watching the scene play out, I asked Mandy, “Have you ever fucked a black man?”

“No.” She answered my with one eyebrow lifted. “Not that I haven’t seen some handsome black guys that I found attractive. I’ve just never had much personal connection with anyone like that. Plus, my parents would die if they ever found out. You know how conservative and strict they are. Besides, that guy right there is way too big for me.” She looked back at the tv. “Have you ever fucked a black woman?”

Fair question! I had to answer. “No, but I’ve seen many I found incredibly gorgeous. If they’d had any interest in me sexually, I’d certainly would have jumped at the opportunity. A beautiful, sexy woman is a beautiful sexy woman, no matter her skin tone or color.”

We continued to watch the scene as the petite, blonde porn starlet knelt in front of a well dressed, black man. She unzipped the fly of his trousers and began to suck the huge black cock.

“You seem to be enjoying that.” Mandy had her hand on my stiffening cock and was gently stroking me. “I’ve always found interracial sex very erotic.” I replied. “The taboo it once was. The sight of the contrasting skin, and the contrast of that petite blonde and the huge black guy… all that is very sexy to watch.”

Mandy rolled over on top of me. “Do you like watching her suck his cock, babe?” She kissed me deeply. I moaned my affirmation into her mouth as our tongues danced.

When she broke our kiss, she moved down my chest and in between my legs. “You watch the video and I’ll take care this.” She grasped my cock and lifted it to her lips.

I watched as she devoured my cock with skillful enthusiasm, switching my sights from Mandy to the television. The porn star struggled to get the huge cock in her mouth. Both her tiny hands barley able to wrap around it’s impressive girth.

The video played on as Mandy continued to work her magic. It wasn’t long and I could tell I was getting close to cuming. Looking back at the video. The black guy picked up the tiny blonde and placed her on a bed. He was about to eat her pussy. That’s when I realized I should follow his lead!

I pulled Mandy up from her lustful blow job. She resisted at first. She knew I was getting close to cuming and she wanted to swallow it. She really loves that. I had to deny her that at the moment.

As I pulled her away from my cock, it left her mouth with an audible pop. I pulled her up to me and told her “Now it’s your turn.”

“But why, babe? I was enjoying that and you know I love making you cum like that.” Mandy was just being honest. She loves cum IN her. Not on her. She hates the idea of facials or “pulling out.” She says “that’s wasting it.”

So I told her exactly what I was thinking. “I want you to see this video and tell me what you think about it. I’ll let you choose where you want me to cum in a little while. Just watch and tell me what you’re thinking.”

With that I slid down Mandy’s body, kissing every inch of her that I could. I paid particular attention to her sensitive nipples and stomach. I looked back at the tv to see the black guy was doing to his petite blonde that I was about be doing to mine.

As I made my way to Mandy’s clean shaven and silky smooth mound, I kissed her just above her clit and told her “Watch the video and tell me what you think about it. There may be a pop quiz later. An oral exam.” I smirked and started licking.

In just a few minutes with her back now arched, her left hand on the back of my head gently pulling me into her, she came for the first time that evening.

Mandy’s clit is extremely sensitive and after her first orgasm, it becomes almost too sensitive to touch. She says it’s almost “irritating.” So I knew it was time to explore her g-spot.

I gently inserted first one, then two fingers and began my exploration. I know exactly where it is, so in about a minute her back was arched yet again, legs quivering she released another orgasm. This time she squirted.

Mandy’s taste is divine. It’s sweet and sticky and when she comes it’s magic, addictive and I love it. I asked her “What are you thinking about baby?”

“You eating my pussy and me sucking a cock.” She sighed and looked back at the tv.

“Who’s cock, baby?” I was now on my knees between her legs with two fingers probing her pussy.

We watched the screen as the interracial couple on the screen moved into a 69 position. The tiny blonde on top of the well endowed black man.

“A black cock while you fuck me.” I moaned in approval. “That’s so hot baby. I’d love to watch you do that.” I wasn’t kidding and Mandy knew it. The question in my mind right then was, is she just saying that to excite me, or was she serious?

