The Big Spread

Taylor licked her lips as I started to un-zip my pants.  She wanted to feel a cock inside her so bad for the first time in her life she was willing to fuck on her bed at the moment.  I pulled down my pants to reveal my monster cock.  Although she hadn’t seen a cock before she knew that mine was huge.  Although I was almost 19 my cock was already 11 inches long. not to mention how wide I was.  As soon as my pants hit the ground she started to stroke me.  After some time I was at full length and she started to suck me off.  She opened her mouth wide to fit my massive cock head in her mouth.  My cock tingled and waves of pleasure went through me as she licked,sucked,and stroked my monster.  Although Taylor was a virgin she really knew what to do.  I will admit I can hold my load for a long time. and after 15 minutes of Taylor’s pretty face bobbing up and down on my manhood I started to feel my first climax coming.  I grabbed her hair and started to shove my monster farther down her throat, which she seemed to enjoy.  All of a sudden I knew it was time.  ”OOOO Taylor Im Going to Cum.  I’m CUMMMINNNNGGGG!!!!”  My massive load shot down into her throat, filled her mouth and seeped out of her lips as she tried to swallow every drop.  I must have shot a gallon of cum because she was covered in it by the time I had stopped.    I recovered from my massive cumshot to see Taylor undressing.  When she pulled down her pants I could see that her entire crotch was soaked with pussy juices.  And her beautiful 36B nipples were standing at attention.  She pulled down her panties to reveal the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen,  perfect lips, with an airstrip shaved into it.  Just waiting for my cock to land.  I put my face down to devour her pussy.  Her juices smelled so good and sweet.  My first lick made her squirm and moan.  Her pussy tasted so good, and mixed with Taylor moaning every time my lips went to her clit or pussy lips made me hard once again.  After only 5 minutes of my eating her out a flood of juices shot out of her pussy, and she squeeled in response to her first cumming. After waiting some time for her moans to subside I climbed on the bed.  She looked at me and smiled, and started to stroke my 11 incher again.  I had no idea how my cock was going to fit in her tight virgin pussy, but i was going to make it.  I had climbed on top of her and spread her pussy lips, which made her moan in response.  She had told me her hymen had been broken when she was young because of its thinness, so i didn’t have to worry that much about her bleeding.  I slowly slid 1 finger into her pussy.  I couldn’t believe how tight she was.  She screamed at the top of her longs in pleasure as I slid a second finger in her.  ” Oh my god finger my tight little pussy baby”  She yelled at the top of her lungs.  After fingering her for a little bit she came again, but to my surprise she squirted all over my fingers.  This made her scream again and again in pleasure.  I made her cum another 3 times until I thought she was ready for my cock monster.  I grabbed my dick and slowly slid it between her slit, and hit her clit.  This made her cum again and squirt a little on my dick.  This drove me over the edge and I positioned my cock to go into her hole.  My cockhead slowly but surely slid in to her tight little hole.  The whole time Taylor was screaming her head of in a bliss.  By the time my cock head was all the way in her pussy she had already cum once.  I drove my shaft slowly deeper into her.  She kept moaning and screaming.  After I got about 7 inches in I started to pull out and go back in.  She must have cum atleast 2 more times in those seconds.  than she did the most amazing thing of all.  She pushed me over and straddled me, and took the WHOLE length of my cock inside of her.  She screamed the loudest scream I had ever heard.   Than she started to fuck me like a pro, bucking and bouncing.  Every thrust and bounce was an orgasm for her.  After 10 minutes of this I could feel my load building again.  My balls started to tighten up and than I moaned a massive moan and shot my load into her tight little pussy.  Cum flooded around my dick as it seeped out of her pussy.  She pulled out and layed beside me.  I was surprised that I was still hard,  she noticed and gave me a huge smile.  She took the massive cock in her mouth again and gave me the best blowjob of my life.  Once again I shot my load into her mouth again and again, until I finnaly went soft.  She cudgeled up next to me and we snuggled until we fell asleep.