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tagIncest/TabooThe Aunts Ch. 07

I held my mother like that in the shower, our bodies pressed together for quite a while. She finally lifted her head up and gave me a peck on the cheek and reached and grabbed a bottle of soap from the shelf and handed it to me. She moved out of the spray of the water in the shower room and put her robe back on and gave me one last glance over her shoulder. I was standing there with my cock still hard for her.
She gave me a weak smile then slipped out and I could hear the shower one stall over crank up.
I guess she wanted to be alone. I understood that. I didn't want to be away from her, but she had just done something she probably was cursing herself for doing and didn't want to think about it.
I wanted to think about it though. I wanted to relive it over and over and do it over and over again. With her. My own mother. My beautiful sexy mother.
I had been inside her and made her cum on me and filler her pussy with my cum.
I'd be jacking off thinking about that for the rest of my life.
I quickly soaped up and tried to wash the massage oil off my skin. I grabbed a rag and scrubbed but it was stubborn. I soaped and shampooed everything I had.
When I was done, I grabbed my robe and went back to the room where we had gotten the massage and picked up my clothes.
The shower my mom had been using was off and empty.
I didn't want her to be sad.
I figured I'd catch up with her later and we could discuss it. Or not. I just didn't want her feeling guilty. But I did want her to want to do it again.
After my day of constant sex, I really wanted a nap. I went back to our room and hoped nobody was home. Nobody was so I stretched out on the bed and stared out the window and watched the late evening sun get closer and closer to the blue water of the ocean.
I woke up to the sound of Aunt Cathy bellowing.
I rubbed my eyes and looked out the balcony window and noticed it was completely dark. I wasn't sure how long I was asleep, but I felt groggy like you do when you take a late afternoon nap.
"Come on! Let's go!" Aunt Cathy was yelling so loud it made my head hurt. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wake you sunshine?" she asked me in her most sarcastic tone.
Why was she yelling? What was the rush? Weren't we on vacation?
I shook the cobwebs out of my head and crawled out of the pullout sleeper sofa bed
I had been napping on.
"What's the rush?" I asked no one in particular.
Suddenly Aunt KK appeared wearing tight fitting jeans and a lacy black top with her boobs pushed up so high they looked like they were trying to escape. She had her long honey colored hair down around her shoulders and the jeans hugged every curve she had. Her ass looked like two small hams stuff inside them and it looked delicious.
"We're going to the ships' club," she told me as she put on high heels. "Girls night. You slept through dinner. You must have been tired." She gave me a sly wink.
Boy was I.
"Gotcha," I said. I looked at Aunt Cathy who was impatiently waiting on Aunt KK to get her shoes on. Aunt Cathy was dressed in a nice blouse and had on dark jeans as well. She didn't look nearly as good as Aunt KK, but if I was being honest, she didn't look like the complete slob she usually looked like. She looked like a fat, married woman, who might have been ok looking at one point in her life. It looked like two huge watermelons were jammed inside of her jeans and both melons had a flat side and that flat side was facing out.
"Where's mom?" I asked again to no one in particular.
"She left already," Aunt Cathy said. "Said she wanted some air and she'd meet us down there."
I nodded mostly to shake the rest of the cobwebs from my still sleeping brain.
"Let's go," Aunt Cathy told Aunt KK and opened the door.
Aunt Cathy turned to me as she was heading out the door. "And this is a girl's night.
So do your own thing. Got it?"
I gave her a halfass nod.
After they left and the door closed, I heard Aunt KK say, "Oh shit, I forgot something.
Get the elevator Cathy and I'll meet you there."
Aunt KK came back in and shut the door. She gave me a sympathetic look. "Why don't you come with us?"
"To the club? You heard what Aunt Cathy said."
"Yeah, we haven't seen you much and your mom seems worried about you." Aunt KK looked around like Aunt Cathy might hear her. "Look, get a shower and get dressed. Get something to eat. Give us about an hour and then walk by the front of the club. I'll be looking for you and I'll drag you in. OK?"
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I just nodded to reassure her.
"OK, sweety," Aunt KK said and leaned down and put her fingers under my chin to lift my head up. She gave me a soft kiss on the mouth. "See you then. One hour."
I looked into her green eyes and didn't want her to go.
But she gave me another wink and left. I stared at her ass as she went.
One hour. Food, clothes, then the club. I wondered if I could parley this into seeing Aunt KK naked. Or better yet, feeling her naked somehow. That would be fun.
