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For their ten-year anniversary, Quinn's husband, Oliver, promised her an orgy. They had agreed on it just after they got engaged. Neither she, nor Oliver wanted to experiment with anyone else. They were happy in their sexual relationship. Yet, Quinn had always wanted a tastes of group sex. Surrounded by other people, everyone fucking, or watching the fucking, it turned her on so hard she could come just thinking about it.
The week before their anniversary, the plan finally fell into place. A carefully vetted group of twenty of their friends and acquaintances all planned on spending the next Saturday together at a rental cottage along Lake Michigan. The house had enough bedrooms the couples could all have privacy, but most importantly, a giant great room with walls of windows facing the lake.
It didn't take much of an imagination to picture the couches moved around, beds and cushions piled up, plenty of candles, and naked bodies twisting together.
"You whimpered." Oliver gripped her knee, sliding his hand up her skirt. A few inches further and he would know how turned on she was.
Her husband was no dummy. His hand slid up and up until his knuckle scarped over the lace of her panties. "Babe."
This time her whimper came in response to the need wrapped around his deep voice. She rolled her hips, rubbing her pussy against his knuckle. Beneath her, his hand jerked. "Fuck, we're going to get in a wreck."
"In two miles, turn right. Your destination will be on the left." The GPS interrupted their thoughts. Oliver grinned and pulled his hand away. He sniffed his fingers and winked at her. "Think you can make it that long?"
Quinn shook her head. "No."
When Oliver grunted and adjusted his trousers, she moaned. She was so turned on already and knowing he felt the same way made it worse. Or better. Depended on how she thought about it.
Ready to come, Quinn shoved the crotch of her panties aside and slipped a finger inside her sopping wet pussy. She pressed on her clit and groaned.
"Jesus, Quinn." The car skidded a little. "Get your cunt over here now."
Oh, the demand in his voice. She gushed at the demanding tone. Desperately, she lifted her hips and angled her body toward her husband in the driver's seat. He took no time, just slid his thumb inside her and pressed the crook of his hand against her clit. She ground against him, once, twice, before with a gasp and a cry she came.
"Your destination is on the right." The GPS unit chirped.
"Damn right it is." Oliver sucked his thumb and licked his lips. "Let's get inside."
They were the first to arrive. The caretaker, under extremely specific instructions by Quinn, had handled arrangements exactly as planned. A table with each couple's name attached to a room key. Everyone was to find their own room, relax and enjoy. The masquerade would start at 9PM that night.
She had dreamt of this night, a night of fucking with a group of people all intent on pleasuring themselves and each other, since she had been old enough to understand what an orgy was. Here she was, with the help of her husband, making sure her dream went through exactly as planned.
He would have bought her the moon if she asked. So in love, even now, after years together. Her pleasure made his pleasure even greater.
How he managed not to fuck her that afternoon, Oliver didn't know. Quinn wanted them both to be unfucked before the masquerade, so they could enjoy it together. As Quinn bent over to slide on her heels, he stepped forward and rubbed against her ass. She wore a black lace teddy with cups that pushed her already large breasts up just a little higher. They perched there ready to spill over at the slightest encouragement.
He pulled back before he came all over her through his trousers. Quinn glanced at the clock. 8:59. Time to go. She slipped on her sparkling red mask, while Oliver tied his black silk one around his head. They linked fingers and stepped into the hallway.
Other couples left their rooms at the exact same time. Ordinarily she would recognize them, but this was different. Most of them were naked already, though some women wore only high heels with their mask. Some wore lingerie like Quinn. A few of the men had on loose trousers like Oliver. These were her friends. She started to get nervous.
Not tonight. Tonight, they were people for her to fuck and get fucked by. Quinn whimpered. Oliver's fingers tightened on hers. "Almost, babe."
They followed the line of couples into the great room. A faint beat, music she couldn't quite catch, echoed through the space in time with her heart. Beds covered in silk sheets, a chaise lounge, a sex swing, a pile of cushions all spread out before her. She could go wherever she wanted. Choice made, she turned to Oliver, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Tongues tangled, he groaned and pushed against her, his cock hard and throbbing through the thin fabric of his trousers.
He nudged her backward until her knees hit a couch. She sank onto it and pulled Oliver with her. As he kissed her, he jerked forward and glanced behind him. A masked man ran his hand along Oliver's spine to the band of his trousers.
"Take them off," Quinn hissed. She shoved at them the same time as the other man did until they were gone, tossed away to be found later.
Oliver kissed her neck then with barely a flick of his wrists, managed to tug her teddy down, exposing her breasts. He sucked one nipple into his mouth while his hand tugged on the other one. He pinched hard enough to make her gasp and writhe against the couch.
Droplets of lube splattered on her thighs as the man poured it over Oliver's ass cheeks. He massaged it into his asshole, sliding a finger in. Oliver groaned. Beneath him, Quinn adjusted herself, sliding until Oliver's cock pressed against her pussy. Oliver rolled his hips and just the tip of his cock pressed inside her.
Behind him, the man adjusted, he pushed Oliver forward, toppling him closer to Quinn. The movement sent his cock sliding home. "Fuck yes!"
Oliver groaned as his dick plunged inside her. Behind him the man shoved his cock into Oliver's ass, inch by delicious inch. Oliver's cock twitched inside her as the big mushroom head hit his prostate. His cocked jerked again.
He was so close, and Quinn wanted him to come now, with his ass full and his dick buried deep inside her. She pulled him tighter. "Come for me baby. I want you to come so hard. I want you to fuck me with that cock in your ass and make me come. Make me come."
