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tagIncest/TabooThe Birthday Gift

Suzie had found a sexy nurse costume online, stretchy and translucent and entirely inadequate at either containing her breasts or covering her ass, and she'd finished it off with stocking and garters, a tiny nurses' cap she'd pinned her hair up underneath, and bright red lipstick, a good portion of which she'd distributed across the surface of her husband's swollen cock. He sat on the couch, legs apart, bathrobe undone, as she knelt in front of him, excess saliva running down her chin, pooling in her exposed cleavage as she bobbed away, sloppily, noisily, knowing how much he liked it when she did it that way.
"Don't even think about cumming," she purred, briefly releasing him from her mouth, "nurse's orders." He gasped as she gave his testes a quick, firm tug before dragging her tongue along them as she worked her way further downwards, teasing his hole as she stroked him, knowing, after years of marriage, exactly how far she could push him without setting him off.
She wanted him primed, but not expended, at least not yet. Besides, he would know that this wasn't his real birthday gift; they'd been presenting each other increasingly exotic offerings over the years, and relatively straightforward fellatio in costume, no matter how amazing, could only be a prelude to something far more elaborate.
And that it was, so much so that it would most likely change everything, so Suzie took her time and drew things out, knowing that this interlude on the couch might, in a way, be the last of its kind. Their birthday gifts to each other had never been objects, but rather experiences, sexual in nature and ever-escalating; from her, a threesome with a co-worker she knew her husband had fantasized about, from him, a gangbang for her with a dozen college athletes at an expensive hotel suite. Every birthday became an occasion to push each other's boundaries, and there was a sense of friendly competition to see who could outdo whom. Suzie was unable to have children, and they had both come from families that were either absent or deceased, so it had always been just the two of them, occasionally incorporating others into their recreational activities, but always returning to the special intimacy of their coupledom. He was her home, and she his.
"I'm going to need a break from this 'treatment' if you expect me not to pop," he sighed, and smiling, Suzie stood, hiking the hem of the outfit up to her waist, exposing her freshly waxed slit, gleaming and slick.
He wasn't the only one who'd been getting worked up; Suzie could spend an eternity with her husband's dick in her mouth, and the thought of how much seed was probably built up in him made it extremely difficult to resist the urge to swallow it all or have him cover her with his load. She turned away from him, leaning forward and spreading herself invitingly, giggling as she felt his hands on her backside, his mouth on her, starting at her hood and moving upwards, tongue twirling around her rim. She'd been blessed with an exaggerated hourglass figure, middle age only making it more so, and he'd always had a thing for her ass, lightly dragging his fingernails along the firm flesh of her cheeks as he penetrated her with the tip of his tongue, worming around just inside of her, making her moan and involuntarily clench against him. She reached down between her legs, slipping a pair of fingers inside herself, pressing back against his face, his stubble prickly on her cleft as she began coaxing herself along, already sopping wet. He couldn't cum before the main event, but that didn't mean she couldn't.
"I thought," she managed to gasp, "that I was supposed to take your temperature." He responded with a muffled growl and a renewed intensity, and she began to shudder at the first waves began cascading through her, looking down to see his cock below her, engorged, shiny with her saliva, her fingers and his tongue working in concert until she'd become so sensitive she'd had to pull away, stumbling forward on shaky knees. "Aren't we hungry, tonight?"
"I do love cake," he chuckled, and she straddled him, letting her lips ride along the underside of his shaft, kissing him hard, and then breaking away to lean in, her lips grazing his ear.
"I think," she whispered, "it's time for your present."
He'd been prepared, at least physically, she acknowledged to herself, and she was as ready as she'd ever be; the time was now. She tugged the hem of the costume down, although it couldn't travel very far, gesturing at her husband to follow and heading towards the stairs to the basement, her inner thighs slick, her heart pounding from a combination of nerves and excitement. It was a novel concern for one of his birthday gifts: would he like it?
Their destination not difficult for him to guess; Suzie'd placed his gift in the basement bedroom. It was really only used as their play space when they had guests over, a large, low-ceilinged space with an attached bathroom (she knew from experience that the walk-in shower could accommodate four, as long as they were comfortable being close) a California King platform bed (this had accommodated at least four people many, many times,) and several improvements that her husband, the handyman that he was, had made over the years, including soundproofing, multiple tie-down points, and some very large, strategically-placed mirrors. They had agreed long ago that the master bedroom was their space, and theirs alone; it was this room, and the adjacent shower, and the jacuzzi in the backyard, accessible just down the hall, where the more extravagant activities occurred, where they 'entertained.'