I got up and got dressed and hit the buffet. It wasn't great but it was decent enough.
There was pizza at least.
I walked the ship and checked out some of the shops and the overpriced merchandise that they made you feel you could only get on a ship like this, but really you could get anywhere and for around half price.
After killing over an hour, I figured I'd check out the club and see what the ladies were up to.
I walked by a few times casually looking in to see if I could see my mom or Aunt KK.
I didn't see them at first and was starting to get worried they had weren't in there
when I finally saw Aunt KK and she saw me. She was out on the dance floor and
she came out into the hallway and took my hand and lead me inside.
"Look who I saw walking past!" Aunt KK said as she led me to a table where my mom and Aunt Cathy were sitting.
They had drinks on the table, and it looked like they'd had quite a few. There were several empty glasses with little umbrellas in them scattered around the table.
My mom smiled and got up and gave me a quick hug. I could tell she felt guilty about what had happened in the spa. She sat down and gave me another weak smile and couldn't bring her eyes to meet mine.
"What are you doing here?" my Aunt Cathy asked me?
Nice to see you too, you fat bitch I thought.
"Nothing. Was just passing by."
Aunt KK smirked and pulled me into a hug. At least someone was glad to see me.
"I saw him and dragged him in here. You must be having so much fun on this trip. We haven't hardly seen you," Aunt KK said.
That was both true and not true. It seemed like if I did see them it was when we were naked. Other than that, I hadn't spent much time with anyone.
"Well get lost," my Aunt Cathy said and gave me a glare. "This is a girls night."
"Oh, stop it, Cathy" Aunt KK said. "He can stay. Let him have some fun."
My mom didn't say anything. She just looked glumly at the table.
"It's girls' night, KK," Aunt Cathy said. "I don't want any brats around."
Finally, my mom spoke. "Oh, Cathy it's no big deal. He's fine staying."
I was glad she wanted me to stay. I sat down and my mom smiled at me a little more warmly. I hoped I hadn't ruined my relationship with her. I hoped she'd snap out of it and if she didn't want to do anything again at least she'd put it behind her, and we could have a regular relationship again.
"Ok fine," Aunt Cathy said with a shrug.
"Ok good," Aunt kk said. "I'm going to get us some more drinks."
Aunt kk flipped her hair and turned toward the bar. She looked very beautiful in her tight dark jeans and black top. Her ass was mesmerizing.
"I'll go with you," my mom said and got up and caught up with her.
I sat down in the booth next to Aunt Cathy and watched the two of them join arms
and walk to the bar together, Aunt KK's ass jiggling and my mom's looking smaller but still as good next to hers.
Aunt Cathy glared at me.
"So, what are you really doing here?" she said.
I shrugged. "Nothing. I just wanted to hang out."
Aunt Cathy kept looking at me. Then she slid over closer to me.
"You should get out of here. We're trying to have a girl's night out. We just want to have fun and not deal with the kids tonight."
"Well, I'm not a kid," I said and gave her a look that I hope relayed that she had cum all over the reason I wasn't a kid.
Aunt Cathy put a hand on my leg underneath the table. "Oh, you are a kid. Even if you think you're not."
"You didn't think I was a kid earlier," I said.
Aunt Cathy ran her hand higher up my thigh.
"Yes, I did. I just wanted to get it over with and get you off me."
"Oh really," I said. "Coulda fooled me."
Aunt Cathy ran her hand higher up my leg. Her fingertips tickled my crotch. "Yes
"Guess I'll have to show you again I'm not a kid. "
"No," she said as she caressed my crotch. "I don't think you'll be doing that."
I sat there as she rubbed me under the table. My dick getting harder and harder.
My mom and Aunt KK came back to the table and sat down four pink drinks all with little umbrellas in them.
"We got you one too, sweetheart," Aunt KK said and gave me a wink.
Aunt Cathy didn't move over or take her hand from off my crotch. She reached with her free hand and sipped the drink. "Pretty good," she said.
I sipped my drink, and the sweetness made my eyes cross. I couldn't taste the alcohol through all the sugar, but I felt the warmth in my chest.
"You guys wanna dance," Aunt KK asked as we all sipped our drinks.
"I don't," Aunt Cathy said and caressed my crotch softly.
"No," I said. "I'm ok."
"I do," my mom said and her and Aunt KK gulped some of their drinks and headed to the dance floor. I watched their ass's sway as they walked away.
"Pretty nice view," Aunt Cathy said.