On the tv, the interracial couple changed positions again. The black man now positioned himself to enter the tiny blonde’s pussy as she lay on her back. Mandy watched intently.

I moved up between her legs and positioned myself to enter Mandy’s already soaking wet pussy. She’d already cum twice. As I did, she pulled me to her and kissed me. “I want you to cum in me babe.” Damn she drives me crazy when she talks to me like that.

“Look baby, he’s putting his cock in her.” The action on the screen was captivating for us both. And as the head of his black cock pressed against the starlets pussy, I pressed my cock to Mandy’s. The heat and wetness were overwhelming and my rigid cock slid easily into her.

Mandy’s back arched and she dug the heels of her petite feet into my upper thighs, forcing me to push my cock all the way in. She enveloped me with her heat and ground her clit against the base of my cock.

“Watch babe, he’s fucking her.” In the video the black man eased his massive dick into his tiny blonde conquest. She winced and put her hands against his hips to slow down his assault.

“He’s too big baby.” She looked up at me. “That would be uncomfortable.” I kissed her softly as I began to slowly move my cock in and out of Mandy’s pussy. “She’ll need time to adjust to his size.”

Mandy looked back at the screen to see the black man slowly rocking his hips. The blonde now accepting more of his dick with each push. Soon her tiny white hands were on his ass and pulling him into her.

“See babe, She apparently likes it.” I looked back into Mandy’s eyes. She was glancing at the screen, then at me, then closing her eyes as I eased my cock in and out of soaking wet pussy.

Mandy began to meet my strokes. She again arched her back. I knew she was about to come again.

The couple on the video soon faded into background noise. Every once in a while we’d both glance over to the screen to see them in various positions.

The well endowed black man was now thrusting harder and the petite blonde matching his thrusts, just as Mandy matched mine.

I’m not sure how many times she came. At least a dozen. Mandy was moaning and quivering when I felt my own orgasm swelling. I told her what she already knew.

“Im gonna cum baby.” Mandy looked me in the eyes and said “Cum in me babe. Cum in me.” That was all it took.

I exploded inside her! It was hard, furious and breathtaking. Mandy groaned and pulled me to her. I was as deep and as buried inside her as possible. I ground my pelvis into her, gasping for breath.

Mandy’s fingernails dug into my back as she had yet another huge orgasm. She relaxed for a moment and said, “Lay on your back, babe.”

I did as requested and Mandy climbed on top of me. As she did, she reached down with her right hand and reinserted my cock back into her cum filled pussy. With cum from us both dripping on to my stomach and pelvis, she slid easily down my shaft and began to ride my cock.

I told you, this woman is insatiable! It didn’t take long at all and Mandy was in the throes of another huge orgasm!

I watched her angelic face as she came. Her eyes closed, her mouth open and her head held back. Her whole body shuddered and the familiar moans of her ecstasy filled the room. Unbelievable!

We were both spent and she collapsed on top of me. Both of covered in sweat. I could feel her heart beating against my chest. I kissed her neck and told her “I love you babe. You’re so fucking amazing.”

“I love you too. I about died! That was huge! I’m hot!” Mandy rolled off me and fanned herself with her hand. As she lay there on her back, I kissed her cheek as I moved my hand to her swollen clit.

“We made a mess babe, I’ll get you cleaned up.” I got up and headed to the master bath for a towel and warm wet wash cloth. When I came back, the video was still playing and Mandy was watching the couple finish up their own passion.

“Did you like the video babe?” She looked at me and said “I did. The fantasy is hot, but I’m not sure I could do that for real.”

“I think it’s hot too. I’d like to try it if you ever wanted to. But don’t do it just for me. If you don’t think you’d enjoy it, there’s no point. My pleasure comes from your’s! I love to watch you cum. That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! I wish I had pictures or video of you having the big “O.” I’ve never seen anything like it.”

We were both exhausted. After cuddling for a little while, I turned the tv off. We were asleep in just a few minutes in our usual position. Me laying on my back, Mandy’s head on my left shoulder cuddled up close.

Mandy and I talked about our interracial fantasies for weeks. We both enjoyed talking about it during our love making. Every time the fantasy was brought up, the arousal of us both was brought to incredible levels.

