The Aunts Ch. 06

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tagIncest/TabooThe Aunts Ch. 06

I pulled on my clothes and left Aunt Cathy in the suite.
I was pretty satisfied with myself. Fucking her like that. Using her like that. Leaving her with my cum in her pussy. I would make her my bitch from now on.
And now she couldn't, or wouldn't, interrupt me from my main goal, like she had done the other night.
I walked the ship and kept my eyes out for my mom.
I sent her a text since we were using the ships WiFi.
Having fun?
A few minutes later I got a reply from her telling me she was in the adults only section of the pool.
I went up to the pool deck then walked to the back of the ship where there was section that only adults could access. There was a pool and a hot tub and deck area. No kids were allowed in this section.
I made my way in and wandered around the deck looking for my mom.
I finally saw her sitting in one of the hot tubs.
She had on a black bikini and sunglasses with her hair pulled up in a bun. She was holding a large pineapple with a drink umbrella sticking out at the top. Her golden skin was glistening with oil and her freckles were standing out sharply.
There were two guys in their twenties trying to chat her up. They were muscular and looked like frat boys and I immediately hated them.
"Hey," I told her as I looked at them.
"Oh hey, baby. Look at this huge drink, they put it in a pineapple."
I slipped into the hot tube next to her and the two douche nozzles gave each other a look.
"Guys, this is my son," she told them.
Their faces sagged and they looked at me like I was the ultimate buzzkill.
I slipped closer to her till our shoulders were touching. Her skin felt warm and silky on mine. I pressed my leg against hers and felt her smoothness.
The two meatheads didn't have much to say after that and it got awkward until they finally got the memo and got out. One of them told her to meet them at the club that night after 10 if she was still interested.
After they left, I said, "So are you meeting those guys later?"
"Oh, I don't know. Maybe. You know KK wants to have fun. It would be fun to dance with them."
I pouted a little.
"Why? Are you jealous?" my mom said.
I tried hard to smile. "Yeah, I think I am. Why do they get to hang out with two beautiful woman and not me?"
She laughed. "Because they can buy the drinks."
"Well, that's true."
She smiled at me and threw her arms around me. "Don't be jealous babe. I'll always be your momma."
She snuggled into me and I could feel her lithe body. I put my arms around her.
"So, what should we do?" she asked.
"I'm good with whatever," I said.
"You know what? Let's go get a massage."
I had never had a massage before. I was pretty sure I didn't want one. "I think I'm good."
"Oh, you'll love it," mom said. She got a mischievous glint in her eye and laughed.
"There will be a beautiful woman rubbing all over your body."
I could think of a couple of beautiful women I wanted rubbing all over my body.
"Ok, fine. I'll do it." I wasn't really that excited. But I guess a woman rubbing all over me would be pretty relaxing.
"Oh good. Then let's go." She took a big swig of her drink through the straw and closed her eyes as the alcohol went down.
"Yep," she said, her green eyes glistening when she opened them.
"How many of those have you had?"
She hiccuped a little and I pretty sure she was putting me on. "Just a few," she said with a wink.
My mom got out of the hot tub and I watched her as she did, her nice ass swaying a little in her black bikini bottoms as she climbed out. I could feel my boner starting to thicken up and I didn't want her to notice. She wrapped a towel around herself above her breasts and covered everything up. I got out and grabbed a towel and wrapped up mostly so she wouldn't see that I was impressed with her ass and that bikini.
"Let's go," she said as she grabbed her big beach bag with her stuff in it and led the way.
We took the elevator down to the spa deck and the scent of her lotion filled my nose and made my thoughts go wild. I wondered if she even remembered what had happened the other night, and if she did was, she just not going to mention it. Or did she not remember at all that she had took her own sons' cock in her mouth and had been a second away from having her sons dick inside her. I couldn't decide which was worse, but ultimately hoped she remembered and was just embarrassed and would never mention it over not remembering at all. Hopefully she hadn't been that drunk.
We got down to the spa and my mom talked to the hostess and set everything up.
We had to wait a little and so we sat quietly next to each other on a small couch, our arms and legs touching again.
"Are you nervous?" she asked me and gave me a little playful shove.
