Test Drive

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Shantanu was really delighted to get a job through campus interview just after passing out from engineering college. It was a multi national company having head quarter at USA. And Shantanu got his posting at Kolkata regional office as a sales executive. It was a prestigious offer and on the interview table itself, the company insisted Shantanu to own a car of his choice for office use.
The company even offered to finance car purchase after signing a contract form. Two days later Shantanu entered an automobile show room of Maruti for an initial car selection. The show room manager showed immense interest in selecting the car model with latest technology. Shantanu very much liked the Maruti SX-4 model and requested the manager for a test drive. ‘So, which girl would you like?
The manager asked Shantanu, standing beside the new cherry red SX-4. Shantanu astonishingly steered at manager’s face, when he said, ‘For the test drive, I mean’. Shantanu looked up from the car sticker on the window and paused for a while. Each of the sales girls were attractive in their own way, ranging from a young north indian with slim figure to a dark skinned, full busted girl with faintly south indian features.
Shantanu furrowed his eyebrows in thought and nodded slowly toward the pretty Bengali girl sitting at her desk, eyes attentively on Shantanu. The manager nodded approvingly, ‘An excellent choice Mr. Basak, Nilam is one of our best sales girls.The manager raised his hand to signal for attention and called, ‘Nilam baby, I have someone I would like you to meet. Nilam, dressed in a mini skirt, smiled and nodded.
Pivoting her office chair and uncrossing her long legs she stood up. Shantanu thought for a moment that he caught a glimpse of white panties between those legs, but they vanished far too quickly for him to be sure. Nilam crossed the marble floor quickly on her high heels, a skill not easily mastered.
Manager: ‘Nilam, this is Mr. Shantanu Basak’

Nilam: ‘Pleased to meet you Shantanu. Seems we both are Bengali. I am Nilam Bose’Manager: ‘Nilam, Mr. Basak wants to take you for a test drive. He seems interested in our SX-4 model. Shantanu caught the wink that passed from the manager to his employee and shrugged eyes still on Nilam. Nilam is smart and young, somewhere in the vicinity of twenty, with friendly, intelligent black eyes and a figure that Shantanu found admiring.
He was impressed of the curves of her boobs when Nilam extended her hand and offered a firm handshake.
Nilam: ‘Glad to hear it, ready to take me for a spin sir?
Shantanu: ‘Surely, I would love to mam’
Nilam: ‘Keys are in the ignition, and I’m ready when you are, Shantanu sat down on pillion seat, adjusting the seat back and running his eyes over the dashboard and its wide array of gadgets and amenities. Nilam opened the other door and climbed in, keeping one hand out to pull the door closed beside her. Shantanu did not fail to notice her gently rounded bottom through the delicate fabric of her dress or the elegant shape of her bare legs that stretched all the way to the car floor.
Nilam: ‘Are you ready?’
Nilam was trying to meet Shantanu’s startled gaze and break his trace.
Shantanu: ‘Hmm? Yah’
Shantanu sensed to reality and fastened his seat belt. Nilam shifted the car out of parking zone, waiting until the other salesgirls had opened the sliding door that occupied one entire wall. She slides the car on road and Shantanu had almost forgotten the leggy sexy girl beside him.

Nilam: ‘Be easy on road for the first time, or you will leave marks on the car mat’
Shantanu: ‘Thanks for reminding me. Am comfortable’
Nilam switched on the music system at a very very low volume.
Nilam: ‘When we get to the highway, shall hang at right. I know a place where you can open up and see just what is there inside’
Nilam glanced at Shantanu and winked. Shantanu smiled at such duel meaning conversation and nodded for the indicated direction.
Shantanu: ‘No cops out there?’