We rented or purchased more videos. “White wives and Big Black Cocks.” Some were way over the top for our taste. Cuckolding is something I’ve never been interested in, nor has Mandy. But there are a few we watched that certainly fit our own fantasies of Stag and Vixen very well. There is a huge difference between the two.

After many deep conversations between Mandy and I, she decided she was willing to explore the possibility, albeit with some trepidation. She had been brought up in a rather conservative, southern home, and though she was hesitant, she shared the excitement and intrigue the thought of fucking a well endowed black man brought. Discretion however, would be a must. Her and I both are very private people.

Mandy is beautiful. At just 5’ 2” she’s very petite. She has beautiful, long blonde hair, greenish, brown eyes and an angelic face. I wish you could see her in a pair of blingy, Miss Me Jeans. What an ass! She has small but pert and firm tits and the softest, smoothest skin I’ve ever had the pleasure of touching. All of that hotness is packed into her 98 pound body.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures of her over the years, but she’s actually very camera shy. Mandy is very self conscious and doesn’t like looking at pictures of herself. This is somewhat frustrating for me because she’s so damn hot and photogenic. But I sneak in a snap or two from my iPhone as often as possible. She always threatens to super glue the lens when she catches me!

She’s so much fun to be with. She has an awesome sense of humor, a quick wit and a vivid imagination. When we make love, she’s open to talk about fantasies. They’re all very hot!

Mandy’s conservative up bringing left a lot of repressed sexual desire in her. So when we talked about our fantasies, she’d listen with great enthusiasm and a willingness to explore some of them.

Feeling very comfortable and open to talk about your deepest fantasies with someone you know and trust is so freeing. There were several nights while her and I were watching porn and an interracial couple appeared in a movie we were watching, I mentioned to her that it was “hot.”

She looked at me and asked, “That really turns you on doesn’t it babe?” I confirmed it certainly did and she leaned against me and put her hand in my lap. She could feel my cock beginning to stiffen. “Hmm, I can tell. What turns you on about that?”

“It’s the taboo I think. Of course the stereotypical portrayal of black men being well endowed and most often being paired with petite white women is another factor. You know most guys suffer from penis envy!”

Mandy’s eyebrow lifted as she said “I don’t get that. It’s not about size! Too big is uncomfortable. I mean, if it’s painful, where’s the pleasure in that?”

“A lot of men want to see women pleasured by a big dick. I don’t know why that is. I guess they think bigger is better. But I know you say it’s not, and I’ve read many articles about that. Different women like different sizes. Not all women are size queens. Still, it’s hot to watch. It’s certainly a turn on for me.” I replied. “The thought of your tiny hand wrapped around a big black cock is incredibly sexy.”

Mandy looked me in the eyes as she continued to lightly stroke me through my pants. “So, you still think about ME with a black man?”

“Yes.” As I answered she looked down at my bulge and then reached for my belt buckle. With both of tiny hands now at work to free my raging hard on, she tugged at my belt, unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly.

“Tell me what you thought. Details.” With that, she stood in front of me and a pulled my pants down to my ankles. Naked from the waste down, Mandy now knelt in front of me on the floor and took my cock in her hands.

“Well, I’ve just thought many times about sharing you with a black man. You being eager to suck his cock. Seeing you engulfing him. Sucking him to completion.”

I could feel her warm breath on my cock as she continued to stroke me. She licked me and said “Like this?” Then took me into her mouth.

“Yes baby.” Damn she’s great at sucking cock. Mandy also has a rule. She doesn’t do facials. She doesn’t like cum on her. Mandy wants cum IN her. So when I cum in her mouth, she swallows it. She says “spitting it out is wasting it.”

Mandy took my cock from her mouth and asked “So where are you in these thoughts of your’s?” Then engulfed me again.

“I’m watching. You know I have very strong voyeuristic tendencies. I like to watch. I like porn. I like imagining you making personal porn for me. Kind of like I’m the director and participant too. But I’d love to watch you take on a challenge. A well endowed black man would be such a challenge.”

Mandy again raises her mouth from my cock and asks, “Would you want him to fuck me, or do you just want me to suck his dick?”

