The Banning Family Court Pt. 03

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tagIncest/TabooThe Banning Family Court Pt. 03

This continues the saga of the Banning Family. Gabby, the main character, is involved but not the main focus of this chapter. Thank you for reading, voting and commenting.
Gabriella Banning, Gabby to friends and family, had been at university for two months. University had proved to be a bigger adjustment for Gabby than most students. Since her eighteenth birthday Gabby was a submissive sex slave. She remained nude at home and, wherever possible, she had participated in the unusual Banning Family Court. This was attended by all members of the very wealthy and influential Banning family. Wrongdoers or those who had brought the family or its various business concerns into disrepute were brought before the family court and punished, usually by corporal punishment followed by sexual servitude.
Gabby had never been brought before the court but did volunteer to be a sex slave. She loved the submissive feeling and had some very unique experiences. But away at school, those experiences were severely limited. Gabby devoted her time to her studies and tried to keep her mind off her life at home. She was in her dorm room on a Wednesday night when her phone rang. It was Elizabeth, Lizzy to friends and family.
"Hope you're naked." Lizzy asked.
"No, have to be careful in the dorm and my roommate is kind of straight. I will be as soon as I get home in a few weeks."
"That's why I'm calling. Do you think you can get home this weekend?"
I suppose I could. Why?"
"Ok, but you didn't hear this from me. There's going to be a court this Sunday. I think it's going to be fucking wild."
"Tell me more!" Gabby urged.
"I heard my Mom and Dad talking earlier and they said Grandpa was really furious. I couldn't tell what had happened and all I was told was that there was going to be a court on Sunday and that it was going to be quite intense. When I asked who was to be punished, my mom just said it was someone who had been brought before the court before. Later I heard them talking and I heard my dad say Mallory."
"No way! Again? She is really going to get it this time."
"So, can you make it?" Lizzy asked.
"I'm pretty sure I can get there. I'll leave after class on Friday. I should be home and naked for dinner!" Gabby laughed. "I did enjoy Mallory eating my pussy. Maybe she will have to do it again."
"Yeah, and maybe she will have to do more than suck Logan and Peter's cocks!" Lizzy laughed.
Gabby called her parents after she talked to Lizzy. They were happy she was coming home but they didn't mention the Family Court. After class on Friday, Gabby drove home. Her parents were out but her sister, Taylor, was home.
"Mom said you were heading home for the weekend. There is going to be a Family Court Sunday." Taylor said.
"I know. Lizzy called me and told me. Do you know who?"
"Its Mallory again."
"This is going to be something. Second time in five months. She is really going to get it. Go up and strip. Mom and Dad will want you naked when they get home."
Gabby went upstairs and stripped. She put her clothes in a gym bag she brought with her. She knew she would be naked until it was time to leave on Sunday. When she came downstairs she sat in a chair facing Taylor. Gabby placed her legs on the arms of the chair, causing her pussy to spread.
"Are you able to stay naked in your dorm?" Taylor asked.
"No. My roommate is a bit shy so I don't push. I miss it, though."
"Well, you will be naked here and probably the whole weekend."
Gabby smiled at her sister and a few minutes later, her parents returned home. They both hugged Gabby and Denise, Gabby's mother, squeezed her ass as they hugged. Robert, Gabby's father, ran his finger through Gabby's slit, causing her to shudder.
"I can tell by your nudity that your still want to be the family sex slave. Is that right?"
"Yes, mom, it is. I've really missed it at school. Lizzy called and said there was going to be a Family Court on Sunday and that I really should try to come home."
"Did she tell you who was going to be tried?"
"Mallory." Taylor interrupted.
"I'm really going to have to talk to Marcus about telling Lizzy things. She always seems to know." Robert said. "I suppose she's coming over later?"
"She said she was. I can't wait to see her."
"Speaking of seeing, I can see you still want to be naked and I am assuming that you want to continue to be the family sex slave?" Denise said.
"Yes. I do. I can't really be naked in school and since Freshman have to share a dorm room, my roommate Gina is nice but quite naïve about nudity and sex. I haven't gone out on many dates so I'm really ready to be submissive to the family." Gabby replied.
"Well, in that case, no clothes for you until it's time for you to return to school." Denise said as she began to undress. "Let's see if you still know how to lick pussy. Taylor, you want to have a cum before you go out?"
"Maybe later. I'm late now. See you when I get home."