Nilam: ‘It will just be you and me and of course the road in between’
The quiet spot turned out to be an abandoned airstrip on the outskirt of town. A place remote enough to run full throttle down a runway, working through the gears with everything Shantanu would test. When Nilam slowed down the car at the far corner of the runway, Shantanu’s pulse was racing and his eyes were bright with adrenaline and excitement. ‘Nice place’, was all Shantanu could manage to say as Nilam rounded the corner smoothly.
Being charged with extra enthusiasm, Shantanu said, ‘You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting one of these cars’. Shantanu could gauge from the amount of skid marks on the runway, that this was the place where they test drove a lot of their new cars.
Nilam: ‘So I take it you’re ready to discuss the price?’
Nilam flashed Shantanu a winning smile.
Shantanu: ‘By all means’
Nilam: ‘We can pull over down there, it’s a cool place out of the sun. And we can begin our negotiations’

Nilam pointed toward the row of empty hangers. She pulled in between the two nearest hangers, each a masterpiece of rusted corrugated metal structure.
Shantanu: ‘Tell me again what’s the list price on one of these car?
By the time Nilam had switched on the AC, when Shantanu glanced over and found that Nilam had unbuckled and was swinging her legs up and over the gear shifter until they rested across his lap. He noticed that she had slipped off her high heels, and the top two buttons of her white dress were unfastened.
Shantanu: ‘Wow’

Shantanu managed to exclaim, barely remembering that he was now on test drive.
Nilam: ‘Sorry, just getting a bit more comfortable. Hope you don’t mind, do you?’
Nilam leaned back against the side door and propped her arms above her head. Shantanu couldn’t help but notice at the angle her breasts rested at.
Shantanu: ‘Umm, well. No, no not at all’

His penis had just hardened enough in the last few seconds. Nilam uncrossed her legs and stretched. Her body arching exposed more of the bare areas.
Nilam: ‘Good, this is much better, don’t you think?’
Shantanu: ‘Yea, yea, this is definitely a relief from routine posture’
Nilam completed her stretch with a tilt of her pelvis that lifted her bottom just enough for her skirt to fall away and reveal a glimpse of her bottom, and immediately Shantanu’s penis throbbed.

Shantanu: ‘So Nilam, is this how you negotiate the price tag?’
Shantanu knew well that Nilam was working for a better commission. If she could keep the price high, her share of the sale would be much larger.
Nilam: ‘Why would you say a thing like that? I just wanted to talk about the options’
Shantanu: ‘The options? Really so?

Shantanu noticed that her eyes were fixed intently on the bulge in his pants.
Nilam: ‘Yes, and performance too. I’ve always been good at explaining the benefits’. Before Shantanu could answer, she slid her left foot up from where it was draped over his knees, sending a tingling sensation up his leg as she made her way to his crotch.
Nilam: ‘Wouldn’t you agree?

Nilam massaged Shantanu’s manhood through the underwear. With her legs apart and one lifted, Shantanu was left with a full view between them, and stared moonstruck at the tiny bump of white fabric between her thighs. She continued to rub, not getting any answer from Shantanu. And surprisingly Shantanu found that he was spreading his own legs to accommodate her overtures.
Nilam: ‘What’s the matter? Can’t you hear me?
Shantanu: ‘Oah yes yes, you please carry on
It was getting hard for Shantanu to think at all, at least about anything but her.
Nilam: ‘You don’t mind an open minded negotiation, do you?
She drew her legs back under her, sitting up and leaning forward as though to whisper in his ear. Shantanu was well aware of how far her dress was unbuttoned, and how her full breasts were pressing out against the fabric.

Shantanu: ‘Tell me your proposal’
Nilam smiled naughtily, her face only inches from that of Shantanu.
Nilam: ‘How about that I give you a little incentive while we’re talking it over?
She took his hand gently and guided it between her legs, placing his hand invitingly against her most intimate flesh and patting it reassuringly.
Nilam: ‘Go ahead, I don’t mind

Nilam winked at Shantanu. With wide eyes, Shantanu stared first at Nilam’s face, then at her brest, wishing silently that the third button would also surrender and let her breasts swing free. When Shantanu didn’t move for a moment, Nilam pressed his hand against her panties and sighed. With eyes rolling shut, she let her head sag back against the door once more.
Being inspired, Shantanu rotated his fingers in a slow circle against the most secret part of Nilam, and he could feel his erection pressing hard against his underwear, as he did so. Nilam draped her arms above her head once more and scissor her legs wide to offer him unrestricted access between them.
Shantanu: ‘It definitely has a spacious interior

While commenting so, Shantanu gently pinched the secret flesh between his fingers and started rubbing a captured fold of her labia slowly. Her moan and the way her body moved in appreciation was all the incentive he needed.
Nilam: ‘This car is lucratively priced for you, Nilam whispered, remaining her mouth open, as she wished attentions of her customer.
Shantanu: ‘I wasn’t planning on paying first third party insurance though’

Shantanu’s other hand tracing the inside of her thigh with the reverence of a man touching a rare artwork for the first time. They two can play this blackmail salesmanship game, he decided.
Nilam: ‘Not possible please. Insurance is done by financer. Do you have any other offer in mind?
Shantanu: ‘Sales tax paid or something like ten thousand less?
Shantanu stroked the length of her panties, and then pressed his hand against her pelvis for punctuation.
Nilam: ‘My manager would never go for that. What about two thousand off as a good gesture?