“Most of the time I imagine a man that’s a multi-cummer. In my fantasy, you suck him dry. He returns the favor by eating your pussy, bringing you to multiple orgasms. Sometimes you’re in a 69 position. Eventually he wants fuck you.”

“Hmmmm” she moaned around my cock. She lifts her head once again and said “you’d be ok with him fucking me?”

“Yes. As long as you’re comfortable with it and it’s pleasing to you. The goal is all about you cuming. You know I love to watch you cum babe.” I was being totally honest. I’ve never seen a woman more beautiful, sexy and desirable than Mandy when she’s in the throws of a big orgasm. It’s just indescribably beautiful.

Her head lifts from my cock. She kissed me on lips. Then stood and pulled her jeans and thong down. Stepping out of them she said “I’m going to need to you to fuck me now.”

Our relationship was very much a “Stag and Vixen.” Not a cuckold dominated by a hot wife or girlfriend. You can think or say what you want, but I’m not submissive to anyone. Mandy wouldn’t have it any other way. However we both agreed that it’s her body. So she decided when and if she was shared and with whom, as long as I agreed with her choice.

It’s all about our love and mutual admiration. It’s about our respect for each other, honesty, devotion, and communication.

We talked about the possibilities in great detail for nearly a year before we actively started searching for a candidate to share her with. Her limits, requirements and mine were all clearly laid out, understood and agreed on, so now the search was on for the right guy.

Looking through the adult search pages, there were no shortage of eager suitors. However Mandy and I were picky. Mandy likes older men. I’m 17 years older than she. So that narrowed it down some. We also wanted someone we could meet a few times in public to get to know them before we committed to anyone or anything. That also helped narrow down the list.

We found a gentleman that was a retired police officer. He also had an appointed, local government position and was weapons instructor. We knew he’d want to be discrete and that was a huge plus for Mandy and I. He seemed nice enough in our messaging back and forth. So we asked for a few photos.

Leo is a handsome gentleman with a dark complexion. He stood 6’3” tall and weighed 230 lbs. He was in good physical condition with just a slight paunch at his belly. But at 63 years old, he was in remarkably good shape. Leo sent a few photos. Most of the pics he sent to us were of him fully clothed per our request. He looked very official and distinguished in his uniform.

We of course, sent several pictures of us to him. A few of Mandy dressed in her daily attire and a couple of her in bikinis.

Next we set up a meet and greet over lunch. There were no expectations. Just lunch and a chance to get to know each other better. Mandy needed a personal connection and attraction.

Leo was very nice, polite and well spoken gentleman. Our lunch went well and our conversation was purely about our own personal backgrounds. Sex was never brought up. We parted ways and agreed to meet for lunch again the following week.

During the days that followed, Mandy and I talked about Leo a lot. Leo was given Mandy’s cellphone number and I encouraged them both to chat more. Sex was brought up and pictures exchanged. Leo was smitten to say the least, and who could blame him?

Mandy sent several pictures of herself that I’d taken. Some semi-nude. Others completely nude. A few were of Mandy and I in action.

Leo responded likewise. One photo in particular was of his cock in one hand and a cable tv remote in the other, side by side. His size is impressive. He’s as long and as big around as the remote! She showed me the photo, then picked up a remote off our coffee table and held it in her tiny hand. As she looked at me she said, “I’m not sure I can take all of that.” I assured her that if this were to happen, Leo would be instructed to be gentle with her. I also told her if she were in discomfort, we’d stop. She would be in total control. This seemed to ease her hesitance and concern.

Im not a big guy. I’m 5’9” and weigh 150 lbs. I have an average size cock at 6” and Mandy has always been satisfied with my length and girth. I totally understood her concern about Leo’s longer and thicker size. He’d certainly be a challenge for her. To me, that was just another huge turn on!

Mandy was still a little hesitant to commit to a threesome with Leo, but she was also very turned on by the idea. The more her and Leo text, the more she liked and connected to him. She told me during a few of our love making sessions that she was intrigued by his size and fantasized about him coming inside her mouth and pussy. She would be on fire while we made love.

