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Thanks again to Todger65 for the editing expertise. This story has married people having joyful sex with other people. There is also a dash of incest.
That Was Different!
Part 1
Joe and Stacy had been married for five years. In that time their love grew and matured. Their sex life started tentatively, then erupted, and eventually became stagnant. They still had fun and enjoyed each other immensely, but there always seemed to be something more important. The things they found more important than sex now used to be the things they ignored, to have sex. As these things tend to go, rather than be open and honest with each other, they both internalized their feelings. When your sex life is mostly masturbation, even though you have someone you find extremely sexy with you every day, it becomes hard to talk about.
Their sexual conundrum is far from uncommon and people find a variety of ways to address the issue. Often husband and wife will solicit advice from close friends. Joe and Stacy were an island unto themselves. Their social life was nearly nonexistent, and they had no close friends. They were each other's best friends and did not want the obligations that having other friends might entail. They didn't need other people but were becoming strangers to each other. Both became sadder and lonelier as each day of stagnation went by. Something had to be done. They loved each other too much to continue this way.
Stacy thought that a romantic vacation just might get things started again and set about researching. She found a couples only resort in The Caribbean and got a quote. That evening she sat down with Joe and went over it with him. Joe was as excited as she was. The following day they made their reservation.
Even though their vacation was a month away Stacy began preparing immediately. One of the first things she did was get them both multiple tanning bed appointments. It was better to have a good tan when they got to the island rather than risk a sunburn ruining their beach time. Joe did not have a fixed quitting time, so he stopped to tan on his way to work. Stacy always got off work at the same time, so she stopped on her way home. She learned that she enjoyed the timing immensely.
Stacy arrived for her first session and was met at the front desk by a very fit young man. She thought that he was likely barely eighteen, but he was extremely attractive. He escorted her to the room, made sure she had fresh towels, and left her. Stacy locked the door and began to undress. While she did so she thought about the sexy young man not too far from the other side of the door. They idea of him coming in and catching her naked gave her a thrill.
Stacy set the timer, laid down, and closed the lid. As she lay within the bed, the heat tingled on her skin. Her thoughts returned to fantasizing about the young man. Her fingers found their way to her recently shaved vagina. She slowly caressed her slit while she thought, 'He has a key to the door and with the noise of the bed I wouldn't hear him come in. He could be standing by the bed right now rubbing his cock through his pants.'
A rush shot through her body and she began to pleasure herself, 'He's pulling his huge young cock out and playing with it while he watches me.' Stacy was extremely aroused as her fingers played across her clit, 'He is putting his cock against my lips and I can't help but lick it.' Her knees came up as a thrill ran through her groin, bumping into the cover. The impact of her knees took her out of her fantasy for a few seconds.
It did not take her long to get back into it. Her pussy was on fire with need, 'I suck his cock and his hand begins to play with my pussy. He plunges his finger into me' Stacy began to finger herself with one hand while the other played her clit, 'He climbs onto the bed and moves between my legs. He isn't asking, he's taking, as he slowly pushes his cock into me. I cannot stop him and, suddenly, I don't want to.' Her fantasy is spinning in her head as Stacy fingers herself to orgasm, the best orgasm she has had in an awfully long time.
She is surprised when the bed suddenly shuts down, 'Does it know I just jilled off?' Then, realizing that the timer had run out, she shakily exits the bed. It doesn't take long before she sees that she is wet with more than sweat. Stacy spends some time recovering from her orgasm before wiping herself down. She then carefully wiped the bed down. Her imagination cringes at how embarrassed she would be if the young man found the puddle of her juices on the clear acrylic of the bed.
When Stacy arrived home, she was reinvigorated. The more she thought about her naughty fantasy the more aroused she became. After dinner she snuggled with Joe while they watched television. Afterward they made love for the first time in weeks. Joe was surprised at her ardor but was not about to question his good fortune.
