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Hello friends, I am Ayesha. I am 25 years old and this sex story is about my experience after marriage. I married Abhay a year back. We knew each since college and were in love and wanted to live our lives together. He proposed me in the final year of the college and I said yes. I was really happy to marry the love of life.

After college, Abhay joined his family business. He was the youngest of his three brothers. After marriage, I moved into Abhay’s huge house. It was like a mansion. Initially, I loved the facilities in the house. There was a servant for everything. I just had to enjoy my life with Abhay. Well, things were about to change and I had no idea about it.

Abhay’s elder brothers were still bachelors and all three were involved in the business. Abhay joined the export/import business and started getting really busy. When we were in college, we would just need a reason to make love and we would just do it anywhere. I am lucky to have got a beautiful body.

My height is around 5’8 and my stats are 34-24-36. I always loved dressing up and used to dress up looking quite hot. I also won the beauty pageant held at my college. Wearing low cut dresses or short skirts was not an issue for me and neither did I feel uncomfortable wearing them. Since I did not have many sarees, I went and bought a lot of designers sarees.

The first week went by. The servants used to prepare everything for lunch to dinner. But I loved to cook for Abhay and serve his breakfast. One day, I got up and was just in a small short and low cut tank. As I was really excited to make breakfast for Abhay, I quickly ran to the kitchen to make paratha. As Abhay’s brother was also going to have breakfast with him, I made for them too.

After everyone sat on the table, I went and started serving. Little did I realize what I was wearing and starting serving everyone. As I bent down to serve the sabzi, Abhay’s brothers had a good look at my deep cleavage. My mangalsutra had taken an erotic position between my boobs and they were enjoying my creamy cleavage. I happened to just realize and saw Abhay’s eldest brother Jatin stared at my boobs and he immediately started saying the breakfast is good today.

I thought it was just a random sight and thanked Jatin for his compliment. Meanwhile, Ravi, Abhay’s other brother was feasting on my silky thighs. I do have creamy white thighs and every now and then Abhay just pours his beer on my thighs and licks it.

I really love that. Again I happen to catch Jatin staring at my thighs and as soon as he sees me watching him, he says, “Ayesha can u give one more paratha”. I go near him and bend down to give him a paratha and with it, he steals a glance at my cleavage.

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The other day, there was company party and Jatin had organized a party at one of the hottest club in the city. I was really excited and decided to wear something special. I had got a cream colored satin backless top with a deep cut. It just hung by a thread around my neck and a thread around my back.

I wore a bra underneath, but it wasn’t going well. I finally decided to just wear the top without the bra. I wore a small black skirt. It was really small and barely covered my bum. I wore high heels and looked really gorgeous. When Abhay saw me he could resist himself and wanted to fuck me, but I didn’t want him to ruin my makeup, so asked him to wait until the end of the party.

We reached the club and Jatin and Ravi were shocked to see me. Jatin came and gave me a hug and welcomed me. What was surprising is that he put his hand on my bare back felt and hugged her and kept feeling my smooth sexy back. I felt a bit strange but then just thought he was greeting me.

So we all started drinking and getting drunk. DJ put the best music and cranked the volume high. Everyone was trying to get near me and touch me. I could feel so many hands feeling my ass and caressing it. Abhay had to leave for London next morning for some work, so he left home he asked Jatin to drop me back home. Jatin looked happy Abhay leaving me and going away.

Immediately Jatin came to me and asked if I wanted to drink shots. I was enjoying myself and said yes. We started having multiple shots. Ravi joined us too and we three started drinking. During all this while, Jatin had slowly moved very close to me and I could feel his chest touching my boobs and Ravi was grinding his front against my ass. I could feel Ravi’s hard dick. For a moment, I thought it was wrong.

But then thought they were my brother in law and were just too drunk. As I was really high and didn’t realize that I had started rubbing my ass against Ravi’s dick. Both Jatin and Ravi were holding my waist and I was really high and enjoying the touch. Usually, I get really horny when I get drunk. And somewhere my body was wanting Abhay to put his hand on my top and squeeze my boobs from behind while rubbing his hard cock on my ass and slowly licking my neck.

Abhay was not there, and me being so drunk, Jatin and Ravi holding my waist, made me feel sexually charged. I was getting wet down there and rubbed my thighs against each other. With all this going on, we didn’t realize that it was already 2 am and time for the club to close. We left the club and came back home after that.

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