Taylor left and Denise moved to the family room sofa. She sat down and spread her legs. Gabby got down on her hands and knees and crawled between her mother's legs. Gabby began to lick and Denise let out a long sigh as Gabby ran her tongue over Denise's clit.
Robert had undressed and was sitting in a leather chair watching Gabby lick his wife's pussy. Denise grabbed hold of Gabby's hair as her orgasm overcame her. Gabby slowly licked Denise's pussy and eagerly lapped up all the juices from Denise's pussy.
"That was wonderful. Now, crawl over to your father and suck his cock. When he cums, I want you to get all his cum in your mouth and crawl back here and show me. I will tell you when to swallow. Do you understand?"
"Yes, mother I understand."
Gabby turned on her hands and knees and crawled toward her father. Her ass swayed as she crawled. Her mother staring at Gabby's ass as Gabby moved between her father's legs. Robert was already hard when Gabby lowered her mouth on his cock. She moved her tongue around his cockhead before lowering her head and taking the entire length of his cock down her throat. Gabby felt Robert's cock hit the back of her throat and kept her head pressed against Robert's pubic hair as long as she could before raising her head up. She licked the head of his cock and traced her tongue down the entire length of his shaft.
"It looks like our slave hasn't lost any of her cock sucking skills, has she?" Denise said.
Gabby continued to suck on Robert's cock. His hips were now lifting off the chair and he was driving his cock deep into Gabby's mouth. She knew he was close to cumming and when the first blast of cum hit the roof of her mouth, Gabby was ready. She kept her mouth tightly closed around Robert's cock as he came, keeping all his cum inside her mouth. She lifted her mouth off his cock and crawled back toward her mother.
Gabby stopped in front of her mother and when Denise told her to open her mouth, she did.
"That was quite a load, honey." Denise said. "Now, swallow all of it!"
Gabby swallowed and open her mouth to show her mother that all of her father's cum was gone.
Gabby was still on her hands and knees when the doorbell rang. Denise told Gabby to crawl to the door and see who was there. Gabby did as she was told and crawled toward the door. She reached up for the door knob and opened the door.
"! knew you would be naked and looking at your mouth, I see you have been performing sex slave duties." Lizzy laughed.
Gabby stood up and hugged Lizzy who squeezed Gabby's ass as the two girls hugged. When the two reached the family room, Lizzy saw Robert and Denise sitting naked on the couch.
They exchanged hellos and Robert told Lizzy that if she wanted, she could strip and Gabby would see to it that she had a cum.
"Don't need to ask me twice. Looks like Gabby has made the two of you cum." Lizzy said as she began to remove her clothes. When she was naked, Gabby looked at Lizzy's pussy.
"Did you get a waxing?" Gabby asked
"Sure did! It's really a great feeling. You should do it, Gabby."
"Maybe when I'm home for the holidays."
"You heard it's going to be Mallory tomorrow. This is going to be something. That's her second time in less than six months. Dad is going to be furious." Robert said.
"I think Grandpa John has spoken to Alex and it's going to be pretty severe. But I think we may all enjoy it." Lizzy giggled.
Robert and Denise left the two girls and Gabby and Lizzy went upstairs to Gabby's room.
"I believe that the sex slave should make her cousin cum. I wouldn't mind making you cum, either." Lizzy said as the two girls hugged and kissed.
They laid down together on the bed as Gabby began to trace her tongue around Lizzy's nipples and move slowly toward her pussy.
"Wait." Lizzy said. "Swing your legs around and let's do a sixty nine!`
Gabby moved her body and brought her pussy over Lizzy's mouth, never taken her tongue off of Lizzy's clit.
Gabby moved her legs and pushed her pussy back toward Lizzy`s mouth. She could feel Lizzy lightly lick her pussy as she lowered her face into Lizzy's pussy. They licked each other until Lizzy slapped Gabby's ass.
"Roll over. I want to be on top." Lizzy said firmly.
Gabby moved into position under her cousin and Lizzy wasted no time in moving her pussy over Gabby's mouth. They resumed their mutual pleasuring of each other and as Lizzy began to feel her orgasm approaching, she ground her hips onto Gabby's mouth.
"That's it!!" Lizzy cried and Gabby could feel Lizzy tense up as her orgasm consumed her.
Gabby continued to lick Lizzy's slit and swallow all her juices as Lizzy began to lick Gabby with increased pressure. It wasn't long before Gabby began to cum and Lizzy kept licking until Gabby couldn't take anymore. The two cousins laid in bed together as the warm afterglow of their orgasms faded.
