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Tethys, Growing the Tribe, Part 6
This is the penultimate installment of the current series of adventures as told to me by my friend Tethys.It's late summer, 2019, and it's the part where she meets…me, of all people!Maybe after this I'll be brave enough to begin to tell my own story.
Strangers From Out of Town
Gray sand, littered with white limestone boulders. Turquoise tropical waters beyond the shoreline, and a gentle, lapping surf tapping a gentle rhythm as it hisses up the sand, sighs back into the shallows, its remains sinking silently out of sight until replenished by the next unhurried surge. A cliff rises behind the narrow beach, white, rugged and rubbly, limestone, the source of the boulders.
Bliss is not too strong a word for the feeling enveloping me as I lay sprawled naked on my back, feet submerged in the shallowest margin of the surf zone, my head at the upper edge of the swash zone. The incoming waves lap up to the top of my head, floating my hair to and fro, splashing between my legs with just enough energy to tickle my clit. The water is warm and soft, as is the air around me, and the gentle swaying of the waves recalls the security of my natal cradle. A smooth white boulder rests in the sand immediately to my left, the low sun shines on it, heating it, radiating back to me, almost as if it's the warm skin of a companion.
The sun is low, filtering its light through scattered clouds to caress my cheek. Is it rising or setting? It's the same ambiguity in my Goddess painting, the Sea Goddess perched on her rock near the shore, facing a sun near the horizon. If I'm in real time, I can find out soon enough. For the Goddess, time is frozen, and she nor I may never learn the answer. But here I am, here is the shoreline, and the rock is beside me. Am I the Goddess? I think of Hera, and her mother Phoebe. Phoebe is all about the Goddess, she brings us the blessings of passion, of desire, of sexual pleasure, love, and orgasmic ecstasy, no greater gift than the joy of the flesh in the embrace of the spirit. What a rush it would be if I were that Goddess! I can think of several people who are worthy of the blessings that I could bestow.
The waves continue to lift me up and down, ever so slightly, in a steady rhythm that synchronizes with my heartbeat… two beats of my relaxed, peaceful heart for every wave cycle. I realize that the wave action is not limited just to the part of me immersed in the nearshore pool. My shoulders, my head are also swaying up and down, the very sand beneath me is moving. I can feel the warm rock beside me, not so stable as I thought, it seems to be wobbling slightly back and forth to the same beat. I reach out my hand to steady it, and I'm surprised to feel how softly it yields to my touch. It's smooth, pliable, and warm, like bare skin, and still it sways with a steady rhythm.
The hiss of the incoming wave, and the sigh as it retreats into the sand comes from all around me, but no, it seems stronger above me. How is that possible? I'm not below the waves, am I? My eyes flicker heavily, reluctantly. The dream has been too pleasant to leave behind easily. The first blurry images from the waking world struggle to compete against the peace and happiness that my slumber offers. They are images of incongruence, denying the beach, the shoreline, the ocean, the wetness — other than that between my legs. The low sun is the light filtering through the bedroom window. My rock is indeed moving, and it is topped with red hair. It's no earthquake shaking the beach, it's the rhythmic shifting of her weight, sliding up and forward, then back and down, smoothly and steadily over Taylor's cock. She's leaning over him, her hands on his chest, her arms supporting the wave that I feel. Unlike my eyes, hers are completely open and clear, staring down into Taylor's smiling eyes. His arms are extended and then folded behind his head, which is resting casually on his hands.
The inhaled hiss accompanies her downward slide onto his pubic bone, and she lets her breath out with a sigh every time she lifts up and feels his withdrawal. The movement is no longer synchronized with my heartbeat, only because my heart is now speeding up. My vision steadies and focuses, and I no longer regret leaving the dream. What I am seeing is far better, one of the most beautiful sights in all of nature.
Her gaze shifts towards me, and she smiles. "Good morning Tethys, it looks like you slept as well as I did." She stretches out a little as she fucks Taylor, and changes up the rhythm and the angle slightly. "Don't worry about your morning cum load, I haven't forgotten. Taylor wouldn't let me steal it from you anyway. I just noticed his morning wood, and I had to take advantage of it. A couple of small morning orgasms for me, and he'll be all yours."
