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My wife, wrapped only in a towel, walked from the shower into the bedroom as I was getting up.  She dropped her towel and I got to see her naked again. Just like every day since we married two years ago, I felt like the luckiest man in the world that God blessed me with her.

Her body is so toned, petite, and perfect, and her tits are large and firm. Her belly and waist are so thin, and her ass is tiny, tight, and pear shaped. She has a 3 finger gap at the top of her thighs that displays her smooth mound and her delicate petals peeking out.  I continue to watch as she puts on a red lace bra and thong panty and slips on her dress.

She smiles at me. “How do I look?”

I stand and my cock is hard, big, and throbbing. “Good enough to fuck.”

She fell to her knees and grabbed my big cock and licked it up and down, circling her tongue around my head and kissing it.  Her phone rings and she jumps up and answers it.

“Hi Mom. Yes, I’m leaving now.”

She kisses me and whispers “I hope I gave you enough to dream about all day” and she walked out.

I take a cold shower and my phone text messages are dinging.

“Today starts our Twelve Days of Sexmas.”

“Fuck, I want to suck your cock and feel your hot cum sliding down my throat.”

“If I could have stayed, I would have bent over the dresser and watched in the mirror as you fucked me deep and hard with your big fucking cock.”

My cock was hard again but I controlled my urge and didn’t masturbate.

As I left work, I get “Sorry baby, but work is taking longer than I thought. I’m going to have to work all night, I’m afraid.”

“Meet me at our favorite restaurant in an hour we can have some quality time before I have to go back.”

WTF, which one? We have a few.

I choose the fanciest one and walk inside. She is sitting at our booth, overlooking the lake and snow covered mountains.  I slide in beside her and kissed her rather passionately for being in a public place.  Her hand went to my thigh, slid up, and squeezed my cock through my pants. She then pulled back and said “I have a surprise.”  She quickly undid my pants and pulled my now big hard cock out and started to stroke it.

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The waitress came over to take our drink order. I’m pretty sure the table cloth covered what my wife was doing to my cock. But the angle of her arm and the subtle movements of her shoulder had to cause suspicion. I watched her eyes travel from my wife’s shoulder, down her arm, and toward where my lap would be, if the table wasn’t in the way. She stifled a gasp.

My wife kept stroking, and said “A bottle of your best Cab and 2 glasses, please.”

I was in shock and wanted to explode with the waitress so near.  My wife subtly putting me on display, and loving stroking my cock was amazing.  The waitress returned with the drinks and again glanced at the table right above my lap, and therefore, above my cock. As my wife released it, and what the waitress missed, my cock was jumping and oozing pre-cum down the shaft. My wife then released my cock, sipped her wine, and calmly placed her order and mine as well.

“What’s gotten into you” I say, as the waitress walks away.

“Hopefully your cock. And keep it out for now, I’m not quit done with it yet.”

We talked and she rested her hand around my cock or between my legs, rubbing my balls. She was making sure I stayed nice and hard and right at the edge.  The waitress came over a couple times to check on us, but kept looking at my part of the table.  When she came back for our desert order, my wife said “We’ll take the check, please. I have all I need.” She then slyly stroked my cock with my pre-cum all over it.

The waitress said “Yes, ma’am.”, and I gasped, at the same time. As she walked away to get our bill, my wife lowered her head, took my cock in her mouth, and sucked hard. I couldn’t hold back as I exploded into her mouth while looking at the waitress’ back.  Once she drank all my cum down, she sat up, and politely dabbed the corners of her sensuous mouth.

The waitress returned with our bill. She looked genuinely disappointed noticing both my wife’s hands on the table. The bill had her name and a heart on it.  My wife paid her with a very nice tip. I tried to tuck my wet self into my pants without being noticed. I don’t think I was too successful. Finally ready to go, we kissed and I could still taste myself on her lips.

“Tomorrow is Day 2, baby. I’ll see you in the morning”.

As I watched her walk away, thinking how blessed I am that she is my wife. I’m not sure what’s gotten into her, but I’m all in for whatever she has in mind.