I can't wait for tomorrow! I think we are going to see and do some interesting stuff." Lizzy said.
"What makes you say that?" Gabby asked.
"Well, my dad said that it's really rare for a family member to be brought before our Family Court for a second time for the sake offense. He said that he never recalled someone, especially an adult, being punished again for the same thing."
"Do you know what happened?" Gabby asked.
"No, not really. We'll find out tomorrow morning."
"Morning? I thought we always start at one o'clock."
Lizzy said she didn't know why the early start, probably someone has to travel and that Gabby would have to get back to school. Gabby listened but didn't look very happy, a fact that Lizzy picked up on.
"What's the matter?"
"Lizzy, you know I like being submissive and being the family sex slave. If Aunt Mallory is being punished tomorrow, I won't have anything done to me."
"Well, who has turned into a little attention whore.!" Lizzy laughed. "You're right. You may not get your ass spanked or get fucked tomorrow. But something tells me we are going to get our pussies licked. But I don't think as well as mine just was." Lizzy said as she hugged Gabby.
"Mallory went down on me the last time she was punished. I mean, I came, but I don't think she likes sex with girls." Gabby said.
"It doesn't really matter what she likes or doesn't like, does it. She does what she is told or it's out of the family."
Gabby nodded and told Lizzy she was right. But then wondered what ordeal would be imposed on her aunt.
"What do you think she will have to do?" Gabby asked.
"I don't know but I guarantee that she is going to have to do more than last time."
Lizzy stayed over that night and came downstairs with Gabby the next morning. Taylor was sitting with her mother in the kitchen when the two girls entered.
"I thought you might be naked like Gabby." Taylor said to Lizzy.
"Let's not forget who is the sex slave is." Denise said, smiling at Gabby
Gabby returned the smile and went to get coffee for herself and Lizzy. Robert came downstairs a few minutes later.
"Are you going to come back here before you leave for school after the Court?" Robert asked Gabby.
"I'm going to leave from Grandma and Grandpa's house. It's closer to school. I was going to go there naked and I have a bag with some clothes packed for the drive back to school."
"That sounds like a plan. Lizzy, are you riding with Gabby?" Robert asked.
"I was, if that's ok?"
Robert nodded and one hour later, two cars pulled out of the driveway. Lizzy was driving Gabby's car and Gabby was in front totally naked.
"Make sure you keep those legs spread wide, slave." Lizzy teased.
"Yes, Mistress Lizzy." Gabby replied and Lizzy giggled at being called Mistress.
When they arrived at John and Doris's house, Robert parked and Lizzy parked next to him. Gabby walked with her family toward the front of the very large house. John was smiling when he saw Gabby walking towards him.
"I see you still have a naked sex slave in your family, son." John said as he hugged Denise, Taylor and Lizzy. When he hugged Gabby, he squeezed her ass. When Gabby went to hug Doris, she did the same thing.
I'm very happy you're still doing this, Gabriella." Doris whispered into Gabby's ear.
Gabby smiled and whispered back that she was too!
Denise asked Doris who was here and Doris said they were the first.
"Why don't you go inside. I expect everyone will be here soon." John said.
They walked inside and headed toward the backyard. Even though the weather was cool, the pool was still open and there were beverages on the bar. The cool temperatures didn't affect those that were dressed, but Gabby was certainly feeling the cool temperature as her nipples began to harden. There was some noise coming from inside the house and soon Robert's brother Paul, his wife Cheryl and their kids, Michael and Debbie arrived. Despite having seen Gabby naked before, they all looked at her. Gabby, feeling a bit flirty, turned and walked toward the new arrivals. She hugged Paul, making sure to press her tits firmly into Paul's chest. She hugged Cheryl and was surprised to feel Cheryl's hand on her ass. Michael squeezed Gabby's tit as she moved close and Debbie patted Gabby's ass when they hugged.
"Do you know who's in trouble?" Paul asked Robert.
"Lizzy tells us that Marcus thought it was Mallory."
"What, again?" Cheryl interrupted. "If that's right she is really in for it. I see Gabby still likes being naked. She still a slave?"
"Only when she is home. She's on her own at school." Denise replied.
"I think Michael was looking forward to being with Gabby," Chery replied, "but if it's Mallory, I don't think that's going to happen. How long is Gabby staying?"