"No, not really. Just never had a massage before."
"Well just relax and take it easy. I'll tell them not to do it too hard to you." My beautiful mother winked at me and laughed.
A woman in a white frock came out and in a thick accent told us to follow her. We followed her to a small room with two massage tables. The woman told us to get comfortable and left.
"So, we'll be in here together?" I asked.
"Well, I couldn't leave you alone on your first time, could I? A big guy like you might get all scared with a strange woman touching him." She laughed and dropped her towel to reveal the black bikini again. "Now turn around so I can get undressed, silly."
I looked her up and down, at her smooth legs, her tight belly and the tops of her breasts that looked like they were trying to escape from her bikini top. The freckles on them looked enticing.
"Wait, what? We have to get naked?"
My mom reached behind her and unclasped her bikini top with one hand and held the top in place over her breasts with the other. "Well, you don't have to. But it's a much better massage if you do. They can't get to your legs if you're wearing those." She gestured to my board shorts that hung down to my knees. "So yes, I'd suggest getting naked. It's nothing they haven't seen before."
"And you're getting naked?"
"If you'd turn around I would."
I took one last look at her and reluctantly turned around. Once turned I slowly turned my head back like I was looking, and she squealed. "Stop it. Don't look. No one wants to see their own mother naked."
I did.
"I do," I said before I could stop myself.
I heard her get under the sheet of the bed. "Well, you saw all you're going to see the other night, mister," she said. I couldn't believe it. She obviously remembered. But didn't want it to happen again apparently. I turned around and she was laying on the massage table face down with her sheet pulled up over her shoulders.
"My turn I guess."
A muffled "Yep," came from her buried head.
I quickly slid my shorts off, and my boner popped out full and erect. I tried to get under the sheet but caught my feet on it and made a mess of it. After a moment of struggle, I finally got underneath and face down. I turned my head and Mom was staring at me.
"You weren't supposed to look," I said.
"I couldn't help it. I wanted to see," she said with a mischievous grin and laid her head back down.
So my mother wanted to see me naked.
I got situated on the padded table and finally had to adjust by cock to be pointing down so that it wasn't jamming into the table. There was a ding from her bag and she raised her head. "Shoot, that must be KK texting me. Sweety, will you grab my phone out of my bag?"
I pretended I didn't hear her.
"Sweety? Please?"
Now it was my turn to be a bit devilish. "You already saw me. I don't want you to see me again."
"Oh come on now!" she said. "It's not something I haven't seen before."
I wasn't sure how to take that.
"You get it. She'll be texting you the whole time, too, wondering where you are if you don't answer. She'll probably have the ship's security searching for you and declaring you fell overboard if she can't find you soon." I wanted her to get up to get the phone.
My mom thought about it for a moment then sighed. "Don't look," she demanded.
"Wouldn't dream of it," I said and put my face down into the hole in the table. I waited until I heard her get up then popped my head up.
She was digging in her bag butt naked. Her ass was facing me and while not as big as Aunt KK's and one-quarter the size of Aunt Cathy's it was incredible. Her ass crack looked like perfection and there wasn't a mark or a blemish on her skin. She was bent over looking at her phone. I could see the outline of her pussy against the light.
She turned and popped up and her breasts jiggled and they looked gorgeous.
"You weren't supposed to look," Mom said as she covered her boobs with an arm and scrambled back into the bed and laid face down. "I told you not to look."
"Sorry," I said although I didn't mean it and never would. "Just couldn't help myself."
She made an angry noise into the bed with her face down and didn't say anything else.
Soon two people came in and I snuck a peek to see a dark young man and a blonde woman. I put my face down into the bed hoping I'd get the woman. I didn't want a man touching me.
The woman patted me and asked, "Everything ok?" in a thick accent.
I nodded as much as I could.
"Ok, good," she said. I heard the man ask Mom the same thing.
I was a bit nervous but soon the woman was touching me and sliding her hands down my back. She pulled the sheet back and the cold air hit my skin, but she applied a warm oil and her hands up and down my back. I was one of the best feelings I had ever felt.