Stacy looked forward to sunbed days. As her tan developed, she began to go every day. The tanning business was in an old store front. Partitions had been installed to make the tanning rooms. The store ceiling was ten feet high. The partitions were a bit less than eight. Add to that the hollow doors and you have a natural amplifier for sounds. A person could stand at the front desk and hear the beds running in each room, or people talking, or a beautiful lady orgasming. What Stacy didn't realize was that the young man had been listening to her orgasming and had a few fantasies of his own, starring her.
The young man had been entranced from the first day Stacy had walked into the tanning business. He saw a lot of women come through the door. Most were average at best. A few were hot. None of them drew him like the long-limbed brunette. She looked to be about five foot seven. Her curly hair hung nearly to her perfect ass. Her tits were a solid c cup and he immediately ached to touch them. She was a rare beauty, and he wanted her bad!
A week before leaving for vacation Stacy made her daily visit. She was well into her fantasy when she saw movement through the goggles she was wearing. At first, she thought she was still in the midst of her fantasy. The young man had been standing next to her bed stroking his impressive cock for nearly a minute before she realized he was in fact real! Stacy froze for a moment in a near panic. Normally she would have made a scene. This was not 'normally'. She had been playing herself like a fiddle imagining exactly what she was seeing.
She knew he couldn't tell she was looking because of the goggles. Without making a conscience decision she continued to masturbate as she watched him do the same. The whole event was so deliciously inappropriate. Add to that the impressive cock, watching him stroke it, and her own arousal. She didn't think she had ever been this turned on. The bed shut down and the lid raised.
Stacy was fully exposed to the young man. He froze and his eyes got big as he realized he had been caught. Stacy was too close to her orgasm to stop now. When he saw that she was continuing to masturbate while staring at his cock he couldn't hold back. He walked over to the bed and rubbed his cock head against her lips. Stacy was so caught in the moment her tongue darted out and she licked his cock head as her orgasm came closer. Her hips arched as her hand played. When the young man's hand slid up her leg and his finger entered her pussy, she opened her mouth and began to suck. She had one hand pinching her nipple and the other stroking her clit when he began to shoot cum into her mouth. Her orgasm swept through her like wildfire. Afterward she laid on the bed in shock. She had completely lost control and as a result had experienced one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced.
Guilt and shame swept over her, 'What the fuck did I just do!?' She got a hold of herself and thought about the situation. The young man was busily putting his cock back in his pants. He looked more distraught than she felt, "Hey, what's your name?"
In a quiet voice, almost a whisper, "John."
"Well John, what just happened here was fun, but it didn't happen. You didn't use your key to come in here and masturbate in front of a customer which could have resulted in you getting arrested and fired. If I had wanted you to be in here with me, I would have left the door unlocked. Do you understand where I am heading with this?"
"I was never here, and this never happened."
"Very good. If you don't have anything else, you need to leave please, so I can get dressed."
John moved toward the door, "I may not have been here, but I will always remember it as the hottest thing that never happened to me. Since I wasn't here and wouldn't know, I can't tell you how amazingly beautiful and hot you are or how erotic it would have been to help you cum." He smiled and closed the door as he left.
Stacy went home with a heavy heart. She dreaded what would happen when she told Joe. The idea of keeping what happened from him was never a consideration. She would not lie to him, even by omission. She barely touched her dinner. Afterwards in the living room she snuggled against her husband and tried to figure out how to tell him. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore and decided to just start talking, "Joe?"
"Yeh sweety."
"I have to tell you something."
"OK. I don't like the way you sound. It worries me."
"First I need you to know that I love you with all of my heart. No one will ever change that. After I tell you what happened you are going to hate me, and I deserve it. I swear that I didn't mean for it to happen, but it did. I will pay any penalty you want, just please don't leave me."
Joe turned toward her, "Now I am really scared. Please just tell me what happened."
Joe already knew about her masturbating in the tanning bed and her fantasy while she did so. Susan told him what happened that day. When she finished, she was hugging her knees against her chest and tears were running down her face.
Joe reached out and pulled her to him, "Please stop crying. I haven't processed all of this yet, but I know I still love you." Stacy had never been so relieved in her life. There was a chance everything would be alright again.