Imagining the contrast of Mandy’s petite body, soft white skin to Leo’s large frame and dark brown skin was erotic to comprehend. When Leo sent her a picture of his impressive 8” and thick cock, I know it not only made her apprehensive, it also made her horny.

I often would ask her what she was thinking about while we made love. She’d say “Leo fucking me and cuming in me.”

The next week came and Mandy and I met Leo for lunch again. This time the subject of sex did come up. Much to mine and Leo’s surprise by Mandy. Some how the topic of blow jobs was brought up. Mandy bragged that she not only enjoyed giving me that oral treat, but that she also swallowed. All true!

She went on to tell Leo that she hated cum on her, but loved it in her! Leo’s eyebrow lifted and his response was “I’ve only had had one woman in my life able to make me cum giving me head.” Mandy replied “I bet could make you come. Ask Craig…” (That’s me)

They both looked at me and I nearly spewed my sweet tea I was sipping on. After I regained my composure, I whole heartily agreed that Mandy was not only talented and very thorough, but she’s also “very thirsty.”

We agreed to have Leo over to our apartment that week. Mandy would cook dinner and we’d have a few drinks afterwards. No expectations. Just dinner and drinks. After that was all agreed upon, we parted ways again. This time, after Leo and I shook hands, Mandy and Leo hugged. It lingered a few seconds and Leo looked at her and told her he looked forward to dinner.

It had been 10 days since we first made contact with Leo. Anticipating just another meet and greet was exciting enough. Having Leo in our home was a positive step. Mandy had a great meal prepared and we sat at the table with Mandy seated between Leo and I. After dinner I helped with the dishes and opened a couple of beers.

Leo doesn’t drink alcohol at all. Another admirable trait. He was the perfect gentleman. He was well spoken and respectful the entire time.

The small talk started and after a couple of beers I could tell Mandy was getting more comfortable. As we sat on the sofa with Mandy in the middle, the subject eventually turned to sex. Mandy and I told some of our exploits, likes, dislikes and adventures.

Leo talked about some of his favorite things and mentioned that he had sex with a couple of white women in the past.

I brought up the subject of women’s lingerie and the fact that Mandy has some very impressive outfits from Victoria’s Secret. I also mentioned that Mandy never wears panties. She only wears thongs.

This piqued Leo’s interest and he said “I bet she looks amazing in them.” So I asked Mandy if she’d mind if I showed him a few pictures?

“We’ve sent him most of the photos you have of me in lingerie. I’ve got that new outfit you haven’t taken pictures of yet in our room. I’ll get it.”

With that, Mandy got up from the sofa and walked down the hall toward our bedroom. Leo and I sat on the couch and watched her as she made her way.

Leo said, “Craig, you are a lucky man! That is one fine woman.” I totally agreed and took another big drink of my beer.

I wasn’t totally sure if Mandy would model her new lingerie or just bring it out to us and lay it out for Leo to see. Well that question was answered shortly.

A few minutes later Mandy calls out to Leo and I to come back to our bedroom. Leo said I should enter first to make sure it was ok for him to come in. When I opened the door, Many was seated on our bed wearing her latest purchase. A sexy satin bra and panty set, complete with thigh high stockings and heels.

She had a nervous smile on her face and asked me to come to her. As I did, she grabbed my belt buckle and started to undo my pants. She kissed me hard and passionately and I kissed her back with equal ferocity.

I could hear Leo coming down the hall. Mandy told me to sit on the bed where she was. She pulled my pants all the way down freeing my cock. As I sat down in her place, Mandy knelt down between my legs taking my cock in her hands and pushing me back so that I was laying down on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge.

I heard Leo lightly tap on our bedroom door. The door was open but he couldn’t see us from that position. I looked at Mandy who’s mouth was just inches from the head of my cock. She smiled at me and said “come in Leo.”

As Leo stepped through the door and walked into the room, I heard him slightly gasped as Mandy began sucking my cock. She looked at him while she devoured me. Slowly at first. Licking up and down my shaft and paying particular attention to the head and sensitive underside.

Her focus on me now, She lifted her mouth from my cock and asked me what I wanted her to do? I told her I wanted to watch her suck Leo’s cock.