She slide her hands up and down and I lost myself in the feeling. Soon I couldn't tell where she was standing and what angle she was even coming from. I could feel my cock getting hard because things felt so good.
I had my arms down by the side of the bed and the masseuse's leg bumped into my hand. I wanted to touch her. She was touching all over me and it felt so good. Before I realized what I was doing I slowly brushed my fingers up and down the smooth fabric of her light pants. She didn't pull away or act like she noticed.
I continued to rub her gently and she didn't move. Then she switched sides to the side my mom was on and I didn't try it again because I didn't want the guy to notice. Or my mom. But if she was engrossed in this as I was she wasn't going to notice.
The masseuse rubbed my back and my arms and my shoulders for a while and I felt like I was in a dream like state. Finally she rubbed my arms down to my hands, pressing her hand into mine. It felt so small and dainty but she'd been impressive so far. She laid my arm by my side then continued to the other arm and did that one as well, laying my arm by my side when she was finished. I guess no more leg touching was going to happened.
The masseuse got on the side away from my mom and pressed down on my back and I could feel her legs touching my hands. Her legs felt smooth and tight in her scrub pants. Then she used her leg to nudge my hand and I felt the inside of her thighs cover my hand. I moved my fingers back and forth and rubbed the inside of her thighs and tried to reach my hand as far up as it would go but not move my arm. I could feel the inside of her thighs and fell the spot where they met.
The woman pushed her pussy down into my hand and pressed hard into my back. I pressed my hand up as far as I could and moved my fingers back and forth, my hand cupping her pussy and my fingers following her crack. She stayed like that and rocked back and forth a little in my hand.
Then she moved to the other side. It wasn't as much as we had just done because she was on the same side as my mom and her masseuse, but I felt the inside of her thighs with that hand too.
I laid I still has I could with my erection pressing running down my right leg and getting harder by the second. Was this how all massages went? I wondered if my mom was being felt up in the same way by her masseuse. I hoped not. I didn't want to think about another guy doing anything to her.
My masseuse folded my sheet back and tight around my left leg and began rubbing my glutes and down my leg. I'm not sure of what all she rubbed as my thoughts were racing about and I was enjoying her touch.
She covered my left leg then folded the sheet back over my right leg. She tucked it in tight around my leg and reached toward by ass and tucked it in there too. She massaged my glute on that side and ran her hands down my legs then back up and high into my thigh. I could feel my cock stiffen as she got closer and closer. I wanted to feel her fingers touch my cock so bad I couldn't take it. I lifted my hips off the table slightly out of anticipation.
The woman ran her fingers up the inside of my right leg and at long last I felt her fingertips brush the very tip of my dick. They felt light and airy and I wasn't convinced she even noticed. She ran her hands up and down my leg again a few times then finally came high and brushed my cock again, this time rubbing the inside of my leg and letter her fingers drag against my balls.
I wanted her to rub it more and more. I couldn't take much more of this.
The masseuse rubbed my leg more and got close to my cock but didn't touch it again then finally finishing at my feet. She held the sheet up and asked me to roll over. I did, hoping she would notice my cock but she looked away and ignored the bulge in the middle of the sheet.
I laid there hoping against any reasonable thought that she would jerk the sheet down and start jerking my cock right there with the male masseuse and most importantly, my mom, watching her pleasure me.
She pushed down on my hips and her hands were extremely close to my cock and the sheet felt like the greatest resistance to an orgasm anyone has ever felt. She pushed down on me and rubbed me and completely ignored the stiff penis that was creating a tent in the sheet.
I laid there with my hormones raging and my thoughts uncontrollable until finally she finished and left. I hadn't realized my mom had been turned over as well and her masseuse finished up and left too. I was groggy and couldn't think straight.
My mom sighed and said "That was wonderful. Did you like yours, sweety?"
I couldn't answer. I had loved it and hated it at the same time. I had never felt better and never ached for someone to grab my cock so much before.
"Guess you did," I heard Mom say.
I realized she had gotten up and was standing there naked looking at the tent I was pitching in the sheets. Her breasts hung perfectly, and her nipples shone with oil all over them. Had the masseuse rubbed her there?
All I could manage was a nod.