The master bedroom had seemed like a more appropriate place to present him with her gift, but she'd needed space for the presentation. As they reached the door, she paused, taking a deep breath.
OK, here goes nothing . . .
"I hope," she said, facing the door, "that you like your gift."
He put his hands on her hips, leaning in to kiss her neck. "I'm sure I'll love it."
We'll see.
He could sense her hesitation. "Baby, is everything alright?"
She nodded and smiled, opening the door. "Come on, birthday boy."
The gift was at the foot of the bed, a large red satin sheet draped over it. He stopped just past the door, smiling curiously, trying to decipher the shape beneath the cover as she took up a spot next to it, swallowing her nerves and striking a theatrical pose.
"Ready?" she asked, hardly sure that she herself was.
He nodded, and with a flourish, she yanked the cover away, unveiling the young woman on the rack underneath, reclined, with her arms drawn up and secured above her head and her legs spread wide, feet in stirrups, each limb held immobile by several heavy leather straps with large metal buckles. She was fair skinned with extensive tattoos, her figure curvaceous and hairless, her face and head obscured beneath a black leather hood, although her lips, full and cherubic, were visible, framing the red rubber sphere of a ball gag that had been secured in her mouth. Oil had been applied to her in preparation for her unveiling, and her skin gleamed, smelling faintly of perfume. She stirred sleepily against the restraints and emitted a groggy moan.
"Well." Her husband was at a loss for words; Suzie approached him, sliding her arms under his, drawing him close. "What is this?"
"We've always had everything we wanted," she began, haltingly, despite having rehearsed the speech countless times, "except for one thing."
It took him a moment. "Children."
She nodded, sniffed. "It's the one thing I can't do for us. No matter how much I want to." She released him and returned to her spot next to the rack, reaching out, laying her hand gently on the young woman's belly. "But she can."
He opened his mouth to speak but she raised a hand, silencing him.
Just let me finish my speech.
"I know we'd discussed other options, but I wanted to raise your child. I wanted to hold a baby with your eyes. And this one," Suzie continued, letting her hand wander down and graze the young woman's clit, causing her to squirm and moan, "I found her, alone and hungry, just trying to survive each day. I bought her a meal, and we talked. She needed food, a place to stay, and I . . . I needed her."
She reached back up to the young woman's head, unstrapping the gag, drawing it aside and leaning over to kiss her passionately, savoring the fullness of her lips, the hunger as their tongues intertwined. Slowly, Suzie sat back up, and looked to her husband, who remained motionless, alert, and frustratingly difficult to read.
He was, however, still fully erect, she noted.
"So, now she belongs to me. To us. Completely. I've been getting her ready, for months now. Making sure she's healthy. And training her."
She unlaced the back of the hood, removing it, exposing the young woman's face, like that of a doll, framed by bleached blonde hair cut short, with large, round pale blue eyes that looked at first at the husband, then to Suzie, as the young woman asked, "is it time?"
"It is." And then to her husband: "This," resting her hand on the young woman's belly, "is my gift to you." Her prepared speech finished, Suzie continued, "Her name is Rose. Tonight, I want us, all of us, to make a baby." And as she moved back to her husband, drawing him close to her, under her breath, Suzie spoke to her own desires: "I want to see you breed that tight little piece of fuck meat; I want you to pump her full of seed."
They began kissing, starting with a soft, long kiss that seemed to drift into something more feral, his hands pulling her against him hard, his erection pressing insistently against her, tongue entering her mouth, as if somehow claiming ownership. He broke away briefly, only to say, "Yes."
She curled her hand around his cock, helping him remove the robe off his shoulders, and led him towards Rose, who was eyeing the two of them hungrily, biting her lower lip in anticipation. Having positioned her husband between Rose's outstretched legs, she unceremoniously tore the nurse's costume open, freeing her breasts, her husband swooping in and latching his mouth onto one as Suzie guided his member towards Rose's slit, rubbing his head against her hood, eliciting moans from both.
"Don't mount her just yet," she whispered to him as he released her breast from his mouth, strands of saliva spanning from his lips to her swollen nipple. She moved around the side of the rack, and in a practiced motion, stepped onto a section of the base and threw a leg over Rose, straddling her face in reverse, leaning down into a sixty-nine and burying her face in her crotch. She wanted Rose prepared, just like her husband, and Suzie was now where she wanted to be, at the very center of the evening's main event.
"Now that is hot," her husband commented breathlessly, stroking himself as he watched the two women simultaneously service each other, a chorus of breathy moans and wet sucking noises.
"She's ready," Suzie said, making eye contact with her husband, her face smeared with Rose's juices. "Enter her, slowly. I want to watch. I want to see her take all of you." She reached out, taking him by one of his cheeks, guiding him in, fluttering her tongue across Rose's clit as she watched his length disappear inside of her, inch by inch.