"Take your time," I yawn. "I can't dream of a nicer way to wake up." I lift myself up on one elbow, and kiss her shoulder as it comes into range. I reach my right hand over to Taylor's belly as I rub it gently down between his and Hera's torsos, leaning over and planting a kiss on his smiling lips. "Your duty to me will be after breakfast," I inform him. "At the moment I'm starved for sex AND starved for food. I'll be right back."
I slide out of bed, and stride wide awake to the bathroom. My groggy stumbling morning state rarely lasts more than a few seconds. I take care of my morning toilette, and jump quickly into the shower. I have plenty of incentive not to waste time. When I return, they're still in the same position as before, obviously savoring every second. Hera looks at me with a knee-weakening smile, and I respond with a deep, extended kiss on her lips. She holds her head and shoulder in place now, letting her spine, hips and abdomen do the work of thrusting up and down on Taylor. Her movement speeds up as I continue the kiss, and explore her chest with my left hand, pulling on her nipples, squeezing the small globular breasts, and stroking just under her throat. My right hand greets her back, sliding softly up, down and across, then traveling to her ass, stroking the larger globes of her butt cheeks, and gently diddling the margins of her anus.
Her sighs have become moans, and it's just a matter of seconds before she's hit with the first of her "small morning orgasms." Taylor moans a little himself, but I'm not worried. He's always had superb control, and with his increasing experience of fucking multiple women day and night, he's honing it to a fine art. Better than any porn star, he's become a "cue-cummer," with the ability to ejaculate on demand… sort of. It's more accurate to say he cums when he wants to, and the decision is his. Once we've agreed that he's ready, give him about thirty seconds, and he'll shoot with the best of them. If he decides not to cum, then nobody can make him do it, not even me. Fortunately, it's something we've never had a reason to fight over. I pause in my caresses of Hera to take an admiring look at Taylor's beautiful face. Why, I wonder, would anybody ever want to have a fight with that man? In a year and a half, he's never made me angry, only happy. Damn, I'm such a lucky girl!
Hera lays down on top of Taylor, literally drooling as she recovers. I cover the upward side of her face, as well as her neck, earlobes, shoulders, back, and ass, with kisses and caresses, while Taylor limits his kissing to the side of the face and neck that he can reach. In a minute, she's ready to go again.
"Now that you're up, I would love it if you would do my clit while I fuck him," she says as she pivots on his cock. It hasn't gone soft, and it's remained deep inside her while she rested. Now she's turned to face me, and I have full access to the space between both their legs, as well as the entire front of her body and her face. I intend to use it.
Also now that I'm awake, she feels free to be her usual vocal self. "Oh, that's nice!" she begins, as she bottoms out again on Taylor. When she feels my tongue flicking her clit jewelry, she raises the volume, "Fuck yes! Make love to my clit! Eat it, Tethys, suck it, lick it, damn you do that so good!"
She's leaning back over Taylor now, supporting herself with her hands behind her on the bed, Taylor's arms reach up under hers and grasp her nipples. "Pull on those fucking tits! Tug those nipples, squeeze them, Aaaargh!"
The juices are bubbling out of her now. "Fuck yes, fuck fuck fuck me! Feel my fucking cunt squeeze your beautiful fat cock! Push it, yes! Fuck!"
My plan had been to prepare a nice breakfast for all of us while they fucked. I should know better. Hera, and Megan as well I've now learned, will not settle for one on one sex if they have someone else available to help. Hera very much wants my help. The positive side of this is that she'll have her orgasm pretty quickly. I've agreed to one more. If I let her, she'll be on Taylor's cock all day, and I'm going to be needing it soon myself.
"Such a hot cock! So fat! Fuck, I love to fuck! Fuck! Squeeze my tits! Squeeze 'em while I squeeze my cunt! My fucking cunt is on fire! Fuck yes, I love to fuck your fucking fat fucking cock!"
She's getting close now. My tongue is rapid fire on her clit, although I get away occasionally to tongue and suck on Taylor's balls, just because I can. I'm pretty sure he won't be cumming himself, although I do worry if we'll overstimulate him. But I'm doing it for me. Hera can't possibly adore Taylor's pleasure hardware more than I do.
