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It was a case right place at the right time, I was 23 and a carpenter and I was home alone my parents were out visiting and a Saturday afternoon. Our neighbors were having their usual argument and this one was louder than usual. Anyway, he suddenly left calling her various names and getting back similar names in response from her 38. He would come back next day, and they would make up and then the next weekend it would all start again. But she was really pissed at him this time and with everything quiet I went into our yard, and she came out and saw me and she came to the fence and straight out asked me to fuck her. I’m not the greatest with women, but not a failure either and I decided to accept, and I went out and we fucked twice. After my parents got home, I was going out to see who was around, and as I was going to be drinking, I was walking. As I passed the neighbor house, she asked me asked in and I stayed the night with her. I got home at 930 next morning totally drained by her. He returned as per usual around midday and all was okay till the next weekend when it started all over again. Again, I got sex from her again and it seemed I was her chosen sex partner. But as they say nothing lasts forever and he got a transfer and they moved away. But the new family that moved in had a daughter 21 and we hit it off. Started dating and became a couple and married after 18months. Now 6 years later 3 have 3 children and live across the street from our parents.

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