"Fuck, she's tight." He exclaimed, beginning to piston in and out of her, slowly at first, sighing in pleasure at both the young woman's snug fit around his girth, and the sensation of his wife's finger, which had just penetrated him and was moving in time with his thrusts.
"Fill me up, Daddy," Rose begged from beneath her, her voice quavering; Suzie locked eyes with her husband as she penetrated him further, pulling him deeper into Rose until his entire length was enveloped by her, then drawing him out enough so she could take him in her mouth, tasting Rose, tasting him, before returning him back into the vessel to continue thrusting.
It seemed like both an eternity and an instant, the three of them knotted together, a moaning, grinding machine of flesh and fluid, and then he came, groaning and quaking, contracting around her wriggling finger, and Suzie could see Rose's body visibly squeezing the turgid member inside of it as she climaxed, as well, excess seed, thick and white, overflowing through the seam between her lips and his shaft. She could feel Rose's whimpers of ecstasy reverberate against the inside of her thigh as paused her oral servicing to ride out her orgasm, and she lapped at the cream-slathered ridges of Rose's lips, hungrily ingesting her husband's load, withdrawing him from the young woman and voraciously engulfing him in her mouth, sucking hungrily, coaxing him with her finger, eager to drain him completely.
Rose went limp with exhaustion underneath her, and she could see her opening, swollen and raw, periodically spasming still, coated with spunk. Her husband rested against the wall, his breaths long and deep, smiling wanly at Suzie as she dismounted Rose.
"That," he said breathlessly, "was amazing."
"So, you like your gift?"
"I don't know how I'm going to top it."
Suzie leaned over to kiss Rose, who licked at the spunk on her chin before their lips closed on each other. She was an energetic, insatiable thing, and she'd submitted to Suzie readily, eager to please, eager to be accepted. Rose nuzzled her breasts as Suzie sat up, latching onto one and suckling it gently, her eyes closed, tired but content, while Suzie stroked her head. Deep down, she knew that it had worked, that her husband's seed had been planted, and she could almost imagine the start of things occurring inside of Rose's belly. She reached over and began undoing the restraints; all of them could use a nice, hot bath.
Rose slept with them in the master bedroom, that night, and from that point onwards; she was a surrogate, but also a plaything, and both Suzie and her husband made regular use of her, sometimes individually, sometimes together. Pregnancy made Rose almost perpetually horny, and when she acted up, which was quite a bit, they'd confine her to the rack in the basement, the very one she'd been seeded in, bound and gagged, often with a Magic Wand affixed to her to help her work out her excess energy, returning after a while to find her spent and a puddle of her wetness at the base of the rack.
She became a fixture of the household, and the social circles they travelled in simply accepted the presence of a young pregnant woman in their home. Suzie even brought Rose along with her to a couple gangbangs, a pregnant woman a novelty that afforded lots of attention; one of Suzie's fondest memories from the period of Rose's pregnancy was lapping up numerous strangers' load off the young woman's swollen belly. And while her husband doted on Rose, Suzie could not bring herself to be jealous; he was invested in her, as she'd hoped he would be, and he always returned to Suzie. Rose was close by, always, but Suzie remained his center.
When Rosie gave birth, the three sets of hands in their home came in handy; while things slowed down due to the presence of the child, the three of them cycled through parenting duties, often leaving opportunities for the other two to relax. While Rose would breastfeed in the recliner in the bedroom, Suzie would end up in the rack in the basement bedroom, her husband taking her anally; when he took the baby for a stroller ride, Suzie might bring the strap-on into the bath with Rose. Both women found themselves lactating, the child willing to suckle either and Suzie's husband found himself enjoying the perks of two pairs of swollen breasts that periodically needed to be emptied.
Rose pre-emptively moved her things into the basement bedroom, if only for the sake of appearances; Suzie was the mother, and Rose the older sister, albeit one who often spent evenings in her 'parents' bedroom, sandwiched between the two of them. It was an arrangement that everyone was happy with, and it was Suzie's definitive victory in the birthday competition, as her husband readily acknowledged he could never top her gift.
He considered this as he sat on their bed, a year later, the child, miraculously, asleep in the adjacent nursery. Suzie and Rose each straddled one of his legs as they clasped their lips around his shaft from both sides, gliding up in down in unison, occasionally pausing at the top to lock lips around his head, and work his frenulum with their tongues. He could still taste a mixture of them on his lips and wondered whom he would end up inside of first.
This was, he acknowledged, a defeat he could live with.

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