Joe held her and thought, "I have a few questions."
"Do you have feelings for this guy?"
"God no! He was a nameless fantasy until it was over."
"Did you do it because I don't give you the love you need?"
"You give me all the love I need and more than I deserve. My jill off fantasy turned real before I realized it. By then I was so aroused, I lost control."
Joe thought for a moment, "I believe you. My only concern is losing you because of this. I know you never meant to hurt me, and I know you still love me. So, I'm good."
She leapt onto his lap, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him hard. He smiled at her, "I have to be honest; the whole thing sounds hot as hell. I would have loved to have seen it. As a matter of fact, I can prove how hot I think it was."
Joe stood, unfastened his pants, and dropped them to the floor. His rock-hard cock was obvious. Stacy slid down to the floor and took him into her mouth. She began to give him a stellar blow job. Joe groaned, "You are not getting off that easy. I will be fucking the shit out of you shortly!"
Rather than answer, Joe showed her.
Later as they lay basking in the afterglow Joe quietly spoke to his wife, "I know what happened took on a life of its own and things happened. Please promise me that in the future you will talk to me before things get crazy. I might surprise you with what I will agree to."
"Really? I thought you would never let me leave the house again. Now you are telling me it would be alright if I had sex with someone else as long as you know about it?"
"That is not what I am saying. What I mean is that in the right situation I could be agreeable. If it makes you happy, and if it doesn't threaten our marriage, and if a lot of things I can't recall at this moment.
"I guess what I mean is that under the right circumstances it could be a fun thing that enhances our relationship. I won't put up with some arrogant dick head that wants to humiliate either of us. If something were to happen it wouldn't be about romance or love. It would be about having fun with sex and nothing more. Is what I'm saying making sense?"
"Yes, you make a lot of sense. I just don't know if I could do something like that again. I didn't plan what happened."
"That is one of the reasons I didn't get upset. You didn't set out to betray our marriage. You got caught up in the moment. I think the only way it could happen again is if the moment were right. That may never happen, but if it does, we need to ensure we are both alright with it.
"Having said all that, I have to admit my cock is getting hard thinking about the situation you were in today. I wish there were a video I could watch."
Stacy felt a tingle, "What would you do if you could watch the video?"
Joe's hand began to pull on his sudden erection, "I would stroke my cock as I watched your mouth sucking his cock."
"Then what would you do?"
Joe's hand stroked faster, "I would stroke harder as you played with your clit."
"And then?"
Joe groaned, "I would watch as his finger began to slide in and out of you."
"After that?"
Joe was stroking his cock hard, "I would watch you cum as he fingered you!"
Joe groaned, "When he shot his load in your mouth I would cum!" Joe began to ejaculate. The first shot of his cum shot up to his chest. Each shot after shooting slightly lower until his belly button was full of cum."
Stacy was shocked and extremely aroused, "Oh god honey. That was so sexy!" She leaned over and took his spent cock in her mouth. She lovingly sucked the last of his seed then kissed him hard, "Fuck, I love watching you beat off."
The following morning Joe sat with Stacy at breakfast, "Are you going to the tanning salon today?"
Stacy thought about it, "I really want to make sure I have a good tan. I can find another tanning salon if you want."
"No, you don't have to do that. But if you decide to leave the door unlocked you need to make sure your phone is positioned to record everything that happens. We can watch it together tonight."
"Joe! I wasn't planning on leaving the door unlocked!"
"But if you do I want to see what happens."
Stacy went to work but had a difficult time concentrating. She kept thinking about how her experience made Joe cum so hard. Then she thought about John's big cock and how exciting it was to watch him beat off. Then her thoughts turned to his cock in her mouth and his finger in her pussy. She was not very efficient that day. By the time she left work she was extremely aroused. She decided she had better not stop at the tanning salon but when she approached it on the way home, she pulled into the parking lot despite her good intensions, 'It doesn't matter. He won't be here anyway.'