Mom pulled my sheet down to my waist and put her hand on my chest. "We better get going. I told KK we'd be done in an hour."
I stared at her naked, glistening body, covered with oil and my cock took over my thinking. I pulled my sheet down and grabbed my cock with an oily hand and began stroking it. My eyes rolled back in my head and I groaned.
"Oh god, baby," Mom said and before I knew it she grabbed my cock and I let go and she was stroking me. I put my hand on her ass and ran my fingers down below and to her pussy. She was dripping wet and her juices were all over the inside of her thighs.
"Did he touch you down here?" I panted at her as she spread her legs for me, and I pushed a finger inside of her tight, wet body.
"Yes, baby. He did. He fingered me."
Oh fuck. My mother had been fingered while I was in the room with her. I put another finger inside of her and felt the her hot, wet, velvet pussy close around them.
"Oh damn, suck me, Mom." I said.
I really wasn't expecting her to, but she leaned over and took my oily cock in her mouth. I almost came in her mouth right there. It was so smooth and wet. She bobbed up and down, sucking my shaft.
"Oh god, get on top of it, Mom."
This broke her reverie and she let go of my cock and moved away while I tried to keep my fingers inside of her.
"Not here," she said. There were two robes on hooks by the door and she put one on and motioned for me to get up.
I got up, letting my hard cock sway and trying to get her to look at it. I put the robe on and my mom grabbed my hand and we left the room. Not faraway there was a series of showers that didn't have doors, but rather curled around themselves like a seashell until the inside was the shower. Inside the beautiful tiled shower there was a shower head and a small seat and soaps and shampoos for people to clean themselves up with after the massage.
My mom turned on the water and let it run as took her rob off with her back to me. I watched her lithe body as hung up the robe, her skin glistening with the oil the masseuse had used. I undid my rob and hung it next to hers and as she tested the warmth of the water from the shower I grabbed her from behind.
Her body felt warm next to mine and her skin was soft and slick with the oil of the massage. I wrapped a hand around and took her soft breasts and pinched her nipple between my fingers. I laid my lips up against her neck and could taste the oil.
"Oh baby, we shouldn't do this. I don't know what I'm doing lately."
I didn't want to speak in case I brought her out of whatever state had led us to this. I gently kissed her neck and nipped at her skin and tasted the oil. Then I pushed her around to face me. I looked into her gentle green eyes and hoped by doing so she wouldn't see her own son but a man who craved her.
I could see her wavering so I moved my head down and took one of her nipples in my mouth and the water ran down her shoulder and into my face. She was holding on to me and I took one of her hand and moved it too my hard cock.
She took the hint and wrapped her fingers around it and began stroking it while I sucked on each of her nipples one at a time.
I put my fingers down between her legs and felt her soft labia. I rubbed her and exposed her clit and rubbed around it with my fingers. She spread her legs for me to have easier access and I put two fingers in and found her clit with my thumb.
"Oh god we should be doing this," she moaned.
I didn't want to stop. I needed her.
I sat down on the seat in the shower built into the wall and covered with the turquoise tile that surrounded us.
I looked up at my mother, her golden skin glowing with the massage oil and the water beading up all over her. I stroked my cock as I looked at her and tried to give her a look that told what I wanted and that she was all I wanted.
I could see the hesitation and reluctance in her eyes and I took her hand and gently pulled her to me. She moved to me and her breasts were right in my face. I put my lips on her sternum, my face between them.
"Please mom."
I wasn't sure I should have said that, but after a moment's hesitation she crawled into my lap, her thighs on the outside of mine. She reached down and gently took my shaft into her fingertips and guided the head of my cock to the opening of her pussy. She put her arms around my shoulders and slide down it in one motion.
I almost came right there.
Her tightness grabbed me and wouldn't let me go and after the massage and the aching for the masseuse to touch me I wasn't going to last long inside her.
She moved up and down and we quickly found a rhythm, her pussy squeezing me tighter and tighter, her tits bouncing in my face. I wrapped my hands around her hips and felt the soft skin and the curves there and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and bite it.
She moved up and down faster and faster panting in my ear, her breath tickling me and driving me crazy.
"Oh yes, Mom," I whispered.

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