The Beach at El Coto

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Just picture the scene, me, Emm and Annie licking each other out on a sun-kissed beach.
Whilst I am licking Emm's cunt, Annie tongue is deep in my arse.
Emma is loving it, moaning quietly.
I notice a few guys nearby are watching us.
Annie is going really deep into me, I'm really loving it.
The guys are slowly stroking their cocks.
Annie now turns over and lays on her back.
Emma crouches over her, her cunt poised over Annie's mouth.
I slip my tongue deep into Emm's arse.
Now it is Annie's turn to moan but not so gently.
The onlookers increase, maybe a couple of dozen now.
All the guys are wanking their cocks slowly.
I leave Emm's arse and move round to Annie's gorgeous tits.
Even more onlookers are forming a circle around us.
Annie has firm young tits just as a 25 year-old should have.
I chew hard on her erect nipples, biting until she gasps.
Emma kneels between Annie's legs to continue feasting on her cunt.
Annie moans louder.
She is so close to climaxing.
She starts to shudder, not in control of her body.
Emm and I continue to tease her relentlessly.
Finally, Annie screams an orgasmic scream.
Emm and I flop down beside her kissing her gently on the mouth.
The guys cheer loudly and advance even closer.
They are now two or three deep around us.
Cover us in your cum, I say. We want to be drenched in semen.
An offer no self-respecting guy can refuse of course.
Furiously the nearest guys wank their cocks hard.
Harder and harder they work their cocks whilst we lie there in anticipation.
I feel the first splattering of cum on my face. God do I love the smell of semen.
More and more cum rains down on us.
The first guys are spent and replaced a new eager cocks.
More cum, so much that I need to wipe it away from my eyes.
Yet more guys appear and proceed to shoot their loads over us.
An endless queue of horny guys prepare to unload their balls.
Then finally, it ends.
Annie, Emma and I hug each other, our bodies dripping in semen. We each lean over and lick the cum from each other's faces and bodies.
Slowly the guys drift away leaving us alone in the dunes.
Then we stand up and race into the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean to relax in the warm water.
And this was only the first day of our four-week holiday in Fuerteventura, as we anticipated many more sexual adventures.
As the sun slipped below the horizon, we made our way back to our hotel to shower and relax before dinner.
We had travelled light, only a few skimpy dresses for evenings. I selected my ultra-short mini, very see-through and low-cut. So much flesh on show, never a bad thing I had found in the past if I was looking for a fun night out. Emma chose a green satin mini, the neckline plunged way down to her navel and the back similarly went to the top of her arse. Annie wore a virginal white very transparent number; not sure she fits the description of a virgin!!
All in all the signs we were in for a great night.
We had booked a table at a little restaurant on the waterfront for 8pm but arrived early for a few drinks. Our scantily clad bodies seem to assure us of top service from the restaurant staff, having a slutty wardrobe helps at times.
After enjoying an excellent meal I must say, we ordered another bottle of Rioja and sat there drinking and enjoying the view of the little harbour.
It wasn't too long before a group of Spanish guys invited themselves to join us. As they had a few bottles of wine with them, what wasn't to like.
It transpired they were local and Pepe the main guy had a house nearby. Finally, around midnight we accompanied them back to Pepe's house. As there were nine of them it seemed a good fit, three guys for each of us.
Back at the house it was a night of non-stop sex, fuelled by alcohol and a lot of soft drugs. It must have been around midday before we arrived back at our hotel.
Pepe and the boys had invited the three of us out for dinner that night at a really plush restaurant, I can't wait.
I'm not really sure if it's the thought of a great meal, or the great sex afterwards.

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