With that, Mandy stood and moved over to Leo, now standing at the foot of our bed and watching us intently. His only response was “damn!”

Mandy unbuttoned Leo’s shirt and removed it. Then unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his pants and underwear down. His now semi-hard cock springing free.

Leo stepped out his shoes and removed the rest of his clothing while Mandy grasped his cock and stroked it. She looked back at me still laying on our bed and smiled.

“It’s really big babe.” And with that, Leo embraced her and leaned down to kiss her. The kiss was just and deep and passionate as the ours had been.

As they broke away from the kiss, Mandy told Leo to lay down on our bed. I sat up and leaned against our headboard and Leo was led by Mandy holding his cock to the other side of the bed. He laid down next to me. As he did, Mandy climbed on top of him and kissed him again.

I watched as she made out with Leo for a few minutes. Both were exploring each other with their hands. The contrast of Leo’s large black hands on Mandy’s fare skin was just as erotic as I’d fantasized. Mandy broke their kiss and began kissing down his chest, to his belly and finally reaching Leo’s engorged cock.

She licked him at first and teased him with her mouth. She would look him in the eyes while she teased. Then she took Leo’s cock in her petite hand, looked at me and smiled. She lifted his cock to her mouth, closed her eyes and took as much of it in her mouth as possible.

Leo sighed and with deep groan, closed his eyes as Mandy did her best work on his impressive cock. I watched with my own cock as hard as ever as the love of my life serviced her first black cock.

She eventually got half of his above average girth and length in her mouth. His moans became more frequent and louder. Leo put his hands on the back of her head and gently coaxed her to the pace and depth he wanted.

Then Leo surprised us both by pulling her head up and telling her he was going to come to soon if she didn’t stop! “I don’t want to come yet baby. I want some of that pussy first. Why don’t you suck Craig’s cock and let me taste you?”

Mandy was quick to comply. She rolled over on her back and laid between Leo and I. Leo moved between her legs and repeated Mandy’s movements on him. First a deep, passionate kiss. Then moving down to her chest, he helped her out of her bra. Paying particular attention to her breasts, he sucked and savored her nipples.

Mandy looked over at me still watching them both and smiled. She curled her finger to me and pointed to her lips. I leaned over and kissed her passionately.

Her soft moans into my mouth were such a turn on. I could feel her hand reaching for my cock and she began to stroke as we kissed.

Leo made his way down her stomach to her pussy. He licked her thighs and kissed the front of her g-string.

Mandy anticipated the next move and lifted her hips so Leo could pull them off. As he tossed them to the floor, Leo said, “I love a shaved pussy. I’m going to eat that up.”

Leo put his mouth on her pussy and began his oral assault on her clit. She moaned aloud and arched her back.

“God damn, Craig! She tastes so sweet!” Leo said, and went back to his work. In only a few minutes he brought Mandy to her first orgasm of the evening. As she came, her legs shuttered and her back arched. Her mouth opened and she gasped in ecstasy.

As she recovered from her orgasm, she looked at me and said, “I need your cock I’m my mouth babe.” I moved to position my throbbing cock to her lips.

Leo suggested Mandy get on all fours. So I sat on the bed with my back against the headboard once again. Mandy parted my legs and moved to position her mouth above my cock.

Leo moved in behind her and positioned himself to enter her pussy, still wet from his oral efforts and Mandy’s own juices.

Mandy looked over her shoulder and cautioned Leo to please be slow and gentle. He assured her he would.

She took my cock in her mouth and moaned as Leo rubbed his cock against her soaking pussy to lubricate it. Positioning the head against her pussy, his large black hands grabbed Mandy’s hips and gently pulled her onto his shaft.

Leo slowly and gently slid into Mandys pussy. With my cock in her mouth, her breathing and moans increased. Leo eased his cock all the way in and I could hear her moan in ecstasy.

After only a few strokes from Leo’s large cock, I could tell she was not only enjoying his size, but she was about to have another orgasm!

Mandy’s mouth was moving up and down my cock with more ferocity. She would occasionally take me from her mouth and catch her breath. Leo increased his rhythm and gradually increased the force of his strokes as well.