"I hadn't noticed."
"Uh uh," she said and grabbed my hard dick through my jeans. "I can tell."
We sat without saying anything and she rubbed my dick for a while. Soon I saw my
mom and Aunt KK dancing with two guys on the dance floor. It was the same two guys from the pool earlier.
My cheeks felt hot and I could feel the anger building as I watched the two guys dancing with my mom and Aunt KK, putting their hands on the women and rubbing their bodies with the music.
Aunt Cathy squeezed my cock. "She can have fun," Aunt Cathy said.
"I know," I said trying to act nonchalant about my mom. "I don't care."
"Uh uh," she said. "I've seen the way you've been looking at KK."
I didn't register what she'd said. Then I realized she thought I was looking at Aunt KK
like that. I mean I was. But my mom too.
"I don't know what you're talking about. "
Aunt Cathy gave me a mean look. "I've seen the way you've been looking at KK's ass this whole trip. But she doesn't want a boy like you. She wants a man." Aunt Cathy nodded her head toward KK and my mom and the two guys. They were all dancing next to each other.
"I was man enough for you wasn't I."
Aunt Cathy squeezed my dick again.
"No, you weren't. You were just a boy. You didn't please me at all. "
"Yeah? Well, you didn't do anything for me either with your fat tits and your sloppy pussy."
Aunt Cathy looked straight ahead and gently rubbed me under the table.
"Your cock was so small I barely felt it," she said.
"Your pussy was so sloppy I didnt even know I was fucking you."
"You couldn't make my pussy cum if you tired," she said.
"Your ass is so fat I don't know if I can even find your pussy."
Aunt Cathy didn't respond. She just took another big sip of her drink. I drained mine.
"I bet if we went to the room right now your fat ass couldn't even make me cum," I said.
"I bet if we went to the room right now your little cock wouldn't be able to make me cum either," she said.
She rubbed me furiously through my jeans.
"I bet," she said. "That little teenage cock is too weak to get a milf pregnant."
My boner was raging in my pants.
"I bet I could."
"I doubt it," she said.
Aunt Cathy got up and looked for my mom and Aunt KK again. I didn't see them anywhere.
"Don't fucking follow me to the room," Aunt Cathy said and walked out.
Two minutes was about all I could stand with my boner about to rip a hole in my pants. I got up from the table and looked for my mom and Aunt KK but didn't see them anywhere. I really hopped they weren't with those guys anymore.
I fast walked back to the room, forcing myself not to break into a run. I got there and let myself in but didn't see Aunt Cathy. I hoped she hadn't tricked me and not come back to the room. That seemed like something she would do.
I heard a low moan from the bedroom and my heart raced. I pushed the door open and there was a huge lump in the covers. I could see Aunt Cathy's curly hair sticking out from the top. I could hear her moan softly and hear a vibrator.
"What are you doing," I asked.
Aunt Cathy threw back the covers to reveal her fat naked body. Her tits were huge and her areolas and nipples dark brown. Her belly was round and overlapped her waist. She had her legs thrown back and her hairy pussy was spread wide. She had a purple dildo and was ramming it in and out of her pussy. I could see her pussy juice soaking the dildo and a big wet spot underneath her on the sheet.
"Oh god," she moaned.
"What are you doing?" I repeated in a voice that implied I knew exactly what she was doing.
"I'm fucking myself," she moaned. "Since my teenage nephew is too much of a pussy to do it for me."
I pulled my clothes off and my cock sprang to full throttle. I got on the bed between her legs and grabbed her hand and forced her to pull the dildo from herself. I grabbed her wrists and held them above her head and laid on top of her fat belly and stabbed at her with my cock.
The angle was bad, and I couldn't find her pussy with my cock and I was so horny I couldn't stop my hips from fucking. I jabbed my cock into her clit over and over.
"Oh fuck!" she screamed. "Get it in god damnit."
I finally let one of her wrists go and grabbed my cock and guided myself inside of her. I thrust into her as hard as I could. Her pussy was hot and wet and sloppy and didn't feel anywhere near as good as my mom's or Aunt KK's had but the sheer relief of being inside her after so much teasing almost put me over the edge.
I tried to hold on and began to pump her furiously.
"Oh fuck, is that all you've got," she panted.
"Pull it out and I'll fuck it harder with the dildo if that's all you've got," she moaned.
I grabbed her wrists again and held her hands above her head and fucked her fat pussy as hard as I could.
