The Awesome Assistant

Hi Folks and this is Zoltan again with a story of my office assistant. The problem with rising up the corporate ladder is that one has less and less time for one’s owns works and some of them, rather important. Having missed some important functions and I decided to get myself an assistant who would work from my home office and keep all things tied up and keep me posted. I conducted a series of interviews to shortlist the boys and girls applying for the job.
I finally homed on to a married young lady and let’s call her Ash. She is no classic beauty as the more famous owner of the name but she wasn’t bad. Fair, tall, long hair and most important guys a great set of knockers! Me being me I wasn’t short of female company but a good look at the work place doesn’t hurt. So Ash was selected and she was smart and efficient and very pleasant but yes she liked to talk.
Since I often worked from home she was good company. I had no bad intentions toward her and the relationship was strictly professional. I met her hubby also a few times when he dropped in. Fate however had other plans. One fine day, I visited a few clients to refresh the contact and the decided to call it a day. Ash was at my office at home working away at some job given to her.
I sat for some time and noticed that she was visibly upset about something. She had a fight with her husband the previous night, because he was spending too much time at the office. He worked in some standard firm that normally misinterpreted the time spent in office as hard work and like every young stud, was keen to make his mark. I bet the chap would be spending more time on social networking sites than on his work.
Join me on FB folks if you wish 2 but wife was upset and told me a long story of how ignored she was etc. I carried on playing the good boss and listened patiently after some time I told her to go home and relax. It was only 3 PM. Ash did not want to go home as she would be all alone as hubby would get home by 9 PM. So I told her to close the office and come to the living room.
She did that and so we were soon sitting in my living room chatting again. I offered her a beer to pass some time. Ash hesitated and confessed that she had tried it at college with her friends but never thereafter. I insisted and hence she accepted. Alcohol does wonders at times all the times. She soon started loosening up and talks drifted to her marriage and her hubby. Ash confessed that her hubby was fine in bed but of late.
She has not had her required quota of hard meat in her pussy for some time oh that was the root cause of her mood by around 6 PM she had around 3 bottles of beer and decided to go home. Next few days were normal. Ash seemed friendlier than normal but I did not bother. Saturday and the office was closed and I was working from home with Ash on her computer and I glanced up to look at her.
She was dressed in a chocolate brown T Shirt and Jeans and had some sort of jacket on her. We finished some personal documentation when her hubby dropped by. We chatted for some time as usual then he informed Ash that he will be late today as his boss had called the staff for an office party. Ash was OK with the idea. There was not much to do so by around noon we were back to drinking beer.
My girl had been out on her office tour for some days and my dick too was sniffing around for Saturday company beer had made Ash Tipsy and soon she was swaying to the music on the stereo aka Helen style. My dick was suddenly very interested and guys you know that a woken up dick has no conscience ! I refilled her glass yet again and was sitting on the sofa watching Ash sway in her jeans and her high heels.
I walked on over and she gazed deep in my eyes and said my hubby has a party, so why don’t I? I leaned over as my arms went around her waist and pulled my semi drunk chick to me. She came more than willingly and we were soon locked in a very tight hug and a smooch. Her body clung to me as if there was no tomorrow. Her lips were playing around with mine and her tongue was already desperately seeking mine.
Her large breasts were squashed against my chest and they felt wonderful. My hands were wandering around on her back and soon one found its way down to her beautiful ass. I cupped her buns and pulled her to me firmly. Ash ground her pussy into my now rock hard cock and squirmed against it. My! What a feeling! I pulled off her small jacket and threw it of the sofa. That’s it? Queried Ash with a naughty smile on her lips. 
She reached down and pulled off her T shirt and threw it to join her jacket on the sofa. Man the chick was hot her lovely melons were caged in a stylish mauve and black bra, that seemed to be designed to seduce. Her dark nipples were peeking through the delicate lace. I fell back on the sofa and pulled the beauty on to my lap.
We were soon locked in yet another smooch with my hands now exploring her silky back and playing around with her bra straps. I pushed her to stand in front of me and proceeded to unzip her tight jeans. Ash wiggled her hips to help me out. Soon I was rewarded with Ash in her mauve coloured lingerie looking absolutely delicious. I will give you a lap dance Ash said.
She swayed over to the stereo to choose the music soon Ek simple si coffee was crooning seductively over the speakers. Ash dimmed the lights and switched on the lamps and then begun to sway sexily to the music clad just in her lingerie. Her beautiful breasts were straining to come out from the confines of the bra and her endless legs taped beautifully into the purple and black panties hiding the treasures for a perfect evening.
She moved to give me a fantastic look of her perfectly formed ass. Those globes shimmered in the dim lights. It took all my will power not to rush and fuck her then and there. I felt like an emperor a glass of chilled beer in hand and a lovely semi nude beauty grooving in an awesome manner to the music in the background. Soon she unhooked her bra and threw it to me while caressing her fab tits and pinching her nipples.
Even the bra was perfumed with something nice. Moving her hips seductively she slithered over to me and sat on my lap. My bulge was very, very prominent as she gave me the most amazing lap dance ever. Like a complete professional she did not allow me to pull her panties or finger her then enough time for everything.
She whispered. I did however massage some pleasure into her perky brown nipples. She closed her eyes with pleasure as pleasure began to seep through her body. Soon Ash turned around and stood grooving just in front giving an out of the world view of her back and her ass. Her shining black hair fell all over her back. I quickly pulled off my trouser and shoes. My cock was straining hard against my franchise.