Within a few minutes, Mandy came two more times. Each time taking my cock from her mouth, she rested her head on my thigh. Holding my cock in her hand, her eyes closed and with her mouth open, whimpered and gasped.

Leo looked at me and said “Man, she squirted on my cock!” With that I told Leo he should fuck her harder.

Two more times Mandy came. Each a repeat of the last but gaining in intensity. Leo was pounding her pussy. His cock fully inserted and his pelvis slapping her ass with each powerful stroke. His hand firmly grasping her hips and pulling her to meet each stroke.

Mandy tried to stay focused on my cock, but with Leo’s pounding from behind and the intense orgasms, it was nearly impossible for her. The look on her angelic face and the sounds she makes when she comes we’re just exquisite to witness.

Leo announced he was about to cum. Mandy once again took my cock from her mouth and looked back at Leo. “Cum in me!” was all she said. She then devoured my cock again.

Leo’s face grimaced and he grunted as he spilled his load into my sweetheart’s pussy. She moaned in both acceptance and ecstasy as Leo filled her with his cum.

He’d been fucking her for just 10 minutes.

Mandy took my cock out of her mouth and turned to face Leo’s cock. She stroked his now shrinking cock with her tiny hand and took it into her mouth.

As she did I could see her swollen cunt, dripping with Leo’s cum. I rose to my knees and put my cock against her pussy lips.

“It’s your turn babe. Reclaim me. Cum in me.” She then went back to lick and sucking Leo’s cock clean.

As I pushed my cock into Mandy’s well used pussy, I could feel Leo’s hot cum squish around my cock. An exquisite feeling! I wasted no time and began to pound her pussy. I needed to cum.

Again, Mandy came quickly. Each time she’d have to take Leo’s cock from her mouth and gasp as her orgasm shuttered through her body.

Leo pulled away from her best efforts to get him hard again. He was done! He watched me fuck her to four more orgasms while he dressed.

After putting on his shoes, he excused himself as she and I continued to fuck. We both heard the door to our apartment close as he left.

I pulled Mandy’s knees out from under her and continued to fuck her from behind. Finally I came and my cum mixed with Leo’s in Mandy’s swollen and well used pussy.

As I rolled off her, she looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I asked “So was that everything you expected?”

“ Not really. We worked on that fantasy for almost 10 week’s! Talking about it. Looking for the right guy. Getting to know him and up to tonight. Ten weeks! He lasted 10 minutes!”

I chuckled. “Babe, he talked the talk, but when it came down to it, he just couldn’t handle you. You almost made him cum with your blow job. I knew he wasn’t going to last long when he fucked you.”

I looked at her. All of her. She looked so damn sexy. She still had on her stockings and suspenders, but was otherwise naked. “I love you, babe.” Mandy looked at me and said she loved me too.

This woman had made our shared fantasy a reality. I was in awe of that. In awe of her. I was so in love. So totally in love.

“Would you like me to get a wash cloth and clean you up? Or would you rather have a nice hot shower?” She asked.

“Let’s take a shower together. I’m not done with you yet.” I replied.

That’s how Mandy’s first and only interracial experience happened. She decided that it wasn’t really all she’d hoped for. It didn’t last long enough and she told me later that she just wasn’t completely comfortable with it.

Although Leo did text her a few times after that, she politely declined his requests for a second chance to redeem himself. He was obviously more than a little embarrassed at his own lack of stamina. I actually felt a little sorry for him and pleaded his case on his behalf.

I was careful not to push Mandy, however. Eventually I resolved to accept her decision not to continue and just be happy to have had the experience. For me it is one I’ll never forget.

You know what they say about first impressions… well that’s certainly true in this case.

As much as I loved her, Mandy has a wandering eye and heart. After 5 years she’s decided to move on to new adventures. Bitter sweet to say the least. I’m just glad to have had our time together and I’ve moved on now too.

A final entry to this true story. Mandy now has a new bi-boyfriend. He’s also musician and photographer. Mandy models for him in erotic photo shoots in his studio where the primary theme is MFM. You may see some of their “work” online sometime. It’ll certainly be worth looking at, I’m sure. I just wonder if this is going to turn into a new career for her? lol