She panted and whispered in his ear, fuck me, now, harder faster. Behind him, the man grunted and slammed his cock into Oliver until Oliver tightened over her. He bowed back, his whole body tensed until he came and came. His hips bucked and deep insider her, he flooded her with his cum.
His orgasm set off a chain reaction. The man behind him came with a deep grunt. And Quinn, knowing her husband had his ass full of jizz, arched her back and came.
"You're incredible." The man kissed Oliver's neck. He pulled out and walked off toward a different group. Oliver pulled out from Quinn and rolled over. He melted into the couch.
"I need a minute, babe." His dick stirred thinking about all left to come but wasn't yet ready to stand at attention. "Go, do what you want."
"I want to suck someone's cock while you sit here and watch."
He would be hard sooner rather than later. "Do it."
He used his best "I'm the boss and this is an order" voice. Quinn gave a little sexy shiver. She loved when he commanded her to do things.
While Quinn sought out a partner, he glanced around the room. Grunts and gasps, the deep heavy bass, and over it all the heavy musky odor of sex.
Thank God, he had Quinn who wanted this for an anniversary present. Otherwise, he might never have experienced this kind of sexual buzz.
Quinn came back, her fingers linked with a man wearing a red mask. Red Mask pushed Quinn to her knees. He slid his hand into her hair, gripping her once neat bun. He pressed his cock against Quinn's lips, demanding entry.
Quinn gladly complied. She opened up and slowly but surely seven inches of cock slid in and out of her mouth. She locked eyes with Red and sucked harder. "Fuck, yes, take it all."
Red rocked his hips back and forth, Quinn's bun clenched in his hand. Quinn took it, sucking and moaning, her own hand sliding down her body to rub frantically against her clit. She needed to come again, with her mouth full of cock.
"Let me take care of that." A woman in a yellow mask slipped her hands into Quinn's pussy. "Like that?"
Quinn pressed her cunt against Yellow's soft hands. She pulled the cock out of her mouth for a beat. "Harder."
"Don't stop." Red plunged his cock back in her mouth. "Suck it. Suck harder. Can I come in your mouth?" When Quinn nodded, he gripped her bun and plunged his dick in harder.
"Like this." Oliver recovered enough to kneel next to Yellow. He kissed the strange woman, sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth. When they pulled apart, Oliver gripped Yellow's hand and slid her long fingers against Quinn's drenched pussy. "She likes it like that."
Yellow stretched her fingers up and up, pressing into Quinn's g-spot. When Quinn twitched her hips hard against Yellow's hand, the other woman grinned. "Oh, she sure does like that."
With her mouth full of cock and her pussy being finger fucked by another woman, Quinn came. She jerked against the soft fingers again and again. Above her, Yellow bellowed, threw his head back and filled her mouth with jizz.
Quinn swallowed as much as she could, the rest dribbling out. Yellow rose to her knees, face to face with her. She kissed Quinn and sucked the jizz off her tongue and face. "Yum."
Yellow stood and pulled Quinn to her feet. She shoved the straps of her teddy off her shoulders until the lingerie pooled at Quinn's feet. Quinn stepped out of it, leaving her shoes on. Yellow sucked one of Quinn's tight nipples into her mouth. She nipped at it. Quinn grunted and Yellow sucked harder, biting down. Behind her, Oliver kissed her neck. He whispered, "Someone else is joining you. I love you."
Oliver stepped away and a stranger took his place. Not Oliver sucked at her ear lobe. She turned to suck his tongue into her mouth. He wore a blue mask and groaned when she kissed him harder.
Blue Mask ran his hands down the small of her back. She felt his cock, hard and heavy, twitch against her ass.
Working together, Yellow and Blue guided her to a silk covered chaise. Yellow spread out on it, her legs falling open. There was room for Quinn to kneel between Yellow's legs. Behind her, Blue bent down and ate her pussy.
Quinn licked her way up Yellow's thighs. She spread the woman's pussy apart with her thumbs as Yellow squirmed. Ever so softly, Quinn blew across Yellow's exposed clit. Yellow cried out her hips thrusting up.
Behind her, Blue slid his cock up and down her pussy. With a quick jerk of his hips, he slid inside her, all the way to the hilt. Quinn pushed back against him, trying to get as full as possible. She sucked on Yellow's clit, pressing her tongue flat against it. While she sucked and nibbled, she pushed one finger, then two inside Yellow's tight pussy. Yellow panted and begged for more.
Another woman joined them, her back to Quinn so she couldn't see her mask. She lowered herself over Yellow's face and ground her pussy against Yellow's mouth.
Behind her, Blue growled, "Fuck yes" and increased the tempo of his hips.
Quinn glanced to her right long enough to lock eyes with Oliver. He had a woman bent over the back of a couch and was pounding into her, his hands gripping her hips. The woman whimpered and gasped with each thrust. When Quinn met his gaze, he grinned and mouthed, "Come."
Quinn turned back to Yellow's pussy. She sucked and licked, her fingers pressed in, curving up to Yellow's g-spot. Behind her, Blue fucked her harder, his hips slamming against her ass. Ever so faintly, his voice, deep and demanding, Quinn heard Oliver, "Come, babe. Come for me."
Her pussy clenched around Blue's cock as her orgasm flashed over her. Her groan spilled out, the vibration putting Yellow over the edge. She screamed into the pussy on her face and gushed into Quinn's eager mouth.
Blue bellowed, his hips slammed one more time, and then the pulsing waves of Quinn's pussy pulled him over the edge with her.
At the last moment, before the waves of pleasure wiped out everything, she was sure she heard Oliver come.

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