The pre cum was beginning to wet the front Ash smiled as she sat down on my erect cloth covered member. The horny lil bastard found himself a nice warm spot between two warm globes of flesh of her ass. The sensations of the panty covered ass were great as she slid all over my lap. A man can only resist so much. My patience had by now evaporated. I grabbed her breasts and pulled her to me.
Ash too had had enough of the tease and was by now super hot. She leaned back into me as I massaged her hot heaving body. My hand snaked down her front and dipped into her panties. The crotch was totally wet and sticky with her juices which were flowing freely by now. The cheating wife was now primed for a long raunchy evening. I silently thanked my stars for this gift.
I massaged her lovely boobs with one hand and played with her clit with the other ooohhh! Ash squirmed on my lap giving my dick an even harder time. She turned her face around looking for a kiss. I could not possibly deny my gem such simple pleasures as we smooched and tongue wrestled again and I went Ash into her first orgasm of the day. I simply could not believe my stars. This chic was super-hot and the evening had barely started.
She released a generous amount of fluids on to my fingers as with a big. She went limp on me. Ash was breathing hard. I let her recover her breath. My beauty soon got her strength and her energy back and slid off my lap. She took off her now drenched panties and threw them on the sofa and I want to taste this. She said while going down between my legs and grabbing hold of my hard on. My cock was now wet with her juices mixed with my pre cum. 
She pulled at my underwear and I lifted my butt off the sofa to help her in the noble task. This is mine now and she hissed as her warm breath washed over my hard on moments before her tongue snaked out and part of my dick disappeared into her eager mouth. Her pink lipstick coated lips started moving feverishly on my dick as she began to enjoy herself on my dick. Ash was a natural cocksucker.
Beer had made her better. As we were already in sin she wanted to leave nothing. Her head bobbed up and down as she blew me as if a woman possessed. I played with her tits and caressed her smooth skin as she gave me one of the finest blow jobs ever. She kept playing with my balls and giving them as detailed a suck. It was simply unbelievable that I could have landed this chick with absolutely no efforts.
I was not going to last long and I soon pulled her up by her face. No! She protested as I forced her to give up her toy and pulled her to her feet. I picked up my doll and carried her across the room to the bedroom for the actual game. She got the idea and quickly gave me a kiss on the way. I placed her on the bed where she quickly adjusted herself and spread her legs to give me my first view of the pleasure land.
Her pussy looked so inviting and juicy that I decided to return her favour. I pushed her legs further apart and dived into that expanse of pink watery flesh oohhh I went Ash as I my tongue first entered her hot pussy. I played with her pussy slowly sliding two fingers in and out of her wetness. All the time I had her clit between my lips as I tongue lashed her little button oohhh were coming out from her mouth in a steady stream.
Ash bucked and bounced on the bed desperately trying to escape my tongue and grinding her pussy into my face at the same time. She too was dangerously close to her orgasm. I pulled back and gazed at my beauty who was breathless. Her tits were heaving as if she had run a marathon. Ash looked down at me between her parted legs with a quizzing look as to why did I stop. 
My face was drenched with her juices and at the same time my fingers were still inside her playing with her wetness ooohhhhh she exclaimed, as my tongue hit her clit again. Ring went her mobile. That’s my husband’s call. Ash exclaimed looking visibly embarrassed. Let me attend this please. He is a very suspicious type.
She said as she picked up the phone after a short while. It only went as yes ok and I will be back normal time. I continued stroking her pussy gently so as not to allow her to cool down from these unexpected intrusions hubby will be late. She announced happily and I need to ride this monster and she said decisively as she pushed me on my back on the cool sheets and jumped over me as if mounting a horse on the run.
Her luscious hair flew all over the place and her heavenly tits bounced as she inserted my prick onto her entrance and slid down with ease. Her eyes were open but unfocused as she tried to absorb all the feelings as she rode the bronco bare backed. I was lying happily on the sheets enjoying the sight of this beautiful creature that had fallen onto my cock. She bounced and jumped as she flexed her thigh muscles to rub her clit against.
My dick and groin ohhh were coming out of her mouth as she ground away her hips to glory. She was not going to last long. So I too joined in the action as I caught hold of her bouncing tits and pumped away into her depths. Her warm liquids were pouring out of her and drenching me. The sounds of the hectic fucking were filling the room ooohhh. She went as her waist became a blur.
She rode me furiously and hard mashing her clit into me all the time. Her eyes were tightly shut. I soon caught hold of her waist and tried to increase her speed so as to aid my orgasm too but she didn’t like that. She caught hold of my hands and redirected them to her tits. I got the idea and went back to my favoured job of rubbing some pleasures into her twin peaks, tweaking and pinching them all the time! 
I went my beauty as she drained all her juices down on me as she rode out her third cum of the day. Ash then collapsed on my chest gasping for breath. However and I was not done yet being a Gentleman to the core I always ensure that my ladies have their fun first before I have mine and now it was my turn to get my rocks off. I grabbed her around her waist and started pumping her hard from below!
I went Ash as she received my pounding from below. This went on for some more time as I rushed to achieve my long delayed orgasm oohhh and I went both of us as I emptied my balls into her and Ash rewarded me with yet another Orgasm. This woman was wonderful and so very orgasmic. We collapsed into each other in a state of post coital bliss. We lay in each other’s arms for what seemed like eternity.
It was already dark when we returned to our senses. It was over 10 PM. Ash wanted to go home in a hurry lest hubby returned home. We kissed and promised more glorious times ahead. I dropped her home in my car but more on that later.