Just a few more minutes. The "Fuck fuck fucks!" are getting louder, shriller, and more rapid-fire. When she cums, it's explosive. She produces enough fluid to rival a man's ejaculation, and I have to admit it's just as delicious in it's own way. I do love the taste of sex, both from men and women. Her arms collapse from under her, and she drops backwards onto Taylor's chest, almost hitting him in the chin with the back of her head. He twists around quickly, narrowly avoiding a collision. Just as quickly, he releases her nipples from his tight grasp. I momentarily imagine the disaster that could have led to a broken jaw for Taylor, and a concussion and nipples ripped off the breasts for Hera. I'm glad we avoided that!
Now I head for the kitchen to avoid further interruption, and whip up a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, and milk. I make a mental note to add some groceries for Hera's kitchen on my next shopping list. She can no more than I afford to support multiple hungry adults. Taylor and Hera, meanwhile, race each other to the bathroom. Both desperately need to pee. Taylor gets there first, but Hera's not discouraged. She turns on the shower and simply makes it part of her cleanup routine. Taylor soon joins her.
"Good!" I think to myself. "At least my fuck will be a fresh one."
It's a nice breakfast with nice conversation. Surprisingly, very little of it is sexual. We talk art and politics and family. Hera hasn't met Taylor's family, which is relatively large and close-knit. Eventually they'll be meeting all of us, and they'll learn all about their sainted sibling's social life. I hope they'll be able to handle it.
We finish eating, clean up, and brush our teeth. At that moment Taylor lifts me up and carries me to the bed.
"No more dilly-dallying!" he says in almost a scolding tone. "I have something you need, and you are going to share it with the world!"
He's right.
He drops me bodily on the bed, and Hera sits beside me, ready to do her part. I love how his cock is already fully extended, his flight deck cleared for action. Before I become the center of attention and the object of desire, there's something I want to do first.
"Stand by the bed. A little closer." I sit up on the edge of the mattress facing him. "I really want to suck your cock for a few minutes. Just a little commune time."
It's been too long that I've had a cock exclusively directed to my mouth. I don't want him to cum in it this time, but I want to experience the texture, the heat, the fullness in my mouth, and the sweet slipperiness of whatever pre-cum he manages to produce. Just as I grab it and prepare to envelop it in my lips I change my mind — just a little. I clamber onto my elbows and knees.
"Hera, would you mind licking my pussy while I suck Taylor's cock?" Hera would not have asked had the roles been reversed. She would have commanded, and I would have happily obeyed. But I'm not asking her to do anything she doesn't want to do. She immediately takes her position behind me, and I feel that delightful wet friction as she expertly services my womanhood.
I spend a few happy minutes getting intimately reacquainted with that cock. It's heaven. I can't spend too long, though, because I want him to fuck me as much as he does. I savor the play, the taste, the proximity, the familiarity, as I savor the sensations that Hera is inducing into my own sex. I'm not the best at foreplay, or at least not the neediest for it. I love giving it, but then it's not foreplay, it's just "play." For now, I'm warmed up, and while I would be perfectly happy to spend an extended time cocksucking, there's only one cock in sight, and I can't suck it and fuck it at the same time. I want it inside me.
I kneel up straight, pulling away from Taylor in my mouth and Hera at my cunt simultaneously. Then I flip over on the bed, spread my legs, and invite Taylor in. Nothing fancy, just old fashioned missionary style deep straight fucking. I want semen in me, and lots of it. I want to hold it there and not let it leak out. I have responsibilities.
Taylor has been fucking and been sucked for hours last night without an orgasm. A few moments of getting sucked again this morning wasn't a big deal in the overall scheme. He was ready already and he's ready now. He leans over me, puts my legs one at a time over his shoulders, and slides into me with no more fanfare. Nothing fancy, just old fashioned missionary style deep straight fucking.
But Hera's here. That means nothing is truly simple or straightforward. She flops next to me on the bed, and smiles into my eyes as I turn my face to acknowledge her. I'm still not used to how beautiful she is, and right now she's amazing to look at. Her round, greenish brown eyes are like liquid pools in a Louisiana cypress swamp, deep and mysterious, easy to get lost in. She leans over and kisses me, and the touch of our lips corresponds to the impact of Carl's cock as it rams home, and of his balls bouncing on my perineum. My orgasm is sudden and surprising, and I cry out as much in amazement as in pleasure. I love the unpredictability of my orgasms when I'm wound up and ready. But this is just a first. Without Hera here, stroking, kissing, whispering, watching, and smiling at me this sex would be almost mundane. I think of Megan, and of her new enthusiasm for sex with more than one person at a time. Group polyamory does get logistically and emotionally complex, but there's nothing like it for raw sexual power! I think we're all addicted by now.