Aunt Cathy groaned and tossed her head back and forth and I knew she was close.
I let go of one of her wrists and grabbed one of her huge breasts hard and pinched her nipple and sucked her big titty into my mouth. She groaned and started slapping my arm with her free hand and I could feel her pussy clinching around me, tightening up enough to make me get closer to cumming. I slammed into her as hard and as fast as I could so she'd cum all over me.
"Yes fucking cum bitch," I blurted out.
Her pussy clenched me hard and her legs began to shake.
"Cum on that big young dick." I told her.
I bit down on her nipple and went faster.
"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck," she panted.
Her pussy felt like a velvet vise for ten seconds and I felt a flood of her juice all round my cock. I knew she had cum more than she had in a while.
I raised myself above her and took her hands and wrapped them around my body.
She got the message and began to rub and squeeze me tightly.
I was getting close, but I needed to hear her nasty talk. I needed her to submit to me. Her teenage nephew.
"I bet I get that pussy good and pregnant I whispered in her ear. You want that don't you bitch."
Aunt Cathy pulled me tight and put her mouth on my ear.
"You're not fucking man enough to get me pregnant," she whispered in my ear.
I pumped hard and fast. I was going to cum any second.
I looked down at her. Her ugly face, her curly hair, her big titties bouncing.
I slammed into her harder and harder.
"Take that cock you bitch," I said. I pushed her legs back and got deep inside her. "I own that pussy now."
Aunt Cathy began to squirm and try to free herself from my grasp. She kicked her legs and failed her arms, and I grabbed her wrists and held them down by her sides, my arms squeezing her legs as I pumped into her.
"Don't," she said writhing and wiggling under my grip, her humongous titties jiggling.
"Stop fucking me".
I fucked her harder.
"I can't get pregnant like this," she said. "I can't get knocked up by some guy on a cruise."
I rammed into her loose cunt and watched her tits bounce and her face. She was loving every second of it.
I pumped my cock in and out of her juicy cunt, but I couldn't cum. Not yet. I wanted her from behind. I wanted to see that fat ass.
Without warning I threw her legs to the side and pulled on her soft fleshy hips. "Get on your knees," I told her. She maneuvered around and I watched as her huge ass gaped before me. Her pussy was dark, and the skin around it was stained brown, her pubic hair ran up to her taint. I got down and licked her pussy from behind and it tasted salty and bitter.
I rubbed my cock up and down her wet pussy trying to tease her. I stared down at her tight little brown asshole.
"Get it in me damn it," she moaned.
I kept rubbing her pussy with my cock, rubbing high up to her asshole.
"Is that the hole you want," she moaned.
I took my dick and pushed the head against her asshole and felt it give just a little.
"Wait, wait," she said. "Go slow baby."
Holy shit. I wasn't expecting her to say that.
"Just go slow," Aunt Cathy said again as she reached underneath herself and stuck her fingers in her juicy cunt. She pushed in her fingers in and out a few times then reached up and spread her wetness all around her asshole and slide a wet finger inside of herself. When she had gotten her ass wet enough she braced herself up on her elbows.
I slowly rubbed her asshole with my finger then gently pushed it inside of her tight ass.
It felt super tight. Way tighter than her sloppy pussy. It was hot and smooth. Her pussy had felt wet and bumpy. Her ass felt like heaven.
"Enough finger," she said. "Get your cock in there."
I got behind her ass and could feel her fat legs pressed up against me. I pushed her ass cheeks apart and felt like I fell into her crack. It was hot and steamy all around me.
I lined my cockhead up with her ass and gently pushed.
Aunt Cathy moaned as her ass relaxed and swallowed my cock.
It was just as tight and hot on my cock as it had been on my finger. I could feel her asshole working around my cock trying to push me out of her. I gently pushed forward until my hard dick was as deep as it could go. I gave her ass a second to adjust to me because I didn't want her to push me out.
I started to move slowly out and back in, using little movements as I slowly made my stroke of her ass longer and longer. Aunt Cathy was bent over, her face pushed into the pillow, her huge tits pushing out from underneath her body. She had one fist balled up and was beating the pillow with every thrust while the other hand pulled at the bed sheets.
I could hear her muffled voice as she screamed into the pillow.
"Oh god damn. Oh god damn. Oh god damn."
I began to move faster and faster her ass squeezing my cock harder and harder, her fat flesh jiggling up against me with very thrust. I smacked her ass as I fucked my cock inside of her tight hole.

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