She shook her head, eyes still closed. She smiled diplomatically, but with her breath coming in a short gasp when Shantanu pulled her panties aside and teased her most intimate regions directly.
Shantanu: ‘Not exactly what I had in mind’
Shantanu confessed, one finger sliding between her moist labia to circle her tiny clitoris itself. He thought why not put the same kind of pressure on the sales girl that she was putting on him?

Nilam: ‘Ohhh. You are a tough negotiator. But I think I can change your mind’
She reached down and continued to unbutton her dress until the fabric itself had separated and was doing little more than covering her nipples.
Nilam: ‘Did I mention all the extras that come with new stock?

Nilam put the dress aside to reveal her two perfect breasts. In response Shantanu pressed an index finger into her vagina, feeling her fluids oozing out around it.
Shantanu: ‘They are nice, but the sticker price is a little more than I had in mind’
Nilam nodded and placed her hand on each of her breasts, squeezing them slowly and working them between her fingers carefully, but deliberately. Her left foot slid around Shantanu’s arms until it found his crotch and she continued to massage the very eager erection she found there.

Nilam: ‘Ohh, I was really hoping we could come to an understanding. She trembled under the stimuli of their combined efforts.
Nilam: ‘Maybe if I show you how easy it is to drive the car?
Sitting up, Nilam wrapped her legs under her, and leaned forward, rubbing her right hand against his crotch.

Her other hand remained on her left breast. When Shantanu made no move to argue, she unzipped his trouser and reached his underwear for the thick cock beneath. Rubbing it with a practiced hand she leaned further forward, sitting on her feet so that she could kiss him. Her lips were soft, warm and wet.
The sweet taste of lipstick made him crazy to kiss her more. He did, easing an arm around her and one up onto her free breast. The massaging continued between them, hands and lips keeping tempo to some unheard beat.
Shantanu: ‘Mmm. Wonderful. I’m listening’
Shantanu answered finally, breaking the kiss.

Nilam: Listen, five thousand off and not a penny more and in writing before we close the deal ok?
She panted as his hand found its way back to her lathered vagina.
Shantanu: ‘Done, He promised, pulling away slowly, but again reluctantly. Nilam picked up her almost forgotten clipboard and handed him an expensive pen. Shantanu signed shakily and handed the pen back.

He reached for her immediately.
Nilam: ‘Not in here, on the hood
Nilam opened the door with a hiss and turned the AC off, Shantanu headed out of his own door. They met in front of the hood and Nilam reached up and lifted her dress off of her shoulders. She allowed it to drop unceremoniously to the aging asphalt underfoot.

Kneeling on the dress, she tugged his pants further open and grabbed his engorged manhood. She promptly wiped off the first traces of pre cum and wrapped her mouth around it. Shantanu gasped in shock, but wasn’t complaining in the least. Nilam worked on his cock in and out of her mouth, bathing it with her tongue and lips. Her teeth was occasionally brushing the thick head and generating a tingling sensation.
Nilam: ‘We have just finalized the basic car model. Let’s now talk about the accessories and she snorted and began to work it harder, one hand pumping up and down the length and the other massaging his balls between her fingers.
Shantanu: ‘I know. Tell me about essential accessories in response Shantanu gently cupped her breasts and then tweaked her nipples slowly at first and then more and more rapidly until she squeezed her eyes shut.
Nilam: ‘The central locking system, 5000/
Dropping her left hand from his balls she pressed it against her own vagina, finding and working her clitoris faster and faster. When he saw her pelvis buck Shantanu knew she was close to orgasm and lifted her bodily from the ground and deposited her gently on the large red hood.
Nilam: ‘Music system a must, 25000/-. Let’s do it on the trunk

Picking up again Shantanu carried her to the other end of the car and she repeated the process, this time without interruption. She spread her legs and grasped her own nipples, eyes clutched tightly as she masturbated.
Shantanu: ‘Done. Any thing left?