I manage a couple more increasingly intense orgasms over the next few minutes and Taylor finally allows himself his own. It's a big one. His whole body shivers as his cock pumps pulse after pulse against my cervix. His croaking, choking, moaning cries finally subside, and as soon as he releases my legs and pulls free of my pussy I lock the opening down. A couple of drops escape, those that oozed from his cockhead or were wiped against my labia as he withdrew, but I'm not concerned about them They can keep my inner lips moist for a while yet.
Hera takes immediate advantage of his free, still partly engorged, and very sloppy penis, and it amuses me to hear the whimpering sounds coming from them: Taylor whimpering with the agony of pleasure from his super-sensitized and now re-stimulated organ, and Hera whimpering with the fulfillment of greedy desire as she slurps and laps up the sticky goo coating. I find my phone and take a quick snapshot of the idyllic scene. Hera smiles and giggles with her mouth still stuffed with cock — the cleanup has already transitioned into a drawn-out blow job, and I attach it as a message to Phoebe and the rest of our tribe. Within seconds I'm getting back appreciative emojis in response.
I come to Taylor and stand on my toes to give him an affectionate kiss."Thank you for everything you do and everything you are, you sexy God of a man!" I tell him. Even in the midst of the pleasure radiating up from his cock, he manages a blush.
"Thank YOU!" he responds. "I love you!"
I kneel beside Hera and kiss her cheek, on the bulge that Taylor's glans is pressing outwards. "He's no longer just my boyfriend, he's OUR boyfriend," I say. "Take good care of him, and have fun today!"
"Mmmmm," she answers, and smiles through her fullness. I kiss her again and then stand to leave.
"See you folks tomorrow!" I call back cheerfully. "Save a little bit of yourselves for the party!"
At the door, I toss my sundress over me and slip into my sandals. Of course bra and panties are not part of the package. I grab my purse, walk outside into the sultry morning heat and humidity, and slide into my already blazing hot Hyundai. I feel almost a slosh inside me, as Taylor's liquid contribution to my anatomy makes a weak attempt to drip out. I tighten my internals, and turn the key. The jizz inside me seems unusually voluminous today. I suspect that Taylor is adapting just as I am. In the last couple of weeks we've all had much more sex than ever before. More partners, more time devoted, more orgasms, and much more demand on our fluid manufacturing equipment. Our bodies have responded as they would to any other form of exercise — faced with a repeating challenge, we've increased our respective capacities to meet the challenge. And then Taylor's had a little extra time between releases the last day or so. He'd logically have more in reserve. I think about the concepts of coordinated stimulation and recovery, and wonder if we can arrange our sexual logistics in a way to maximize all our capacities. This is going to take some study.
The half hour drive to Carl's house is uneventful, and between my familiarity with the route and my feeling of general satisfaction from a belly full of breakfast, a vagina full of semen, and a spirit full of love, I remember none of it. When I pull into Carl's driveway it's like I've just puffed into existence here. The door and front windows are open, as usual when the gym is in use. Sonia's BMW is already parked in front of me. I look at the street on either side of the driveway and see no activity, so I decide to be bold and remove my dress in the car. I step out naked and walk towards the house carrying the wadded dress and my handbag together in the same hand.
As soon as I hear the lock on the car door click, the sound of another vehicle approaching captures my attention. A momentary shock of adrenaline, hits me, and I extend my stride to make it to the front door faster. Too late. A car rounds the corner in front of the house, and the driver looks out the window directly at me, getting the full eye candy. Busted.
Running now would look silly, so I stand facing the vehicle as it pulls up to the house and stops. My posture is straight and proud. I may be in a shameful state as far as society is concerned, but I know I have nothing to be ashamed of. Who is going to judge?
"Tethys, you look so fantastic!" says Megan as she steps out of the old Ford Echo. "You know I want to be like you!" She immediately removes her clothes and tosses them back into the car. She steps up to me giggling, and we finish the walk to the front door naked and together.

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