When she walked in the door he was there. He smiled with affection when he saw her, "Hello Stacy. It is good to see you back." He escorted her to a tanning room and made sure she had fresh towels. Stacy turned toward John and smiled, "Remember, if the door is locked you are not invited."
She thought that Joe would like to see her jilling off in the tanning bed. She carefully setup her phone and started video recording. She undressed, set the timer, and reclined in the bed. She never thought about whether the door was locked. She certainly meant to lock it. That had been her plan. Her libido apparently had planned otherwise.
She was fantasizing about John while her arousal built. Thirty seconds after starting the timer her fingers were caressing her pussy. She could tell that it was going to be a good one. Just knowing her husband was going to watch her later magnified the eroticism. The timer had wound down two minutes when the cover raised on the bed. Five seconds later she felt a tongue on her thigh, 'Oh my god! I forgot to lock the door! He thinks I am asking for it!' Twenty seconds later his tongue began to caress her pussy and she forgot about her reservations. John was young, but not inexperienced. He had been taught well by his older sisters and sincerely wanted to please Stacy. She was writhing in orgasm when the timer ran down and the bed shut down.
John stood and helped Stacy to her feet. Her legs were wobbly from her orgasm and she stumbled against him. He fell back onto the chair and Stacy slid to the floor. His huge cock stood proud in front of her face. Stacy noted that the phone was aimed perfectly, and she felt a thrill run through her. She reached out and grasped John's cock and began to slowly stroke it, "You have a nice cock John, and I am going to suck it if you agree to something."
"Right now, I would agree with anything you tell me!"
"OK. First, this is just sex. I like you but I am never going to love you or be your girlfriend. I love my husband and he is kind enough to allow me some fun. That is all this is. Is that a problem for you?"
"Absolutely not!"
"Good. No more talking." Susan leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. Joe was a well-endowed man, but John was porn actor endowed. His cock was so big it was a bit scary when she thought about it entering her pussy. The more she sucked on it, the less scary it got. Her fantasy was expanding by the moment.
Stacy sucked his cock like it was the last blow job she would ever give. John was groaning loudly as she stroked and sucked his cock. He normally had quite a bit of stamina, but this gorgeous woman was too much for him. Stacy felt his cock swell in her mouth. His loud groan was followed by his first jet of cum. She sucked him greedily as he continued to pump his load into her mouth. Stacy swallowed it all.
Stacy pulled his spent cock from her mouth and smiled up at John, "That was fun, but don't expect it to happen again."
John grinned at her, "If I died right now, I would be happy."
Stacy snickered, "Good. Just so you know I have recorded this and will be showing it to my husband when I get home. Is that a problem?"
"Not at all. I don't suppose you would be willing to share it with me?"
"You are sweet but not on your life. Now leave so I can get dressed and go home to my husband."
Stacy was anxiously waiting when Joe came home. She met him at the door and kissed him hard, "I have something for you to watch after dinner."
Joe swept her up into his arms, "Fuck dinner!"
He carried her to the bedroom and watched as she connected her phone to the television. She laid down next to him, "I almost didn't go today. I planned to drive right by and come home, but I was thinking all day about what you said, and my fantasy just took off. The next thing I knew I was parking and going inside. I wanted you to see me playing with myself. I really didn't intend to leave the door unlocked, but I did. So, here is what happened." She pressed 'play'.
Stacy put on a good face, but inside she was apprehensive. This was a huge step and if Joe didn't like what he saw her life could change horribly. The video began and she watched as her husband's slacks began to bulge. She knew everything was going to be fine when his face took on a painful look. His erection was cramped in his clothing and she set out to free it. She slowly stroked him as the video progressed showing her masturbating.
She sucked her husband's cock as he watched John slide between her legs and begin to eat her pussy. He started cumming when he saw her orgasm on the screen. Stacy thought that her husband was done for the evening. She was wrong. His cock did not become soft. If anything, it became harder as he listened to his loving wife explain the facts of life to the young man as she knelt in front of his huge cock.

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