Holding his cock Shantanu lifted her ass one handed and pressed his penis against her thoroughly soaked panties, teasing her through the cloth. Reaching down she jerked them aside and grabbed his penis, pulling it to her.
Nilam: ‘And the central air conditioning, another 45000/-. Do me please. Do me hard’
She begged, working it up and down against the sloppy wet folds of skin.

Shantanu: ‘Fine. Another 75000/-. How much commission you earn, if I pay full price in cash and he eased in and reached up, grabbing a handful of her ass with each hand. She didn’t complain about his tight grip as he pounded her firmly, the hands slapping her ass cheeks, as he did so.
Nilam: ‘It’s not important. 25000/- more for small ornamental decoration
Her moans turned into gasps, her gasps became pleasure filled wails and Shantanu worked her pussy as hard as she did her breasts until she was jerking, twisting through a powerful, exciting orgasm
Nilam: ‘Okay, sign the paper, Pulling out he stood her up once she had regained some of her composure, turning her around and laying her face down on the trunk. She instantly moved to accommodate him, standing on her bare tiptoes and raising her ass until Shantanu had a clear view and a good angle on her oozing vagina.
Nilam raised her hand inside car and picked up the clip board again and tick marked the accessories. Shantanu signed without raising any doubt.
Nilam: ‘Do me fast, if you wish and look like we have completed the deal. I can’t wait. Time is running out and smiling down at her perfect ass he slapped it once as he thrust and then buried the cock in her tight cunt.
Again and again her thrust in rhythm with her grunts until he too was pumping out up to an orgasm.
Shantanu: ‘Is the deal really over?
Nilam: ‘Not fully. Please, don’t cum in my pussy. Roll me over and cum on my tits’
He pulled out and she turned around, flopping onto her back as the first of his full load began to squirt down onto her.

Nilam: ‘I use birth control, but I don’t want to risk for being pregnant’
Shantanu: ‘Then you won’t mind sucking me clean?’
Nilam: ‘For a paying customer, and one who lays as good as you? No problem’
Minutes later Nilam had cleaned the last of his ejaculation with her tongue and Shantanu left her to swallow it with a satisfied smile.
Shantanu: ‘Was that good and tasty?

He confided as he walked away, legs weak with exertion.
Nilam: ‘I want you to influence your friend for another car. That will complete the deal and Shantanu picked up her rumpled dress including panties, and then moved to the open driver’s side door to collect her shoes. Looking up from where she lay on the hood she tried to decide just what he was doing. To her surprise Shantanu opened the trunk and tossed her clothing inside, shutting it promptly.
Nilam: ‘Hey! I’m going to need that’
Shantanu: ‘Not where you’re going tonight’
Nilam: ‘I don’t get you’
Shantanu held up a hand to silence Nilam.
Shantanu: ‘How much commission is this deal worth to you if I pay full price

Nilam smiled slowly, her expression growing in confidence until it encompassed both rows of her clean white teeth.
Nilam: ‘Quite a bit. What are you saying?’
Shantanu: ‘I’m saying come home with me tonight and I’ll pay sticker plus accessories, as long as you’re a good little girl’
Nilam: ‘Kinky. I don’t usually let a customer take the merchandise home overnight.

But if you are willing to pay sticker, well then I consider. You’ve got yourself a deal, just let me call the dealership and let them know’
Shantanu: ‘Good, now get your ass inside the car’
Nilam: ‘Naked? What if someone sees? Another test drive may reach the spot’
Shantanu: ‘The windows are tinted. Besides, I think we may need some more work before we get there.

Nilam climbed in obediently and began stroking his limp penis. Shantanu turned around and eased out onto the deserted runways. By the time he reached the rusted gate Nilam was already bobbing up and down on his newly discovered erection.
As they turned the corner, a Wagon-R model pulled in, must be another test drive. The driver was having obvious trouble of driving. He waved weakly to us as he passed and Shantanu caught a glimpse of dark hair bobbing up and down above his lap.