"Just until the Court is over." Robert replied.
Just then, Max and Catherine arrived with their three daughters, Barbara, Ellen and Dylan. Catherine hugged her brother's and said hello to the others. Their daughters were already talking to Gabby and Lizzy. Michael kept staring at Gabby's tits and pussy. But his staring was stopped when Doris came outside.
"We are ready to start. Everyone, please come into our meeting room."
The family members followed Doris into the large room. The tables had been set up in the usual fashion, a head table where John and Doris sat, and chairs extended down from the head table on either side facing each other.
Let's sit over here." Lizzy said as she grabbed Gabby's hand and led her to the two chairs nearest the head table.
Already seated across from Gabby and Lizzy, were Alex, Logan, Peter, and looking very nervous, was Mallory. The rest of the family had filed in and taken their seats.
"I'm calling the Banning Family Court to order." John said as he rose from his seat at the head table. "We have one issue to deal with today. Mallory, you will stand before us now."
Mallory stood and walked in front of the head table. She was dressed very comfortably in a flannel sweat suit.
"You are here because of your dangerous behavior. You were drinking and despite being punished for smoking marijuana recently, you did it again, causing damage to public property and totally destroying your family's SUV." John's voice rose as he continued to address Mallory.
"Normally, we have any family member who wishes to do so, write down a suggested punishment but your husband Alex has informed me that he has designed what he and your sons feel is a suitable punishment. Doris and I agree and you will do everything you are ordered to do or you will no longer be a member of this family. Alex will divorce you and you will never see your sons again. Do you understand?"
Mallory had begun to cry and she was trembling as she nodded that she understood.
"Speak up so everyone can hear you!" John snapped.
"Yes, I understand." Mallory cried.
"Then, let's begin."
John sat down and Doris stood up. "Strip!"
Mallory trembled as Doris gave the order. Mallory lifted the hem of her sweatshirt up and over her head, revealing a plain white bra holding her average but perky tits. Mallory kicked off her sneakers and pulled off her socks. She picked them up and put them on the table next to her sweatshirt. She slid off her sweatpants and placed them on top of her shoes. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let the straps slide off her shoulders. She put the bra on the table then inserted her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. She bent to pick up her panties and placed them on the table. Doris gathered up all of Mallory's clothes and left the room with them, returning a few moments later.
John stood up and spoke. "While a punishment is being announced or while you are waiting to perform a task, you will stand with your hands behind your head and your legs spread until you are instructed to do otherwise. Do you understand?"
"Yes." Mallory replied as she spread her legs apart and placed her hands behind her head.
"No slouching!" John snapped. "Stick those tits out!"
Mallory quickly responded and pushed her tits forward toward John and Doris.
"You are going to be strapped and caned. Each woman who wishes to do so, will give you four swats with the strap. You will then receive two cane strokes from each male member of the family that wishes to do so. You will be bound over the spanking bench for this part of your punishment. Robert and Max, would you please bring the bench from the room next door?"
Robert and Max rose and went to the next room. They returned a minute or two later carrying a heavy wooden spanking bench. The placed it in the center of the room between the two rows of chairs. Mallory had remained in position but tears were streaming down her cheeks. Lizzy leaned into Gabby as Robert and Max secured the bench to the floor.
"I think Mallory is really going to get it."
Gabby wasn't listening. She was watching her father and uncle finish locking the bench in place. Her mind was fantasizing that it was her, not Mallory that was about to be bound to the bench. Her hand carefully moved across her pussy and Gabby knew, without touching herself, that she was wet. The movement of her hand was not lost on Lizzy.
"I know what you're thinking. You want to be on that bench, don't you?" Lizzy whispered.
Gabby didn't answer. She just let out a long breath.
"Maybe we can arrange that the next time your in town."
"I'd like that." Gabby replied.
Gabby watched as John stood and walked around the table and stood in front of the naked Mallory.
"You will lay over the bench. If you do not, your will be forced and your chastisement doubled." John said sternly.
Mallory only hesitated slightly. She moved next to the bench and bent over the padded bar. He instructed Robert and Max to take hold of Mallory's ankles and cuff them to the leg supports. The two men each took hold of one of Mallory's ankles and spread her legs until her ankles were stretched to the supports of the bench. Her ankles were then cuffed. Max couldn't resist running his hand up the inside of Mallory's leg, flicking a finger against her clit.

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